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What Happens When a Human DOES NOT Touch My Toes?: Friday Frolics


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Most of you already know that Spitty and I are like, well, almost related. We both live in the glorious San Francisco Bay Area…he with fog, me with sunshine (and central AC).

Many of you know that I am in general…’untouchable’ by foreign humans…yet as close as Spitty and I are…his human, on her most recent last visit to my castle…actually attempted to make an impression on ME…by ‘gently’ touching my front paw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, did not go well, nope…not well at all…read about it HERE

My gal pal up in Oregon, Sage, from Sage Chronicles, sent her Mom to visit me and say hello.  Now she did  that pretty ok…right??


And now most recently…like just this last week…my CHAMPION JETTY…YES!!! Some of you I just know remember my CHAMPION JETTY from Hey, It’s Jet Here blog…

Miss Lori, Jet’s human Mom actually visited ME…yeah, ok…and The Kid Sage…this last week!!!

Some of you will recall Jet having stepped forward to protect me from all those interested ‘mancats’ who wanted to romance me when I first started my blog…especially those dudes over at Katnip Lounge…bwaahahahaha…

ahem…koff, koff…moving on…so Jet stepped up to become my official CHAMPION…(you see Dad P said I was just TOO young to have any steady mancats in my life…and as you know…I AM his very own special Princess and Dad P always watches out for me).

So Jet accepted my invitation to be my personal Champion…

My Champion always looks out for me

My Champion always looks out for me

Unfortunately, Miss Lori, Jet’s huMom…became very ill…in 2012…and Jet had to take a very long blocation to care for her…along with his sisfur Miss Always Very Nice Never Complains ‘JJ’

So, Miss Lori FINALLY came to visit ME, Me, Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And guess how I greeted her…


Miss Lori…unlike others…NEVER, EVER attempted to touch my toesies…and I honored her, just because of her humility in my presence and because of my love for Sir Jetty… I allowed her to stroke my actual furs, over two days, and even allowed her to stroke my face, ears, throat and even rub my whole face and eyes and ears….ohhhhhhhhh….she has such soft hands….sigh…..

Well…moving on…that is pretty much what it takes to come into my royal presence…and for those who have followed me from the beginning…you all know…this was a humongous leap forward in my recovery.  I am ‘becoming’…me “REAL SELF”…

All it has taken is time, love, respect and caring…even The Kid Sage has moved me forward by leaps and bound in just 9 months.

Paw Pats, Savannah



Hepatic Lipidosis?…Will You Help Save This Cat?

Thursday Purrsday…


Ahem…koff, koff…aaaahhhheeemmm…*clears throat*…

Savvy Girl

This is not my normal, nor my continuing focus for my Thursday Purrsday blog post…but…somehow…someway…the feline condition known as “Fatty Livery Disease”…which is actually “Hepatic Lipidosis“…well…adult rescue shelter cats with this presenting disease just seem to be continually showing up in my life.

….this sweet ladycat came to my attention a couple of weeks ago…and I can no longer hold back asking all my furriends, followers, acquaintances…including my feline, woofie and bunny and piggie…pals….to take a moment to consider if you might be able to help an incredible animal rescue and sanctuary begin to cover the medical costs for precious LIGHTNING….

edit 04

The beginning of Lightning’s story…as reported by Bright Haven Rescue and Sanctuary under whose care she thankfully had fallen…

“When she was adopted on June 18th,(at Martinez, CA Public Kill Shelter)…Lightning was a healthy 12 pounds. She was returned on August 1st weighing 7 pounds, just bones under her fur, and jaundiced. The cat had been allowed to starve. She developed fatty liver disease, also known as hepatic lipidosis. She would need a feeding tube to survive. Could we help her?”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lightning was in the final stages of Hepatic Lipidosis…just like my Cuzin Leo…(click here if you missed his story)…you can see that Lightning shows the same yellow jaundice all over her head as Cuzin Leo.  I am pleased to tell you all that Cuzin Leo survived…as will precious Lightning…

...NOW COMES THE “BUT”...Lightning’s vet care costs continue to soar…even though she is currently in the loving and caring hands of a wonderful Bright Haven volunteer.

