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Getting Back to Sunday Selfie!


I am coming back to joining my pals over at The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfie blog hop. You can click the badge below and transport to their fun Sunday blog hop.

As for my entry, I have a photo of me which Mom L recently found on her Nikon camera. She hasn’t been able to transfer photos from that camera since we moved. But, now she can!! Yay!!

This is the original we found on Mom L’s Nikon digital S1 camera.

I pawed the edit button on our Windows photo viewer and tried the button named “vignette”. It made my photo have an almost studio setting look to it. Don’t ya think so?

Next I pulled up my Photoshop Elements 14 and tried a couple of filters. Mom L likes this one the best, after the photo above which her favorite. It reminds her of my blog logo.

On the other paw, Dad P prefers this next filter. Both of these are under ‘artistic’ and then ‘dry brush’. He thinks it makes my eyes stand out more.

So which one do you like the best? Give me shout out in comments.


How Many Selfies Can One Cat Have? TOO MANY!!!


I know you wanna know how come I am stompin’ around and switchin’ my tail! Let me tell you. I told Mom L she could do ONE Sunday Selfie for me today—just one.

Well she got to messin’ around on that Photo Fun Face editor thingy and—well—you can tell from all the ones she is posting for me today that I didn’t win my request. Gotta shake my head with wonder and go figure out how I can get Mom L to do what I say on my own blog.

Today I join up with The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. Sure do hope no other anipal entering this hop thinks I have some kind of big ego because of all the selfies on my blog.

Paw the badge and join the fun.

This first one is really embarrassing. Makes me look like I think I am some silly artsy smartsy cat.

Sigh—now I am looking like somebody’s rose garden.

I kind of like the next one because it has daisies in it and Mom L and I both really like daisies.

This one isn’t too bad either but seems a bit grainy don’tcha think?

Which one do you think shows off my REAL SELF the best?


Selfie On New Ekwipmint


Well it is about time! That’s all I can say. Finally Mom L invested in a new ‘puter for me which of course I will allow her to use when she isn’t doing writing for me. We are both trying to get used to the humongous new monitor. It makes everything like waaaaaaay bigger.  Mom L needs to move her chair back like 24 cat paws to see it!

I did manage to get my Sunday Selfie done and I went through a few filters and whatnot on LunaPic. Hope you enjoy the three I created for you.

My original photo showing off my flirty self and my white tankini on my tummy

Now for the dramatic black and white version.

Whoa! I am showing off my white paws

The third effect is an attempt to draw out the dramatic impression of my eyes—so how did I do with this one?

Drama is in my eyes

Be sure to paw the badge below to join my pals from The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.


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