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Born Feral Now Ready for Adoption: Thursday Purrsday


Another Paw It Forward Project that Mom L took on in my behalf.  She is now the official photographer and test kit opener and syringe prep person for the Thursday free vet clinic for Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C).

Our good friend Dr Josie, DVM retired, donates her service and the President of CC4C, Miss Gemma,  holds the clinic in her kitchen!  We think she has more feline meds in her fridge than people food!! MOL!!

Do not even mention the word "Vet"

Do not even mention the word “Vet”

CC4C rescues kittens born into feral colonies and also adult strays that find their way into the colonies.  They have no facility, so all kittens and cats rescued are fostered. They also do TNR work and many of the volunteers manage large feral colonies and make sure the cats have food, water and if they see a cat injured or ill, they work hard to trap it and bring it to the clinic to be treated.

I have put the photos into slideshows…I think you will all enjoy seeing the variety of shapes, sizes and beautiful different colored furs in the kittens and adults who were treated last week.

One slide show is of one cat who captured Mom L’s heart…and his test results brought tears to everyone’s eyes…please send purrs to this amazing cat…he has no name that we know of…but he is a gentle soul, only about 6 years old…easy to hold and pet…must have been dumped and found as a stray in the foster Mom’s colony….I have named him Mister…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sadly, he tested positive for Feline Leukemia Virus. It is terminal although he can live comfortably for some time. CC4C will try to find a foster or other rescue who take in FeLV only cats.  Miss Gemma said she had not seen FeLV tests positive in any of the colonies they manage for almost eight years!!

Here are two more adults getting their tests.  Dr Josie draws blood from the jugular on adults as they were getting a combo test; the kittens’ blood draw is taken from a vein inside their hind legs.

Adults getting tested and vaccinated…and general checkup…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And now some totally ‘squueee-able” kittens…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This Paw It Forward Project will continue every week or so. I will bring you photos if you find this interesting and are learning what happens in feral cat/kitten rescue and TNR.  Mom L adores doing this even when there is sad test results…Mister will be well cared for and not allowed to die unnoticed in the out of doors world.

Paw Pats, Savannah

I Am at The Tabby Cat Club!

I have a post up over at The Tabby Cat Club

If you think this photo of me is gawjus, as my girl friend Dezi says…


Then you need to hop over to The Tabby Cat Club to check me out when I was first brought home…see any differences?…and no, I did not color my furs to get out the gray!!!!! bwaahahahahaha…

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…photo edited by the famous talented Glogirly Design…and there are other renditions to be revealed in later posts….PAWSOME!!

Snoopervising Tower Construction Part Dos: Monday Meowsie News


(All photos can be clicked to bigify and hover over photos for complete captions)

So much on my mind....

So much on my mind….

There were so many photo shoots of this tower construction…”some assembly required“…so you will have at least ONE more opportunity to see it as it grows.  And yes, Dad P was able to construct Castle Sage (yeah, she got the naming rights) in a day.

The Kid Sage and I shared snoopervision duties…after all…we both needed to maintain our composure by taking our Cat Union designated nap time to avoid human angst overload…sigh…keeping our humans focused and chill-axed is tough work and not for the timid feline; na’ mean??

I took the foundation and some mid-section snoopervision duties…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next I turned over snoopervision for the next level construction to The Kid Sage…(of course she just HAD to re-check MY findings of some areas of construction)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The completed Modern Tower will be revealed on my Friday Frolics post August 1…the construction phase has, so far, been more enjoyable than the placement phase…but stay tuned…you never know what can happen at my Castle…heh…heh…

Paw Pats, Savannah

Do You Hunt Indoors?: Friday Frolics


Yep, that’s right…I am talking about hunting indoors for all my feline furriends who live indoors just as The Kid Sage and I.  The concept of indoor hunting is all about technique.  Where did you learn your technique?  Let me know in comments so we can all share our learning.

Dad play 3

Most of us indoor cats have not been outside so we often need some fine tuning with our indoor hunting techniques.

Speaking for myself…I learned my best indoor hunt techniques from Mama Cat…from the Blog of Otis.

Mama Cat taught me the importance of four sequential moves that must be performed by any cat practicing hunting techniques indoors….









 How's this?

I miss my lessons about proper hunting techniques from Mama Cat…but as you can see…I have not forgotten anything I learned from her…

Paw Pats, Savannah

Loving Being Loved: Thursday Purrsday



So truth be told…”I” Savannah and The Kid Sage may just be (not yet confirmed) relatively spoilt adult rescue cats…just a thought…no conclusions as yet.

Which bring me to my Thankful Thursday blog post…I do try very hard to honor Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop by making sure my Thursday blog post is about the events that make me purr like crazy.

