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Quadruple Guest Selfies


Goodness gracious! I am having so much fun bringing you some special guest selfies and have you guess what my Monday blog post will reveal about them.

Here are four kitten siblings who are my guest quadruple selfies for The Kitties Blue Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. Paw that badge and head on over to see what’s going on!

Sunday Selfies BadgeThis the original foursome before I had Mom L do some stuff with edits and whatnot. These cute kittens were brought in for their checkup and blood draw to do their snap tests for FeLV and to get their vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. They are being fostered by a loving human with Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C). They are VERY fortunate kittens to be under the care of CC4C. Come back Monday and I will tell you why.

Oh hi! What'cha doin' up there?

Oh hi! What’cha doin’ up there?

I had Mom L do some stuff with, and then using Picmonkey and finally PiZap. This is what I ended up with. What do you guys think??

Do we look greate or what??!!

Do we look great or what??!!

Now let me ask all of you who visit and view these photos, can you tell me which one of these four sibling kittens has a problem? And tell me WHY you think you know. I will let you know the real dealio tomorrow on my Monday blog post. Stay tuned.


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27 thoughts on “Quadruple Guest Selfies

  1. So cute! SO CUTE! purrs


  2. mariodacat on said:

    Talk about cute overload – that’s it. I’m going to take a wild guess and say the kitten in the upper left corner might be the one with health problems. His eyes just aren’t quite as bright. yes, the artsy version is lovely too.

  3. Total. Cuteness. Overload.

  4. Aww…they are all so cute, Savvy and your artwork is great too. We’re not so sure, but the little one in the left corner has a watery look and wet nose, but it could be the picture too. We check it out now. Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 ❤

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  6. Marty the Manx on said:

    Oh they are adorable! They are great in both versions!

  7. Lookin furabuluss there 4 cutiess!!
    ***nose bumpsss*** Dhartha Henry xxxx
    Pee S:Llady El can you pleeze linky mee uppy?? No one iss here to do it fur mee…fank you….

  8. The Swiss Cats on said:

    They are so cute ! We cannot say which of them has a problem, we’re looking forward to your Monday’s post. Purrs

  9. I think the grayish, brownish one on the left front is the troublemaker. He looks ready to jump out of his skin!

    Love and licks,

  10. Too cute. We were wondering if Momma Kat had found a home.

  11. pilch92 on said:

    Beautiful kitties, they all look purrfect to me.

  12. OMB they are the cutest kittens,xx Speedy

  13. Oh my, the thought than any should have a problem is upsetting… i will have to nip over on Monday to find out as they all look so charming and well. purrs ERin

  14. They are all adorable!

  15. SQUEEEEEEEE!!! We think they all look adorable!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  16. you guys look just adorbs!

  17. All these kittens look wonderful. Can’t tell which one has a problem cause they all look handsome. Like the art!

  18. meowmeowmans on said:

    They’re all so cute! I can’t tell from the picture which one has a problem. The one in the rear left looks smaller, and it’s eyes look a bit different, but it may just be the camera angle.

  19. They all look purrfect to us. We’ll stay tuned to find out.

  20. The most lovely thing in the whole world is KITTENS, as everybody can see.

  21. hannahandlucy on said:

    What lovely kittens and they are just so cute and we couldn’t see a problem with any one of them.

  22. What cuties! We can’t tell which one has a problem so we can’t wait to find out more about it.

  23. I think these kittens all look adorable! If one of them has a problem, I couldn’t tell – I’m looking forward to Monday’s blog post!

  24. The one in the left corner has a problem. The other ones are duly troubled, the one in the corner does not seem to be aware of danger.

  25. Precious kittens 🙂 The “artsy” version is pretty special as well!

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