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I Cannot Believe It!! Can You??!!!


OH!!  MY!!  CAT!!!!  




Go ahead—you know you wanna touch that gorgeous badge below—PAW IT NOW! You will transport to view all the other 2017 Nose-to-Nose Award Finalists.

I felt like I had been hit smack in my nose when Mom L read the announcement to me. And the category I am in, well, gosh, it just makes me feel so humble. Ya see, I never thought about folks seeing my blog as a CAUSE BLOG. I guess I do get pretty riled up when I am sharing my Paw It Forward Projects or trying to get the work out to my readers when I see somethin’ that just isn’t fair to kitties who don’t have a voice. Why I have even loaned my voice to really deserving woofies when they needed help.

Hmmmm…THAT is what makes me a CAUSE BLOGGER! I care and care passionately about my blog posts that are intended to send a message or issue a CALL TO ACTION to help out other animals.

THANK YOU ALL for being my readers and giving me encouragement to share my “causes” with you. I wouldn’t be here without all of you.

I also wanna thank all those judges at BlogPaws for selecting my blog for this amazing honor. Sadly Mom L can’t get to that conference this year, but she and I will be there in spirit.

My Sunday Selfie is a photo I nominated for the 2016 Nose-to-Nose Awards. And Mom L made some really nice magnets she shared with folks last year. I hope you all like it. The only photo editing Mom L did was to get a bit more light.

This is the image she used to make the pawsome magnets. This says it all for me as a cat who is focused on giving a voice to all those companion animals in need. I am an adult shelter rescue cat and I try everyday  PAW IT FORWARD so others get the same lift up as I did.

Thank you BlogPaws for giving me this honor.

Just paw the badge below to transport to The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.



Snooze Interrupted


As all my kitty and woofie and “other species” pals know—interrupted snoozing is never appreciated. When that smart phone or clicky box are engaged in the interruption, then we need to all stand together.

Yes, we do occasionally share snooze space

Yes, we do occasionally share snooze space

Here we are, just hangin’ out together and along comes Mom, desperate wanting to capture our closeness.

I let her know what I thought of her idea.

I am not amused nor shall I cooperate

I am not amused nor shall I cooperate

Let me ask my readers to add to the photos Mom took of both of us during this shared snooze time.

Photo One

Not this again!

Photo Two

I can't bear this anymore

Photo Three

Say what??

Photo Four

You have to be kidding me Mom!

I am joining all my pals at Blog Paws on their Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop. I hope you will join with me. Click on the badge to transport over to lots of cool posts with way less words than mine!! MOL

blog paws WW


A Different Type of Selfie


“Of all God’s creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat.” ~Mark Twain

And so I introduce my Sunday Selfies. And yes, Mom L and I have a message for any of my readers who care to visit and comment.

A courageous human in Aleppo, Syria has chosen to remain in the war torn city to care for its humans who need transport to hospitals wherever the hospitals can remain safe to operate. And as he moved through the rubble he picked up cats along the way who had been left behind by humans who understandably fled to save their lives. Read recent update here.

Everyone in the cat blogging community knows of the Cat Man of Aleppo. Others have blogged about the recent bombing of the Aleppo cat house this week as well as the use of chlorine gas on the house and surrounding area. A place where children came to play in an play ground and to play with those cats who were identified as friendly by a red cloth collar on around their necks.

My Sunday Selfie is for the cats Mr. Alaa continues to try to tend to and save. Please do not ever forget this man and the cats of Aleppo.

So grateful for this food!

So grateful for this food!

Notice the blackened paws from escaping the bombed Ernesto Cat House.

Thank you Ceiling Cat for sending me this food

Thank you Ceiling Cat for sending me this food

Again, please notice this kitty’s darkened legs and paws from the bombs. On the day the bombs hit they also took out the children’s playground and a  local blood bank.

If you are interested in joining a small group of cat pals workin’ on the most useful call to action, visit this private Face Book group. But please be respectful of the restrictions placed on helping.

I am joining The Cat On My Head Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

Sunday Selfies Badge

PeeEss: Please be sure to visit the return of the AdventurCats™ with our new story—The Prohibition Error. The first episode can be found on my Friday blog post. The next episode will appear on Dash Kitten Team’s Sunday blog post.


Images taken from Il gattaro D’aleppo Face Book page.

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