Hope you will all hop over to Pepi’s and visit lots of other Thankful blog posts…click on the badge below to be transported…

I pawticipate

I pawticipate

This week I am a bit embarrassed to be posting about something very selfish which caused me to purrr….Dad P and Mom L decided that our home needed more ‘catification’…and brought home a totally modern new cat tower!! (be sure to hover over photos for cations and to click to bigify to view complete captions)


This is, of course, after all the ‘drama’ of it arriving with these fateful words…”Some Assembly Required”.  Those little words drive FEAR into Dad P’s heart…he shudders, shakes and moans…no, no…seriously…I am totally NOT kidding…just ask Mom L (in a secret coded message)

This cat tower caught Dad P’s eye when the cats at Katnip Lounge won this model at Blog Paws when all the contents of the Cat Lounge were given away.  The gang over at The Lounge report they LOVE this tower.

And so it arrived….


And then the snoopervison began…such as it was…heh…heh…

And so Dad P labored on…alone…continued over several blog posts…a certain NOT TO BE MISSED series of how the White Tower was built, and then used, at Castle Savannah…heh…heh…

Paw Pats, Savannah

The Generosity of Others: Monday Meowsie News


I have a couple of newsie items I have been holding onto until ‘the‘ right time to share them with you.  In fact, I have had them stashed in my Three Way Teleport Tunnel, where I keep important items for safe keeping.

savvy keeping under wraps

Today is ‘that‘ right time. And both pieces of news have to do with others showing generosity toward us…meaning me, The Kid Sage and a sweet adult rescue cat named Tiny who is awaiting her forever family.

I have introduced Tiny to you once before. You can click HERE to refresh your memory.

If you recall, Tiny has now been at my former shelter for over a year. Like me, she keeps getting passed over. She is a cat who thrives on human interaction and contact. She has been living in the staff offices for several months now and her job, as she sees it, is to accompany anyone who enters the toilet facility to insure that they are not alone and that they come out alive.

Seriously, Tiny is a “sink cat” par excellence! (click photos to view complete captions please)

Given Tiny’s preference for visiting with humans while she is ensconced in the sink…I had a totally brilliant idea…Tiny needs something in her “Hope Chest” to take along with her to her home when her forever family finally comes to collect her…so I sent Mom L off to get Tiny her very own Sink Bed.

Our warmest thanks go to these humans who made this possible:

Miss Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther who responded immediately to Mom L’s request for information as to who to contact…Miss Kate volunteered to give the vendor a shout out.  And they responded with this email to Mom L…

“Send us the shipping address and we will get Tiny’s bed into production”…just like that!!! …no green papers exchanged hands!  What generous people.  So a huge big paw hug and thank you for the owners of Little Cat Design.

The bed arrived and Mom L let The Kid Sage do product inspection…

Yep...looks the right size to me

Yep…looks the right size to me

And it was delivered by Mom L and Dad P to Tiny at Kitty Corner…first they placed it in ‘her’ sink thinking she would just hop right in…heh…heh…

What is that?!!

What is that?!!

Next they asked her to inspect it while it sat on a chair…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Needless to say, Tiny’s new bed is being kept safe so it doesn’t get broken before her new family, when they find her, can take it home with Tiny.

PLEASE…help Tiny send out more “special Tiny energy” into the universe so her family can find her…SHARE…SHARE…SHARE…on your blogs, Twitter and Face Book…

Now my second Meowsie News is about the generosity shown by my long time pals, Archie, Oscar and Henry from My Three Moggies.  We started blogging about the same time and have been pals ever since. I am embarrassed to say that I do not even recall “WHY” I received this prezzie from them…I recall that I won something or someone asked that their win be sent to me???

Anyway…this wonderful bunch of goodness arrived and I let The Kid Sage do the honors of checking out the contents…guess what she caught her laser focus???…

Thanks lots Archie, Henry and Oscar for thinking of us and for sending such tasty and fun prezzies…

Paw Pats, Savannah



Do You See Feline Manipulation?: Friday Frolics

Oh!! Hello All!!!  The Kid Sage Here

HRH Savannah said I can have the blog post today…not sure why…I think she may be starting to kind’a accept me as a roomie…ya’ think?

I seriously have no idea what the topic means…”Feline Manipulation”…maybe it is about…

“cat/s”… ‘mani-Pee ewe-lay shun”…what do you think?  Did I get HRH Savannah’s intent???  Is that about ‘cats’ and ‘paws’ in ‘pee’ with  ‘lady sheep’ in ‘sun’???

