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Photography Tips That Can Fail


Mom L has attended a couple of presenter sessions at BlogPaws conferences. Miss Debbie from Glogirly helped Mom L’s photos lots. When we lived where we had tons of natural light—we did better photos at home. As for the first tip that failed, that has to do with Mom L’s “hurry up” mode more than anything.

First Tip to Fail—Keep the animal front and center

Mom L’s attempt to capture a photo of a bootiful adult foster cat waiting in a cage for adoption.

Totally in focus pic of the bars!

Totally in focus pic of the bars!

Ok, we are gonna be working on making this tip more successful. So hard to do with a point and click camera, but we keep tryin’.

Second Tip to Fail—Keep the product in the frame for sponsored product reviews

Have ya ever tried to do a product photo shoot with nine week old kittens?? Whoa! They are way more interesting than that product bag in the background—just sayin’.

I think the product is showin' in upper left?

I think the product is showin’ in upper left?

I have the full product review with six rescue kittens ready to post Monday, June thirteenth. Promise the photos will have the product in view—at times!

Hope to see you in my comments.

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16 thoughts on “Photography Tips That Can Fail

  1. ‘Bout the first picture with the kitty in the cage. All I have to say is this. At least there was SOMETHIN’ in focus, MOUSES! And believe you me, I say this while glaring at my peep. Again I must say, MOUSES!


  2. Oh my!!!! KITTENS! They require a whole new set of photography guidelines! haha!!!

    : )

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    We can relate to your first kind of blooper, for sure! The shelter cats are always tough to get front and center. 🙂

  4. MOL…good points to follow but they don’t always work out that way. We loved your bloopers.

    Shoko and Kali

  5. LadyMum had it easy with Nylablue an Mingflower; they wood post fur fotoss’/ Mee iss not as easy to fotograff Savannah an LadMmum needss all thee help shee can get, mew mew mew….
    Grate bloggie post!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Dharth Henry~~

  6. Flynn on said:

    Bloopers are always fun to see!

  7. The mom has way more blooper photos than good ones. ‘Specially when it comes to product reviews. We never wanna cooperate.

  8. The Swiss Cats on said:

    MOL ! We love your bloopers, and you special tips ! Purrs

  9. Well those bars do look very nice. MOL. And to be honest, I’d rather see the kitty than the product bag. But if you could marry the two, I guess that would be best for a product review. Can’t wait to see the result!

  10. HAH! TW is a veteran of both bloopers! She finds to hard to get pics of shelter cats too with her point and click.

  11. pilch92 on said:

    Nice bloopers, it is hard to photograph kitties.

  12. Bloopers are fun really, but if you’re trying to sell something, not so much I think. xo

  13. Yep…bloopers are my life! I can take 300 pictures of one area or subject and spend hours culling..ugh..they say never work with animals or children…i work with animals…just sayin 😉 xx

  14. Oh you did make us laugh. I reckon every blogger in the pet world has bloopers like this in their archives! I remember David Bailey (fashion photographer) who said he took thousands of pictures for the one that ‘worked’. I can relate so much to the rescue pictures not working too LOL!!

  15. MOL, bloopers like these happen to us all the time! There may not be any kittens living here… but there IS Binga!

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