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The Kid Sage Loses It

J Lo 4

click on photo to learn about J Lo’s desperate need for a home


I know, I  know…hard to believe The Kid Sage hasn’t already lost ‘it’ living here with me, right?  MOL!!!

Well, I just have to tell you all that it sure does keep down my need to be involved in the housework now that The Kid is around. I have to spend way less time snoopervising all the folding, bed making and whatnot.

The Kid Sage just gets right in there to make sure it is all done correctly…while I always stood afar (sometimes even asleep) she is an active participant.

Here you can see that she is helping Mom L by making sure all Mom L’s t-shirts are folded properly and laid orderly in the drawer.(hover over photo to view captions)

Then she waits in a semi comatose state…one eye open… at the ready to leap to assist Dad P in his weekly chore of ‘changing the cat human bedding’.


Just resting my eyes Dad

Just resting my eyes Dad

She first must inspect the ‘stripping’ of the bed sheets…she keeps track of the very itty bitty stains that might be left when ‘some cats’ nibble their morning treats on the sheets and perhaps occasionally leave a teeny little cat spit on the bed sheets…not often mind you! But it is The Kid Sage’s job to make note of those and point them out to Dad P.

Sage doing chores

Next…she must inspect the fresh bed sheets…making sure that all the wrinkles are out…

And if once over doesn’t get those wrinkles in shape…she goes after them again…and again…and…well, you get it, right?

Finally, she forces herself to remain on the bottom sheet while the fresh top sheet is placed on the bed…such a dreadful job to remain under there to make sure no wrinkles return…heh…heh…

Finally, The Kid Sage has earned her reward…a nice long afternoon nap on the freshly made bed…complete with pillows…and her favorite Nip N Nap Mat.



The Kid Sage works hard at her snoopervising duties…I must say I am proud of her effort…leaves me to go about my playing with Mom L and taking my requisite 43 1/4 naps per day…

Paw Pats, Savannah

Head Bonks, The Kid Sage

The Life and Times…of An Adult Cat Rescue!!!


Savvy singing

Happy tails to mew, until we meow again.

Happy tails to woo, keep smilin’ until then.
Who cares about clouds if we’re altogether?
Just sing a song that brings furramilies together.

Happy tails to you, ’till we meow again.

Our tails are happy ones,
All of them are true.
It’s the way we Paw It Forward,
Here’s some happy ones for you.

Bet’cha I have your attention…right??!!

Here is a totally PAWSOME Happy Tail Cat Rescue…BEFORE…NOW…TAILS TALE..

Remember this incredible Maine Coon Cat, at least from appearance…click HERE to read his death sentence when tested as a stray cat…for FeLV…

DSC_4483 ed

I just know you will recall his amazing polydactyl paws..

Mom L first met him in July and witnessed his positive FeLV test result…we reported him to my readers and wept for him as he was trapped, as a stray, and found to be so loving and gentle.  Then, this apparent terrible death sentence.

But WAIT!  Is FeLV truly a death sentence for cats??  

I am not an expert by any means, but I do know that many homes have accepted FeLV cats to enable them to live out their lives.  I named him “Mister” and he was healthy, and active.  But…we never heard about his fate.

And THEN…Mom L worked another CC4C ( Community Concern For Cats) spay/neuter clinic…and lo and behold…Mister’s foster/rescuer Mom brought some adult cats for spay/neuter.  Mom L, breathing rapidly, asked the question…”What happened to Mister?”…


Mister has been ADOPTED!!!  He was adopted into a home in the north bay area of San Francisco Bay. His amazing new human guardians accepted him without reserve…he is an only cat…living forever inside…with two WOOFIE siblings!!

Mister now grooms the woofies and THEY GROOM HIM!!!…doesn’t get a lot better than that.  Mister is Safe, and at HOME!

My request of anyone reading this post…whether you are a cat or woofie blog…PLEASE  SHARE SHARE SHARE to you readers that FeLV positive does not ALWAYS mean the cat has no opportunity to live a life, as long as they are blessed by Ceiling Cat, of love and kindness.

My readers all know this…but YOUR readers may NOT know this…that is my reason for requesting that you share this post.  None other…just that sharing this post might give some human out there the motivation to invite a cat, testing positive for FeLV, in to their home for the length of that cat’s life…

Truly a blessing from Ceiling Cat…if you will share.

