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Katie photo shoot


I don’t know if Mom L has had such a struggle photo shoot for a long time. She is always in search of grabbing a photo of Katie, WITH EARS UP.. Not an easy thing to grab when the subject kitty is still so very shy and timid.

But, Mom L lassoed Dad P to assist and here are their outtakes.

Mom L: “Katie, can you look at  me with your ears up?”

KK: “Like  this Mom?”

Mom L: “Not quite honey. Try to get them BOTH going straight up at the same time, ok?”

KK: “Lemme try again.”

KK: “oops, sorry, Dad P distracted me. Why did he do that?”

Mom L: “He was trying to help you get both ears straight up.”

KK: “Sigh—I’m so embarrassed. Can’t you just be OK with showing off my lovely white shawl that drapes so perfectly across my shoulder?”

Mom L: “Oh Katie, your shawl is very special!”

KK: ” How’s about making do with a great profile photo??”

Mom L: ” Hmmm—that’s not really what I am hoping for sweetie.”

KK: “Ohhh—tummy tickle!! Lemme sort out my tummy furs so’s they don’t tickle me during my photo shoot, okay?”

Mom L: ” Of course little one, do what you need to do.”

KK: “Domino is photo bombing my special photo shoot!! Dad P!! Get him outta here!!”

Dad P: ” I got him KK. Now try again for Mom L.”

KK:” How’s this one?”

Mom L: “KK, every single photo of you is always special and always just purrfect.”


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10 thoughts on “Katie photo shoot

  1. You are a beautiful sweetie, Katie!

  2. We think you’re adorable every single time, KK! XO

  3. I quite like the second photo of her!

  4. You are such an adorable cutie girl sweet Katie!

  5. Agreed – always a perfect shot of a kitty with tons of personality!

    Love and licks,

  6. Gorgeous Katie your lovely.x😻🐈‍⬛🐾

  7. No matter what, Katie…you’re always a beauty!

  8. Carole Schulman on said:

    Love that attitude Mom. And Katie, you are glorious.

  9. a super talent… well done sweet katie

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