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Update From Savannah and The Kid Sage



I managed to sneak past the pet sitters and get a quick use of the laptop.  The Kid Sage and I are surviving, not that Mom L and Dad P care. Just look at how they left us. All alone…well…except for the three female humans who seem to want to do anything and everything to please our every whim…but still…don’t you think we were left practically destitue? 

I was forced to snuggle with Miss Izzy

I, of course, have been ignored…I can hardly even eat…

Forcing myself to nibble a bit

I have also finally been able to find time to watch  my favorite bird TV channel…but as you can see…I must constantly be listening for anyone who might approach me from behind.

Bird TV is still working

Poor TKS is just pining for her Dad P…

Please tell me Dad P will be home soon…


WAIT!! Someone is coming….I must leave you now…pray I can get back to the laptop again…*shhhhhhh*….

PAW PATS, SAVANN……..*gasp! leaps to floor and runs*

A Selfie with an Invitation


First off, I am going to be sharing an offer with you from The Natural Pet Company and yes, I was compensated for passing along this invitation from them. But, my opinions about this great little pet product company with big ambitions are all mine, mine, mine.

Next, my stupendous selfie…

I sure am gonna miss this step

I sure am gonna miss this step

Of course I am joining my pals from The Cat On My Head for their infamous Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. Click the badge and go check out some great selfies!

Sunday Selfies Badge

Now about that invitation from The Natural Pet Company. You may recall, in 2013, this company gave me a bag of their premium Catnip to review. And you may recall, I was not and still ‘am’ not much into ‘the nip’.  However, this particular catnip chimed my paws for sure. Click HERE to see my full review from 2013.  This video clearly demonstrates how enthused I am about their catnip. Seriously, I do not have such a reaction to any other catnip.

Alas my bag is long gone. I am crossing my paws that a new bag shows up in my mailbox…well, that it if they get it through all this change of address stuff we are going through…sigh…one can only hope, right?

The Natural Pet Company is launching a new website and they have a VIP Club which only requires Amazon Prime membership. This company ONLY distributes their products through Amazon and as they attempt to expand, they are hoping lots of you Prime members will sign up, free, for their VIP Club and receive FREE PRODUCTS to try.

The only thing they ask, not demand, just ask…is that once you receive one of their products, simply return back to Amazon and leave your honest review of that product. That’s it. Doesn’t matter if you have a rave review or one that gives them some ways they can improve the product you received.

Just click HERE to get all signed up.

You can also follow them on Face Book:

And on Twitter:

Just a little reminder, I will not be posting after June 22, 2015 for about SIX weeks. Mom L and Dad P are out for 3 weeks then immediately upon returning, we must move to a new house. Wish us lots of good fortune in this unexpected move.


Feline Delicate Paws for Packing


Everyone knows, all cats have very dainty, delicate paws. We can be totally trusted to help with the packing and handling of the most delicate of items…including the humans’ most cherished china and crystal…right?

What? You don't trust me in here?

What? You don’t trust me in here?

I have no idea why Mom L was so startled to turn around and find me in the very special china buffet helping pass out all the delicate crystal and whatnot. Seriously…look at my ‘white paw’ service.

Why yes, I can paw this china to you Mom L

Why yes, I can paw this china to you Mom L

Sadly, she did finally ask me to take a hike leave…so I did. See if I ever try to help her pack again….harrumpppfffff!


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