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Goofball Sage for Friday Frolics


We had a lot going on this week so I decided to chill’ax and let The Kid Sage (TKS) have at it with the blog for today. I am sure this will be to the delight of many of you…heh…heh

Excuse me while I take 'five' right back

Excuse me while I take ‘five’…be right back

Hey, hiya and hello all!!! TKS Here!!

What? You can't see me? Really?

What? You can’t see me? Really?

What did you guys say? You can’t find me??  HAH! I told Savannah I could be indivisible invisible …

WAIT!! No! No!! Don’t do that Mom L!!!  MOUSES!!

Ok, so you found me...big deal!

Ok, so you found me…big deal!

It is hard being the youngest feline in my home. So many demands are put upon me.

What Dad P?? Oh, sure thing. Just as soon as I am done with my yoga moves.

What Dad P?? Oh, sure thing. Just as soon as I am done with my yoga moves.

Don’t you ALWAYS hear the humans saying stuff like “just a minute”; “let me get this blog post done”; “hang on and then I can feed you”; etc. etc. etc.  Nothing says we can’t turn that table around just a bit, right.

What'd'ya mean its been forever? I just finished my cool down.

What’d’ya mean its been forever? I just finished my cool down.

And so there you have my TKS Tip #1 on TTT (Turning The Table). Improvise by creating a distraction.

Wanna help me add to my list for tips for TTT? Just leave your one addition in comments and I promise to get right back on the blog (*rolling eyes* if Savannah allows me) and share all our Tips for TTT.



Bliss Is A Brush


My ‘win over’ with Mom L and Dad P at the shelter was when Dad P brought out the brush. *swoon* I thought I had been given a gift from Ceiling Cat for sure.

This has become my most favorite time in the morning and the evening. I will share morning detail another time. But as for my evenings with Mom L and my brush…here you go…

umm...Mom's time you know?

umm…Mom L…it’s time you know?

So I hop onto the couch when she settles in to watch a bit of TV with Dad P. And then I wait…*tapping little dainty white paw*

Now you're talking Mom L...whew thought you fogot

Now you’re talking Mom L…whew thought you fogot

I really get into this ritual we have; it is one of my most favorite times. I never ever was brushed so much and with such love before coming to my forever castle…

WAIT!!! What do I smell?? Surely NOT TKS!!!

WAIT!!! What do I smell?? Surely NOT TKS!!!

But…there is always that ‘but’…right?  Nothing is ever what it seems sometimes…I always make sure to SMELL the brush to make sure that The Kid Sage (TKS) has not contaminated it too much with her furs.

Oh yeah! This is what I am meowing about

Oh yeah! This is what I am meowing about

Once I determine I can tolerate any ‘cooties’ she has left on my special brush…I get into the WHOLE experience!

So do any of YOU have special night time routines with your humans???


Rediscovering Some Wild Moves


Do you guys remember when I first arrived in my forever castle? It was almost FOUR WHOLE YEARS AGO!! No kidding, seriously!

Now, do you remember that fantastic high cat tree Mom L and Dad P had waiting for me? Some of the volunteers at my former shelter said “Savannah doesn’t really play”. HAH!!

Check out my moves just a few months after I was officially ADOPTED!

Sadly, once we moved to our next home, I didn’t play on that tower like that for 2 1/2 years. And then when we moved again a couple of months ago to another new rental home…guess what??…go on…guess???

YOU GOT IT!! I found my tall cat tower again! It must have been right there in front me all along at that last place but I never got really comfy there. But HERE! I am turning into a new former adult shelter cat!! Check out my wild new upper body work out moves…using my tower.

Tell me about some of your crazypants moves when you play on your towers! And my woofie pals I know sometimes get to playin’ zoomies…so tell me about where you like to do that.


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