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Cool weather and warm naps


Finally!!! My San Francisco bay area saw some rain and way cooler temps this past week. That made for some mighty warm nap times for me and my three castle roomies.

Katie likes my blue afghan as much as I do. And I think she looks pretty on it. What do you think?

Sage has a tough time letting herself relax whenever the new kid, Domino, is on the bed with us for our warm nap time. She feels like she kind’a needs to keep a sharp eye on him, na’mean??

But Domino doesn’t care who is on the bed or where they are. Once he goes off to slumber land, he doesn’t have a care in the universe!

So how did you guys sleep this past week? Was it cooler where you live?


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10 thoughts on “Cool weather and warm naps

  1. Sleeping under the weight of blankets is so much better than when its too hot for those.
    Us pups, well, we just burrow deeper into our nests.

  2. Cooler weather is definitely the stuff of naps. You are all sure great snoozers. XO

  3. Y’all got those comfy cozies really going on. It’s been lots cooler here too.

  4. 15andmeowing on said:

    You are all cuties.

  5. Carole Schulman on said:

    Each post is a joy with you kitties and your parents. I read them each one.

  6. You definitely do look gorgeous with the blue background. Cold here in Scotland mom did see a butterfly have a great nap and keep warm. xx😻

  7. to sleep is a good ide… we love the face of domino… it says all about this wet& crazy weather

  8. It has been cold and wet here but then we had a freak warm blip over the weekend but now its back to cold and wet xoxo Little Miss Titch

  9. Adorable sleepytime pictures, kitties! We’ve had an unusual early cold snap last night and tonight so, good snoozing weather for us, too.

  10. It has been a little cooler here, but still quite pleasant weather.
    We love napping on or under a nice warm blankie whatever the weather. You four all look nice and warm and comfy, and, of course, furry cute, on yours.

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