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So as the senior Princess in my castle, I do have to have my “moan” days now and then. Do you have Moan Days??? I find it so totally tough to step up to my duties and Princess on MoanDays. Sometimes I simply must just rest.

Mom L caught me in one of my MoanDay funks. Sad to say her photographic skills are begging for some attention; na’ mean????

I had a rough couple of days last Friday and yesterday, Sunday. Ya would’ve thought that some day called “Sun”day would be filled with super special things, right? Well, that wasn’t the case for me. Last Friday, I barfed, on the bed of course, four times in less than one hour!! And again yesterday on “Sun”day I totally caused five bedding changes with five barf episodes in forty minutes!!! I haven’t done this is years!!

So I think I am entitled to my MoanDay. What do you think?


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