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IT’S HERE!!!…My Very First Gotcha Day…




Oh Cat!!! I am so, so, so excited!!!  I am ready to PAWTY!!

Mom has been working like crazy, furriends have given us a helping hand and even Dad got into the act to make sure my First Gotcha Day celebration is fun, fun, fun!!!


 I asked Mom and Dad if I could have a COMMENTATHON as my Gotcha Day prezzie and they said “Sure, Savannah Banana, what ever you want sweetie”…(wrapped around my little paws)

Mom said “I will donate, from my allowance for January, $.5o cents USD for EVERY COMMENT FROM ONE VISITOR…then last night Dad said “I will see your $.50 cents and raise you $.25 cents USD…making it $.75 cents USD”!  What a Dad!!!

So that’s it…leave a comment…and hang out and pawty, pawty, pawty…(multiple member furramilies can only comment once, not for each furramily member…no spiking the comments Mollie and Alfie, Katnip Lounge, Poupounette or any of you guys with lots of furramily members…I need for Dad and Mom to have money left for my kibble and fancy feast!!)


Meowgaritas (you are in California!!)
meowgaritas with nip

Carrotinis (for my Rabbit and Piggie furriends)
Wooftinis with liver swirls(for my K9 furriends)
barktinis with liver swirls

Fish Tacos (remember, you are in California!)
All you cats, grab a couple of these!
fish tacos
Salmon Sushi
Mixed Greens (Bunny and Piggy furriends, enjoy!)
mixed greens
Rare Steak (K9 furriends, dig in!!)

Dog Cookie Cake with Liver Icing; side of Liver Cookies from RA Husky

Thank you Nellie for this special cake…
BoneCake copy

liver cookies
Tuna Cake with Nip Icing
Again…Many thanks to Miss Nellie for making this special cake 
FishCake copy
Veggie Cake
veggie cake

I hope you are all having a great time!!…here are some way cool cards some of my pawsome furriends have sent to me….(whispers over to Mom and Dad…shhhh…ok…drum roll Dad)

Baboom…tappity, tappity, Baboom…whomp, whomp…

From My Special Feline Gurl Furriend (SFGF) Miss Nellie!
SavannahGottchaDay 2

I think Miss Nellie  captures everything I have tried to do in my bloggy…thank you so much Miss Nellie…here is the small one I will post on my blog page if anyone would like to have it for theirs….

Nellies Gotcha Gift to Savvy

…and from my very first ever Mentor…Sammy!…


…next from my very hilarious (VBP) K9 French furriend…EASY

Easy large

…here is his small size…

Easy small

…Now from those crazypants Mollie and Alfie!!!…

savvy from Alfie Mollie

And here is the link to this thoughtful e-card my Canadian Mallie gurl furriend Misaki sent…

ummmm…I have to take just a second…(wipes leaky eyes)…Ok, thanks efurryone…I just cannot believe my First Gotcha Day Pawty is so PAWSOME!!!

I hope efurryone felt OK using my Fast Leopard Teleport Tunnel…I did get it all cleaned out and polished and brushed off…

What???Mom???…Dad??? What is Mom saying??

SQUEEEEE!!!!!…I can’t believe it!!! My very brave furriend NYLABLUE just arrived!!! She was one of my pawsome Real Rescue Cats Are Talking: Life Changing Interviews With Savannah!!!!


MOUSES!!! (that’s what my  furriend Nissy says…)…I don’t think my FIRST EVER GOTCHA PAWTY could be any better…ummm…’scuse me…(pads off to wipe leaky eyes…wipes nose on Dad’s hand)…This has just been great…this adult shelter rescue cat NEVER expected to have this life…I am so honored by efurryone’s thoughtfulness and hope I can make a difference for adult cat and dog rescues everywhere someday.

Paw Pats, Savannah

peeEss…purrlease forgive me if I don’t visit your bloggies today, Jan 2…Mom and I have been very challenged with our photo skills and stuff.  We are so humbled by your patience with us and by your furriendships…

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183 thoughts on “IT’S HERE!!!…My Very First Gotcha Day…

  1. I wish I’d been around on the day to sample some of the food you so thoughtfully prepared. It sounds absolutely delicious! I’m glad you had such a good time.
    You received some really beautiful cards. Very best wishes for the year ahead.

