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It’s What Day?


When I heard it was already time for Wordless Wednesday I smacked my paw to my forehead so hard I started my ears to ringing. I’m not kidding guys, this is serious. Wednesday already?

Let me count for just a second here—one claw, two claws, three claws, four claws—switching to another paw—five claws!!  Aiiieeee!!!! In just FIVE CLAWS me and TKS will be moving!! AGAIN!!

Do you worry about Wordless Wednesday marking your time to move?

So how’s your Wordless Wednesday count shaping up this year? Paw the badge below to learn what others do to prepare for  Wordless Wednesday.


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27 thoughts on “It’s What Day?

  1. Marty the Manx on said:

    Wooooo hooooo your own home!!!!!! We are sooo excited for you and for a FINAL move! Concats concats concats!!!!!!!

  2. Moving is only fun if you want to move. Heres hoping that this time will be spot on for you, Savannah, your Majesty, and all the family. A forever home, for sure. Lots of purrs and love. Erin

  3. Mew mew mew mee can onlee count to five Savannah. Then mee startss over an askss LadyMum to add it uppy fur mee…. mew mew mew…..
    **nose rubsss** Dharth Henry x0x0

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  5. Savannah we purr for a very safe and good move and that your new forever home is wonderful… Furever!
    Timmy and Family

  6. Time sure does fly, huh?

    Like, LITERALLY. You strap a couple whisks and an eggbeater onto a fryin’ pan and you have a teleportation device capable of FLYIN’ through the air while travelin’ back and forth in TIME.


  7. nannanb69 on said:

    We hope you are not moving far!

  8. Moving?!? We purr that it goes well!

  9. We wish for you all a trouble free move. Do you get to stay longer at the new place…we hope you adjust well and like it. Hugs and nose kisses

  10. Boxes? Oh yea, there should be boxes!

  11. The Swiss Cats on said:

    What ? You’re moving again ? We hope your like your new home better than this one ! Purrs

  12. We hope the move goes well, Savannah, and you and TKS adjust very easily to your new home.

    Woos – Misty and Lightning

  13. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Time flies!!
    Lily & Edward

  14. You are moving again??? Why???

    • The rent in our part of San Francisco Bay Area is over $3200 ISD per month. Our landlord will raise to even more. So Mom L and Dad P scraped together enough green papers to buy us our very own home again. They always owned but lost our home in the evil bank recession. Now we make our very last move forever…APAWS!! Ps Mom L here…Fran , we have been looking and making offers for a year. Finally a seller accepted our offer and we now own our home again. It will be lighter, brighter so I can start to take better photos of the girls. Our retirement income will be stabilized finally because our housin cost won’t go up again ever. The last 8 years have been filled with stress for is and we now have managed to end some of it. It’s a nice town home on a marina with our own boat dock. We will be hoping to get a canoe or kayak this summer. We are about 20 minutes from where we live now, but in a smaller town that is not filled with top 1% wealthy people. Our neighbors will be more like us, middle income and more diverse ethnicity. We are pleased and Savvy will once again have nice wide stairs to nap on and I am having them carpeted with comfy carpet just for her. The remainder will be wood flooring because of my lung disease. I’ll post photos soon. I don’t have your email so this was only way I could let you know what’s going on.

      • Good to hear you are moving in YOUR forever home now 😉

        • Purrrs Miss Fran. That is exactly right. And Savvy and Sage are a big factor in all our decisions on what to buy. It had to have lots of light and sun puddles and places for their cat towers to watch bird TV and see the boats float by. Our back patio faces a waterway and our boat dock is off our back patio.

  15. Moving is so much fun. Mom said it was also exhausting, but fun. Make sure the boxes with all your stuff get packed first and go in the trunk of the car. You don’t want to wake up on the first day in the new house and have your mom saying, “Hmmmm…. Now where did I put the kitty food….???” Gah! Good luck!

    Love and licks,

  16. You guys are moving again? I hope you like it better than where you are now – I know your human were 100% happy with your current digs.

  17. This is SO EXCITING!!!!! We are thrilled and delighted for you. OK When do we have the housewarming party!

  18. only 5 days till moving? oh wow it’s time to pack all your toys and the tunnel and Nanuk :o)

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