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Superb Customer Service Makes Me Hungry


I wanna say right up front here that NO THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST!. No one, absolutely NO ONE asked me to write this post but I think anyone who goes the extra miles to help make this cat healthy is worth a freebie shout out.

Most of you know, I am about 85 percent on a raw diet. The Kid Sage is 100 per cent raw. Mom L buys our raw chicken from Raw Paws Pet Food in Indiana. I showed you once before how our frozen five pound chubs arrive in a Styrofoam ice chest packed with dry ice.

Well Mom L keeps letting them know we are eager for them to get free shipping out here to the West coast like they are in most of the states west of the Mississippi River. They are all too familiar with her comment every time we order. They also seem to all know about my sensitive stomach and digestive system. Check out the two notes that arrived with my last shipment.

Mind you, the notes are from the person who packed my order. But this person KNEW ME!!

Isn't that the kindest customer service EVER?!

Isn’t that the kindest customer service EVER?!

So I got my “Feline Happy Meal” and little did this person know, but Mom L buys dehydrated tripe in large bags and she smashes them into sprinkles to put over our raw food each meal. Do you think I like my sprinkles?? They are the sort of gray little chunks you see.

*schlurp, munch*

*schlurp, munch*

We shared our bounty of extra tripe with some feline pals. They love it too. If you have a cat who is not a great eater, we highly recommend trying Raw Paws Dehydrated Green Tripe. Just smash it into small to tiny pieces and sprinkle over cat food. The smell and taste really draw us to the bowl.

And then to add to the already outstanding thoughtfulness, this is what we found in their “Thank You” note card which comes with every order, signed by the person who packed my order. They HEARD Mom L’s requests for help with shipping cost and did what they could for now—isn’t that great customer service??

Every little bit helps on the shipping cost

Every little bit helps on the shipping cost

As for me, you can see that I am enjoying my complete raw chicken , with tripe sprinkles. And when I am eating this food, with just a dab of my favorite Merrick chicken pate canned food to mix my Miralax in, I dine with gusto!

*munch, schlurp, crunch* Yummy and good for my tummy!

*munch, schlurp, crunch* Yummy and good for my tummy!

Raw Paws Pet Food has been a great pet food company to work with us to help me get my tummy happier. Mom L has tried a few other raw products, and freeze dried ones too—but TKS and I just don’t like anything but Raw Paws raw chicken and sometimes their turkey. We hoped to get shipping cost down by purchasing from a local raw cat food company, RAWR,  just 20 minutes away. While we both nibbled at it, Mom L and Dad P were worried as the owner does not consult with any DVM’s to insure her product is both safe and contains all the necessary nutrients for a cat’s diet. So Raw Paws is our go to source for now. And with customer service like they give, it’s hard to change.


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27 thoughts on “Superb Customer Service Makes Me Hungry

  1. Savvy, just wanted to say – this post must make the company very proud. Such a testimonial shows how seriously you take their care and their efforts. Raw food isx wonderful and we are getting raw locally here now. It comes frozen and when mum feels OK she will do a post for our NZ readers, Raw works!

  2. Wow, I love these kinds of small brands with heart. The employee needs a raise!

  3. That is so nice. We love Raw Paws and are trying to convince Mom to order us more food from them.

  4. Wow!!! What fantastic customer service! We just love seeing that… it’s obvious they care and have a very human (and feline) side. ; ) We’ve heard fantastic things about Raw Paws. In fact, if we didn’t have the luxury of a local raw pet food deli, we most certainly would be ordering our food from Raw Paws. We hope you continue to enjoy it, Savvy!

  5. pilch92 on said:

    That is great customer service. I am glad you like the food too.

  6. Whoa! What a great company! I’m glad they gave you a small discount cos raw costs a fortune.

  7. Nice to see a company that knows what they are doing!

  8. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Bet that tripe is yummy
    Lily & Edward

  9. hannahandlucy on said:

    Mum is considering buying us some raw food to see if we will like it.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Savvy, I find that Raw Paws Pet Food not only has some of the best raw food for us but also some of the best people working there. They are always happy to help with almost everything! I am so happy that they are helping you with shipping and that they introduced you to the Tripe. I eat the frozen tripe patties and they are super delicious and great for my tummy!

  11. Wow! What an excellent company! The mom is going to check them out and maybe order a small quantity of raw food to see how we like it. 🙂

    • Be sure to order some trip. If you can’t get the small package let me know and Mom L will send you a sample to try. We bought big bag last time and it lasts in fridge for months. We have lots. We also like the raw without added supplements best.

  12. How wonderful to actually find a company with service people who cares and money off to boot. The sprinkles look yummy.

  13. They really sound like a great company to work with! We love it when companies get to know you and go the extra mile. What a shame you weren’t able to eat from your local raw food company. We’re surprised there aren’t more out in your area, considering how much more forward-thinking your area tends to be than ours is.

    • We have been disappointed that there is little pet raw food available in the SF Bay area. The one in Oakland just made me nervous as she didn’t want to shell out the $250 consultation fee for a DVM to go over her recipe for quality, health benefits etc. And I worried about their sanitation as it is a very small batch shop.

  14. isn’t that great that we still have such nice people around us? I’m so glad with you that the people there ponder about the best way how to make a russian blue purrincess happy :o)

  15. How very kind and thoughtful.

  16. What special customer service – sure is a RARE thing these days….enjoy your foodables Savvy and Sage……

    Love, Sammy

  17. What fabulous service! A rare thing in this age. Peeps is going to buy a freezer so I can try raw, a big commitment but we think, having read your reviews, that this is the way forwards. purrs you oft soggy pal in UK ERin

  18. This sounds like a really nice, friendly company! My human buys our raw from a local pet store that has a California brand. It goes over better than the Instinct Raw we started off on.

    • Summer please ask your human to tell my human where she buys your raw in the LA area? And we did not like anything in the pet store freezers like Natural Instinct or any of the dehydrated or freeze dried raw like Primal. And they all have additives such as fruits, veggies. Raw Paws complete chicken is just that, all chicken, no additives or supplements. They have DVM, who is a licensed holistic practitioner, who consults regularly with them and their clients. She assured us that the complete chicken, no supplements, has more than sufficient taurine and other nutrients, vitamins, etc. in it because it has ground up bone, organs, meat. But if we could order from CA, the shipping would not cost so much.

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