    • hiya clowie! I am so purrleased you could stop by to see all the wonderful cards and badges furriends sent me and made for me to post on my side bar, we haven’t even done THAT yet! We are still playing catch up big time since that post and the one on Monday for the Grand Total…we did a cross post with us and Katnip Lounge so readers would go back and forth between us, fun, but lots of work with all the “links”…ugh

  2. Miss Savvy! We’re so sorry we missed your party! The kid is going to be inconsolable when I tell her. The human got very sick and we haven’t been online at all since Christmas.

    Hope you had a wonderful day!

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  4. Hey Savvy, Jetty here again. Hi Miss Linda.

    Forgot to compliment you on the party menu… a wonderful, tasty, local, seasonal California buffet… whoo hoo!

  5. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Please excuse our belated visit. Guess Mom couldn’t figure out that telporter thingie… figures! As you say, luv, luv, luv all the cards and badges, however, we must say that we’re going to share Miss Nellie’s on our site. Hold on… if I don’t ask Mom to save it right now… you know…. she forgets… ok, done!

    We have a special prezzie for you… we’re making a donation (we’ve left vm for Kitty Korner) in your honor for Veterinary Care at Kitty Korner. You deserve nothing less than 9 spectacular lives at Miss Linda & Mr. Peter’s house… YOUR HOME… xoxoxoxoxoxoo

    • ok, leaky eyes here!!! I can’t believe you did that Jetty and Miss Lori and JJ!!! How very kind of you! I hope they respond to your message and if they don’t let me know and I will make it happen. Monday Meowsie News post will have the final count of comments and a surprise prezzie for me was someone upped the ante another 25 cents, they will pay that, to make it a WHOLE DOLLAR per comment! You can find out who on Monday along with our Grand Total.

  6. Oh, Savvy. I’m late. Mom’s been sick and I’ve had to take care of her, but she’s better now. I hope you had the bestest gotcha day ever!!

    • No worries…you are counted! We are posting the totals on Monday…and there is a surprize about the amount of money raised…someone added enuff to make it ONE WHOLE DOLLAR per comment…you have to come by Monday to find out who

  7. Oh! Darn it! Sorry we missed your special day!! We try to visit our kitty friends on the weekend, but it looks like you had a wonderful celebration!!! We are thrilled you have such a loving furever home and we love hearing about all your new adventures!

    • Hi! I have not visited you lately either, so so sorry…we don’t think we will ever catch up, but hope to work on it today and tomorrow. We will count you in our comments, thank you so much for stopping by…and if you come back for my Monday Meowsie News we will be telling how much money…and reveal a secret donation that made ever comment $1…a WHOLE DOLLAR…not just the 75cents we said first!!

  8. Oh shucks we are late! My human shall be punished! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

  9. And in typists haste to appologise we (SHE) commented on the wrong post *slaps paw to head* your invite never came – I was sat by the computer all day, the previous post I was notified of and then came notification of the day after recovery pawty!! I hope I am not too late to maybe help finish off the cake and help with your commentathon!

    Happy gotcha day pal!

  10. OMC! TW and I didn’t get to visit too many blogs yesterday cos we had to make a setlist for Nipclub and other things came up. Of course we’re still BFGFs. Our computer has been acting funky so we had to do some backing up and cleaning up. Glad your Gotcha Day was special. You deserve it. *runs to look at cards to send*

    • no problem CK….thought count the most and I am counting your thoughts as a comment!…you know we understand internet glitches (VBP)… if you come back for my Monday Meowsie News we will be telling how much money…and reveal a secret donation that made ever comment $1…a WHOLE DOLLAR…not just the 75cents we said first!!

  11. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,we’ almost missed it,I could paw-smack my ma for that! Really I could! Wowzers look at all these commenteers! This is such a great cause! I am gonna keep this short cuz I am not sure when the time runs out, time zones got me all confused! Anyways lov ya Savanny!” Kirby

  12. Angel MoMo and Charlotte on said:

    Wow!! What a party!! Happy gotcha day! Look forward to many more.

