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Introduction: Paw It Forward


Lots of my readers have asked if Mom L and I are gonna let you in on the latest in our Summer of 2018 community cat rescue projects. And yes, we are writing a series to let you in on the inside of what we have been doing.

But just to keep you interested, let me introduce you to my latest of the latest of my Paw It Forward Projects.

I’m just gonna give you one photo and a question now.

Question: How many kittens do you see?

And now the photo…

Let me know in comments how many kittens you see and I will tell you who guessed right on my Friday Memes blog post. And I hope I can reveal the ending to this Paw It Forward Project.




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20 thoughts on “Introduction: Paw It Forward

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  2. Six cute kittens ! Purrs

  3. The Island Cats on said:

    We see 6, though there might be one hiding underneath the pile.

  4. knitting4kitty on said:

    Hanna says 6 — all beautiful!

  5. 15andmeowing on said:

    I think there are six. So cute 🙂

  6. I think I see 5…

    Love and licks,

  7. I think 6 too!

  8. catladymac on said:

    6 I think. Unless there’s another one underneath.

  9. Five or six, I think six, unless the one to the right has done a contortionist and it is his or her face I see at belly height.

  10. S & S…we iz knot good at mathz but we all tree counted 6 wee kittehz ~~~~~ ♥ 🙂

  11. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We see six, but kitten piles are like clown cars. Sometimes they just keep coming!

  12. We think there are 6.

  13. Mee-yow mee saw 5…no wait….let mee count again….there iss 6 kittss rite Savannah?
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

  14. Definitely 6… so far! Heck, they are all snuggly and warm. I’m guessing there is a happy ending to this, or will be soon?
    Toodle pips

  15. Memories of Eric and Flynn on said:

    It’s hard to tell, but I agree with 6.

  16. I think I could see six! But I would not be surprised if it was even seven!

  17. Marjorie Dawson on said:

    I nearly said five but, no wait, I see a tiny kitten face….


  18. chrisscatmeow on said:

    Awww gorgeous. I see 6. x 😻💜🐾🐾🐾

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