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UPDATE CONTACT INFO Ready? Paw It Forward 4 Special Need Cats

J Lo 4

 Adopt J Lo

HIYA!! SAVANNAH HERE!! Contact info at end of post appeal list

Some of my readers know lots about cerebellar hypoplasia (CH) in kittens and cats. But I suspect others do not know much if anything.  I know Mom L and I were in the “know nothing” up until about 3 months ago.

Mom L visited the Petco where Community Concern 4 Cats (CC4C)  holds their weekend adopt a cat event. She visited the kittens and adults who were there hoping to find their forever homes when the President, Miss Gemma, ushered Mom L back to meet some newly trapped kittens.

They were the prettiest kittens, all in a pile—3 of them.  And when one tried to stand up for a pet, it could not easily do so.  Mom L was worried and asked what was wrong with the kitten.

Three piled up

Three piled up

At Petco

At Petco

Miss Gemma said “meet Savannah’s new Paw It Forward Project”…three kittens who have cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), commonly called ‘weeble wobble’ kittens…and they ALL need forever homes!

We visited the website for CH cats, click here, to learn just what this condition is and how kittens contract it.  This is the simplest and easy to understand description we found for CH:

Cerebellar hypoplasia is a disorder where the cerebellum of the brain has not fully formed. There are various causes such as bacterial or viral infections, feline pan leukopenia, caused by feline parvovirus, but can also be caused by poisoning, injury or malnutrition.  Some common symptoms are jerky movement, wobbly uncoordinated walking and head bobbing.

There is no cure for CH, it doesn’t get better but it doesn’t get worse.  A kitten will learn to compensate for his/her condition and have a normal lifespan.”

The three kittens we agreed to help promote were all trapped from a mom cat who likely had pan leukopenia while the kittens were in her womb.  Unfortunately, there was a fourth kitten they could never trap.

I suggested to Mom L that we ask for some referrals from our Face Book Group comprised of lots of people who write about cats and share lots of cat related information.  Our pals did not disappoint!

We were referred to a fellow blogger whom we had never met.  The Kitty Cat Chronicles.  Sophie, an adult CH cat, lives there and she has been sharing her life on their blog.

Their blog post collection about CH cats and how to manage caring for them once they have been welcomed into your heart and home is just the best reading ever.  No need for us to say more as this blog covers it all with expertise.

Sophie has a special video which was a finalist in the 2014 Petties Award race for best video:

Click HERE to read more and to see some great videos of Sophie, a CH cat, living the good life!

This is a very special Paw It Forward Project for me.  These kittens are now five months old…and very ready for their permanent homes.  They can be adopted together or individually.  Let me introduce you to each one.

Their foster Mom, and rescuer, provided full details of each kittens’ personality…thank you Miss Marcia!


freddie 01

Freddie is a handsome short haired white kitten with black patches and an elegant narrow face, pink nose, delightfully long pink and white ears that go with his long legs.

Freddie is a complete love – he adores attention, being picked up and delights in being stroked and will rub against your legs.  He is quite social with cats and people alike – he loves to play, wrestle, chase and cuddle with his siblings and the other kittens in the house. Freddie has mild cerebella hypoplasia (CH) which means though he falls, he can walk, run, scamper, and even climb up part way and sit on a low level of the kitty condo.


zazoo 04

Zazoo is a grey & black short haired tiger striped kitten with big green expressive eyes and white paws. She wobbles when she walks, falls a lot, and struggles to climb.  But she is essentially a happy, healthy kitten and knows how to use the litter box.  She is super sweet and loves to be pet and held.  She purrs often. Despite her balance challenges, she is a determined, curious and brave kitten, who likes to explore new places and gets back up when she falls. She will even position herself close to our border collie and watch him play.  She has an independent streak and can entertain herself cheerfully.  She loves to chase, wrestle and cuddle with her brother and sister.


peanut 01

Peanut is a petite kitten with an exquisitely delicate face and double dotted nose.  She will watch the activity around her quite intently—sitting quietly and then venture out to be with the others.  Though she looks serious, she plays with vigor; stalking and jumping, running and wrestling and of course cuddling.  Peanut is very gentle and sweet.  Along with her siblings, Zazoo and Freddie, she has CH (cerebella hypoplasia) which means the balance center of the brain is not completely developed so she falls often.  Peanut is healthy and will live a normal lifespan. Peanut would like to be adopted with her brother Freddie or sister Zazoo. Peanut is blossoming more every day.

Enjoy this slideshow of all these amazing five month old kittens…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now…sit down…relax…and have some Niptea or Catfeen…the videos of these incredible kittens growing up and growing strong…

As much as we would like to have these kittens be able to go anywhere in the USA…that is not possible. It is not easy for them to travel long distances and so we must limit their search for  new forever homes to the area of Northern California.