    • oh thank you so much for coming over…I had such a great time, I am just getting all my comment replies done today…… if you come back for my Monday Meowsie News we will be telling how much money…and reveal a secret donation that made ever comment $1…a WHOLE DOLLAR…not just the 75cents we said first!!

  13. Happy Gotcha Day, Savannah!! It looks like a fantastic pawty!! We would love to try that catnip cake 🙂

    Carmine and Milita

    • Hi Carmine, Hey Milita! Thank ever so much for coming! I don’t think I know you, so I will be hopping over to visit later today…… if you come back for my Monday Meowsie News we will be telling how much money…and reveal a secret donation that made ever comment $1…a WHOLE DOLLAR…not just the 75cents we said first!!

  14. spittythekitty on said:

    OMC! I am almost TOO fashionably late! My Human wuz “busy” and her brain cells being what they are (i.e., not much) she gotted all distracted and Fank Cod I poked her with one of my carefully sharpened and polished claws just in time! Wow–what a BASH! I’ll just go get a Meowgarita and a fish taco and mix and mingle with all the ladyca—-uh, all the nice kitties over there around the bar! This is the best Gotcha Day Pawty efur! Savannah, You has been a true Bright Light of the Blogosphere this year and I love having you so close by, even though we mostly just meow sweetly across the Bay–we do gaze up at the same foggy sky and hear the same blasts of the foghorns! So romantic, eh?? I fink your Pawty waz a HUGE success! Lots of XOXOXOXOXO to you and your Mommy and Daddy too!

  15. Happy Gotcha Day from all my rescue babies Lizzy, TJ and Tank!!!! Our first time to visit….what fun!!!

  16. Savvy, we FINALLY made it! Happy Happy HAPPY Gotcha Day, Sweetie! Whatever made you think we might spike the comments, hee hee hee! Tell ya what, we’ll donate a quarter per comment…that makes it ONE WHOLE DOLLAR per comment!!

    We’ll pry the money outta Mommy…we love to make her squirm!!

    We gotta say, we really enjoy your blog, and your special features–but most of all we love YOU, Savannah! xoxoxo The Kats

    • squeeeeeee!!! Are you kidding!!!????? How pawsome!! oh….yeah…well that ‘comment’ about ‘spiking’ came from MOM…(dagger eyes at Mom)…not ME! And we haven’t completed counting yet, but so far, we had 62 comments, not counting My replies…WP always ‘spikes’ the comment number by adding in the blogger’s replies to the comments made. I said furriends could have until 12pm PDT…so we still have about 3+ hours to go. I will let you know the FINAL account…then we can do a post TOGETHER if you want about the “I’ll see your 75 cents and raise you”…you are all very kind, and MIss Trish…wait, Mom?…are you OK?…awwww…more leaky eyes…anyways, thanks so much Miss Trish, Mr Scott and all of KL…no wonder you guys ROCK like SOCKS!!! (just made that up…heh…heh)

  17. Charlotte on said:

    Happy Gotcha Day Savannah! What a fabulous Pawty! Wishing you lots of love and more fun in 2013!!! Nose kisses sweetie:)

  18. Happy gotcha day, Savannah! I’ll bet your mom and dad are reeeeeeeeeeeely glad you got them —- bringing lots of warmth, humor, and love into their drab and dull elderly years! I hope it is ok that I have taken a (small) lick of all your refreshments (well, not the salad — poor bunnies and piggies having to eat all that greenery.) Everything is really tasty. I think I will suggest to my housekeeper that she make all of those items every day for me. I like the transport tunnel too, although it was so fast that I had to hide for a while after I arrived just so I could calm down. All the best on your special day, from your friend Dinah.

    • well Miss Dinah!! You finally got that ‘housekeeper’ to go to sleep…I know, I know, they have to take their time…but those ‘older peeps’ need to be tucked in before we cats can PAWTY!!!…(looks over shoulder….shhhhh…Dinah….can I come to your place when your housekeeper comes to my place? we can do a house trashing at our place…what’d ya think???…send me a coded email…)

  19. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag) on said:

    Happy 1st Gotcha Day sweet Savannah. We hope you have had a very fun day and enjoy lots of special treatment. We love you sweet girl. Hugs and nose kisses

  20. Happy Gotcha Day, Savannah!!! What a great party – we wish you many, many more Gotcha days to come.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    • Hey, Phantom Thunder, Ciara and LIghtning!!! So glad you could come over! Did you try the liver cookies RA’s Dad made??? And the other Sibes seem to really like the Wooftinis with liver swirl…after they lap them up they have been doing zoomies all over my back yard…hmmmm…the land lady is NOT gonna like those paw tracks I bet MOL, play bows, Savvy

  21. Happy Gotcha Day, Savannah! This is an awesome party! And how cool that you are having a commentathon to celebrate! We hope you are having the bestest day!

