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Monday Meowsie News You Don’t Wanna Miss


Anyone who has followed my blog knows that I usually a ghost when strangers, even repeat guests, come to my home. Oh, and to be clear, I am talking about bipeds.

My news today is all about my continuing learning to trust humans after what appears to have been as many as the first five years of my life having to endure unknown trauma at the hands of humans.

Do you remember when Cuzin Leo lived with me? See! You do remember him!

Well his Dad Dave, now my Uncle Dave, has become the best of friends with Mom L and Dad P. So this is about Uncle Dave’s recent visit to my castle yesterday.

Personally I cannot believe I did what I did. No siree!! I kind’a out did myself so to speak. You see, I started to try to slip past Uncle Dave when he entered my office. I was trying to scoot past him by going under that cute bench I have in my office. And then Uncle Dave did something that caught my attention.

He…did…not…leave! He just bent over and offered his hand for me to sniff and he spoke “cat” language to me. AMAZING!! And before I knew what I was doing, I moved out from under my bench and gave Uncle Dave a sort’a twirl around to see if he was really serious about giving me some pets. I quickly moved just a teensy bit outside of where he placed his hand. And still, he did not move. Then I thought—”Hmmmm…perhaps I outta give him a chance to touch my luxurious gray furs.”

So I circled around and indeedy do—there his hand was—not moving one bit!

Hey! You know how to treat a gal right Uncle Dave!

Then I did the most unthinkable thing!! Yes I did! I cannot deny the photos.

Oh no!! My EBD condition is showing!

Yep, there you have it for all to see. My Elevator Butt Disease fully displayed. And I can only tell you this—I LUVLUVLUV’d it!!

The longer Uncle Dave stayed on my level the more I invited him to give me more attention. I actually started giving him my very special “Miss Savvy Do head butts”!

Head butt coming your way!

Then I just gave up and asked him to give me his very best chin rubs and ear scritches.

ahhhh—just the spot

Kitties and woofies, I must admit. Uncle Dave won me over big time. His understanding of how to approach a cat, especially a Princess Cat like me, was something for the history books.

I simply could not stop myself and threw myself into my form of “wild abandonment” into his gentle, caring chin rubs.

Oh my—this is simply the best of the best!

There you have it my loyal furriends. My latest and simply greatest progress in allowing another human beyond my Mom L and Dad P to enjoy contact with my soft gray furrs and I even allowed Uncle Dave to hear my loudest purrrrs ever!!

Have you ever feared humans so much that you are uneasy about allowing them to touch your furrs? How have you overcome your fear? I sure could use some coaching my pals.







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26 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News You Don’t Wanna Miss

  1. This is just the best news to hear after my absences,xx Speedy

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    Awww. Savvy, this makes us so happy. It sounds like Uncle Dave just let you be you, and you took him up on his offer. So, so sweet.

  3. Marty the Manx on said:

    Oh Savvy this is just JOYOUS!!!! We were soooo excited to see you so relaxed and happy with Uncle Dave!!!! Way to go you happy girl!!!!
    Marty and the Gang

  4. Granny and I loved to see how you surrender your uncle, Savvy..MOL 😀 We are so alike. I only surrender when people are trustable 🙂 Pawkisses for a wonderful Day 🙂 ❤

  5. OMC Savvy, who would have thunk huh?

    Emma and Buster

  6. Uncle Dave has the magic touch!

  7. Kessy was just like you – not allowing ANY human to touch her but the woman at the cat shelter … and only a few touches on the back, nothing more. She stayed very shy for seven months. Months in which I fed her and offered her toys and played with her at a distance with a red dot … and then, one day after seven months she just jumped up on the couch and let me pet her, slowly. Now she lies stretched out next to me … comes and gives me head butts when she wants treats. purrs and even – gasp – lets me pet her BELLY!

  8. 15andmeowing on said:

    That is wonderful, you are a sweetie. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog on the passing of Snowball.

  9. This is a giant step for cat kind we think, and one cat kind in particular.

    Well done that amazing kitty and bravo for bravery!

    Three cheers for Savvy and Uncle Dave.

  10. Amazing events, Savannah!!! But we have a feeling that Uncle Dave may give us some very nice kitty vibes:)

    Woos – Misty and Lightning

  11. Good job, S. Your progress is astounding and inspiring. Mom is trying to get me over my fears of the hallway in our new building. We are a month in and I am still cowering against the apartment door when we get out there. She has to tug at me to get me moving and then keep reminding me not to pull in my hurry to get through the halls. Being brave is tough…

    Love and licks,

  12. Mary McNeil on said:

    Paws up for you, sweet Savvy !

  13. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Savvy, we’re speechless : we’re so proud of you ! That’s amazing ! Uncle Dave knows how to speak to a Princess Cat indeed ! Purrs

  14. Your Majesty, that sure is something very special in deed. I applaud Uncle Dave for being spot on with his intro and method of scritching, he sure does have what it takes. For me, I have to check folk out then ask questions and if don’t like the cut of their cloth I make sure the Kraken gets to know!
    Purrs, ERin

  15. GASP!!! I don’t know what to say. I let strangers get close and I smell their hands and then I hiss and go for them. Ax Uncle Kevin H. He thought he had me too.

  16. Some of my ferals are just now coming to sit on my lap at age 12. Mamacita has been with us for all but 6 months of her lufe and just this week decided to sit on my lap. She does hide when anyone other than us is in the house.

  17. spittythekitty on said:

    Savannah What is WRONG with you? Don’t you know how very *dangerous* this can be? I mean, just think of the disasters that . . . Well, okay, I see nuffing too bad seems to have occurred there, but it could . . . Well, okay, yes, that does look kind of tempting and all . . . but you can’t go slopping around for just any old . . . Well, okay yes, it does look like he’s been around the cat block a time or two . . . All right, whatever. But don’t think you’ll catch *ME* going all soft and compliant anytime soon. Nope, this boy is not gonna burn his feral card just yet! Hee hee. You *do* look kinda blissful there, though.

  18. Sweet Savvy, that is most wonderful girl and we never doubted that you could do that!

  19. Oh, sweet Savvy you have given Mumsy happy tears and made our day with this post. We do remember sweet Leo and when he was with you and then moved to his loving forever home with Uncle Dave. What wonderful photos of you and Uncle Dave. We knew things like this were going to happen and we are so proud of you. Hugs and nose kisses

  20. Oh Savannah, that was so great to read, you understood each others. The photos also tell this story very well.
    a cat in faraway Finland.

  21. Oh, that is such wonderful purrogress, Savvy! Obviously, Uncle Dave is a furry special biped, a Cat Purrson. After all, he is Cuzin Leo’s Dad (mol).
    Wishing you all the best, sweet Purrincess.

  22. OMC, Savvy, this is so awesome! I think my human might be crying right now. But you know what? I think part of the whole thing between cats and humans is that humans need to know how to speak cat language (which is not meows or words, but signals), and when they do, lots of doors can open.

  23. Savvy… that is SIMPLY THE BEST!!!! and if I close my eyes I can hear your purrs over the ocean… that’s more than just a progress…. that is a miracle what came true :o)

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