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Monday Meowsie News…The Grand Total



OH CAT!!! Do I have some great stuff to share with you all today!!  So, you remember my First Gotcha Day Pawty was last week, January 3…if you didn’t make it…you can take a look here…but sorry, everything is cleaned up so you have to wait until my First Blogiversary April 1 for more noms…

Anyway, I asked Mom and Dad to make it a Commentathon…and Mom said OK…I’ll chip in 5o cents USD for each comment; then Dad upped her play and said I’ll add another 25 cents…so now I was going to be able to donate 75 cents for EVERY comment to my former rescue group, Contra Costa Humane Society, for their vet care budget (we need lots because we pull adult dogs and cats from the kill shelter and sometimes they need medical help)…

Drum roll purrlease….





Another blogger raised Mom and Dad by 25 cents…

…making every comment worth ONE WHOLE DOLLAR!!!

(Now you ask “who is the other blogger??…all I know is you have to visit the Katnip Lounge Mob for details…they know more than I do about what happened…just saying…)



I also received a really, really special Gotcha Day card, actually, TWO cards, from my very good furriend, DINAH!!  She is a member of RWB (Readers Without Blogs)…I did a post about her, you can see it HERE.

Here are the TWO cards Dinah gave me and the $5 bucks I found inside…first, check out her message to ME!…


…here are the cards and the actual $5 she put inside!…nice cards, huh?!…


Because of Dinah (well, Ok, and her housekeeper) the…

 GRAND TOTAL is a whopping $80 USD!!

WAIT!!…WAIT AGAIN!!…EVEN MORE!!!!! (exciting, huh?)

 My Champion Jetty, and his Mom Miss Lori and his k9 sister JJ, from Hey, It’s Jet Here…told me they made a donation to Contra Costa Humane Society…in honor of my First Gotcha Day…for $25 USD!!!!!




Thank you all for pawticipating, we could not have done this without your comments.   Remember, you must go ask the KL Mob about that last 25 cent ante that pushed us to ONE WHOLE DOLLARE per comment…they have the scoop on that one…you really need to go find out…just a suggestion…

Now, I really want to share some other cards and e-cards that came in after I did my post…

Cathy Keisha, The Stunning Keisha,  who is my BFGF, sent me a card…isn’t it like way cool!!???…

Savvy Card

And the following wonderful furriends sent me e-cards…I have included the link if you want to go see them…but because I waited too long to post the link, the card may be gone…so sorry…but here are the furriends who sent them…

Misaki, The Misadventures Of Misaki

Nylablue and her Mom Miss Sherri-Ellen…

Jessie, Jessie and Janey …

Speedy Rabbit, from Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny…

Well, that was so exciting for this 6 year old (we think) adult shelter rescue cat.  I luvluvluv this paw blog community…and I cherish each and every furriend, doggies, cats, bunnies, piggies, horses, donkeys, parrots…every one of you mean so much to me.

Paw pats, Savannah

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68 thoughts on “Monday Meowsie News…The Grand Total

  1. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

    What a privilege it was to donate in honor of your Gotcha Day! Oh did Mom go on and on about how you and Miss Linda are rock stars, how you should be on a fund raising campaign poster (yes, she’s biased!), how she wanted to make sure the donation was in Savannah R’s name in BIG LETTERS for veterinary care as you wished.

    What an incredibly special day you had and how amazing, not surprising, you chose to help others from the same shelter.

    • ya know, they didn’t even call…or drop down to visit Mom and Dad when they were in Kitty Corner this morning doing their volunteer cleaning work…and the AM cleaning crew has the toughest work all day at KC…as you can imagine…change all food, water, clean, vacuum, AND play and interact with the cats…

  2. orientallily001 on said:

    $105? THAT’S WONDERFUL!!! Congratulations on your Gotcha Day and on all the money you raised for such a good cause. You’re a star, Savannah… a real star! purrs

  3. It’s a great achievement to raise all that money! I’m sorry I missed your Gotcha Day.

  4. You are so amazing xxx well done

  5. That is absolutely amazing! Good work! And how pawsome of Jetty, JJ, and their mom to make such a generous donation! Unrelated but I just noticed how it kind of looks like you’re wearing a little bow tie when you’re sitting in that position… adorable!

  6. Hi Savannah! We came over from the Katnip Lounge to get the info on the fundraising! What a great bunch of people & critters the blogosphere is to all come together like this! Congrats!