    • my day was great…Mom responding to all comments and I am napping with the electric blankie on…I was at my pawty most of the day…furriends are starting to clear out now, so Dad is starting to clean up…I am napping

  22. Happy Gotcha Day, Savannah! You sure are getting some great prezzies! Wrigs is drooling over the menu, too!

    Susan and Wrigs

  23. What a happy cat! An inspiration to all!

    • Hi Miss Maria…I think I remember you…aren’t you from Kitty Corner?? Hope I have the correct connection…and thank you so very much for coming to my First Gotcha Day Pawty…paw pats, Savannah peeEss feel free to hang around and have a look at my bloggy…I think my Life Changing Interviews With Savannah: Real Rescue Cats and Dogs Are Talking are pawticularly interesting posts…just a suggestion

  24. Suzanne on said:

    So happy for you Savannah – your pawty rocks! Slurp, slurp, hiccup… !

    • squeeeeee!!! waves paw to Miss Suzanne! HI!!! thank you for coming to my pawty!! Probably the veggie cake and mixed greens are best for you, and maybe the meowgaritas…they have nip blended into them, but they are still quite good. I am sorry I ran when you came over the holidays, but do come back, and I will try harder to be more social. So nice to see you on my bloggy, paw pats, Savannah (Savvy to friends like you)

  25. Happy Gotcha Day my sweet Savannah!!! Me iz so bery happy we haz found each other (VBP) n are fur-endz now!!! Me haz been usin da Teleporty Tunnel today n me iz not so scared of it now!!! Fankz fer incouragin me to be brave!!!
    Me back frum da Vet n it iz BERY GUUD NEWS: NO DIABETEZ!!!!! Whew dat waz scary too….
    So let’s get down to pawtyin like itz 1999 (as me Hu’Mum sayz!)
    Lotz of nose bonkz n purrz Nylablue n Mum =^..^=

  26. Good idea limiting the comment to one per – would have had to sell your house for us! Happy Goctha Day and thanks for doing this!!! Great party!ch

    • So so happy you could all come; I am sorry about your recent loss and it was so nice of you to drop over here. … if you come back for my Monday Meowsie News we will be telling how much money…and reveal a secret donation that made ever comment $1…a WHOLE DOLLAR…not just the 75cents we said first!!

    What a PAWsome party you are having , Savannah !!
    Me and mom are so glad we found you or if it was you who found me eitehr way we are GLAD to be your furriend 😀

    • Hey, hey, hey, Charlie Rascal!! I am so so late making sure I respond to efurryone who came. Thank you for coming so far, I hope the Fast Leopard Teleport Tunnel helped make your trip shorter and easier…and I am over the moon purrleased you are my furry good furriend…… if you come back for my Monday Meowsie News we will be telling how much money…and reveal a secret donation that made ever comment $1…a WHOLE DOLLAR…not just the 75cents we said first!!

  28. OMC This party rocks!!! Looks like you’ve received so many wonderful gifts and cakes. Plus you have so many tasty noms here! I hope your mom and dad have enough money left over for you kibble! Happy Gotcha Day!

    • Hi Miss Ann…hey Shiner and Niblet…hope the noms were OK for you Niblet…I tried to make sure all my furriends had something they could nibble (oooops! not a pun, no really…it wasn’t supposed to be) anyways, nice to meet you…I will come by to visit later this weekend…… if you come back for my Monday Meowsie News we will be telling how much money…and reveal a secret donation that made ever comment $1…a WHOLE DOLLAR…not just the 75cents we said first!!

