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The Shock of Being a Senior Cat!


I have do doubt that many of my loyal readers will be able to relate to what it feels like to become—suddenly!!—a senior kitty!

My life has been going along just pawsome. Luvluvluv my our new home where we will all live together forever and ever. Nothing has made me so confident, comfortable and playful since I first arrived here to live with Mom L and Dad P. As you know, I have moved with them now three times in only five years. So knowing we are here to stay, why that has made me feel young as those pesky kittens Mom L and Dad P have been rescuing lately!!

But—you knew there was gonna be a “but”—right? Along about late October, I was barely, almost not at all, favoring my left leg just a teensy weensy bit. Then it would go away. So Mom and Dad decided to keep their plans to have a little get away to Lake Tahoe. I had excellent live in pet sitters. Both were Registered Veterinarian Technicians.

Nonetheless, when Mom and Dad arrived home only six days later, I was limping more noticeably and more often. Of course, we were all concerned. I mean you know I luvluvluv playing on my stairs with Mom L and my peacock feather, right? Even if TKS is the one waving the feather.

All that meant I was bound for a visit to my favorite Feline Doc, Doc Ellis. She prescribed some stuff called “gabapentin” which she had already available in liquid form tasting like chicken. Yeah, right!

Well Doc Ellis was right, that liquid does indeed suit me just fine. After about two weeks it started to take some effect, but then I sorta kinda “fell” on my way to walking up the stairs. I guess my left leggy just plain ole gave out from under me. Of course that scared Mom L and Dad P so much I had yet another Doc Ellis visit. This time she took some x-rays and there for all to see was my problem. It wasn’t my left hip, it is my left knee! My left knee, and to some degree even my right one, look like Mom L’s knees before she had them each replaced!!

And so, there you have it. Getting to be a senior cat is not at all for the faint-hearted. So Doc Ellis referred me to a surgeon just to make sure there wasn’t some sort’a “scope” procedure he could do to help my horribly arthritic knee.

I was not a happy camper whatsoever. And the “weigh in”—why that was down right embarrassing!! Now the Doc Surgeon was a pretty cool human. He apparently had a senior kitteh much like me. Not easy to medicate nor liking being held etc.

Nooooo!!! NOT THE SCALE!!!!

Humans seem to be allowed to decline being weighed in, but not so with us kittehs!! No sireee!! I had no choice. And not one person in that room had the good sense to allow me to remove my white soxes so’s I could lower what that scale was going to reveal!

You made me wear my SOXES! They must weigh a whole POUND!

Sadly, my gabapentin was creating a lot of snooziness on my part so I have not been playing, but I sure have been eating. Bummer, that’s all I can say. And yes, I have gained some weight. So there!!

OK!! So I gained a few ounces or so in a couple of weeks!

So after all that, the Doc Surgeon looked over the xrays with Mom L and Dad P and he offered his expert opinion.

I, Savannah the Cat, am officially now a senior cat. I, Savannah the Cat, have severe arthritis in my left knee in particular and coming on strong in my right knee. Sigh………….

The Doc Surgeon suggested we try a supplement called “adequan”. It is delivered via injection. Mom L researched and researched and then she reached out to lots of my anipals on a Face Book group and many offered the same advice. Try adequan injections.

So, that is what we are doing and hoping I can start to become more active and more able to get up our stair without always bunny hopping using mostly my right leggy.

Please tell me we are done now!

Unfortunately this also means I am being cut back a teensy weensy bit in my food intake. MOUSES!!! But then, I so wanna be able to run up and down my beloved stairs chasing my ever elusive peacock feather.

So let me know in comment what you or your fur sibling have had to face as you become senior kittehs.


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28 thoughts on “The Shock of Being a Senior Cat!

  1. Mee-you sweet Savannah mee iss sorry you has thee nasty Arthritis….mee iss sendin POTP an purrayerss to you!! Wee have red that Adequan werkss purrty good. Pawss crossed fur it to werk on you.
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Dharth Henry~~~

  2. meowmeowmans on said:

    Darn. We understand, Savvy. We’ve had senior kitties here for years (Gracie is senior, and angels Zoe, Moosey, Sammy, Graphite, Bitsy amd Maggie were all seniors before), and getting old is not for the faint of heart. We hope that Adequan helps you, sweet girl. It worked well for Sammy. Big hugs!

  3. Savvy its not so bad being a bit older Me and Toby turned 10 this year and Buddy will be 18 in Jan Wow We purr that knee feels better dear friend. Maybe a Christmas Miracle will touch you like Buddy

  4. BionicBasil on said:

    Savvy being a senior isn’t all that bad, I’m 15.5 and Amber’s just turned 15 and we have to say mew were so brave at the vets, *High Paws*

    Best festive purrs

    Basil & Co xox

  5. Marty the Manx on said:

    Oh Savvy so sorry that your knees are giving you trouble. Mom says she is seeing it a lot in Mazie now who is getting Previcox every other day now for her arthritis. Hope your new medicine works for you.

