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Monday Meowsie News: Can we please get some POTP?


I decided to let my little foster kitten Miss Lillian aka Lilly have the blog post today. As you can see in the following photos, she kind’a sort’a took over Mom L’s computer so I just said “go for it kid!!”

Hmmm…now that is one fine photo of a darling kitten

As you all know, I don’t try to help Mom L with the blog technical stuff. I am more of a “visionary” cat. And besides, I just can’t jump up on her desk anymore—darn arty-right-us!! But Miss Lilly sure can get up there and I think she did a mighty fine job of it.

Oh, nice composition…but it looks a tad off focus on me!

So Miss Lilly tinkered a bit more and finally seemed satisfied.

I changed focus to me so’s to not wake up Auntie Katie

What can I say, except that our foster kittens, nine month old Katie and four month old Lilly, have been with us for almost five months and they are tryin’ to take over my blog!!

Now about the POTP request in my headline. You see, sweet Miss Lilly has been very sick since about last week of October. She has been to emergency with Dad P two times and to three different clinics. Unfortunately, her blood work indicates, but doesn’t prove, that she may be a genetic liver shunt kitten. Mom L and Dad P are taking her to a special Veterinarian tomorrow, Tuesday.

Please if you have a moment, send sweet precious Lilly your most kind and caring POTP. We may not be able to save her so she can find her forever home. But Mom L and Dad P sure as heck are gonna try and The Kid Sage and I are right there with them.


Quadruple Guest Selfies


Goodness gracious! I am having so much fun bringing you some special guest selfies and have you guess what my Monday blog post will reveal about them.

Here are four kitten siblings who are my guest quadruple selfies for The Kitties Blue Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. Paw that badge and head on over to see what’s going on!

Sunday Selfies BadgeThis the original foursome before I had Mom L do some stuff with edits and whatnot. These cute kittens were brought in for their checkup and blood draw to do their snap tests for FeLV and to get their vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. They are being fostered by a loving human with Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C). They are VERY fortunate kittens to be under the care of CC4C. Come back Monday and I will tell you why.

Oh hi! What'cha doin' up there?

Oh hi! What’cha doin’ up there?

I had Mom L do some stuff with, and then using Picmonkey and finally PiZap. This is what I ended up with. What do you guys think??

Do we look greate or what??!!

Do we look great or what??!!

Now let me ask all of you who visit and view these photos, can you tell me which one of these four sibling kittens has a problem? And tell me WHY you think you know. I will let you know the real dealio tomorrow on my Monday blog post. Stay tuned.


EB Feline Condition—Nature or Nurture?


I am going to raise a concerning condition, found in some cats, but not all. For myself, I believe I have had it for a very long time. It comes and goes, but nonetheless, it appears to endure. For myself, I believe it is a “Nature” condition—meaning inherited from either side of my family. My readers must ask themselves, should they find the courage to speak about EB, whether or not is it “Nature” versus “Nurture” for themselves.

There is a clear sign, for me, when this condition is coming on. Some believe that I am in pain, and begging the human to leave me alone.

You really wanna do this?

You really wanna do this?

And even with my bonded human, Mom L, I appear to have the same look before my EB kicks in—*hides face in paws*

I just do not now how to control this condition

I just do not know how to control this condition

And then EB kicks in, and I cannot control it—please, please tell me in comments if any of you cats, or even woofies for that matter, seem to have this same/similar EB Condition. It is embarrassing to speak about, but we must come out into the open and share how we manage this condition.

Feline Veterinary medicine has yet to determine if this is based on our “Nature” or on how we are “Nurtured”.  What say you all my pal???

Here I am, after the first suggestion above that my EB Condition is going to kick in—

oh yeah...engaging EB

oh yeah…engaging EB

And most recently with Mom L, I once again caved into this EB Condition—

Even as a senior cat I continue to have this affliction

Even as a senior cat I continue to have this affliction

I first mentioned this most concerning feline condition last year. I would so treasure learning from any and all my feline readers if you suffer from this ailment which no cat will ever speak of. Now I confess—Elevator Butt is the unspeakable condition. I do believe that cats are the most prone for this ailment, but perhaps my woofie pals will chime in with additional information.


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