  29. Chrissy on said:

    Happy Gotcha Day Savannah! Kitty Corner may only have been a stop along the way, but we sure loved having you here with us and are thankful you were because Mom & Dad may not have found themselves smitten with you otherwise! xoxo

    • Miss Chrissy!! You came, you came!! Thank you ever so much…I am trying hard to pay back to CCHS and Kitty Corner all the care you gave me…… if you come back for my Monday Meowsie News we will be telling how much money…and reveal a secret donation that made ever comment $1…a WHOLE DOLLAR…not just the 75cents we said first!!

  30. Mr Tibbs on said:

    Happy Gotcha Day Savvy!!!! Concatulations my dear pal. Raises a glass of Meowgarita – cheers!!!!

    • Oh My Cat!! Tibbsy!!! you came! I am so excited, here let me get my meowgarita too…cheers!!…… if you come back for my Monday Meowsie News we will be telling how much money…and reveal a secret donation that made ever comment $1…a WHOLE DOLLAR…not just the 75cents we said first!! I will Tweet it too!

  31. ande123 on said:

    A very Happy Gotcha day to you Savannah. How great to have a commentathon. And that was so nice of Dad to up the pot. The food and drink looks terrific. Take care.

    • Hi Miss Marg! Did you bring everyone?? I forgot about the donkeys and horses…I hope they don’t mind the mixed greens and the veggie cake…maybe they will also like the carrotinis??? THank you so much for coming

  32. Happy Gotcha Day Savannah! Awesome pawty, by the way! 😉

    • LEADER OTIS!!!! YOU CAME!!! Here, purrlease have some Meowgarita and some salmon sushi…ohhhh…will it interfere with your treat-ments?? ANd purrlease, have some tuna cake, very good. Thank you so much for taking time to come, I hope the trip wasn’t too difficult for you…you must have used the Kitty Conveyor 3000 GT! You got here so fast!

  33. Katie Isabella on said:

    Oh I had the best time! I started out in my pink tunnel but transferred to your spotted one. I think it has to be turbo charged cuz I arrived with a dizzying thump at your house.

    Happy gotcha day!!!

    • oh Katie Isabella, I did see you come whoomping out of the Leopard Teleport Tunnel, but I was with Leader Otis and couldn’t just leave him as he had that hipsterectomy surgery recently, I apologize for not coming over faster to make sure you were ok…here…try the fish tacos, they are exceptionally (VBP) good!

  34. Hey Savannah! Absolutely EVERYBODY in BloggyLand is talking about your Gotcha Day! It’s my first time over this way, but I had to see what was going on over here. So Happy Gotcha! Welcome to the wonderful world of rescues. It’s the perfect place to be. xoxo

    Love and licks,

    • Oh goodness, Cupcake, I am so sorry I have taken so long to reply. I thought I had everyone done and then this morning making my final count of comments (I let some make comments even after the deadline…)I found you and a few others my staff missed! (glares at Mom)…thank you so much for taking time to visit…… if you come back for my Monday Meowsie News we will be telling how much money…and reveal a secret donation that made ever comment $1…a WHOLE DOLLAR…not just the 75cents we said first!!

  35. Concats, Savvy! What a party, and how fortunate you are (and I am) to have our furrever homes!

  36. Herman on said:

    Happy Gotcha Day my dear Savannah! It seems Mr. Bowie was already at your party… Enjoy the rest of the day…

  37. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    thanx mew savannah for de foodz spread anda veree happee gotcha day N heerez ta a bazillion mor !!! we hope ewe get sum toys, treetz, cash, a 2014 FURRarrez, sum ham samiches, butter, cake, pizza pies, sghetti, pork chops, salmon, whitefish, trout, tunie, snapper, burgers, sea bass, perch a cat tree with a fullee stocked frig attached AND..mor trout !!! enjoy yur day N by R calcue layshuns ewe haz raized $ 17, 850.75 for yur shelter !!! AWESUM !!

  38. Happy Gotcha Day!!! We will be over to party and love the idea of giving back to a rescue. 🙂 Purrs and love for many many more gotcha days to come.

  39. Ha rooooo! Happy Gotcha Day, Sav-a-dab-a-doo! Dave and I are so happy to celebrate with you! What a great party!
    Play bows,

    • Hey Zim and Dave…come on in…have one of the Wooftinis…I hear that liver swirl is a big hit with all my K9 furriends, and the dog bidkit cake with the side of RA Husky’s dad’s liver cookies…wow…the dogs and really drooling over those!

