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Wobble Bobble? Just Give Me the Treats! #chewyinfluencer

Hey Everybody!!   The Kid Sage Here!!!

Sage ponders

Ahem! I have an announcement to make. I am now the Official Savannah’s Paw Tracks Product Reviewer (OSPTPR) !!! APAWS!!! Come on, you know you are gonna like this, right?

My first review as the OSPTPR is for this confusing Cat Wobble Treat Dispenser from Kong. Now as you all know, I am not a cat to let much get past me when it comes to getting food from any container. But when Chewy sent me this product I had no idea how tough getting my treats would be.


FTC Disclosure: As members of the Chewy Influencer network we received a Kong Cat Wobble Treat Dispenser free. We were not compensated in any other way. The opinions in this review are our own, no one influenced our experience of this product. Savannah’s Paw Tracks reviews products in which we believe our readers may have interest. 

Mom L had to put some of my favorite kibble right near the dispenser to help me learn that there were more where these came from.


I could smell them but it took me some minutes to learn I had to take action to get more out. I am not a patient learner, just sayin’!


I decided I ought to try becoming one with my Kong Cat Wobbler.  I dug deep into my kitten learning to try to make this thing cough up some more kibble.


Then it seemed I outta try adding a little muscle to my mental encouragement I sent to the wobble dude.


The Kong Wobbler Cat Treat Dispenser has a black or striped floofy sorta “cat’s tail” hanging from the top. I suppose young kittens or teenagers might find that a ton of fun, but I paid it no attention whatsoever. We adults don’t really need that distraction.

I also could not push or pull or whap that wobble dude over to get to my kibble. The bottom is very heavily weighted and it is FLAT! I couldn’t make it give up my kibble on a rug or even on our laminate flooring.


Bottom line for me is this Kong Cat Wobbler Treat Dispenser became boring pretty fast. Mom L even left it out for me to work on for three days. I never went back to try for my kibble. I think it could be fun, but the bottom needs to be round and without so much weight.

HRH Savannah has not even given it a look and that says a lot cuz it has her most favorite food group—her Royal Canin S/O kibble. We get a little bit of this kibble each day as treats all because HRH Savannah loves it more than even our raw chik-hen.


Official Savannah’s Paw Tracks Product Reviewer (OSPTPR)

Get Your Scratch Going #chewyinfluencer


As a member of the Chewy influencer network, I was invited to select a product to review for October. I jumped at the chance to try out the incredible KONG Incline Cat Scratcher. #ad


I, of course, immediately claimed it as mine! This is gonna be my product review. TKS got to do the last one so this one is mine, all mine.


FTC Disclosure: As members of the Chewy Influencer network we received a Kong Incline Scratcher free. We were not compensated in any other way. The opinions in this review are our own, no one influenced our experience of this product. Savannah’s Paw Tracks reviews products in which we believe our readers may have interest. 

As I was tryin’ to get to know my new product, Mom L kept on moving around tryin’ to take photos. She was really annoying me ‘cuz I was tryin’ to get the feel of my test product.


Now kitties I think it is really important to learn a couple of things about this amazing scratcher. First, it is made in the US of A. Second, it is an environmentally friendly cat scratcher made with renewable resources and it is totally recyclable! High paws to KONG for making this product and double high paws to Chewy for sellin’ it.

You all  know how much we kitties like to scratch our claws. Well this product is made on an incline to mimic just the way we might scratch on a real tree if we were outside. Mom L didn’t think that made a difference ‘cuz TKS and I are using cardboard scratchers that lye flat on the floor. I’m thinkin’ Mom L is changing her mind. You see TKS and I really prefer this incline scratcher.

I discovered another thing about this scratcher that is very interesting. There is a crinkle ball inside the tallest part and holes on either side for the brave kitty that wants to reach in and try to give it a swat. I decided to just keep my eye on that crinkle ball in case it tried somethin’.


I was completing my full test of the scratcher so I stepped back to get a full view of it. Guess what I saw!! Go on, guess!! Who do you think was lying in wait behind that scratcher tryin’ to take over my product review???


Yup, you are right! The Kid Sage was hanging around the backside gettin’ nosy. Or—hmmm—maybe she was tryin’ to get to that crinkle ball. There is also a hole in the back for a kitty to reach in and try to grab it. But I’m not cat who takes chances, so I decided not to go poking my paw into any holes.

