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Shine Up Your Fur and Get Your Game On #sponsored


Now you all know what a selective palate. So Dad L always hesitates when Mom L asks him to add something different to my meals. He had his doubts if I would even try the supplements we received from NHV Natural Pet Products. Was Dad P ever wrong about me! I just continues to dine as always!

Let me tell you a bit about the NHV supplements we tried. I got to try the Yucca liquid supplement. The lady who helped guide Mom L in making her selections thought that this might help sooth my tummy and help me keep my food down.


I don’t vomit nearly as much as I once did now that I dine only on raw chik-hen, but I do have an occasional upchuck. NHV has worked with veterinarians to formulate all their supplements and the end products are vet approved. Not to mention they are one hundred per cent all natural ingredients!! Just take at look at all the advantages my NHV Yucca supplement gives my overall health, especially my digestion.


Unfortunately, I did not experience any difference in my digestion and ability to keep my food down during my trial of this product. However, I can tell you, and Mom L will validate for me, that I have been showing a lot more game!! Kitties and woofies, I am one crazy playing catlady!! I have even been playin’ our old game of “Mice In The Bed”—chasin’ Mom L’s toesies under the bed covers!!


For the last few months, and not just because it was Summer and warm ‘cuz we have aircon, I have been a bit sluggish. Even as far back as the Spring Mom L was having a challenge getting me to play. Now I am tearing around the bedroom after Da Bird (which I used to be afraid of!) and of course that ever evasive red dot.

Now The Kid Sage tested a different supplement. She tried out NHV Multi Essentials for cats. And just like me, she easily accepted having it added to her raw meals, no problem.


Now TKS had a similar benefit as I did from my supplement. She has also shown an amazing increase in her game!


And you all know she was already a playing demon! She yowls and howls to get Dad P or Mom L to come play with her several times a day. Her favorite game is CHASE! Yes! She loves having Mom or Dad chase her up and down the stairs, around rooms, under the bed and out again! Why you might think she had some woofie in her!!


Take a look at all the  benefits she is getting from this great supplement.



FTC Disclosure: We received two different supplement to test for one month and we were compensated for writing a product review. The opinions in this review are our own, no one influenced our experience of this product. Savannah’s Paw Tracks reviews products in which we believe our readers may have interest. **Savannah’s Paw Tracks failed to follow product directions to “shake well” and to “refrigerate after opening”. In order to provide an honest review Savannah’s Paw Tracks voluntarily paid for another two supplements, the same we were given, and have tested them for one month. 

Mom L and Dad P have never considered using a supplement to our raw diet, but they are changing their minds. Our experience with NHV Natural Pet Products has been positive enough that we are going to keep on using the Multi Essentials for both of us!

Now kitties and woofies listen up, because here is something we both found happening to our furs. We have always had lovely furs, don’t get me wrong. But Mom L and Dad P both noticed our furs got shinier and shinier on our supplements.

Just check out our glowing furs in the lamp light at night.

Of course our furs glow in daylight but at night they really are something.

Guess what kitties and woofies? NHV Natural Pet Products has been kind enough to allow me to offer one of my readers an opportunity to try out their Multi Essentials supplement!


All you have to do is leave me a comment to let me know you want to be entered to win a 3.4 ounce bottle of this liquid supplement. This give away is only valid in the USA. My apologies to my international readers. You may of course enter and then donate your win to a USA pal if you want. I will accept comments ON THIS POST ONLY until Friday, November 4 at midnight Pacific Standard Time. The winner will be announced on my blog post Monday, November 7.



Super Cat!!

Final story on Wednesday, November second. You are not gonna want to miss this story—totally a Happy Tails Ending!!

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14 thoughts on “Shine Up Your Fur and Get Your Game On #sponsored

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  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    That stuff sure sounds awesome, Savvy and Sage! We love how your furs are so shiny! Happy Meow-loween to you both, and Mom L and Dad P, too!

  3. Happy Howel-ween Guys!
    Thanks for being part of my Pumpkin Patch this year! It would not has been the same without yous!

  4. Whoa! That sounds cool. My favorite game is chase. I bet I can catch TKS even though she’s just a kid. TW is scared to put anything in my food cos that’s what turned me off water but if you’re OK with it, maybe you can enter me.

  5. BionicBasil on said:

    Wow that supplement looks great, we’ll have to see if it’s available in the UK!

    Thanks so much fur sharing 😀

    Hope mew all have a supurr Halloween!

    Spooky purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  6. This sounds like good stuff! We’d like to give it a try.

  7. My housekeeper isn’t sure she wants me to be any peppier than I already am, but I convinced her I wouldn’t swing from the ceiling if I took the supplement. (Housekeeper also wants to know where to purchase it.) Your furriend Dinah, RWB (reader without blog.)

  8. pilch92 on said:

    Please enter us -we want shiny furs too 🙂 Sounds like a great product, we are glad it made you perkier Savannah.

  9. This supplement sounds like it’s worth trying. Mom likes natural supplements. Thz for your comments and in trying this and reporting back to us. Good luck everyone! Purrs and Happy Halloween!

  10. I need to look into the yucca for Bear. He hasn’t been wanting to play with me for a couple months now. He’s normal in every other way (including playing by himself) … very strange.

  11. We didn’t know you used to be afraid of Da Bird, Savvy. It’s great to hear that the supplement has made you feel feistier!

  12. These supplements sound interesting! I wonder if the yucca would help Binga’s digestion? As a senior cat, it could use some work (don’t tell her I said that!).

  13. Billie Cummings on said:

    After reading this blog post to my 16-year-old Dougie Do, he told me to enter him into the contest. He would like to have a little more game as well, especially having to put up with 3 foster cats that he says, unfairly I might add, that they get all the attention.

  14. that is a magic potion, I’m sure… your fur looks like that koh-i-noor diamond what a fab invention !!!

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