  40. Hi, Savvy! (It’s me Lemony from Lemonysqueezes, visiting from my other blog). Sammy sent me over. And I just want to wish you a very happy GOTCHA DAY!! What a great party! Your parents are super, super generous! BIG HUGS TO YOU ALL!

  41. Happy Gotcha Day!!!

  42. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY from stephan and cassie and buster and champ. We r all rescues to and love our owners so much. We read yor email everyday keep up the good work.

    • OH MY CAT!! You are a silent reader/visitor!!! How cool you stopped this time to comment…kaching!..another $.75 cents!! Do you have a blog? If not, you might want to hook up with Mistletoe and Hitch and their mom Miss Dorothy, they started a Readers Without Blogs Society RWB…and they visit blogs all the time, and just put those initials after their comment and efurryone knows they don’t have a blog so we don’t try to search for them!!! Thank you, thank you for coming over!!

  43. Hi Savannah,
    Congratulations on your 1st Gotcha Day! I’m really happy for you that you found such great humans and that you’re feeling so well and happy there. And give your humans my heartfelt thanks for taking so good care of you.
    Here, we’ll have to celebrate a few “gotcha days” during the year: in/around May for our Zsa Zsa, Frankie and Mr. Pickwick, and in August/September for our little Sister Fidelma. Well, and not to forget our sweet Oprah, too. I’ll have to look up her “gotcha day” so. These were all adopted at a very young age. And then there are Bixby and Pepper, who just wandered by at an older age and made us adopt them. We don’t know really when it was the first time they showed up around the house, so we’ll simply set a day as their “adoption day”.
    Best regards, have fun, and enjoy the day,
    Pit and his four-legged friends

  44. Happy Gotcha Day!! Enjoy your special day and here’s to many more!

  45. catfromhell on said:

    Oh Savannah!
    Me is just so pleased to comes to your Gottcha Day Pawty, me even brought your fellow FBI Agent Kozmo, but he has been sidetracked by the Tuna Cake! Hugs, Paw Pats and special Kisses to a special cat!

    Here is a toast to Savannah and this beautiful year – in which you have spread so many good things, so much happiness and joy to others. May you live to be a hundred! Happy First Gottcha Day!!!!


    • Oh Nellie, what a wonderful SFGF you are! ANd thanks for bringing along Kozmo, and he should also try out that fish taco, it is like, well scrumptious (VBP) I am so looking forward to doing our “you know what” later on…wink, wink…shhhh…let’s keep it between us until I do that special post…Mom will be sending you Mommy Barb something later with all she needs. Here Nellie, come over and let me give you a nose rub and head bonk…purrrrrr

  46. orientallily001 on said:


    May your day be filled with love & cuddles and treats & nip. Lots & lots of the nip! And may the year to follow be more of the same!!!

    Nissy from Nerissa’s Life

    PS. I’ll have a Meowgarita, please. purrs

  47. Happy gotcha day Savannah!! Woo are one swell kitteh & we are honored to share your adventures! Have a pawsome day deary,

    RA, Isis & Nanük

    • RA!!! Nanuk!!! and Isis…and Mr Mark…did you see how many of those liver dog cookies everyone nommed on????? Pawsome! And Nanuk, many happy b-days for you my furriend! High paws from your california feline wanna be Sibe furriend

  48. Drat! So we can only leave one comment? Too bad!!! HAPPY FIRST GOTCHA DAY, Savvy! You are a lucky girl to have such a wonderful family. We are pleased to have met you and look forward to sharing adventures for years to come!

    Purrs, Woofs, Neighs and Scritches,
    The Chans, Tommy, Vidock, Violette and #1

  49. Happy Gotcha Day sweetie. Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for the lovely donation you will be making to your charity. Your humans are very generous and must love you very much. You are one lucky kitty to have found your forever home.

