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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

Monday Meowsie News


My goodness…where to start? I know I have shared some photos of The Kid Sage and me in the living together, at the same time. Not close,but in the same room. And you have seen us on my king bed where I have my morning snuggles with Mom…I am allowing The Kid Sage to come up and after I give her a good hiss and grumble some…if she gets in her meatloaf position and stops staring at me, then I go back to my relaxing.

But some other changes have been happening over the last couple of weeks…changes in me. You have already seen Mom holding my hind paws, seen her rubbing my pink jelly bean toes and even rubbing my tummy a bit. That all means I am allowing Mom to get closer and closer to me…not just to pet my back or head…but to get close enough to touch me all over. So Mom has been learning some new things about my lovely furs and toesies…

So do you see what Mom has just discovered about the fur on my front paws?…do you see something unique?  Well Mom never got close enough to really examine my fur between my toes. She always assumed it was white between all my toes. She has been stealing my claws for over two years…you’d think she would have noticed…na’mean??  But then I have to admit, she has to mover very quickly when she does that as Dad is holding me and I make it clear I am upset….no, no..I never bite, or scratch…I just struggle.

Notice that I have GRAY fur between my outside toe on my left front paw and gray fur between my inside toes on my right front paw. Mom always thought I had white fur between all my toes on my front paws…heh…heh…fooled her, huh?

Next, she was up close and personal with me again…and check out what she discovered for the very first time on my right hind leg, down close to my paw…


Do you see it? I have this sort of white path of fur that starts on my paw and goes about 3 inches up my leg…it looks like a lightning strike…pretty cool, huh?

So Mom is learning about me more and more and knowing how wonderful my furs are.  Now I have also  been getting more and  more brave, getting more confident. You see, I don’t even explore much, at least not while the humans are watching.  I guess I used to get in a lot of trouble or hit wherever I lived before going to the shelter.

I hardly ever get on the end tables, or dining table or counters.  I do sometimes get on a window sill…but not often nor frequently. I have now done several of these things within only the last 4 days!

First…a walk on a new window sill…had Mom beaming with smiles…I did it in our office!

The window was open, the soft semi-warm air was coming in…and I could not resist as I could hear birds.  Now I know I have a small screen bird TV to watch. We have lived here 18 months and I have never climbed up here to relax.

No photos, but I also did some exploring of both the night stands beside the king bed I share with Mom and Dad.  Mom always takes a glass of milk to bed with her and has it while she reads. She sits the empty, or sometimes partly unfinished, glass on the nightstand and turns out the light. I decided I needed to check out that glass three nights ago…there was some white stuff in there still…so I tromped right over Mom, woke her up, she turned on the light just as I was shoving my nose down into that glass to get a good whiff and maybe a bitty taste!  My gray hair floating in that unfinished milk the next morning told her this was NOT a dream! MOL!!

I do like to get into boxes…in…explore…and then out. But this week Mom turned my two boxes on their sides…and I discovered I could use them in a very special way…

Of course, this afternoon when I was having a nice nap in the larger box…The Kid Sage just had to do the copy cat thing and go climb into the smaller one…but she just pretended she was gonna nap…HAH!…caught ya Kid!  Staring!! Not polite!


And finally, The Kid Sage and I spent some more time sharing the living room space last night.  I, on my couch, and she on small chair she likes lots…we were not close to each other….but close enough.

My recovery process seems to be almost accelerating with The Kid Sage sharing my home.  Do you think ‘she’ could have something to do with me getting more confident, exploring and allowing Mom to get closer and closer to me?…naw…couldn’t be her…nope, no way…sorry I even mentioned it…forget it…pretend I never said that…*pads off to find some kibble to nom*

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss Remember last week my humans had their 37th anniversary?  Check out the gorgeous Tulips dad sent Mom. He only learned two weeks ago that Tulips are her most fave flower because they are so happy looking and just shout SPRING wherever she sees them…Mom was thrilled then ran to the computer only to learn they are toxic to cats…so up they went onto her doll cabinet where neither of us can get to…Dad didn’t know and neither did Mom…so they will enjoy them in the house this ONE time



Friday Frolics


Well it seems you all REALLY enjoyed getting to know The Kid Sage a bit better…so I am going to do a little bit of this post…then let her have another go at trying to write as well as I do…heh…heh…

I had some real work cut out for me this week.  You see my former veterinarian, Doc Josie…she has chickens…not just a couple…but like a bunch…maybe 10!!  All girls…so lots of eggs and the eggs come in many colors…and they are like way fresh.  In fact…they often arrive at our home decorated in whatever is lying around the chicken yard…na’ mean???  This time…one egg in particular was very suspect…

This egg is wearing a feather hat!

