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My Pal Easy Rider The Weim


Early in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, November 30th, the earth beneath my paws stood still… I was up getting a drink of water. Next, a soft gentle wind entered the bedroom, stroking my whiskers, whispering to me “Give it to the Weimaraner”.  A single tear slipped from my eye, then the other eye, falling gently on the floor.  I knew my woofie buddy, my first woofie special pal Easy was on his way to The Bridge. He came on the gentle breeze to let me know.

Easy in his silver grey mist fur

Next I felt a soft stroke on my head and I knew that Mom, even though away from home, was reaching out to me as soon as she also learned of this earth stopping event. I know she began to weep with me. Our woofie pal with the gorgeous silver grey mist fur was headed to become a star in the night sky. No one knew then that he and his kitty buddy Sammy would receive their wings together.

Easy was bigger than life itself. He was fearless, a risk taker, a loving companion to his human Mom and Dad and one of the very best pals to have in Blogville. If you ever want to read a humor blog, then Easy’s blog is at the top of that list. Mom and I visited to make sure we didn’t miss any laughs.  His retelling of his Christmases over the years were blog posts not to be missed.

Weim Christmas 2015

After Christmas 2015

You had to know about Easy’s BIC—Bad Idea Catalog to know when a post was gonna make you laugh for sure. I still wish his Mom would publish all those BIC posts together.

Bad Idea Catalog reveals almost too much!

Girls Night Out a blog post for the Bad Idea Catalog

And then there were the many posts where Easy disclosed without shame the many DIY—Do It Yourself projects his humans got involved in. Always as must read.

Easy always helped his Mom with his blog.

*sigh* where is the Momster with the thumbs when I need her?

*sigh* where is the Momster with the thumbs when I need her?

Not only was Easy the best furiend to his Mom and Dad, he was also their special bed warmer!

What? Do I look like an electric blanket?

What? Do I look like an electric blanket?

Easy was full of life and he filled his life completely. He was a joyful woofie, always having a great day. Easy loved to run and his beautiful soft silver grey mist ears flapped madly in the wind as he sped around his garden running and playing and living life to its fullest.


If you have never visited Easy’s blog, you won’t know the depth of loss to pet blogging. I hope you will visit and learn what you may have missed. His human Mom and Dad said it all in their blog header—
“Easy Blog…All about our truly best friend”


PeeEss…you can read my tribute to my mentor Sammy here. I knew Sammy was leaving on the day I wrote this post.


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36 thoughts on “My Pal Easy Rider The Weim

  1. pilch92 on said:

    Beautiful tribute to Easy and Sammy. Last week was a tough one.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to a very special doggie. We loved the way he said Goodbye to you purrsonally. We still have tears too 😥 Soft Pawkisses ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Mom Linda, Savvy and Sage, you have got all of us teary-eyed once again. This was so beautifully done. Mom says when she gets a few minutes, she is going to read all those posts, as she really needs some LOL moments. She sends lots and lots of prayers and hugs and love to Mom L. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauriico, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. We loved Easy so very much, we are going to miss him. Your tribute was lovely.

  5. Beautiful pup xxx. Lovely tribute

  6. I’ve very sorry to say that I didn’t know Easy before now. It is quite clear, though, by this outpouring of love how much Easy and his humans are loved and adored in the blogging community.

    • I really encourage you to check out the links Savvy provided. Katherine uses HBO language as do the Trout Towne Tabbies, thus BP will not consider them. IMHO Easy’s human Mom has a sense of humor that causes award winning bloggers to pale in comparison

  7. What a wonderful tribute. We are sad.

  8. Lovely tributes to our super good buddies. I miss both those friends and a couple more recent losses a lot! Easy was big into “seeing beautiful” too. I will never see beautiful without thinking of him.

    Love and licks,

  9. What a lovely tribute to a good friend. He looks THE most amazing dog and the kind of dog I would want as a friend.

  10. this was a wonderful tribute to one wonderful dog

  11. That was a wonderful tribute!
    Have a lovely week…

    Noodle and crew

  12. That was the most wonderful tribute and your beautiful big heart will smile again because Easy lives there now. We sure loved that sweet and fun pup too.

  13. Mary McNeil on said:

    Beautiful tribute, Savvy ! And big hugs to you and TKS – take care !

  14. Thanks for your tender and loving tribute. Easy was the only dog blogger we visited regularly and miss him terribly. We did our tribute on Saturday and really hope to see Easy blogging from the Bridge as Sammy already is and our Merlin.

  15. That was a beautiful tribute to Easy Rider – we too were so sad at his passing. He was everyone’s friend and so loved.

    Woos – Lightning and Misty

  16. What a touching tribute to Easy. We were sad to hear the news about him, too. So many of our friends have left us recently…such a sad time.

  17. I only knew Easy through Sammy’s Teaser, but this is a beautiful tribute to him.

  18. It has been a tough week with all the ones leaving for the bridge. You wrote a very nice tribute.

    Emma and Buster

  19. It has been a sad, sad week around the blogosphere.

  20. Mee-you Savannah an Lady Linda what a beeuteefull an touchin meeowmial bloggie post fur Easy!!! Purrfect!!!!
    **wipess tearss away** (here wee go again)…
    ***nose rubsss*** Dhartha Henry xxxx

  21. A lovely memorial post for Easy. It still makes us teary for all the losses in the last week, beginning with Easy.

  22. That’s a beautiful tribute, Savvy! I only wish we had known him better!! xxx

  23. The Swiss Cats on said:

    What a beautiful tribute to our friend Easy ! That’s wonderful ! Purrs

  24. I’m sorry your furrend had to leave so unexpectedly, Savvy, but your tribute was beautiful and brought this ghetto kitteh to tears.

  25. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    We are so heart broken
    Lily & Edward

  26. I was so sad to hear about Easy and Sammy, such special guys. They will be missed!

  27. that was a wonderful tribute … so many thanks to you…It was such a sad year for so many families… I don’t know how much I wrote “I’m so sorry…” and how much tears we cried for friends… we hope that Brians stop sign works and that the next year brings more smiles than tears. THANKS A LOT for this wonderful post.

  28. Unfortunately, the bridge was very busy last week. I loved Easy’s DIY posts.

  29. I love the photo of Easy running – he looks so happy. He has made me laugh so many times!

  30. Beautifully written Savvy……Angels Sammy and Easy so appreciate your beautiful tribute posts….they know they left a lot of broken hearts in their wake when they crossed the Bridge but they ARE always with us in our hearts so be on the lookout because I KNOW we will feel them in the wind! Easy certainly was one of a kind on Earth and he’s already cheering everyone who misses their families up here over the Bridge – ONCE A FRIEND, ALWAYS A FRIEND…..that’s our Easy.

    Love and Angel Hugs, Sammy

  31. Oh Savvy a beautiful tribute to Easy..we miss him terribly along with has been a most sad year..i hope my Forrest is having fun with his friends in the furs now..all painfree at the Rainbow bridge 😢😢 xx loves Fozziemum

  32. I didn’t really know Easy other than seeing his comments on other blogs, but I think you wrote a really, really lovely tribute to him.

  33. Savvy, you wrote a beautiful tribute to that gorgeous pup, Easy. I didn’t know him very well, so I especially appreciate a few links to get to know him better and celebrate his life and his spirit. Thank you for sharing him with us.

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