  50. What a wonderful pawty.. Happy Gotcha Day!

  51. Congratulation on finding your new home & loving parents. That’s justification for a pawty for sure. Sammy sent me here from I hope to add you to my list of blogs just to make sure you’re doing alright. Have a fun day. – Bob

  52. Nomnomnom…slurp smackylips burp….WHOA !!! Parteeee food is good!!!!
    Have a great day Savvy… you deserve this party and all the love that is winging it’s way across the world to YOU..our friend.
    The Maple Syrup Mob
    HA!!! Another 75c!!!!

  53. Congratulations, Savannah! And thanks for inviting us to your truly awesome pawty. You deserve every minute of the celebration! We lift a glass to your one-year anniversary and to the many more to come!

  54. Hiya my Dear Furriend, Sweet Savannah!

    HAPPY GOTCHA DAY! This pawty totally rocks! Well actually YOU rock the pawty baby!
    Wishing you many more years of happy, funny, sweet life in your furrever home, you deserve it!
    Purrs from all of us here, en la casa de Texas!

    P.S.: can I have the recipe for these fish tacos? They are soooooo good! Thanks for the pawty!

  55. Hello Savannah.
    Happy Gotta-Day! My girlfurfriend Mollie told me to come on over to the pawty! What a great spread you’ve got there. I’ll have a Wooftinis please.

  56. Fuzzy Tales on said:

    Happy Gotcha Day, Savannah! This must be the party to end all parties. 🙂

  57. Hi Savvy! What a GREAT pawty you’ve put together to celebrate your most specialist of days. I’m glad to be here joining in the fun (and yummy snacks and drinkies too!!!!)……….Here’s to many, many more celebrations of the anniversary of you getting your FOREVER HOME dear girl. I hope it’s the very best day ever.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  58. Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Savannah! Our piggy brofurs are very happy they’re able to join in the party though they were a little nervous being around so many kitties! 🙂

  59. mollieandalfie on said:

    Savannah, I’z told dem all the Pawty’z at your place 🙂 xx00xx

  60. Happy Gottcha day Savvy,p.s look out for a ecard,xx Speedy
    p.s this is a very fun party!

  61. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Dear Savannah, We couldn’t miss a chance to wish you a happy Gotcha Day! This is just the first of many happy years to come. You’ve grown so much in the past year and we look forward to knowing you as you continue to grow together with your forever family.
    Your fur friends always,
    Mistletoe, Hitch & HuMom Dorothy

    • awwwww Miss Dorothy, Mistletoe and Hitch…you are just the bestest ever furriends…to come so far…just for me…here, let me get Dad to take care of you…(shouts over shoulder…DAD!!!…help here purrlease…)…OK, Dad will take purrsonal care of you…purrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  62. Carol and the Furbabies - Bailey, Georgy, Annie . & Mikey on said:

    Lovely party! Happy Gotcha Day Savannah!

  63. Happy Gotchya Day Savannah- Casey, Baby and Barney want to send out their greetings too (especially Barney, Mom got him in a shelter parking lot!) Cool food too-salmon shushi-yummmmy.

  64. Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Savannah! Ya done good girl and this is a very special day for you, your Mom & Dad. Have a terrific day sweet one!

    • Hey Brian…I know you and your huFamily have your own concerns at this time, so thank you ever so much for coming around to celebrate my special day…peeEss when Mr Terry had time, can he tell Mom how he visits 400 bloggy posts each day???…Mom sort’a like flooped over when she read that…

  65. Happy gotcha day! We’re happy that you’re such a lucky cat. And you share a gotcha day with Newton, which is pretty cool!

    • I know I do…high paws Newton…Mom says we are “caprikorns”…sound weird…but there you go, she is human, poor thing…so very purrleased to have met you all with Sweet Purrfections Secret Paws this year…come on in, have some noms…

  66. Oh Savannah! You are such a fortunate kitty, and you have come so far in this past year. Hats off to you and to mom and dad!!! Happy Gotcha Day!

    • Hey Rumpy!, DeDe, June Buggie, Hissy Fit Jones and all…yes, I am a very fortunate adult rescue cat, without my former shelter I would have been destroyed and without Mom and Dad showing up, even that shelter would have placed me in a sanctuary for the “unadoptable/unsocial”…humans have much more to learn about promoting adult rescue….cats, and dogs…just IMHFO…Savvy

  67. Happy gotcha day and may you have many more of them.

  68. mollieandalfie on said:

    Happy Gotcha day Savannah, what a wonderful pawty you are having. Big Hugs and slobbers to you Mollie, Alfie and Humom xxx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  69. Happy Gotcha Day dear russian-blue beauty ;o) Who is the kitty next to you? Do you have a twin? … oh no… it’s only you …I think I’ve got too much Meowgaritas… but they are very yummy… do you have the recipe?

