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Mystery Sunday Selfie


I am joining my pals at The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfie blog hop. Hope you enjoy my mystery Sunday Selfie.

Who do you think this mystery kitty is? What do you think its story will be? Give a guess in comments.

Heh—heh—heh! Come on, tell me this kitty’s story and who you think it is. If you wanna know the scoop on this kitty, be sure to come back tomorrow for my Monday Meowsie News!!


The Kid Sage Has Our Sunday Selfie


I was really enjoying my sun puddles today so I asked TKS to have a go at doing a decent blog post for Sunday Selfie Blog Hop—hosted by The Cat On My Head. Paw the badge and transport over to lots more fun and funny Sunday Selfies by lots of my blogging pals—cats, woofies and every other animal ready to step up and do a selfie!

Apparently, TKS and Mom L had a very enjoyable time messin’ around with the filters and artistic effects on Luna Pic. Here is the original photo.

That’s TKS’ face for “please, more scritches please.” She does this almost every morning while Mom L is having her coffee in bed provided by Dad P. Such a life, right?

Next TKS started testing some filter from Luna Pic.

Mom L thought this was a winner and then she encouraged TKS to try out some artistic effects on Luna Pic. Let me know in comments which one of TKS’ five selfies you like the very mostest bestest!

The above was Mom L’s favorite.

And then they added color.

That’s it. Give me a shout out for Number one through five as to which you liked best.


PeeEss—check in on my Monday Meowsie News for the latest update on my three “former” foster kittens.

Getting Back to Sunday Selfie!


I am coming back to joining my pals over at The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfie blog hop. You can click the badge below and transport to their fun Sunday blog hop.

As for my entry, I have a photo of me which Mom L recently found on her Nikon camera. She hasn’t been able to transfer photos from that camera since we moved. But, now she can!! Yay!!

This is the original we found on Mom L’s Nikon digital S1 camera.

I pawed the edit button on our Windows photo viewer and tried the button named “vignette”. It made my photo have an almost studio setting look to it. Don’t ya think so?

Next I pulled up my Photoshop Elements 14 and tried a couple of filters. Mom L likes this one the best, after the photo above which her favorite. It reminds her of my blog logo.

On the other paw, Dad P prefers this next filter. Both of these are under ‘artistic’ and then ‘dry brush’. He thinks it makes my eyes stand out more.

So which one do you like the best? Give me shout out in comments.


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