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Give Thanks…


As you who live in the USA with us already know, tomorrow is our Thanksgiving Holiday. It is a time to join with friends and family and give thanks for all that we have. The bounty we have because we are former adult shelter cats who were rescued is our wish for all animals still living in limbo without their own home or guardians to care for them and all their needs.

The Kid Sage and I know we have it really, really good. So today we are giving thanks for the love and care we have here in our forever home; we know many animals never feel the gentle touch of a human hand.

We will not be posting on Thanksgiving Day. We have very special guests joining Mom L and Dad P for dinner. They are all going out to a restaurant and we are certain that there will be leftovers brought home for four grateful cats…me, Sage, Spitty and Cuzin Leo. Yes, Mom L and Dad P are sharing the Thanksgiving meal with Dad Dave and Spitty’s Human, Miss Mary.

Hope you enjoy our special Thanksgiving Day Card…we made it special for all of you.

thanksgiving card from the girls

Paw Pats, Savannah

Head Bonks, The Kid Sage

Beware the iPhone Light


I have something kind of fun and also scary to share today. First, I am sure everybody already knows about the things to beware if they use the light iPhones offer for flash and for videos, but Mom L was clearly not a recipient of that email.

The fun part is getting to watch me in action using my our newest cat tower, It really and truly is just my size. I don’t go up high and the top of this one is right at the windowsill level. Heck, I haven’t even climbed up to the top yet!

But I totally have a blast jumping into the tunnel part and then playing with anything that comes near where my paws and claws are!


I'm waiting patiently...

I’m waiting patiently…

You can see that I like to appear as though I am not interested in whatever Mom L is bringing over. But then I get a bit curious and so have to take a better peek.

Eyes openning wider for a better assessment of play potential

Eyes openning wider for a better assessment of play potential

Finally, I get a good full on look at whatever she is about to use to entice me to play.  Notice my whonky eye color? Yeah, we tried to photo edit them to make them look better, but we are pretty poor at that kind of photo editing. Just notice the size of my pupils in this next photo. We were doing this photo shoot in a darkened living room at night, so the flashy thing was in use.

What'cha have there Mom L? Are we going to play?

What’cha have there Mom L? Are we going to play?

And play we did. I was a crazepants cat for sure! I can even whip around inside the tunnel to get the feather if it shows up behind me…I am very fast. But, Mom L couldn’t get a good video because it was to dark in the living room. So she used the iPhone light for this video.

Mom L noticed after just a few seconds that I stopped playing and just sat really still.

I don't feel very well

I don’t feel very well

Then she noticed I retreated inside the tunnel and would not come out. So she put the peacock feather up to my face and I could not see it! I was blind!!!

She yelled for Dad P, he came running. Mom L is a basket case when we cats are hurt and she was already holding back sobs trying not to frighten me. Dad P got close to me and also saw that I was bobbing my head, and not able to see. When he or Mom held their fingers close to me I could smell them, but I didn’t know what that was so I recoiled back into the safety of the dark tunnel.

Dad checked my pupils and he could almost see NO color in my eyes. Mom L called our friend, my retired cat DVM, before grabbing me to rush to emergency. Mom L just knew she had blinded me, her precious Savannah.

By the time Mom L got Dr Josie, I was starting to look around a bit as though I could see some things. While they talked, I finally jumped down from the tower and walked slowly toward the kitchen. I was fine after that.

Dr. Josie said my pupils were already dilated a lot to be able to see in the darkened living room. And the iPhone light, while NOT a laser, it is terrifically bright…too bright for my already dilated pupils and when I looked toward the peacock feather, I looked straight into that blazing light and it temporarily blinded me.

I am sure most of you already knew to be careful with use of an iPhone light around an animal at night or in a darkened room. But, Mom L did not. I am just fine, we even played a lot today, Sunday, in my new tower.

But Mom L won’t ever forget! So beware of the iPhone light when you want to video your animals in a darkened room…just sayin’…

Paw Pats, Savannah

It’s A Selfie Kind of Day


First, foremost…an apology for all who entered to win my Fix Our Ferals sweatshirt give away…my staff..ahem… *Mom L shuffles feet and turns red faced*…FORGOT to ask Ms to select a winner!!

But I have one now…

The Gang from Jan’s Funny Farmers!!!

 Jans Funny Farmers

APAWS   APAWS   APAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their Mom Jan is going to be soooooo warm this Winter in Fix Our Ferals’ sweatshirt!


I am joining my pals from The Cat On My Head for their Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.  Click on the badge to view dozens of embarrassed cats, dogs, piggies, etc…showing off their ‘selfie’ photos.

Sunday Selfies Badge

I hope Astrid, Calista Josette, Lily Olivia, Giuletta, Fiona, Mauricio, Lisbeth and Misty May ALL know how fortunate they are that EIGHT cats live in their home…do you have any idea guys, what it is like to have ONLY two of us…and Mom L chasing us around to get something new!!! Aiiieeeeeee!

But I have now digressed, I am ever so purrleased to join the blog hop with my very own personal selfies from Saturday morning.

nana nov 23 final

It took some doing as Mom L and Dad P have discovered that their iPads are not taking the quality photos they once did…who knows why…but thank you ever so much Ms Apple!

As you can tell, I was very excited to join this blog hop.  Well, maybe ‘excited’ is a bit of an overstatement….??

Lastly, I know most of you already know we have lost another amazing feline pal, Nylablue. She made her journey to Summerland on Saturday with her devoted and loving human Mum and best friend, Ms Sherri-Ellen holding her to insure she knew she was ever so special…Nylablue will remain forever in my heart as “Sweet Feet”…and my very best furriend. Click HERE to wish Nylablue the blessings of Ceiling Cat on her journey and to offer her Mum the support of Blogville.

adieu NB

Paw Pats, Savannah



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