    • Oh my goodness…my dear furriend Easy…how lovely to see you and how special that you came from so far and SO EARLY!…well, early for me…anyways…you might wanna go back to the Wooftinis with liver swirls, they aren’t so strong…wish I could tell you how much you mean to me Easy and we just luvluvluv your blog!

  70. Happy Gotcha day Savannah Banana 😉
    Love the food, particularly the bone cake and even the vegie cake looks good, though I’ll leave that for our vegetarian friends.
    Your cards are awesome and I’m looking forward to squeezing through your very exotic tunnel.
    Let the fun commence 😀

  71. Happy Gotcha day you have put alot of effort into this post. Well done xxx

    • Hey Archie, Oscar and Henry!! Yup, you guys know the routine…Mom spent like about 6 hours getting this thing done…and she has another tomorrow…and it has not even been started…so maybe we put that one off one day…sigh…then big, big stuff next week…thank you so very much for being my/out furriends…even when we fall behind in visits. warm paw hugs and purrrrs, your Savvy

  72. A very very happy Gotcha Day Miss Savannah! What fun you are having and what deliciousnesses you’ve got ready for all your visitors. Here’s to you raising loads of dosh with your commentathon but not too much (a girl has to eat!) 😀

  73. Happy gotcha day Savvy!! Hope you enjoy your celebrations:-)

  74. Happy Gotcha Day, Savannah, and hope there’re a lot more to come. The cards are lovely and the salmon looks very appetizing. I’ll take some on my way back…
    Granny loves the idea of your present and she’ll donate today some money to our animal shelter in Holland, as a present to you.
    Let’s pawty now… Have a great day 🙂

    • Thank you so much for coming around…and thank your Granny so very very much for making that donation…very impawtant work we do when we donate for the rescue of cats and dogs….thank you so very much, paw pats Savannah…and do you want that salmon in a baggie???

  75. Sparkle on said:

    OMC, Savannah, this has to be the awesomest gotcha day party ever! And I LOVE fish tacos! And that has to be the BEST that both your humans are chipping in for the commenthon. This is just the beginning of a really fun, fabulous day for you!

    • Sparkle!! You came!!! I am so honored to have such a globally(VBP) famous cat come to my humble(VBP) pawty!!…you have to come back next week to finally learn about the (VBP) stuff…heh…heh…anyways, get on it, meet the other furriends and have some noms!

  76. Hi Savvy!! Happy Gotcha Day!!! We’re here and we’re bringing nip for everyone! Yes, Leo, everyone not just you! Ok, he’s agreed to share! Weeeeee!!!! Happy Day sweetie!

  77. Happy First Gotcha Day, Savannah! I can hardly believe that it’s been a year already. Spyro and Oja are coming right over and will party hearty all night if you let them. You Mom and Dad are giving you a great present.

  78. Happy Gotcha Day my dear Savannah! It seems you’re going to have a fantastic day. Wish I was there… Meow!

  79. Happy Gotcha Day (again grin) and I’ve arrived with no mouse (I did read your reply to my comment of yesterday) but a heart full of love for you Savannah!

    May this Gotcha Day be as special to your Mom & Dad as it is for you. *Whispers* please thank them for their generosity 🙂

    xxx’s and squeezy hugs (pretend only) I know how you feel about touching

  80. HOORAY!!! OMC, I think I’m the first poster!

    What a generous thing your folks are doing, and a very sweet way to celebrate this special day 🙂

    We’re so happy to have met you, my friend. Here’s to many, many more years of friendship.

    • Hey Rumble!! Hi Hamie (nice bunny kicks on your tail pal)…you ARE the very first commenter…but then you are probably first to read it too! MOL thank you so much for coming over….hope you enjoyed got pretty wild after you left, but at least you got something to eat and drink…paw pats, Savannah

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