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Cat Report: Relationship of Win, Win-Win, Winn & CWA


Mom L and I were working on my outline for upcoming blog posts and when we arrived at the one for Wednesday, November 18th, 2015, I was totally flummoxed!

savvy confused over winn


So I asked Mom L to enlighten me.

Savannah: “Mom, what is the deal with all these words that sound about the same? You know, such as win, win-win, Winn followed by something that sounds like fawn-day-shun and then CWA?? What in cat’s name am I supposed to know about, none the less write about, all of this?

Mom L: “I can see your confusion Savannah. Maybe I can help about the word ‘Win’. This means that one party has managed to acquire something from another party.

In this case, our pet media organization, Blog Paws, has managed to once again ‘win’ the honor of having the Cat Writers Association (CWA) collaborate to once again hold a joint conference in 2016. This is a wonderful honor for both organizations because they both promote and care about all things related to cat health, welfare, humor and well…just all things ‘cat’…make sense now Savannah?”

BP CWA Savvy approves

Savannah: “hmmm…I guess so. But where does the Win-Win come in?”

Enlighten me more Mom L

Enlighten me more Mom L

Mom L: “Very good question Savvy. You see, when Blog Paws ‘won’ the collaboration of the Cat Writers Association (CWA), it became a ‘win’ for both of them! They are both committed to the advancement of information pertinent to all things about cats. All types, kinds and breeds; CWA emerged because they “wanted to help get ‘good information’ about cats out to the general public, and support writers dedicated to that effort.”

And Blog Pawsis a Social Media Company focused on teaching pet enthusiasts, pet bloggers and all pet parents how to use social media effectively and responsibly.

That is why their partnership, for the second time, in holding a joint conference represents a ‘Win-Win’. Both achieve greater influence in promoting all things that are helpful to cats.

Savannah: ok, I get the Win, Win-Win and even the CWA. But what does that have to do with this ‘Winn Fawn-day-shun?

Mom L: “Savannah, do you remember Cuzin Leo? He had a terrible disease, and almost lost his life. He had hepatic lipidosis.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Savannah: “Of course I remember Cuzin Leo. I just saw him on my iPad and wondered why he was there.”

savvy sees leo


Mom L: “Well, Cuzin Leo and all those who may follow him with this life threatening disease have been, and will continue to be, helped by the Winn Foundation. A foundation started by the Cat Fancier Association with the intent to ‘enhance the relationship between cats and humans by fostering improvements in feline health through research and education‘.”

Just look at examples of all the wonderful cat related health care they address…from major Veterinarian hospitals to local cat clinics…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also checked out some links your readers can refer to in order to learn what the Winn Foundation is up to relative to helping further the treatment of cats who develop hepatic lipidosis. They can click here, here, and here.”

Savannah: “Mom L, I never knew about how Cuzin Leo and others are being helped by the humans at Winn Foundation. But what does this have to do with our Blog Paws organization?”

Mom L: “Savannah, I have always known you are a very intelligent ladycat. So, the really BIG DEAL is that “on Thursday, October 29th, 2015 National Cat Day, BlogPaws called upon this community to help raise funds for cats in need! For each participant who commented, BlogPaws promised to make a $1 donation to the Winn Feline Foundation, up to $1,000!

Savannah: “ Whoa!! You mean Blog Paws was trying to help those cat friendly folks at the Winn Foundation get more green papers to help cats like Cuzin Leo?? I mean I know not ‘him’ specifically, but all the cat related health issues and challenges like his? Pawsome!

Mom L: “Yes Savannah, the Blog Paws effort was ‘pawsome’. You see, they raised $583 USD to donate directly to the Winn Foundation to support further research and care for all things feline.”

Savannah: “This is going to be one of my very best efforts for my blog Mom L. Are you ready to keep up with my typing on my iPad?”

Mom L: “Yes Savannah…get going!”




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17 thoughts on “Cat Report: Relationship of Win, Win-Win, Winn & CWA

  1. Pawsome! It looks like there is always a winner, Savvy 🙂 Extra Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

  2. pilch92 on said:

    That is wonderful!

  3. Well, that certainly IS a win-win-winn for everyone, isn’t it? Maybe Mom and Dad can go to BP 2016 … fingers and paws crossed…

  4. And we raised some of it by tweeting and RT. Too bad BP isn’t always this cat friendly but maybe they’re working toward correcting it.

  5. How pawsome that BlogPaws donated $$ to the Winn Foundation. But that was due to the efforts of many that posted, shared, and tweeted their cat’s photos. Paws up to everybuddy that pawticipated!

  6. Ann Cluck on said:

    Congratulations on the BlogPaws 2016 win!!! My Savannah, you have a great vocatbulary!!! Flumoxxed is a fancy word for a kitty kat!!!

  7. Love this post – the images are glorious and your heart and passion for cats are apparent….thanks so much for sharing this.

  8. Wow, how great!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  9. Kitty Cat Chronicles on said:

    Sophie and Mom are hoping they will be able to make it to BlogPaws 2016! It’s just so far away… we will see!

  10. Wow! This is exciting win win winn winnnn news!!! Thanks for explaining, Savvy! xxx

  11. Great news………..and two GREAT organizations working towards the same goal!

    Hugs, Sammy

  12. It’s great that our feline friends in need can win so much with winn-foundation… I remember your cousin and always when I see him now in his new home I think YAY… we won!

  13. Oh Savvy, I never knew about this stuff before! Thank you – THANK YOU – for enlightening me just as your peep did for you. purrs


  14. My human is really excited about BlogPaws 2016! And I am too ’cause I’m going! I bet it is going to be even better than Nashville!

  15. Wow Wee this so exciting Savvy,xx Speedy

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