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Giving a chance for survival


For those of you who may not actively be pawticipating in helping abandoned community cats during the COVID 19 pandemic get spayed/neutered, medically treated etc., you likely do not realize that it is difficult to find Vet care for these cats and kittens. Many public shelters have closed their surgeries and/or have limited the number of cats/kittens that can be brought in for S/N. Sometimes kittens face medical challenges that rescue clinics are not able/capable of treating. 
This 7 day old kitten (5oz) had a prolapsed rectum. Mom L’s pal, retired feline Vet Dr. Josie Thompson, thought she could give this tiny kitten a chance for survival by pushing the prolapsed section back inside the kitten. Dr. Thompson was able to do this procedure using the Kitchen Clinic space where Miss Gemma from Community Concern For Cats holds the weekly Kitchen Clinic I have talked about lots before. Mom L transported the surgical kit to Miss Gemma’s and helped hold a light and the instrument used to push the prolapsed section back into the rectum while Dr. Thompson did her magic.
About .5 inch was protruding and Dr. Thompson was able to push it back inside and then place a purse string suture in her anus to retain the prolapsed section for 3-4 days.
She is a bottle baby and was nursing right after procedure.
We named her Josie after Dr. Josie Thompson, her Vet who gave her the chance for survival! The suture must come out later this week.
So for now we are all keeping fingers and paws crossed that Kitten Josie’s body is able to reabsorb/attach the protrusion to enable her to pass stool  normally going forward. Please add your purrs and POTP for this sweet baby kitten. She was purring while she took her bottle and trying to make bread with her tiny paws!! We think she is going to be a “Torbie” colored girl. She has some tabby stripes but also has some orange spots on her gray fur making her a diluted “Torbie”!!
Not a bad day’s work, don’cha think?



Kitten Season and Death by Fleas


I bet’cha I have lots of my readers and followers wondering what’s up with those cutie pit sibling kittens from my guest Sunday Selfie blog post yesterday, right?!

Oh hi! What'cha doin' up there?

Oh hi! What’cha doin’ up there?

I asked you all to try to guess two things—first…which kitten has a health problem and second—what might that health problem be. These cuties are being fostered by Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C), and they are very fortunate indeed to be under such responsible and professional loving care. They are from a feral Mom Kat, and arrived during a Doc Josie Kitchen Cat Clinic in the home of Miss Gemma, the current president of CC4C.

They were brought in by their caring foster human for their blood draw to test for FeLV etc, and to get their first vaccinations, worming and flea treatments. They all look just precious, adorable and healthy, right?

The first kitten up was a real cutie.

You're gonna do what to me??!!

You’re gonna do what to me??!!

Check out that cute tummy, all white and those paws all pink. He took it like a champ! Not a flea in site.

Next up, a darling little pink nosed sweetie.

Ok, why is everyone staring at me??

Ok, why is everyone staring at me??

Did’ya see that hot pink nose?? And he was looking might fine as well as the first kitten.

Then came the littlest kitten of the four siblings. As soon as this cutie hit the exam table, Doc Josie noted “oh my! this kitty is so white and pale!”

Ummm...I'm a bit scared and not feeling so well, ya' know?

Ummm…I’m a bit scared and not feeling so well, ya’ know?

But the exam went on with the last of the four kittens hitting the exam table at the same time as the third kitten who had appeared “white” to Doc Josie.

Just check out my brofur, leave me be, ok?

Just check out my brofur, leave me be, ok?

And then the last of the four hit the table and Miss Gemma, owner of the Kitchen Clinic, brought out the most important diagnostic tool for kittens, especially those who come from a feral Mom Cat.

The flea comb arrived!

I don't have fleas! Ummm...maybe one or two?

I don’t have fleas! Ummm…maybe one or two?

And then Doc Josie and Miss Gemma brought back the very pale kitten. Guess what? She was LOADED with fleas! Dozens and dozens of fleas! Her first two examined siblings had none—but the last one, had at least a couple. But those vile fleas had found the most vulnerable, smallest and least robust of these four siblings to literally suck the life out of her. She was ANEMIC from a severe flea infestation.

The foster human, as with all present, was dumbfounded! Those blood lusting insects had enough intelligence to source the weakest kitten and attach themselves to her and almost killed her.


It is kitten season across the USA. Do not lose vigilance when rescuing kittens when it comes to FLEA COMBING every single kitten in a litter!!

Only one kitten in this foursome had the potential death causing infestation of fleas. She was treated under Doc Josie’s medical expertise and will thankfully survive.

How many kittens in a kitten season will die from over looking a flea infestation?

 Here is the tell tale photo illustrating how Doc Josie knew immediately that one kitten had a serious problem.

Notice the lack of color in the one kitten

Notice the lack of color in the one kitten

I searched lots to find some reference to this condition in kittens, but most turned out to be advertisements for cat flea treatments. But, here are a few I thought might help if any of my readers are ever involved in the rescue of kittens.

Animal Alliance NYC


Pet Health

I welcome any reader, follower to add their own advice, information links in comments. Kitten season is a challenge for all countries across the world. In the USA alone there are states, such as Florida, where kitten season never ends. Let’s all try to be vigilant to keep the kittens safe and healthy and promote always—SPAY—NEUTER!!! IT SAVES LIVES!!


A Selfie for the Future #morepurrlesshiss


My Sunday Selfie contribution to our pals, The Kitties Blue from The Cat On My Head, blog hop is intended to be an overload of cuteness!

Sunday Selfies Badge

Please welcome new kitties into the world. The kittens, two who posed and one who photo bombed, were born April 2nd, 2016. Momma Cat is a very young, semi feral, cat who trusts her care giver Ms Norma. She has allowed Ms Norma, our partner in maintaining my castle in appropriate cleanliness, to even pick her up, pet her and move her and her kittens about.

This selfie is of two kittens smiling and waving at their new world.

IMG_2401 ed s

Mom L and I had lots of fun trying out a couple of online photo edit sites. Hope you enjoy.

Color pencil

Color pencil

And then we tried out the water color filter.

Kittens in water color

Kittens in water color

Then we added  a couple of different frames.

Kittens at the beach

Kittens at the beach

We like this next one lots.

Kitten diamonds in the rough

Kitten diamonds in the rough



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