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Monday in my castle


My thinking is that you will all enjoy seeing each of us permanent castle residents; sans any fluffy photos of the “castle guests aka fosters”! Am I right?? I bet I am! So here ya go—first up is a very recent set of photos of me, getting on our couch with Mom L. Yeah, I know. I am showing you how much older I am and how much weight I have lost. BUT please!! Remember I am getting on my couch with Mom L so’s she can brush me and give me my left over dinner while I lounge on our couch. I am still a very happy Princess in my very own castle.

And of course TKS, always picks photos of her in boxes!! MOL!!! Sage is the ultimate connoisseur of all things labeled “Chewy” box!!

Sweet petite Katie is not an easy photo assignment. But Mom L managed to capture her looking as darling as she always does.

So how are things going in your own castles?? Please let us know in comments!!


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12 thoughts on “Monday in my castle

  1. You are all adorable!

  2. Aww, we always do love seeing the three of you. And Savvy, we think you look beautiful as always, sweet one.

  3. Looks like things are going well in your castle, Savannah!

  4. I sure enjoyed those photos too sweet ones!

  5. Mary McNeil on said:

    We are always glad to see all of you !

  6. The Cast of the Castle – right there. Love it.

    Love and licks,

  7. Those are lovely shots, of all of you Savvy. Things are quite lively over at Poupounette Central, now that we have a young’un to keep Benny occupied!

    The Chans (Tama, Benny and Momo)

  8. SAVANNAH, we think you are looking really good for a cat your age, and we can tell you are looking forward to your special time with Mom L. We agree with Sage boxes are the bees knees and Katie there is nothing wrong with being shy. We are all doing well here. Scylla is rocking the thin senior look too. Her bloodwork came back fine on her last vet visit but her thyroid was enlarged so we are going to go back again for bloodwork in a few months just to be safe. Fenris’ liver values are still high but they have come down from the last time they were done.

  9. Those are all great photos.

  10. It was so nice seeing the three of you today! I’m still the only cat here, but I do get visits through the glass doors from a couple of the outside kitties, so that’s nice.

  11. ooh we love the sage photos…. that was a fantabulous photo session

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