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#BlogPaws Cat Swag Keeps On Giving


Hey guys, I thought you might all appreciate learning how the tons upon tons of FAB Cat Swag ended up in California. This is of course the location of my home and castle.

This just gets better though, beyond what Mom L did with all the swag she brought home from #BlogPaws. Ms Marjorie from Dash Kitten visited me in my castle home and she also brought along some extra swag!

Ms Marjorie and Ms Chrissy from Kitty Corner—my former shelter

Ms Marjorie and Ms Chrissy from Kitty Corner—my former shelter

Kitty Corner had thirty kittens arrive the same week Ms Marjorie showed up with her excess cat swag.  As many of you know it is “kitten season” in our part of the world. I am proud to know my former shelter rescue helps our local public shelter in finding homes for many kittens.

These kittens so enjoyed all the extra special treats. I hope all my readers will stay long enough on my blog post to view this special slide show. Purrs to all who have time to view some of these enjoyable images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ms Marjorie was clearly enamored with the gray fluffy kitten, but then who wouldn’t be taken in by all the kittens and their joy for life. RESCUE ROCKS!


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24 thoughts on “#BlogPaws Cat Swag Keeps On Giving

  1. Those kitties are LOVIN’ that swag, for sure. Yay Marjorie! PURRS.


  2. hannahandlucy on said:

    We are delighted to see all those kittens having fun with the things to gave to them.
    Thank you so much.

  3. meowmeowmans on said:

    Hooray for Miss Marjorie! It’s true … rescue rocks!

  4. You said it, Savvy. Rescue Rocks! Lots of cute kittens in that slideshow, too!

  5. pilch92 on said:

    That was so sweet of Marjorie.

  6. Yay for Miss Marjorie!!!

  7. S & S: thiz is mega awesum oh what dash’s mum did for yur shelter …high paws two ewe marjorie ♥♥♥♥♥

  8. How wonderful! Love you Marjorie! TW loves that black and white tuxie nibbling on the nip ball. It’s so great that you got to see them enjoy the swag.

  9. The Swiss Cats on said:

    That’s so generous of Miss Marjorie ! Paws up for helping her helping this shelter ! Purrs

  10. This is so amazing. You sure gave those precious babies a tremendous gift!

  11. Awesome! Yippee for the kitties!

  12. That is super cool and so is Marjorie!

  13. Paws up to Miss Marjorie for helping all the rescue kitties. We’re sure they will LOVE all the swag. 🙂

  14. Awesome swag! And those kittens! Adorable!

  15. How pawesome that Marjorie was able to visit your local rescue! What a great way to paw it forward to less fortunate cats.

  16. Oh what adorable little baby faces! That extra swag came in handy! Thank heavens for rescues – these little ones have a chance to have a wonderful life – like you and I do Savvy……

    Love, Sammy

  17. how great to bring such good things to this little kitties… and we hope that they all will find a home… Hugs to Kitty Corner for all their wonderful work…

  18. sandy921 on said:

    Lucky kittens – thanks for sharing your swag!

  19. Hi Savannah, a wonderful slide show, and those kittens are such balls of joy, they deserve the chance that the shelter and all who support give them. I bet that swag was VERY well received. Purrs ERin

  20. We hope all these sweet kitties in the slideshow will soon have found their fur-ever homes!
    Purrs and kitty kisses to you all.

  21. How awesome that the kitties got such a bounty of fun! And I bet the Dash Kitten human really loved visiting with ALL of them!

  22. I am glad you gave the things to cats that really need them – like those kittens who do not yet have a loving home.

  23. Oh this looks so Brilliant Savvy. I LOVE the slideshow!! Mum is thrilled she was able to paw it forward with your help!!

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