  6. Oh, Savannah, getting old is one of those things, but with such loving peeps as yours there will be a way, for sure. I look for slower mice every now and then, and it makes things easier and better if I have an ache. Exercise is a challenge for us all and my diet is a closely monitored thing. We are much like our peeps, and less carbs and more fun give us brighter day and a lighter feline. You’ll do OK, I’m sure…

  7. How often are you giving the adaquan?

  8. 15andmeowing on said:

    I will be praying your injections make you feel better. XO

  9. Aging sure can be tough, Savannah, but despite it all, you’re doing it with purrfect grace. My angel Rosie had severe arthritis all along her spine. She was never tried on gabapentin, but she did great on Metacam (meloxicam). Purrs and prayers to you, Savannah!

  10. Aw, poor you, Savannah. Getting old is a b*tch. We hope the adequan helps…we’ve heard good things about it.

  11. Savvy, I’m sorry you’re having to go through this at such a “young” age. Why, I think you’re younger than me. Maybe your peeps can get one of those stair lifts for you. I thought Gabapentin was to make us calm. Dr. D. gave me that to take before I go to the vet. I hope your new injections work magic for you. TW thinks I, too, may be getting the arthur-itis cos it seems like I struggle sometimes to jump on Pop’s bed.

  12. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We hope Adequan works for you, Savvy ! We send you tons of purrs ! Purrs

  13. Hi Savvy. What a nuisance to have bad knees. #1 says she knows all about it as she is up for a knee replacement probably in the coming year. We know that your parents wil do everything possible to make you comfortable, so you are a lucky girl!

    The Chans

  14. I am so sorry you are going through that sweet Savvy. Hugs from all of us. There are several seniors here so we feel your pain, just not that kind of pain…yet.

  15. Billie Cummings on said:

    Hi Savannah, So sorry you are not walking and prancing like a young cat any more. Please take care of yourself so you can enjoy life.

    Auntie Billie

  16. Hey Savannah, sorry to hear about your problems and sshhh we won’t say anything about weight, it’s our blogsville secret. I too am like you, a senior now, with limpies, not getting around like I once did. I was taking tuermic golden paste but alas with winter set in, it does not appear to be working so good now. Hu’mum brought me some tablets today so when they arrive and I start taking them I will be like you, after your injections, and be running around up stairs and giving the youngsters a run for their money. One good thing about becoming a senior is we get to spend more time on the sofa 😉

    Gentle woos to you fursis, from your pal Khumbu ^..^
    PS I too carry a little excess weight

  17. Ra Husquiberian on said:

    Oh! Adequan worked well for Isis for years, we hope it works for wooo too Savvy:) Play bows,


  18. I was in the vet this weekend, I lost a few ounces. Mama wants me to eat more.

    Emma and Buster

  19. Sweet Savannah we are so sorry to learn that you have arthritis and we sure hope the shots help you so you can continue to climb and enjoy playing on your stairs. We hope you all have a very nice Christmas. Hugs and nose kisses Pooh, Chancy and Mumsy

  20. Hopefully the new meds will make it easier for you to fly around and chase that peacock feather Savvy. If you’ll be able to increase your exercise, you will probably lose any extra weight you have ANYWAY! It’s all good…..getting older happens to all of us that’s for sure!

    Hugs, Teddy

  21. I’m sorry you are getting old. Welcome to the club. Perhaps a little fish oil might help you.

  22. We are so sorry for your knees. In all our cats we have never had much arthritis. Many other age related illness though. Take the shots. Best of luck. And double up on the catnip. How about heated bed?

  23. What a bummer to have a bum knee, S. And to be put on some food and treat restrictions on top of it – oh the horror! Mom puts me on treat restriction now and then because she worries about my meatloaf body and tiny twig legs not working well together forever. Good luck, sweetie. Medicine is amazing. I know you’ll be up and running soon.

    Love and licks,

  24. Binga and Boodie both get Adequan shots (she got good at giving shots after Sparkle), but she is not sure how much good they are doing, probably because they get around okay other than being a little creaky.

  25. Oh, Savvy! Nobody, looking at you, would guess you are a Senior Kitty!
    We hope the injections work. Injections are a real bummer. We hate them. But if they help, you must just grin like a Cheshire Kitty and bear it. Even though you might feel like doing a disappearing act (mol).
    Nose rubs and kitty kissies to you and TKS.

    Trixie, Caspurr and Shimshi.

    Pee Ess. We love that picture of the two of you on the stairs with the peacock feather!

  26. the mama is with you… that scale thingy is da horror… always… scales hould be banned furever … we send hugs and potp to you and we hope the shot will help and you can spend a pain free christmouse…

  27. Stairs make all the difference when you get older, Savy … that is true for humans. too.

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