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Do All Cats Like Nip Toys?

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As you likely know by now, Mom L, my typist, is off gallivanting in Atlanta at the combined conferences for the Cat Writers Association and Bark World.  As you know, this has troubled me greatly.(hover over photo to view captions)

But…I managed to find this tell tail tale short video of The Kid Sage which proves yet again…cats are mostly into their nip toys for immediate gratification…after that…the motto goes something like this…

“When a toy has been tested, bunny kicked, covered in cat spit and guarded from any other cat in the household…said toy is now to be avoided at all costs”…so sayeth Ceiling Cat.

Such is the fate of this ‘at first glance’ kickable, spitable nip toy gifted to me and The Kid Sage by our fave DVM, Dr Josie, now a retired certifiable Cat Lady…heh…heh…and that nip sock is also “now retired”…na’ mean???


Do You Remember Charlie and Tango??

J Lo 4

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I am curious as to how many of you will remember those names.  Leave your best guess as to who they are in my comments…and include a link to my blog post where you met them…AND…tell me WHY you remember them.

Oh…and I am doing the next couple of blog posts ALL ON MY OWN!  Yup, Mom L has again abandoned me gone to represent me at an event called Bark World/Cat Writers’ Association conference.  She better come home with some nifty treats and toys…just sayin’…moving on…

Ok, I know lots of you have already jumped to the end of this post to discover who Charlie and Tango are.  Let’s see if you remember this set of photos…

Flash forward!!!

First…those precious chicks dumped at the front door of a Petco store in Walnut Creek where Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C) hosts their weekend “Adopt Cats” events.  A quick call to Dr Josie who has chickens and luvluvluvs them…and guess where those two chick are TODAY???

Yep, Dr Josie took them in…made sure they were healthy and they are now living in her chicken yard…clucking away and happy as any hen can be who lives in a vineyard!!!

Ok…now you are wondering…what about Tango and Charlie??  Did Tango’s fracture heal??

Flash forward to a couple of weeks ago…Mom L worked another CC4C spay and neuter clinic where Dr Josie donates her DVM skills to help spay and neuter kittens/cats who have been adopted through CC4C.

Imagine Mom L’s surprise when she pulled up the next kitties to be spayed and neutered…and there were TANGO AND CHARLIE!!!

Charlie IS a girl and was spayed…

Charlie after her spay

Charlie after her spay

And Tango waited for a while…hoping, I am sure, that they would forget he was just ‘hanging out’ in his cage….but he is also now neutered…

Yup, I am now a neutered mancat...and proud of it!

Yup, I am now a neutered mancat…and proud of it!

They were adopted together…have a wonderful life.  Tango’s broken femur healed naturally under Dr Josie’s watchful eye and care…

These kittens are no longer ANYONE’s garbage to be dumped in a dumpster…just as Leader Otis asked us to do…BE THE MIRACLE…CC4C, Dr Josie and now the kitten’s new guardians…are just that for Tango and Charlie.

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…The Kid Sage is now drooling, yes…seriously…she IS DROOLING…hoping Mom L comes home with a photo of WAFFLES THE INTERNET MANCAT PIN UP MODEL….you see The Kid Sage desperately wants a pin up photo of Waffles to hang over her special bed…hope Waffles isn’t shy…otherwise The Kid Sage will be inconsolable…sigh   

First Cat Cafe in USA Opens!


I have something marvelous to share!

I have something marvelous to share!

No surprises here, just complete and total…


The first…let me say that again with even more enthusiasm and pride…THE VERY FIRST EVER CAT CAFE COMPLETE WITH ADOPTION CATS is now open for business in Oakland, California!!!

Mom L and Dad P were invited to join Miss Susie, who is a key contributor to the Maine Coon Adoptions in California.  Miss Ann has been instrumental in helping me get my pal Tigger, aka Tiggy, lots of visibility via her Face Book page Ava Gardner, the Cat.

First some words so you have a little background about who started this venture in Oakland and how they accomplished it.  Just in case you and your community rescues want to try it yourselves.

Several cat rescue focused groups, individuals and foundations need to find enough common ground from which to launch such an endeavor…for Cat Town Cafe & Adoptions some of those are…(click on the names to learn more about each one)

The co-founders, Cat Town Adoption and Cat Man of West Oakland also used Indiegogo to raise funds for this incredible venture.

Cat Town is a wonderful, responsible and caring non-profit cat rescue operating in Oakland, California…here is a bit about their mission:

Cat Town Rescue
Many cats struggle in an animal shelter setting, sensitive to new sounds, smells, and the trauma of losing a home that was familiar. Even the most affectionate, devoted pet may hide or be fearful in a shelter cage.

With partner organizations more likely to accept young, outgoing cats into their programs, municipal shelters often have nowhere to turn for help with undersocialized kittens, shy, stressed, or older cats.

Cat Town answers this need by targeting the cats least likely to be adopted from Oakland’s municipal shelter. Through our foster-based program, Cat Town allows sensitive cats to blossom and find great permanent homes.

Cat Town is also devoted to helping feral cats leave the shelter and find safe outdoor homes.

They have partnered with Oakland Animal Services from their inception.

As for Cat Town Cafe & Adoption…here is a little information about their mission…


“A new collaboration between the Cat Man of West Oakland and Cat Town Rescue, the Cat Town Cafe & Adoption Center will be an expansion of Cat Town’s current mission, and will focus on getting more cats out of the cages of Oakland Animal Services, into our “Cat Zone’ and adopted!!!  Learn more by clicking HERE

That is enough with the ‘words’…now for the real deal…grab some nip tea or a nip tini…or some liverwurst sammies and dog treats…paw back and enjoy the collection of photos of the grand opening event.

The Site…

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The Residents…(they have about 10 at a time for now)


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The Refreshments and logo merchandise…


The art…


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Mom L and I are working with this incredible artist and the other fabulous creative artists involved in this wondrous endeavor  to bring more of their art work to my readers!!  STAY TUNED!!

Paw Pats, Savannah 

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