Paw Pats, Savannah

What Challenges Face Adult Rescue Dogs?: Update on Cash the Siberian Husky


I thought it was time to share some truly heart warming and encouraging news about a woofie rescue we helped in September this year.

Remember Cash?

before after 02

He has been having one heck of a great adjustment to living INSIDE and looking OUTSIDE…

Great to be inside and comfy

Great to be inside and comfy

…instead of being forced to live outside, rain or shine with no protection…hence his black fur became sun burnt and red; no to mention so matted and flea infested he had to be shaved.

First…let me tell you all that Cash is doing well…and he has a permanent home forever.  Second, you all know that there are CHALLENGES, as with any adult dog rescue, bringing Cash into a home where there are resident dogs…Samantha is a 7 yr old female Siberian Husky, and Foster, a male Shiba Inu, brought into this home about 2 years ago now age 5.

I have kept in touch with Cash…’cuz I know you all want to know how he is adjusting…(bet you all want find out what he looks like when his FUR grows back!!) as well as how the other woofies are managing to accept him.  He has now gone on a first shopping trip complete with car ride with open window!!

Arwooo!! What fun!

Arwooo!! What fun!

BUT…yes, that great big word…BUT…as with all of us adult woofie and cat rescues…we bring some unknown baggage.  Our human guardians are the ones who we depend on to help us unpack that baggage.

Which is just what Cash’s human guardians are doing…and oh my cat!! What a difference even ONE session with a competent animal behaviorist can make.

Miss Liz, Cash’s new HuMom sent this update to Mom L…

“He (behaviorist trainer) was amazed how laid back and easy going Cash was while interacting with the other dogs in the house, which is true of Cash, to be a husky and a puppy, he certainly is quite calmer than most.

We worked on:

  • feeding schedule
  • bed issues (my bed) and a few other (hierarchy) issues

Foster and Cash were fighting for the same place in the family and I wasn’t making Foster the “2nd in command” after Samantha so there was tension.

Keeping Cash off my bed was the big one. Foster”s biggest resentment was me allowing Cash on the bed when Cash had not “earned” it.

The first night not allowing Cash on the bed, Cash paced most of the night, got me up twice to take him out, which is not like him.  So the next day I purchased a new bed for him to have in my room.  I laid with him on it and gave him a great treat and made him eat it on his bed.

That night and every night after, he sleeps all night on his bed and doesn’t even try and come up on the bed.  If I allow him up it’s because I invited him and he has not automatically jumped up.  Even with Samantha and Foster on the bed in the morning while I get ready, Cash lays on his bed..

Feeding Cash last, when I always fed him first because I had to pen him up, has been another big change. I now feed Samantha, then Foster and then Cash, without anyone being penned up.  Cash eats his own food, doesn’t try and get to the other bowls unless the others walk away.  I automatically pick up the bowls so he is not allowed to eat out of them.  He allows the others to drink from the same water bowl as himself without even flinching.

Just by implementing a few ground rules on Cash, there is no longer any tension in the house between Foster and Cash”

And yes, Cash remains the typical Sibe, honing his escape skills…

Escape through the feeding door on inside crate

Escape through the feeding door on inside crate

Thankfully, ONLY two sponges suffered injuries when Cash escaped and went on his walk about inside the house. Now, he is not penned up at all.  No further sponges have been to emergency, only a roll of paper towels!

And then the toll Cash takes on the aerobic heath of his Sibe sister…she is 7 years old and this year old pup is making sure she never has to go on the evil d-i-e-t!!

Oh My Dog!! This kid is wearing me out!

Oh My Dog!! This kid is wearing me out!

Cash must always sleep with one eye open should anyone attempt to capture his fave bone…(notice his furs are already coming back!!!)

I can SEE you...looking at MY bone!

I can SEE you…looking at MY bone!

And of course…he always has his place on that couch…

ahhhh...chilling in my home is just fine, fine, fine

ahhhh…chilling in my home is just fine, fine, fine

A Paw It Forward project that just keeps on giving back!  So much joy to see Cash safe and so cared for.  Hope you enjoyed learning how Cash is progressing…I promise to bring you a photo once he has his full Siberian coat back. Bet he is drop over gorgeous!

You do know, don’t you, that Siberians are actually CATS!…trapped in a woofie body.  Anyone who knows the grooming habits of Sibes and who knows their warm, loving…yet very independent…nature…should see some of the truth in that…arwooo and play bows to my woofie pals.

Paw Pats, Savannah

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