This post is definitely an appeal for help to get these kittens into permanent loving homes.  We ask that all of you who read this post do the following:

  • Share this post on your Face Book pages and ask your family, friends and colleagues to promote these kittens to homes in the Northern California area.  You never know who they know who might know someone else who loves cats and is just waiting for these loving kittens to show up in their home.
  • Share on Twitter…use the hash tag #pawcircle and #specialneedcatrescue.  If you can come up with more effective hash tags, use them…
  • If you have time a space in your blog post schedule, please consider writing a post about CH kittens/cats and link back to this blog post
  • Also consider Pinning them on Pinterest; sharing in your Google + circles
  • CONTACT: Foster Marcia. Phone 510-734-9924 or 510-758-4045 Email: mslack199 at gmail dot com

We are very grateful for anything and everything my readers can do to help Zazoo, Freddie and Peanut find their permanent homes.

Paw Pats, Savannah


The Kid Sage Loses It

J Lo 4

click on photo to learn about J Lo’s desperate need for a home


I know, I  know…hard to believe The Kid Sage hasn’t already lost ‘it’ living here with me, right?  MOL!!!

Well, I just have to tell you all that it sure does keep down my need to be involved in the housework now that The Kid is around. I have to spend way less time snoopervising all the folding, bed making and whatnot.

The Kid Sage just gets right in there to make sure it is all done correctly…while I always stood afar (sometimes even asleep) she is an active participant.

Here you can see that she is helping Mom L by making sure all Mom L’s t-shirts are folded properly and laid orderly in the drawer.(hover over photo to view captions)

Then she waits in a semi comatose state…one eye open… at the ready to leap to assist Dad P in his weekly chore of ‘changing the cat human bedding’.


Just resting my eyes Dad

Just resting my eyes Dad

She first must inspect the ‘stripping’ of the bed sheets…she keeps track of the very itty bitty stains that might be left when ‘some cats’ nibble their morning treats on the sheets and perhaps occasionally leave a teeny little cat spit on the bed sheets…not often mind you! But it is The Kid Sage’s job to make note of those and point them out to Dad P.

Sage doing chores

Next…she must inspect the fresh bed sheets…making sure that all the wrinkles are out…

And if once over doesn’t get those wrinkles in shape…she goes after them again…and again…and…well, you get it, right?

Finally, she forces herself to remain on the bottom sheet while the fresh top sheet is placed on the bed…such a dreadful job to remain under there to make sure no wrinkles return…heh…heh…

Finally, The Kid Sage has earned her reward…a nice long afternoon nap on the freshly made bed…complete with pillows…and her favorite Nip N Nap Mat.



The Kid Sage works hard at her snoopervising duties…I must say I am proud of her effort…leaves me to go about my playing with Mom L and taking my requisite 43 1/4 naps per day…

Paw Pats, Savannah

Head Bonks, The Kid Sage

The Life and Times…of An Adult Cat Rescue!!!


Savvy singing

Happy tails to mew, until we meow again.

Happy tails to woo, keep smilin’ until then.
Who cares about clouds if we’re altogether?
Just sing a song that brings furramilies together.

Happy tails to you, ’till we meow again.

Our tails are happy ones,
All of them are true.
It’s the way we Paw It Forward,
Here’s some happy ones for you.

Bet’cha I have your attention…right??!!

Here is a totally PAWSOME Happy Tail Cat Rescue…BEFORE…NOW…TAILS TALE..

Remember this incredible Maine Coon Cat, at least from appearance…click HERE to read his death sentence when tested as a stray cat…for FeLV…

DSC_4483 ed

I just know you will recall his amazing polydactyl paws..

Mom L first met him in July and witnessed his positive FeLV test result…we reported him to my readers and wept for him as he was trapped, as a stray, and found to be so loving and gentle.  Then, this apparent terrible death sentence.

But WAIT!  Is FeLV truly a death sentence for cats??  

I am not an expert by any means, but I do know that many homes have accepted FeLV cats to enable them to live out their lives.  I named him “Mister” and he was healthy, and active.  But…we never heard about his fate.

And THEN…Mom L worked another CC4C ( Community Concern For Cats) spay/neuter clinic…and lo and behold…Mister’s foster/rescuer Mom brought some adult cats for spay/neuter.  Mom L, breathing rapidly, asked the question…”What happened to Mister?”…


Mister has been ADOPTED!!!  He was adopted into a home in the north bay area of San Francisco Bay. His amazing new human guardians accepted him without reserve…he is an only cat…living forever inside…with two WOOFIE siblings!!

Mister now grooms the woofies and THEY GROOM HIM!!!…doesn’t get a lot better than that.  Mister is Safe, and at HOME!

My request of anyone reading this post…whether you are a cat or woofie blog…PLEASE  SHARE SHARE SHARE to you readers that FeLV positive does not ALWAYS mean the cat has no opportunity to live a life, as long as they are blessed by Ceiling Cat, of love and kindness.

My readers all know this…but YOUR readers may NOT know this…that is my reason for requesting that you share this post.  None other…just that sharing this post might give some human out there the motivation to invite a cat, testing positive for FeLV, in to their home for the length of that cat’s life…

Truly a blessing from Ceiling Cat…if you will share.

Paw Pats, Savannah

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