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HARHARHAR Me Lovelies: Friday Frolics


Welcome to Talk Like A Pirate Day in Blogville!

PirateDay 2014 (1)

My sparkling white whiskers are drooping because I do not ‘talk like a pirate’ very well…but The Kid Sage and I have tried to join in the spirit and fun of the day.

Mom L failed us a bit with the pirate attire…but we are HERE…and luvluvluv this special Blogville Day.

2014 The Girls

…and the ship arrives finally…

2014 ship with savvy edit 02

Wishing all my mateys the best Talk Like a Pirate Day ever!!

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…October 1…the winds at Savannah’s Paw Tracks will shift just a bit…but then…they will start to blow soft and clear…just sayin’…

Happy Tails Again! Adult Rescue Dogs Are Singing: Thursday Purrsday

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Adopt Tigger

SPT blog post august 14


This 'tail' is a 3 hanky tail...just sayin'...all happy

This ‘tail’ is a 3 hanky tail…just sayin’…all happy

I know you remember the urgency to help a great woofie named Cash…find his forever home…or at the very least a foster for a months…click HERE for the back story…



Once you read the back story…you will understand how completely happy, joyful and fulfilled I am to report on where Cash is now…thank you to each and everyone one of you who shared his need for a home.  Cash found one…directly related to all the networking all of YOU did to help him…and I simple must give a very big shout out to Five Sibes for sharing Cash’s urgent need…because their Face Book presence is where Cash’s new family eventually found him.

The aspect of this rescue which is most heart warming to me is that every one who shared Cash’s need never once paid attention to whether or not he was a woofie or cat that needed to be networked to find a home…everyone…cats, woofies, piggies, bunnies…you all helped.  I hope you will all enjoy seeing his journey once his forever home found him.

Before and After

Before and After

…first Cash was to be flown from North Carolina, USA to Rhode Island, USA…by his original rescuer who lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Unfortunately Cash arrived at the airport in North Carolina without having his required water and food dishes in his carrier…no fault, no blame…but the airline and others took care and Cash was given his water and food dishes and set off on a slightly delayed schedule.  His new family was in contact throughout with me and Mom L…we were so excited for Cash!!!

Cash first came to our attention on August 14 through a Twitter contact…and now it was September 12th and he was on his way to his forever home…and his arrival was simply incredible…

If you have now read Cash’s back story…click HERE…then you know that he has not had much human contact for the first year of his life.  He is about one year old.

His first night “inside”…was amazing…remember…he had been staked out on a short rusted chain to a post for at least 9 to 12 months…


Whoa! this is nice!!

Whoa! This is mighty nice!

Cash arrived very late Friday night, September 12…and his New Mom Liz confessed that she slept on that short couch near Cash’s crate…and Samantha, his 7 year old Sibe sister, and Foster, his 5 year old Shiba Inu brother, slept on the larger couch…what a furramily!!!

Mom Liz stated…“Cash woke me about 4:30 AM to go potty…he went out…came right back in…and right back to his crate…”

And the next day…well just take a look at this short video of Cash experiencing being off a short rusted chain for the first time in his young life.

Cash worked his way into the hearts of his new family…at least his new Dad Mike and new Mom Liz and new Sibe sisfur Samantha…ummmm…I am thinking his new brofur Foster and Cash have some stuff to woo about…you might want to check out my pals over at Love Is Being Owned by a Husky…they are posting about Cash as well this week…and my pals, Nuk Nuk and Isis at RA Husky were so great to help too and have a post up about Cash…this took a global village…seriously…

Let me share another wonderful video of Cash’s first weekend in his new home…he discovered that squeeky toys are pawsome…and his new fave is Mr Snakie…who he tried to bury to save for another day…but first…Cash looked like he was a ‘CAT’…on the ‘nip’…

Here is slideshow of Cash in his first 5 days in his forever home…enjoy…and bring a hankie…just sayin’…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you have not used that hankie yet…

…Cash arrived very late on a Friday night…then on Sunday night his Mom Liz shared this with us…

“My husband and I were going to bed, so we put Cash in his crate, well we kept hearing barking and banging, so I went downstairs and checked things out and all seemed ok, i pulled the crate away from the wall thinking Cash was moving around a lot and went back to bed, 5 minutes later and it starts again, so I go back downstairs and it’s actually Samantha, my husky,  going crazy…she doesn’t want him in the crate.  So I let Cash out, he follows me upstairs and is now sleeping on the bed, while Samantha is nice and quiet sleeping on the couch downstairs.  I’m telling you, I can’t make this stuff up!”

This is how Mom Liz and Dad Mike believe Cash see’s his forever home…

I am looking outside from inside for the first time ever in my life...thank you

I am looking outside from inside for the first time ever in my life…thank you

I have such gratitude, appreciation for everyone who shared Cash’s plight and search for a permanent home…so please join me in Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…click on the badge to visit other wonderful Thankful Blog Posts.

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

And if Cash’s story is not enough for you to use that hankie…let me share this…just as Cash was finding his forever home…I received information about FOUR Sibes who were owner surrendered to the public kill shelter in my area, in Northern California.  They were not all from the same owner…just all dropped at the kill shelter on the same weekend…August 30…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hutch was thankfully pulled for Norsled, a northern California sled dog rescue group.  Snowflake and Puppy No Name were adopted by September 12th…and finally…just Tuesday, September 16, Angel was adopted with her date for review for being put to death on September 18.  All of these Sibes have been tremendously networked using social media anipals…I cannot thank you all enough for having helped.  We may not ‘be’ the direct connection to all FOUR being rescued/adopted…but the very SHARING put enough positive energy into the universe to help their rescuer/adopters find them…blessings on all of you.

Paw Pats, Savannah


Should An Adult Rescue Cat Work On Wednesday?

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SPT sidebar 02


I just thought I ought to start collecting some thoughts about how to get energized to work on Hump Day.

Yep…I heard the rumors…Mom L was having a little chat with The Kid Sage trying to help her understand why Mom L won’t be able to play with her as much on Tuesdays because she will be typing up my Wednesday post!

HUH!!??…that perked my ears up…so I stopped mid-action during my morning wash up and listened a little harder.

what did she say???

what did she say???

“Now Sage, you know how much I adore playing with you every day but on the days I type for Savvy, you also know I don’t play with you as long.  Well Sagie baby…it looks like Tuesday may get a bit busier for me…Savvy wants to make some changes in her blog and she is looking at Wednesday as an interesting day to post.  That means I can’t play as long with you on that day….”

Now, I never ever said zip about posting on Wednesday…I may have been thinking about giving myself new challenges…but Wednesday?  Well…I know lots of you write posts on Wednesdays…maybe I should practice?

This will be short, very important…but short…just to see if I like working on Wednesday…

I do have something important to write about so let me give this ‘Wednesday Writing’ thing a try…

The Kitties Blue, at Cat On My Head, passed a really cool shimmery award to me…the Butterfly Light Award.  I am so honored to have them think of me along with the other pawsome blogs they passed it to.  If you don’t know them by now, just follow the link above and hop over and say ‘hello’.


There…that wasn’t so tough.  Let me jot down some ideas for next Wednesday’s post.  I have to be ready to do my big reveal on Oct 1…and after all…that’s a Wednesday!

The Kid Sage and I have already been thinking about how I can let everyone know to be looking for things to change on Oct 1…even our neighbors are gonna want to know about what’s happening on my bloggy…well…actually on my Twitter and Face Book too…(ooppps…said too much already…)

garage sign 01

Paw Pats, Savannah

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