This egg is wearing a feather hat!

You can see why Mom let out a little giggle…then she brought that egg to me…knowing I would be able to determine its edibility…

First…the sniff test…

Yes...'that' is an egg from a smells like a chicken yard

Yes…’that’ is an egg from a chicken…it smells like a chicken yard

Next…the taste test…

Just a little lick...make sure it is not a fake chicken

Just a little lick…make sure it is not a fake chicken

I gave my approval and Mom took it back to put it in her cold box.  What, or what would she do without me to do the sniffin’ and tastin’???

Ok Kid…you can take over from here…go…*gives The Kid Sage a hiss for encouragement*…get to writing.  Those words don’t come easy you know!

“But Your RH Savannah”…mews Sage…”What if they don’t wanna hear from me so soon?”

“Kids”…whispers Savannah…*pads away leaving The Kid Sage on her own with the keyboard and a blank page.

Sigh…ok…here goes.  Hey everyone, I’m back!  It’s me, The Kid Sage!  *wonder what ‘The Kid’ means????*  And I want to share one of my favorite games I created just to play with Dad.  We can only play it in my bedroom which he shares with me at night so I won’t be alone or scared. We play sometimes before getting in bed and I came up with this cool game!

Here…you can watch…I call it “Hide And Swat”…the first video is me giving a demo and the second one is my version of Round Two…*giggle*

And here is Round Two…this involves some aerobic efforts like running…

Isn’t that a ton of fun?? I just adore playing with Dad.

I also have this really cool photos to share with you…Mom took them of me while my Dad was holding me…I was pretty embarrassed…but he talked really soft and nice to keep me calm. (Savannah told me you can click a photo to bigify or if you want to see the whole caption and you can hover over a photo to see the caption)

*Sage looks over her shoulder–whispers to readers*…shhhhh…don’t let HRH Savannah know I showed these photos…she is always saying how scared she is of me; how she has to keep her eyes locked on me at all times to protect herself…check out our afternoon together in the living room with the big bird TV channel turned on…

Keeping an eye on me

Keeping an eye on me

And just see how much I terrify her…while I am still watching the bird TV channel…she is shivering with fear…HAH!! NOT!

Remember…shhhhh…I just know Savannah won’t be happy if she knows I blew her cover…

Thanks for visiting me, I had fun and hope you did too.  *meows over shoulder to HRH Savannah*…”you want me to turn the computer off now, I finished?”  “Sure Kid, turn it off. Better not be any typos in that post” grumbles Savannah going upstairs to bed.

Paw Pats, Savannah

Nose Bumps, The Kid Sage

Thursday Purrsday…A Short One


So the humans are saying they are ‘bizzy, bizzy’…and only have time for a little news…



…and then I learned it was the Momster and Dadster’s 37th Anniversary!!!




I said “okey dokey…but I get about a kabillion hours later…right???”

And then the humans…well…they were quiet…and yeah…I mean ‘The Momster’  and ‘The Dadster’…and they agreed…. eventually I will have a VERY long post…subject to be determined…heh…heh…

The latest in my increasing ability to ‘OWN‘ my purrsonal space…


Yep, that is The Kid Sage on my bed…I am glued next to Momster’s legs…and The Kid Sage was smart enough to even turn her back to prove she trusted me…so I only hissed…no growls…

For this gift to Mom Linda and Dad Peter…I owe all my purrs for thankfulness and so join Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…just click on the badge to be transported to other very Thankful blog posts.


Paw Pats, Savannah

A Special Birthday Wish for A Special Paw Blogger

Just wanted to post my purrsonal Happy Birthday wish for Miss Marg of Marg’s Animal.  She never ever lets a paw blog furriend down and she is always there to lend a helping hand for any animal in need.





Happy Birthday MARG (Post 4.9.2014) (1)

Paw Pats from Savannah and nose bumps from The Kid Sage

peeEss this lovely graphic is courtesy of Miss Ann from Zoolatry!  AND COMMENTS ARE OFF FOR TODAY

Monday Meowsie News…The Winners Are…!!