Bright Haven has set up a “You Caring: Pet Caring” crowd funding site…they are about half way to reaching the basic care cost to help Lightning through this unreal ordeal.  If you or your friends, family, colleagues…acquaintances…strangers you meet on the street…can give even ONE USD…please consider donating to Lightning’s recovery costs.

She will survive…and she WILL have a perfect forever home.  Bright Haven will make sure of that.  Thankfully, she was brought under their care.

I appreciate you all so much for even reading this very long post…and if you do not have any green papers to Paw It Forward…PLEASE…PAW IT FORWARD JUST BY SHARING…

SHARING SAVES LIVES…even if we are continents away…the universe can bring positive energy where it is needed…that is my belief…and I, Savannah, am going to stick to it!

Paw Pats, Savannah




Continued…Attempted Robbery of THE Morning Sunpuddle…

…Monday Meowsie News


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savvy talking tunnel


Last Monday I left you about here in my story about attempted sun puddle theft…(click HERE if you missed the whole post)

…I have had my lovely morning kibble finally…and head over to find that pawsome, lovely sunpuddle that always shows up at this time of day…right in front of the always open slider to allow me us wonderful fresh air whiffies…

And what do I find???…


The Kid Sage and I establish the ownership of MY THE Morning Sunpuddle…”

Now let me give you the complete details of how Sneaky Kid Sage tried to leverage a shocking breakdown brief lapse in my usual conformity to all rules of my castle…such as ‘no cats on the kitchen counter’…ahem…koff, koff…and yes, I was chastised so let’s move on already!

As I was saying, The Kid Sage used that moment to make her little sneaky self very comfy in MY OUR MY Best Ever Morning Sunpuddle…here’s how the attempted robbery went down…and I do mean ‘down’…heh…heh…

While I was nimbly scampering down from my delish morning munchies…and dreaming of my special morning sunpuddle morning toilette and nap…I round the corner from the kitchen into the living room…and this is what I see…(young kittens should not be subjected to this type of wanton thieving behavior…na’mean?)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know, I know…you are all likely shocked at her usurping MY OUR Special Morning Sunpuddle for her own exclusive use…tsk, tsk…

So I casually strolled over…Mom L was next to The Kid Sage so I sat on the other side of Mom L…and watched that Kid like a hawk watching its next meal responsible adult cat…

You do see me, right Kid?

You do see me, right Kid?

And then, well I can hardly describe what she did next…I just cannot…you have to see this for yourself…her taunting, laughing in my face invitation to join her behavior…(caption only visible if you hover over photo)


Seriously? You see what I must endure????!!!

Seriously? You see what I must endure????!!!

And then I could not help myself…I launched into action attacked to let The Kid Sage know she had overstepped her privileges…

And thus…it has been clearly established…the Special Morning Sunpuddle belongs to me, HRH Savannah, ruler of my forever castle…

I am, as always, HRH Savannah, Princess of my forever castle…

Paw Pats, Savannah


paw it forward badge side bar for post

Tigger has had his much needed dental…two serious extractions and one other…but he is recovering very well.   Unfortunately, his current foster has several away trips planned so Tigger will again be moved…likely no later than September 25 or so…and this time he will be moved to an office space at Contra Costa Humane Society (CCHS) rather into the free roam Kitty Corner.  We hope that this is good news for precious Tigger. Hopefully, he will get to meet the Kitty Corner volunteers who will surely fall in love with him and talk him up; and equally hopefully he will finally be visible to potential adopters when they come to Kitty Corner to meet and greet our adult cats.  Please, please do not give up on Tigger. He needs every SHARE you can give him on Face Book, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest…he is TEN years young and desperately needs some stability in his life…forever…

Paw Pats, Savannah and Head Bonks, The Kid Sage….and appreciation from Mom L and Dad P

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