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How do you help get your family ready for the holidays?


I bet’cha all of you have special furramily traditions around the holidays. I just know your hooman families include all their fur kids in the celebrations at this time of year. Even if that means you gotta wear odd costumes and do photo shoots showing that you “love” being picked up and cuddled and all that stuff—am I right?

At my castle, things have a changed up a bit ‘cuz KK aka Kit Katie aka Katie has officially joined my castle residents. And I have to admit, she isn’t all that bad. Actually, I kind’a like her coming up to me and doing that “body touch and head bonk” thingy every now and then. I do discipline her with a hiss and growl now and then to make sure she knows I am THE PRINCESS!

So TKS has been doing some thinking about what she is hoping for come this Christmas morning.

Hmmm…just how good does Santa Paws think I have been???

Of course, TKS believes she has been simply brilliant all year!

Checking out the Xmas packing box to make sure nothing gets left behind

And then she had to make sure our Secret Santa Paws gifts were properly sniff tested.

Ohhhhh…yeah!! This is really great!!

As for me, I have, of course, been very patient with the youngsters. After all, this is the first Christmas Katie has been with us. Of course I have had to give her some hints aka stinky eye glares, as to how to treat out holiday tree and packages.

Touch it kid and you will regret it!!

But that is neither here nor there. This is the role of being a Princess in my castle. Of course, Kit Katie has been on a roll this year. Just look at what Mom L had to do as soon as Dad P put up our fake Christmas tree!! Just to keep KK from EATING the fake leaves!!!

Yes, Our tree had to be gift wrapped around the bottom to protect it from KK’s teeth!

Of course the instant KK could get a good look (nibble) of the wrapping paper protecting the lower tree leaves, she was right there on the spot!

Yum! paper dressing served with fake tree leaves

And the final solution was, “ick”, a doggie X pen around our lovely tree.

The doggie X pen is at least green!

But every night Mom L insists that KK gets supervised access to the tree. And as any juvenile will do, KK takes total advantage!

Nonetheless, we are all in a holiday mood and so looking forward to having out stockings filled with enough nip to go around the world!! As for me, I have been keeping a watchful patient eye on all the decorations.

I will protect all our holiday decorations

I have also introduced KK to one of my fave games. Trying to grab the peacock feather from under tissue paper!!

I got it!! Almost!!!

In the end, I have to say that TKS and I are grateful to have KK with us this year. She really is making such a difference in our family.

Thank you KK for being one of us!!

How are your holiday preparations coming along?


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9 thoughts on “How do you help get your family ready for the holidays?

  1. It looks like you are having a very sweet holiday season – Katie’s tree abuse aside!

  2. The Swiss Cats on said:

    It looks like Katie is really enjoying her first Christmas with you. Purrs

  3. Binky the master of the house has gotten into the tree already.But he seems to be calming it down a lot more with all the stuff hanging down.Tonight is the test,we’ll see if he manages to pull the whole deal down before the grandchildren arrive tomorrow around 1 pm?Keep ya’ posted.Happy Holidays to all.

  4. catladymac on said:

    Merry Catmas to your happy household, Savvy !

  5. Well done! You kids have got it all figured out. My gifts are “hidden” in the closet, in case they smell too good.

    Love and licks and Merry Christmas,

  6. It’s so nice that Katie is having her first Christmas with you, that makes all of our hearts smile!

  7. Katie is really enjoying Christmas in her new home. 🙂

  8. We are so glad you found a forever home Katie. It seemed to take forever but the same was true of our Miss Fitz and she is now enjoying her 8th holiday season with us. We love to nibble on the fake tree too. Not a lot like we used to but Dad keeps an eye on us MOL Great job Savvy Meowy Catmus

  9. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    So often it’s the youngest of our family that reminds the rest what the holidays are all about. Welcome to your first Christmas at hone sweet Katie. A special thanks to Miss Linda, who delights us all by relating your fur family’s exploits, challenges and joys, all through the year. We all look forward to watching Savannah’s recovery continue as she shows us more of her true self.

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