Bet you were all biting your claws over the weekend just waiting to learn who won those lovely coasters from Kakadu Design and who gets the $50 USD in green papers to donate to a 501 c3 rescue of their choice…


First thank you ALL for coming to my Second Blogiversary Celebration April 4th. There were no leftovers so I guess you all enjoyed the drinks and noms I chose…WOO HOO!!  Hope to see you again same time next year!!

Now for those winners…I tossed all the names of those who asked to be included in either drawing into my Leopard Fast Teleport Tunnel to export them into that thingy. I had to push and shove to get everyone in…but I made it.

random dot org delivery

And the winner of the coaster set is…

The coasters

The coasters

Travis from Lone Star Cats!!!

Hey Travis, because only 5 of you wanted those coasters…Mom said I can tell you to go visit the Kakadu Design web site and pick which set you want (there are 5 selections)….then send her an email with which design you want, and your snail mail address…send to  lcrodgers at sbcglobal dot net. She will have them sent to you directly.

Lone Star Cats_Travis


…And the winner of the moolah…

Stack of Money




So Spitty, send Mom an email on her personal email, your human knows which one, and tell us where you want the $50 USD donated.

Thank you all so very much for coming to my Second Blogiversary Celebration. Hope I can do even better next year!!

My last little tid bit of news…I thought many of you, cats and woofies alike, might be able to relate to the timing of my fitness routine…Saturday night…I was caught ‘cuz Mom was up and her iPhone was with her…bummer…

This was at about 1 AM…yeah…like just after midnight…and my best part of the routine where I was tossing my fuzzy nip knot in the air and jumping about 18 inches after it…lucky for me…no evidence was collected of that energetic part…whew…

Then Mom moved her feet…not my problem, right?

Paw Pats, Savannah

Friday Frolics

HIYA!! SAVANNAH HERE!!!…and The Kid Sage…

Because I hosted my Second Blogiversary bash yesterday I thought I would let The Kid Sage take on today’s post.  Go on kid…take over…

Oh gosh HRH Savannah…ahem, koff, koff…I wasn’t quite ready…ahem…

“Hello All!! Sage Here”    *looks over shoulder toward HRH Savannah*…”was that Ok??”


Well, I worked on a little movie for your viewing pleasure today…I added in some bubbles and stuff…lots of colors…I don’t think I am very interesting so I tried to boost the enjoyment factor for all of you…I hope you like it because I would really like to come back once in a while.

Here it is…

So…what do you think??  Did I “Rock My Frolics” in style???…*please, please say Yes or HRH Savannah won’t let me do this again*

Head Bumps and Nose Licks, The Kid Sage


Thursday Purrsday…Second Blogiversary Party!


Woo Hoo!! It is celebration time again! My Second Blogiversary was actually April 1, but I waited until this special Thankful Thursday to throw my party.


Guess what is making me purr VERY loud this Thursday Purrsday???


thank you second blogiversary

And I said it last year, and I say it again this year…this is becoming my ‘mantra’…if cats can have such a thing.  I entered the paw blog community to serve, learn and have fun…not to become famous…thank you for helping me do all three again this past year…

Savvys humble message 2014

I hope I continue, in your–my readers’–eyes–to post by this ‘mantra’ .  I have lost some of my focus and am working hard to find my  way back…I still have lots more service, learning and fun to explore…just not sure how to do it anymore. But, enough said…I can ponder those deep thoughts another day…




Help yourselves to the noms…a little something for everyone...(hover over photo to see complete caption and click to bigify)

Some drinks to wash it all down with…

Finally, my Second Blogiversary Cake..(image courtesy of Miss Wendy)

Second Blogiversary Cake

NOW…what you have all been waiting for…



There are TWO, yes TWO items I will give away using to select the winners…I have chosen two things that ANYONE can win…no matter where you live…and both things are not feline nor canine centric…hope you like them.

FIRST…A beautiful coaster set your peeps should like…OR…you can have them serve your noms or water or whatever using these…they will make any beverage of small dish of food look great.  They are made by one of our favorite design companies. We purrsonally have several of their products in my  home. Please visit their website if you luvluvluv the design motif for this coaster set. They make so many other items for the home and office. We have two of their fab floor mats to brighten up our kitchen and a set of their table place mats.  Welcome to the design world of Kakadu Designs..manufactured in Israel…

These are made of wood and handcrafted and hand painted. Many artists contribute to the design of these products.

