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Ever Been to a Cat Show?


Let me answer that question for myself…no, no and heavens NO! And I am certainly not ever going to a cat show. However, I did send Mom L and Dad P to watch a cat show because my gal pal Summer was a participant!

And this is a SMALL cat show

And this is a SMALL cat show

Mom L was worried that Summer seemed terribly over stressed as she waited between showing in the different rings in which she would be judged.



Ahem…ok, maybe not ‘terribly’ over stressed. So  moving on. We never knew that cat shows also include a category for Domestic House Cats. Who knew??!! And NO! I will not be entering but I might just send The Kid Sage off to hang out. She likes all that attention and stuff.

Check out some of the wonderful House Cats. That gorgeous very large male dark brown tabby really caught Mom L’s eye…and he WON!

Not much later…Dad P and Mom L joined Summer and her human while Summer was getting prepped for her next Premier All Breed competition ring. (hover over each photo to view the fun captions)

And then the competition heated up when the judge analyzed the last two Premier All Breed Cats. (hover over each photo to view the fun captions)

The last cat she saw…(hover over each photo to view the fun captions)

Mom L and Dad P and Spitty’s human and the typist for Christy Paws all waited holding their breath…would Summer win???

And then the judge gave that Japanese Bob Tail SECOND…saying he was her chosen first…UNTIL she saw the last cat in this ring…SUMMER!!! Taaa Daaaa…

If you love cats, then it is going to be a real treat to go to at least one cat show. Mom L and Dad P and Miss Mary, Spitty’s human, had a blast! And there are lots of great ‘cat related’ products you will likely never see in a store or even on line. Mom L scored a great tall sturdy cat scratcher for my Cuzin Leo…sold in the stores for about $50 USD and at this cat show, hand made, so heavy and sturdy…$20 USD!! And Cuzin Leo jumped on it and scratched, stretched out to his whole length, as soon as Dad P put it on the floor.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my gal pal Summer doing her ‘stuff’ and also learning a bit about cat shows.


Can You Count My Whiskers?


I have been so remiss in not participating in my very bestest ever pals, The Cat On My Head,  Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.


Sunday Selfies Badge Click on the badge above to transport over to all the other pawsome participants.

My contribution is simple…hope ya like enjoy it.

Do ya think this could have been closer???

Do ya think this could have been closer???

Just curious…can you count all my glorious white whiskers…heh…heh


PeeEss…if you are curious about my post that referred to my increased energy, enthusiasm for life and added confidence…then be sure to keep checking back on my blog this coming week…click HERE for that teaser post.

The Cats’ Are In The Cradle of The Sun Room


My cat naps, since moving to this new rental, have mostly been in the dark, or shade or shadows. This new place is not bright and sunny like our last rental. Such is the life of the wandering cats and their humans…life beyond ‘owning’ our home.

That said…once the humans got ALL their artsy schmartsy junk lovely items out of the guest room…LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!

(hover over photos to view complete captions…always worth it…trust me)

This is the ‘inside scoop’. Our new rental is dark, dark, dark. No sun puddles in the first 3 months. And then lo and behold…the humans finally generously moved all their lame lovely art work, textile hangings etc. and put them on the walls where they belonged. Guess what I found after they did that???

The one and almost only room in this new place that gets ANY sun puddles! Woo Hoo!!

Of course, my discovery was not long overlooked by The Kid Sage (TKS). As soon as Mom L placed our round rug in the newly discovered sun room…there TKS appeared…bummer!

At least she is below my royal presence

At least she is below my royal presence

She clearly caught me off guard the first time she made her move onto my Royal Bed…

Who cares, TKS cannot touch me

Who cares, TKS cannot touch me

And now…she just does whatever she pleases…MOUSES!!!

Now don’t all my readers go crazypants. I am NOT falling in love with my “Kid” sisfur. Not at all. I am just allowing her a few more teensy tiny privileges relative to being near my royal person…that’s it…got it??? I still hiss, snarl and…koff, ahem…ahhh…well…I RUN when she tries to get too close. THERE!!! I admitted it! Satisfied Mom L????


PeeEss…On my Monday post, November 23 rd, I will reveal the product that has added some extra bounce in my paws!

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