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The Cat—Human Bond Shows


Lots of humans are wanting to teach their cat companions using clicker training techniques and whatnot. And while I, Savannah The Princess Cat, will never respond to that noise, nor the proferred treat, with anything other than “flight”—other cats do respond to such techniques. On the other paw, there are humans who sort of speak “cat” and form a special cat—human bond, without any need of the clicker thingy.

That is of course if the human remains calm, patient, caring, patient and insures the cat is kept safe at all times—and did I say patient yet?

Mom L captured some very short videos and a few still photos of Summer, from Sparkle Cat, working with her human Miss Janiss, during a couple of photo shoots at the #BlogPaws Conference. In my feline opinion, and who will dare to correct me, I believe the cat—human bond shows up as they work together. We don’t know for sure, but we do not believe Miss Janiss ever used the clicker noise. And I’m sure that they learned together and likely neither trained the other.

Did you notice when Miss Janiss accidentally caused the leash to lightly clip Summer in the nose, Miss Janiss apologized, gave Summer a reassuring pat and Summer was clearly agreeable with continuing. Miss Janiss was patient and Summer trusted her human and knew she would be cared for and was safe.

Bwahahaha!! Did you see Summer go for the dog treats first? Those were closest to her and then she does a sort’a nose plant into the cat treats! Now THAT is a true cat dumpster diver!! MOL

And then Miss Janiss realized that Summer is not going to focus, because those treat bowls are beckoning her nose, and picks her up and moves her to another venue to give her some distraction and entice her to have a drink. (hover over photo for Summer’s thoughts)

Mom L watched Miss Janiss work with Summer during #BlogPaws2016. Here is another candid photo as they work together on a photo shoot. Clearly Summer was focused on all that was going on around her. And Miss Janiss waited patiently to capture Summer as naturally as possible. Mom L said it was a joy to watch them work together.

Summer teaches her human

Summer teaches her human

Last year at BlogPaws 2015, Mom L was granted a one on one audience with Summer in her private room. I believe this photo captures the caring cat—human bond shared by Summer and her human Miss Janiss. What do all of my readers think?

Summer and her human share a private high five

Summer and her human share a private high five


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18 thoughts on “The Cat—Human Bond Shows

  1. Awww.. What a LOVELY picture of Summer and her peep.


  2. Summer is gorgeous. However, there are two things that really set Summer apart: 1) her facial expressions (she hides nothing) and 2) the reflection of the relationship between her and Janiss. I’ve given this a lot of thought and they reflect the best in each other and the heart of one inspires the other to grow even larger. Yes, Summer is one of the most gorgeous cats I’ve ever seen – objectively – but it’s her relationship with Janiss that really makes her shine. That takes a huge heart on both of their parts and they are truly beautiful because they are a THEY – if anyone doesn’t believe the beauty of the feline-human bond, it’s doesn’t get better than right here, with Janiss and Summer.

  3. Loved seeing the “behind the scenes” peek at Summer and her human. 🙂

  4. meowmeowmans on said:

    We love the obvious bond between Summer and her human!

  5. pilch92 on said:

    Summer is a cutie and very smart.

  6. Thanks for all the picks and video!
    It’s like we were there.
    Maybe next year…

    Noodle and crew

  7. Summer is a real pro, that’s for sure. Those were great videos of her and her human working together.

  8. 984 paws up two ewe summer ….yur mooveez rock; tho we gotta ask; waz that a plate oh friez two de rite side in moovee two….ya shulda helped yur self two them … inn sted oh kibble ! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  9. iThat was so much fun to see sweet Savvy, thanks for sharing these with us!

  10. I have to agree, my human and I work together as a team – I do think it’s funny that everyone talks about how patient SHE is, when I’m the one who has to be patient with HER. MOL! It’s true, though.

  11. I love that last pic!! Those two work so well together and you can see the respect Summer’s human has for her.

  12. hannahandlucy on said:

    It’s lovely to see Summer working with Janiss – they are almost as one.

  13. There is nothing that can’t be achieved by love patience and working together… Janiss and Summer exemplify that admirably… Purrs ERin

  14. katie isabella on said:

    I knew there had to be a loving bond between Summer and her Human. That’s easy to see and tell just be reading. xoxo

  15. It would be tough to be trained by someone who wasn’t patient and calm. And did I say patient? I like to make 50,000,000,000 mistakes before I learn anything.

    Love and licks,

  16. In all honestly, I’ve never been a fan of any kind of “training” for animals. I am using quotation marks to differentiate it from say, litter box training which I don’t consider “training”. Any cat will eventually find and use the litterbox organically because that’s what they do in the wild, it is in their nature to bury their own waste. What I mean by “training” is learned behaviors that are for the enjoyment of humans, like sit or roll or play dead or things like that. I am not sure what you or they mean by cat-human bond and why it needs clicker training techniques. Unless I am misunderstanding, I don’t see why any kind of training technique is required in order to form a special bond with a cat. I have had a very special bond with every single one of the cats that graciously decided to adopt me. But it was all accomplished through love and nothing by love. And the fact that they learned they could feel safe with me around. They let me kiss them, even on their bellies. They come when called, they even come when not called. They follow me around, trust me to clip their claws, and are quite comfortable asking for affection if they feel I’m slacking off in my duties 😉 As in, pawing me on the nose and looking at me with this look that I take to mean, “human, I love you but you are not allowed to relax until you give me my eleventeen o’clock rub!”

    So, I don’t know…

  17. that’s great to watch summer on the catwalk… I love that summer loves treats as much as me… seems the feline world and we canines have a lot in common :o)

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