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Are You Being Watched???


Sometimes The Kid Sage gets a bit paranoid about stuff like “Oh Cat!! Someone is watching me?”

I just cannot ever imagine why she might think that…can you??…just sayin’…

I feel EYES on me...

I think I feel eyes on me?

Now why oh why would TKS ever think anyone was watching her???

Eyes focused!

Eyes focused!

Gotta luvluvluv a family that keeps in touch…na’mean??


we may not be around much…not that we have been very consistent for at least a year *hangs head with embarrassment* …you see…we just learned about 10 PM our time last night that the lady who owns our home wants us out in 60 days. She purromised us she would not come back for two more years…then played some tricks…and she is comin’ back June 15. We have to find another place to live. Mom L will still try to get to Blog Paws…*leaky eyes*…the aftermath of the housing debacle the banks created in 2000-2008 continues for so many of us…just an observation.

Sharing My Best Friend


Never say I don’t share with The Kid Sage.┬áNanuk has always been one willing to share his presence with family members. Remember this one with Cuzin Leo???

OH Hello Nanuk. Give me a little smoochie

OH Hello Nanuk. Give me a little smoochie

After my plushie pal Nanuk posed for his Sunday Selfie, I allowed TKS a short photo opportunity and she jumped right in.

Plant one right here Nanuk!

Plant one right here Nanuk!

I am happy to say that Nanuk is still my bestie and I know I am his.


A Different Kind of Selfie


Along with my very bestest friend ever…Nanuk!

My long time readers know that my friendship with plush Nanuk started when I first came to live with Mom L and Dad P. Nanuk and I spent hours during my first year in our last home patrolling our front door.

Good friends don't need to speak out loud

Good friends don’t need to speak out loud

So I decided Nanuk ought to join me and The Kid Sage in our Sunday Selfies. We are joining our pals over at The Cat On My Head for their wildly popular internationally acclaimed Sunday Selfie Blog Hop! Click on the badge at the end of this post to transport to visit all the other entries.

Take it away Nanuk!

Arwwoooo! Play bows to all

Arwwoooo! Play bows to all


Sunday Selfies Badge

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