I finally stepped away and let TKS have a look see.


I can’t thank Chewy enough for letting me do this review. I am a pretty picky eater so food reviews are not my thing. But a product like this KONG Incline Scratcher, why that is right up my whiskers! I’m still not sure about that crinkle ball though.


Sigh, leave it to TKS to diver right to see what that ball was up to. Remember, you can order this scratcher right on line from Chewy. No muss no fuss.



What’cha waiting for? Get your human to lend you that thumb and hop on line right now. This scratcher will be coming to your door quick as you can clean your whiskers!




Feed Cats Raw with Easy to Serve Stella & Chewy’s® #chewyinfluencer


My long time readers know I, Savannah the Cat, am a connoisseur of raw chik-hen cat food. I totally luvluvluv my complete raw chik-hen. But I was totally up for this product review when Mom L asked me to get some variety in my diet.

I said sure thing. What’cha got for me? She then placed a bowl of Stella & Chewy’s® freeze dried, but reconstituted raw Duck Duck Goose food in front of me. Now she had warmed it up using warm water to make it soft, but kitties, I simply could not do it. I just had to walk away.

But not all is lost on our product review of this easy peasey way to feed kitties quality raw food. The Kid Sage stepped right up and took over this product review.

This is MY product and product review!

This is MY product and product review!

And let me tell you, she totally luvluvluv’d this freeze dried raw cat food. Now this is a really good thing for TKS. You see we just read in our new online e-newsletter from The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University that variety in a cat’s diet can be a good thing.

“A cat willing to eat only one kind of food will be much more difficult to support nutritionally when sick and must be fed a different diet to address his health needs. Some veterinarians are concerned that this practice of serving only one kind of food for years can actually contribute to the development of food allergies in cats or trigger inflammatory bowel disease.

Many experts recommend providing a rotating healthy diet for cats that consists of a variety of food brands and types (canned versus dry). They recommend switching food types and brands at least two to four times annually — as long as your cats are healthy and do not experience any digestive upset. Some cats accept this approach, but if your cat doesn’t eat the new food, do not force the issue by starving him.”

Now we just have to find something for me, HRH Savannah, to add variety to my chik-hen raw food diet.

But back to TKS for her review.


Now kitties this product packs a lot of nutrition into an easily handled and stored bag. Just check out all the benefits you will get from giving this wonderful product a try.

You will get all these good for you things:

  • Raw, cage-free poultry
  • 98% poultry, nutrient-rich organs & bone
  • Fortified with added vitamins & minerals
  • Rich in taurine and probiotics for dietary health
  • 100% complete & balanced dinner

And you won’t have to deal with any of the things some cat food has in it that isn’t so good for us kitties.

  • No added hormones or antibiotics
  • No grains or fillers
  • No gluten
  • No artifical preservatives or colorings

FTC Disclosure: As members of the Chewy Influencer network we received a bag of Stella $ Chewy’s® Duck Duck Goose freeze dried Dinner Morsels free. We were not compensated in any other way. The opinions in this review are our own, no one influenced our experience of this product. Savannah’s Paw Tracks reviews products in which we believe our readers may have interest. 

As you can tell from my enjoyment of this delish food, I, TKS the Cat, give this four paws up!

Delish dish!

If you want to hop over to the Stella and Chewy’s site to have a look at all the ingredients go right ahead. But let me tell you that the first five ingredients are gonna catch your attention. The first five ingredients are all raw duck, turkey and goose. The duck is ground with the bone which offers kitties a great source of taurine. I like their website because it gives you tips on how to transition your kitties from whatever they eat now to this new food. Go on over and have a look.

The freeze dried raw comes in several flavors including:

  • Chick, Chick Chicken
  • Sea Licious Salmon and Cod
  • Tummy Ticklin’ Turkey
  • Yummy Lickin’ Salmon and Chicken

All of these flavors are available from Chewy online. If you have never purchased anything from Chewy then you are in for a real treat. First they have great boxes, no matter how big or small!

Love the box

Next, they use all recyclable paper packing material. Even HRH Savannah enjoys a good play with their humongous paper packing!

YAY! Chewy packaging

Be sure to get right online and order from your favorite flavor of Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried raw food.




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