Sigh….I never ever know just what HRH Savannah wants me to say and do…

OH!!! I have it!! Totally!!!  I am going to share my conversation with Mom L about “our” dinner sharing…(hope HRH Savannah thinks this covers “feline manipulation”)

Wow! What'cha have Mom?

Wow! What’cha have Mom?

That's a lot...

That’s a lot…

You gonna eat all that?

You gonna eat all that?

Ohhh...look at that piece you have...

Ohhh…look at that piece you have…

Can I have some?

Can I have some?



So there you have it…no feline manipulation whatsoever…Right??? No, seriously, tell me if you see any feline manipulation in my communication with Mom L over OUR dinner entree…

Head Butts, The Kid Sage

“I Hear You Do Cat Rescue”: Thursday Purrsday


The pet sitter being interviewed to care for me and The Kid Sage was lovely…such a soft voice and such a warm spirit…but…

…as the peeps’ chat was ending she said the words Mom L and Dad P struggle with…


“I heard from ____ that you  do some volunteer work with cat rescue??”

Dad P and Mom L wish they could turn away…it is so very, very hard to acknowledge that inquiry…the end result bring such great responsibility…and it does not always end well…

Did they turn away??…Nope…enter the reason we are purring up a storm on this Thursday Purrsday…and hope you enjoy our contribution to Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday blog hop.

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

The back story…

  • Pet sitter sold a condo in which Tigger’s person lived with 2 grown sons and TIgger
  • Person could only afford apartment for self and two grown sons which allowed “NO PETS”
  • Pet sitter loves all animals and asked for help for 10 year old Tigger
  • Tigger’s guardian only adopted Tigger because a neighbor, 3 years before, also had to move and ‘could not find rental allowing pets’ so Tigger was  looking for a home
  • Pet sitter asked Mom L and Dad P…”can you help?”

Next steps…

  • Mom L and Dad P say ‘of course’…
  • Rescues we know only pull from the kill shelter…Tigger MUST be “Owner Surrendered” to this shelter before we can even begin to help
  • Guardian has no problem surrendering Tigger…best they can do for him
  • Mom L engages my savior Miss Tammy…and Miss Tammy starts to work her network
  • Miss Tammy tries to find someone to agree to pull Tigger…as with every where in the USA…all are full
  • Mom L discovers The Cat House  on The Kings sanctuary from my former Adoption Manager at Kitty Corner…Miss Chrissy
  • Mom L discovers it will cost $900 minimal to surrender Tigger…it is worth it…trust us
  • Miss Tammy visits Tigger at the kill shelter…


Time is running out…Tigger was owner surrendered on a Sunday…as a 10 year old male, neuter…good temperament…needing a dental work up…that’s all.  Yet he was scheduled within one week to be killed…no blame on the kill shelter…just recognition of how short their time is even if the cat is very domesticated and loving.

Long story short…the pet sitter found a neighbor, Miss Foster Mom, who agreed to take Tigger as foster for TWO WEEKS only.  We completely understand her reason and support it.  But now Tigger has a place to go…we can “pull” him from the kill shelter if only we can get an accepted rescue to pull him under their ‘umbrella’.

Miss Tammy and Miss Chrissy agree…Tigger, two day before he was to be killed, will come to my former free roaming cat shelter…Kitty Corner.

Hearing this…the kill shelter moves him to their free roaming area…and Tigger immediately starts to attack, stalk and fight with the other cats…He had to be returned to his cage.  Now we know…he CANNOT be moved to our free roaming shelter at Kitty Corner.

Finally we can move him to the foster who will keep him for two weeks…Tigger is FREE!!! And pulled under the umbrella of my former rescue.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tigger has had some issues with wanting to eat…but a visit today to vet helped him out lots.  Please send Tigger LOTS of healing purrs that he starts to eat normally.  He has been having a rough time.

Tigger is looking for his furrever castle like my Cuzin Leo did a year ago.  And Tigger can ONLY be the ONLY cat.  He may never have been with other cats in his whole ten years.

If anyone can find Tigger a loving, acceptable, one cat only home within 100 miles of San Francisco Bay Area…Mom L and Dad P will not only deliver him…but will donate $100 to the adopter’s favorite rescue where they also volunteer.

Thank for helping Tigger with sharing his need…we appreciate all your purrs…but he desperately needs your active involvement to share him…he only has another week left with his foster.  Then…who knows…maybe back to the kill shelter….

Can You Help Tigger?

Paw Pats, Savannah, Mom L and Dad P and The Kid Sage


Realty of TNR: B4TC



This Paw It Forward Project is truly personal for me

This Paw It Forward Project is truly personal for me

This blog post is dedicated to all the humans who are making TNR happen in the USA.  This is the best ever PAW IT FORWARD PROJECT EVER!!

