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Autobiography of a Former Shelter Cat

A Former Shelter Cat Learning to Trust


Most of you who have known me since I started my blog in 2012, know that I was afraid of people and other cats even at five years old. I won’t ever know what happened to me before being dropped in the night drop box at the county kill shelter. All I know is that I feared humans and other cats. Fortunately, I was pulled at the last minute by someone who fostered me and then I was admitted to a no kill rescue.

Dad P noticed me right away when he and Mom L started volunteering in December 2011 at Contra Costa Humane Society’s Kitty Corner. And I have been with them since then. My recovery progress from former trauma has been slow but steady. And I am proud to share a little bit of another step forward.

We have just moved to a different home, but I have settled in really easily. Unlike the last time we had to move. Progress.

I always share the couch with Mom L at night and I usually lie at one end and she sits on the other. Just a couple of nights ago I changed around…and moved close enough to her, and facing her, to encourage her to give my head and face a little massage.

ahhh...that's perfect Mom L

ahhh…that’s perfect Mom L

Next thing I knew…I had completely relaxed my whole head and fell asleep with her holding my head.



Of course Mom L saw a ‘photo opportunity’…and when she removed her hand from my head…I never even moved…

Safely snoozing away

Safely snoozing away

Mom L just could not help herself. The next day was gonna be my time to join Sunday Selfies Blog Hop over at my pals from The Cat On My Head. And, I had not yet taken my ‘selfie’ for the blog post. Normally, what Mom L did next would have driven me immediately from the couch out of fear of being hurt or scared…but instead I hung in and let her take several ‘selfie’ photos of me with our iPhone.

It's OK Mom L, click away...I trust you

It’s OK Mom L, click away…I trust you

And that is my small but important recovery progress I want to share with you, my caring readers. I just went back to sleep.

Trust…a wonderful feeling.


Cats Together: Leaving Old Home and Starting New Together


Sometimes I give The Kid Sage a bad rep…but…I really did find comfort in having her with me our last morning in our old comfy home…

Are you there TKS? Ya know we move today

Are you there TKS? Ya know we move today

We had both been watching all the boxes being packed and we even helped pack a few ourselves. But I knew from past experience, the move day was here.

I'm here Savvy. I have your back...go back to your nap

I’m here Savvy. I have your back…go back to your nap

Thankfully I had TKS to share the jail cell we occupied while the movers moved our stuff. And then we were together in our new master bedroom so that was kind’a nice too.

Hey Dad, what'cha having for breakfast?

Hey Dad, what’cha having for breakfast?

I don’t usually pay any attention to human food. But, I must have been a bit stressed the first morning so I walked right over to have a sniff of Dad’s plate. Sure did surprise him!

Hey TKS, you still have my back! Thanks

Hey TKS, you still have my back! Thanks

That was our last and first mornings when we moved…together.


A Selfie Kind of Day


I was taking a lovely nap next to Mom L on the couch one night and next thing I knew there was that noise…click, click, click…

You ALL know that noise…the sound of the smart phone taking ‘selfie’ photos of us just so the humans can have a blog post to share…sheeeeshhh…

I actually do enjoy being able to join my pals over at The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfie Blog Hop…but the process of having to get a photo to post is…may I say…’tedious’.

My contribution for this week…a very blurred photo saved by the likes of Photo Shop Elements and Pic Monkey.

I cannot believe you just did that!

I cannot believe you just did that!


Be sure to click on the badge to visit lots of other anipals doing their furry best to provide selfies for the blog hop…seriously, all are lots that are just fantastic!!

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