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Do Cats “kick the tires” On New Things?


You Bet We Do!!!

Answered that question; now let’s move on to see how The Kid Sage (TKS) and I did some tire kicking on a new tower our humans brought home.

Clearly, they were hoping to persuade one or both of us to spend more time with one or more of them…HAH! I say. WE decide where and when we spend our time…’nuff said about that.

Here we go then, TKS does a really fine job of being the first to kick the carpet strands on this new tower. (be sure to hover over photos to view all captions)

I am certain some of you are asking yourselves…”Just how many cat towers do TWO cats need?”

Good question.  If you recall, the humans brought home this amazing, incredible new modern fancy paws cat tower…remember the whole blog post about it’s assembly…click HERE.

Well, that modern cat tower has remained, mostly, empty. Yep, neither one of us cares to spend much time there…ahem…ok, ok…”I” spend NO TIME on, up, near that tower. TKS does, maybe once or twice a month climb up to see if there is some way to make it disappear!!!

TKS did the initial ‘tire/carpet kicking’ in the first placement of the new tower. I was, personally, not that interested.  It was placed by a window in Mom L’s office which never ever gets a single sun puddle. Like I need that, right?

Then they moved it to the spot in the living room where my floor bed had been stationed. As you can see…that made it a lot more interesting for me…and of course, my acceptance is the most important.

Yes, I have accepted the new cat tower as a part of my castle.

Paw Pats, Savannah

Head Bonks, TKS

How Many Times in 30 Days…???

…do my Woofie, Cat, Piggie, Bunny, etc Pals…change their favorite napping spots?


savvy shadow 03

So come on pals, tell ALL!!

I know The Kid Sage, aka TKS, and I are not the only ones who enjoy keeping our humans on their toes…so to speak.

TKS and I have been changing up the game lately and we are keeping Dad P and Mom L busy, busy, busy trying to find where we are sleeping.

Now this is a game many of our woofie pals find hard to play unless they are smallish…at least I suspect this is true.  I cannot wait to learn if my little assumption is accurate!  So come on my woofie pals…tell us if your humans can find your new nap spots!

So first, because this is, after all, “Savannah’s” (that would be moi) Paw Tracks…check out what I have been up to:

Reclaiming the guest bedroom from TKS

Reclaiming the guest bedroom from TKS

And then I took over the cat tower I always liked best, but it was in the guest bedroom.

Ahhh...much nicer view from here

Ahhh…much nicer view from here

Lastly, I have left the chair in my master bedroom to once again lay claim on ‘my’ master bed.

Mine, always and forever

Mine, always and forever

TKS has been doing some relatively acceptable and somewhat impressive new nap maneuvers as well. She stunned Dad P when he walked into his office upstairs and found, for once in two years, a CAT!!! A cat lying on the soft, warm cushion he bought for ME two Christmases ago.  TKS discovered she can not only nap, but bird watch in between multiple naps!  Clever girl!

How did I ever miss this incredible spot!

How did I ever miss this incredible spot!

Now I cannot make this next trick TKS used work very well for me.  But then, I am not a panther cat.  Mom L and Dad P walked in and out of the garage, through Mom L’s office space…several times. Finally, one asked the other–”Have you seen Sage?”.  To which, they both shook their heads in the negative.

Unfortunately, TKS needed a yawn about that time. (hover to view captions)

She found a pile of nice, warm, fresh out of the dryer clean clothes to make a nice nap mat.  And even better, the top clothes were dark, the chair Mom L tossed them onto is black leather…and there you have it.  A perfect panther hideaway!

One slight paw of contention is that both TKS and I believe the master bed belongs to us, personally.  As you can see, she beat me to the master bed on this particular day. There is a very nice sun puddle that occurs during this time of year; right up against the pillows–shear heaven.

IMG_0851 ed

This sun puddle has my name on it


Let’s hear from all of you…how many times do you REALLY swap around your personal nap spots within ONLY 30 DAY???  All the changes you see in this blog post occurred over just one month. And as many of you know who follow me, I have stayed in my comfy floor level bed in my living room for, well, actually…for almost the whole Summer!

My comfy corner spot near the slider in the living room

My comfy corner spot near the slider in the living room

Why would I change from that spot right now?  And mostly to the upper level of our town home???

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You Are Not Going To Believe!!!


Something continues to be occurring in my Castle and I am certainly NOT pleased about it.

DSC_0100 ed wm 03

This is almost outrageous!  And to think my very own Dad P allows it to happen over and over again…

DSC_0099 ed wm 03

Alrighty then, you can come on in for a closer look at this completely uncatly behavior!

are you ready

*Disclaimer for above photos…yes, staff experimented with Pic Monkey…it did not go well but no time to repair…humble apologies

The Kid Sage does it once again…total human manipulation.  Perhaps, now that I ponder upon this…many of us might do well to take some paw notes?  Let me consider the possibility that I, Savannah the Princess of My Castle–might actually want to learn something from The Kid Sage; interesting…intriguing…hmmmmm….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I told you so!! The Kid Sage is apparently a master at human manipulation…do you think I should encourage her to start keeping a journal???

Paw Pats, Savannah

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spinning the dreidel 

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