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Morning Stare Down…Who Won?

Hello All…Mom Linda Here

I took over the blog post today because neither of the girls can do justice to describing the scene I happened upon yesterday morning. I was headed out of my bedroom to go downstairs to collect my ice pack, heat pack etc. As I stepped out of my door to the upstairs landing this was the scene I encountered.

TKS Nana stare down ed

In a flash I grabbed my iPad to try to get a decent photo to share with all of you. Sage can peer through the window on the landing into the guest bedroom across the landing. Of course, it works both ways…Nana can peer back at Sage.

This was a classic cat stare down with Sage looking just like a bird dog on point having seen a bird (which is what I first thought she was watching on the roof outside…HA!). Then I looked across to see Nana in her meatloaf pose literally giving Sage her best Nana Stink Eye…she was glaring out of the corner of her eyes, they were sort of just slit open enough to allow a really good stink eye.

Nana Stink Eye

I realized this photo is over adjusted and blurry. Here’s hoping none of Nana’s readers who are expert photographers see this (embarrassed ears on Mom Linda) but I wanted to share that infamous ‘Nana Stink Eye’. But wait! Is that for TKS or ME!!!????

Once I took a photo, I had a silent chuckle all the way downstairs!

Who do you think blinked first?

Have a wonderful weekend, Mom Linda

I Just LUVLUVLUV My Dumpster Diving TKS


Once again, our morning routine comes to the forefront. You already know that Mom L hides places our favorite treats under a pillow next to her in the morning. TKS and I both wait patiently (HA!) for those treats to appear.

TKS…she tries so hard to be nonchalant about whatever pillow Mom L uses to protect the treats.

(hover to view complete captions)

That only works for the short term. Eventually, TKS just cannot help herself.

And as for me…I just wait. I know TKS will eventually prevail. And that means I will get my morning treats for not having jumped on her as she invades my personal space while she searches for those ‘hidden’ treats.

Ok TKS...go for it. Mom L is not looking

Ok TKS…go for it. Mom L is not looking

TKS is on the hunt…

I know those treats are under here

I know those treats are under here

Sometimes I have to endure her becoming much too personal…

The important part is…we both got our treats!!


Paw Pats, Savannah

Cats That Pretend To Be Turtles


I try hard to mind my own business. I don’t like to interfere with TKS’s time so I try to keep my play time to myself. But somehow she always seems to know when Mom L and I are having a good old time and then before we know it…there TKS is.

You all know that my new favorite place to play is inside my cat tower tunnel.

Got it!!

Got it!!

This gives me a really good workout especially for my paw to eye coordination and even balance. Have YOU ever tried to grab something as elusive as a peacock feather while you are hanging out of a tunnel about 20 inches off the ground???

Whoa! Better keep most of my body inside the tunnel

Whoa! Better keep most of my body inside the tunnel

Next thing I know I hear TKS slip sliding into the living room during MY play time! The nerve!

Yee Haw!!! Got'cha little nip toy! Oh, Hi Savvy, didn't see you over there

Yee Haw!!! Got’cha little nip toy! Oh, Hi Savvy, didn’t see you over there

Next, TKS proceeds to try to steal Mom L’s attention by pretending she is….you guessed it…a turtle. (be sure to hover over photos to view complete captions)

As if that was not enough, pretending to ‘be’ a turtle. TKS then turns on her own turtle shell and tried to bunny kick it to death. Sheeeeeeesh!!!!!!!!!

I've got you my pretty!!!!!!! #$)*$)(*#)*!!

I’ve got you my pretty!!!!!!! #$)*$)(*#)*!!

Someone save me from this kid…sigh.

Paw Pats, Savannah

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