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Come Fly With Me!


My posts are getting shorter and shorter the closer our move comes. I’m gonna join BlogPaws’ Wordless Wednesday blog hop and leave you with my latest Super Cat image. My flying invisibility cape is gonna have to be in top working order to get me from this castle to my next one. And it’s sure to be a happy landing!

I can see my flight path now!

I am getting pretty excited about taking the trip to my new castle. And just to think, I won’t have to pack up my stuff anymore ‘cuz this is our home, we own it!! APAWS!

Paw the badge and look for me on the Worldless Wednesday Blog Hop at BlogPaws social media site.


The Kid Sage Helps Herself


It seems Mom L got tired of having all our favorite toys spread around my castle so she created what she calls “play baskets”. Great! Now we are expected help ourselves rather than being able to paw around one room or another and just grab a toy off the floor. Mom L says her cats before me and TKS always went to their play baskets and selected whatever toy struck their fancy at the moment. Harrruummmpppfff! I say!!

Personally, I am waitin’ until my favorite toys are once again placed exactly where I like to play with them. But TKS, heck she decided pickin’ her own toy out of a play basket was a pretty good idea!

TKS asked if she could share her “wordless” video over on the BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop. I said sure, why not. Mom L made this video with a free version of WeVideo so they have their logo everywhere. If we like using this online video maker we may just upgrade to get rid of their promo stuff and add mine!

Check out the video and let me know what’cha think. Paw the badge to join the BlogPaws hop!



It’s What Day?


When I heard it was already time for Wordless Wednesday I smacked my paw to my forehead so hard I started my ears to ringing. I’m not kidding guys, this is serious. Wednesday already?

Let me count for just a second here—one claw, two claws, three claws, four claws—switching to another paw—five claws!!  Aiiieeee!!!! In just FIVE CLAWS me and TKS will be moving!! AGAIN!!

Do you worry about Wordless Wednesday marking your time to move?

So how’s your Wordless Wednesday count shaping up this year? Paw the badge below to learn what others do to prepare for  Wordless Wednesday.


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