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Sharing A Tower: One Set of Paws at a Time


We haven’t tried sharing this tower in the living room at the same time.

DSC_6098 ed



But clearly, at first glance, I have taken over the tunnel part…

…and The Kid Sage finally found the top level a perfect place to get a different view of our back garden.

DSC_0351 ed

Can you see her eyes reflected in the window? She does have golden globes for sure!

DSC_0356 ed

Who knows, I may surprise you this week and show you how I learned from The Kid Sage to use the tower in a different way. I certainly shocked Mom L and Dad P when I did it at first…heh…heh

Paw Pats, Savannah 

My Eyes of Many Colors: Sunday Selfie


We have been playing around with PicMonkey again only this time it is with my very own selfie. I am presenting both the original, which Mom L took, and the one we edited using PicMonkey.

In this original, can you tell me what colors you see in my eyes?  And what color do you think my eyes are when you see me at a distance?  Just curious what you think.

Look into my eyes Mom and see how much I trust you

Look into my eyes Mom and see how much I trust you

Now check out what we did with some overlays etc.

Do I look different now?

Do I look different now?


I am joining the rocking great fun over at the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop hosted by my pals from The Cat On My Head. Click on the badge to transport over for some fun!

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A Love Affair for the Ages…

HIYA!! Mom Linda Here Again!!!

A kind blogging buddy once said to me…”sometimes you need to write the post because it is something Savannah cannot tell”.  That person is Summer’s human Miss Janiss.

This love affair came about almost as soon as we brought Nana home to foster.

Who knew a plush Siberian Husky, given to Dad Peter by a friend, would become Savvy’s very best friend, and we believe a source for her increasing courage. I have posted in past…excuse me ‘Savannah’ has posted in past…about her Sibe pal Nanuk.  herehereherehere…and there are many others including videos of Savvy giving Nanuk his special “Kisses from Savannah”.

This first photo is from the front door in our home we lived in when we first fostered, then adopted, Savannah. This was taken about 4 months after she was adopted in 2012.

We perform our morning front yard patrol duty

We perform our morning front yard duty

Later in 2012,we had to move and as soon as we brought Savvy to our new home, we made sure Nanuk was with her in her bedroom suite.  She sought him out quickly. Clearly, he was a comfort to her in her new home.


Thanks for being with me my friend...

Thanks for being with me my friend…

We worried when we moved that we no longer had a front entry with windows to the outside. Where were we going to place Nanuk for Savvy?  So we finally decided to place him in the kitchen, next to her feeding station, where they could share a view of the back garden.

Savvy, Savvy davvy do, Nana…our precious girl…approved. (remember to hover over photos to view captions…we luvluvluv it when you do!)

I am constantly amazed that Nana continues her love affair with Nanuk. She never, ever fails to walk over to him, give him multiple smoochies and rubs before she ever goes to her food dish for a snack or a meal. It is the most amazing love affair between a cat and a Siberian plushy.

What an endearing relationship our precious Nana has with Nanuk.


Isn't this the face of pure feline bliss?

Isn’t this the face of pure feline bliss?

Human hugs, Mom Linda

Savannah is joining Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…being ever so thankful for her best furriend, and furrever love Nanuk…click on the badge to visit other Thankful Blog Posts…


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