Mom Linda is taking over the post for today…it is her story to tell…as our contribution to Be The Change 4 Animals movement.

Hello All…I have just learned that TNR is not at all for the feint of heart; one must be ready to see beautiful vibrant cats,young and old, being spayed and neutered and then released back into the outdoor world where they live, often never to be seen nor touched again by any human before they die alone, sometimes in pain…cats living a feral life are very low on the food chain in the out of doors…victims to unleashed dog attacks, cars, cruel humans, wild animals…

But…TNR is the best most effective strategy in the USA with any hope of dramatically diminishing the increasing number of feral cats.  This is my personal belief, others will disagree, but I was simply humbled to take part in a TNR clinic this past Sunday.

The SNIP (spay, neuter impact program) Clinic for Contra Costa County has been operating since 2006…visit their web site to view some great photos

This clinic is held on site at our largest county kill shelter. They open their surgery on a Sunday four times a year and vets, vet techs, and people young and old volunteer to make it happen.  Perhaps the true heroes of the day are the people who are committed  to trapping  the feral cats. One requirement of the clinic is that all cats must arrive and depart inside their traps…some have been in the traps since Thursday or Friday…fed, papers kept clean, etc.  Trapping a feral cat is not something one can ‘plan’ based on precise scheduling so many trappers get them as close to the clinic date as possible and then care for them until they can present them for TNR.

I was asked by the managing Vet to limit where I took photos so as to not show the cats in surgery or other states where my readers might perceive the cats are treated without respect. I agreed, but nothing can be less true about how these feral cats were treated from the moment they arrived (I worked check in for 3 hours) to their recovery in our ICU area (I worked this for 4 hours).  We work quietly so as not to disturb the cats coming out of their anesthesia and recognizing that most have never been handled by humans before today and are terrified of our voices.

(please hover to view captions, click to view the complete caption)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…before the cats are brought in to await their turn in surgery


After check in and they are waiting…


They then go back to receive their first injection to begin the anesthesia administration process…at this time they can be weighed as they are now asleep…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The surgery where females will be spayed…males do not need the full surgery theater as their procedure is much less intrusive.

After their procedure, they are taken to recovery where we closely monitor them.  Those who have temps lower than 97 degrees are quickly taken to a heating station to give them extra warmth.  All the traps are placed on heating pads to make them comfortable as they recover.  We check them every 10-20 minutes for “Heads and Ears Up” movement…then we know they are coming around successfully.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Now I have a whole new perspective on what TNR really looks like, feels like and how it is one of the only strategies to truly reduce the growing numbers of unwanted cats in the USA.

We desperately need more low cost, preferable free, spay and neuter clinics if we are ever to reduce the numbers of dogs and cats killed in public shelters.  Someone told me that  an estimated 180,000 feral cats live in Contra Costa County, the majority in the east county where the population is less dense and the ability to dump a cat much easier.

Can YOU volunteer and Be The Change For Animals in your community by helping with your local TNR efforts?  You do not have to trap cats…but you can help manage the clinic operation on days like our SNIP Clinic.

This day I will not soon forget.  I wanted to touch every cat I saw once they were asleep…so beautiful, many so thin, so young…ferals do not often live more 4-5 years…so few were very old.  Many very young females were pregnant already…we were able to abort and spay.  I will be back to help SNIP in October.

Be The Change For Animals

Paw Pats, Mom Linda


Can You Believe!?…Monday Meowsie News with Cuzin Leo


For everyone who followed the life and death struggle to save cuzin Leo…you are going to luvluvluv this slideshow.  And for those who may not know about cuzin Leo…click HERE…and THEN you are so gonna luvluvluv the slideshow too.

I am thanking Ceiling Cat for Cuzin Leo’s life….

Thank you Ceiling Cat for saving Cuzin Leo...and finding him a home other than mine!

Thank you Ceiling Cat for saving Cuzin Leo…and finding him a home other than mine!

Have a look…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We so hope you enjoy seeing Cuzin Leo when we get a chance to visit him and Dad Dave.  They have so much going on in their lives that they hardly have time to post…but Dad Dave did promise to get back to us a bit after he has their garden redone.  Maybe in a couple of weeks.

In fact…Dad Dave did confess…he has “trapped” that errant gnome…Cuzin Leo can explain that cuz I am so not gonna touch it within the length of my peacock feather…just sayin’

A short Monday Meowsie News…but not insignificant.  Remember Cuzin Leo is a survivor of hepatic lipidosis…and he was at the end stage of this feline disorder.


Paw Pats, Savannah

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