SECOND…Mom and Dad will donate $50 USD to any 501 c3 Animal Rescue of your choice if you win the Second item.

Stack of Money




Thank you for coming by to celebrate.  If you do not tell me which item you want to win…I will not be able to follow up to see if you just forgot….sorry…

Paw Pats, Savannah

Disclaimer: I was not paid, asked, nor given any favorite treats or green papers by Kakadu to offer their product in this “Give Away”.  In fact, they were surprised when I called to ask about shipping etc.  I will pay the price advertised on their site for this product AND I will pay for the shipping fees.



This One Is For YOU Mollie!!

This is a special post…just for my long time furriend Mollie.  Today is her THIRD birthday…and she is just a bootiful as ever!  A blonde border collie…and so much fun.  We would only allow Mom Linda to dress us up like this for someone as SPECIAL as you Mollie!!!

Mollie 3rd Birthday 2014

We ask that you pop over to visit Mollie and wish her a pawsome Happy Birthday.  She does so much for so many…please do this for her…go on…run along…click HERE to be transported…

Paw Pats, Savannah and Nose bumps from The Kid Sage

peeEss...Don’t forget to come by my blog tomorrow, Thursday, for my SECOND BLOGIVERSARY PARTY!!  I am having TWO wonderful give aways…I don’t think you will want to miss out…winners will be selected at random using

Monday Meowsie News


So here is what is constantly amazing me and my furramily members…well…at least me and Mom Linda and Dad Peter…not sure The Kid Sage counts just yet…na’ mean??

Moving on…even though I am still hissing, spitting, snarling, growling and swatting whenever The Kid Sage is within 4 feet of me…I am still making progress on my recovery from whatever trauma I survived before I was left at the county kill shelter in their night drop box.

Check out my progress which just all happened over this last week…

Nice and comfy...relaxed...

Nice and comfy…relaxed…

Holding my front paw for over 5 minutes

Holding my front paw for over 5 minutes

Hind toesie massage for at least 3 minutes

Hind toesie massage for at least 3 minutes

Ahhh...stretch and role on back for tummy rubbing

Ahhh…stretch and role on back for tummy rubbing

Holding both hind paws

Holding both hind paws

Resting hand on my neck for 20 minutes

Resting hand on my neck for 20 minutes

Anyone who has been following my bloggy knows this is a closeness I have never ever allowed my human guardians I call Mom Linda and Dad Peter.  I have been too terrified of human touching, and such closeness.  But look at me now…and this even with the stress of The Kid Sage.  I believe I am a very brave adult rescue cat…what do you think?

I still am terrified about being picked up and I have not been back to Mom Linda’s lap for a year.  But…what a difference from this adult cat who arrived at the county kill shelter…and I weighed about 3 pounds less then too…I was a bit thin.

My Intake Photo: Kill Shelter

My Intake Photo: Kill Shelter

Now…just a bit more GREAT NEWS…Tuesday, April 1 is my SECOND BLOGIVERSARY!!  I am having my party to celebrate on THURSDAY  PURRSDAY…that should give me a LOT to purr about…don’t you think?  My how fast the time has flown since my First…

Two years is a lot to celebrate, so be sure to come visit on Thursday Purrsday post this week.  There will be a give away…for any and all no matter where you live. A little something that is not cat or woofie centric.  I don’t want to leave out my pals who are piggies, or rabbits or horses or birds, etc….so Mom Linda and I put our heads together and we have a little something you can all maybe enjoy…

Paw Pats, Savannah


Friday Frolics…


We have to keep this one short…shhhhhhhhh…Dad’s sleeping in and we don’t want to wake him with too much frolic stuff…got it?

So…I have had some increased play action this week…we have finally transitioned me off some medication we tried to help me adjust to The Kid Sage…didn’t work ‘cept to block up my plumbing so to speak…ahem…anyway…I am back to being pretty active during play sessions…getting some good workouts to keep my killer bunny kicks in shape…

And The Kid Sage managed to trash dedded another of her mousie wand toys…so she, of course, receive TWO to replace the one….kids!

She had so much fun and then she just sort of ‘toyed’ with it while she paused to rest near the chair Mom was sitting in…such a clown cat…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There you go…that is our Friday Frolics…I will see you back here next Monday for more Monday Meowsie News…stay tuned…

Paw Pats, Savannah

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