  7. spittythekitty on said:

    Wow, Savannah! You really raked it in! Just think of all the kibble (or litter or toys or Nip) $105 can buy–why, it can buy… it can buy… A LOT! You were such a good girl you earned another Furrari ride! I’m starting to schedule my Furidays soon 😉 XOXOXO

    • Hiya Spitty!! ANd just to be clear, this was money JUST for the CCHumane Society’s Vet Care budget…no toys, no nip, no litter, no foods…just vet care. We pull kittehs and doggies that are usually adults and/or special needs…and sometimes it means lots of medical care needed and our vet care budget is ALWAYS not enough….sigh…and put me in for a FURRari ride when you are headed to the Ahwahnee Hotel…purrrrs…paw hugs, Savvy

      • spittythekitty on said:

        Oh, okay! That’s really good too and the kitties and woofies do need that carre–not as much fun as a nippy mouse, but prolly even moar impawtant! XOXOX

  8. Belated happy Gotcha Day. Concats on the commentathon.

  9. WWWWWOOOOOOOOHHHHHOOOOOOOOO is right!!! Pawsum effert frum all of us to help sweet Savannah out!!!! Fankz der lettin us be there fer you n share n da event!!! xo Lub Nylablue.
    PeeEss: Yer Hu’Mum n Dad are da best!!!! ❤

  10. Miss Satchie on said:

    oh, auntie Savvy. I am so sad I missed your Gotcha Day. So sorry 😦

    But I’m happy to hear you got so much money for the shelter! woot woot!

    • Oh sweetie, no problem, I think I heard your Mom was a bit under the weather…but I know you would have been there if you could…I have not visited hardly anyone for a WEEK! I am shocked ANYONE ever comes to visit me anymore…sigh…blogging every day is hard to do for me and Mom…

  11. Whoohoo! Contra Costra Humane Society is gonna wish you had a Gotcha Day every day, Savannah!! Good going to everybuddy! And you sure got some great cards!!

    • Hey guys! So nice of you to come by, I am ever so sorry I have not been over to visit for sometime. We got so far behind we are not sure how to start catching up…any ideas??? Mom and I are just sad over our performance in visits

  12. Katie Isabella on said:

    Oh Honey, I loved reading all this wonderful news. Cncatulations again on your Gotcha Day. Mine will be coming up in a week or so. I am proud of all the dollars you and others helped raise for your donation. Xxoooxx

  13. Whoa! You guys did great with the fundraising. Love you lots.

    • awwww thanks CK, I am sure I could have done better on Twitter and at Nip Club, but I just can’t do both right now. It takes Mom too much time doing all the tech stuff, if it was just writing, no problem, but then adding links, doing a bit of on line photo edits, etc…she is pretty stressed right now…and yeah, I am kind’a pouting cuz no one has heard from me on their blogs in a while…

  14. Concats Savannah! That was a great amount you raised.

  15. Woooohoooo! That is so amazing!!!! So much money for a wonderful cause, and such good friends to help you out there too! That is unbelievables!!!!! Congrats Savannah! You did all this- well with a little help from your ma and pa of course! 🙂

  16. Congrats Savannah.
    Really nice amount you raised.

  17. Yay! That was an awesome party, and awesome reason to celebrate and wow, what an awesome cause and and awesome amount raised to help them! You rock Savvy!

  18. Wow, what a party 🙂

  19. Savannah, thanks for the mention in your blog, the link to my photo, and the pictures of the cards. Congratulations on the success of the commentathon — you’ve done a great job of inspiring all of us!

    Looking forward to your visit while my housekeeper is at your house. I’m trying to decide what room we should start “redecorating” or “dusting” first. Your friend, Dinah (RWB.)

  20. Wow! That’s incredible and what a great gotcha day celebration! We admires you!

  21. catfromhell on said:

    Concatulations! Savannah yous is one giving cat! And yous can tells how loved yous is! Thanks for letting us come to your gottcha day,

  22. How very exciting!!! Way to go, Savvy! What a great Gotcha Day!
    Play bows

  23. Whoooo Hooooo!*Speedy doing happy bunny dance*well done Savvy!xx Speedy

  24. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    conga rats two ewe savannah on ree ceevin 75,000 commints !!! now we noe why de interwebs be sew slo this week oh end !!!

  25. hee hee…Savvy we had so much fun and HA HA HA to our Mommy!!

    We lubs you TONS!!!

  26. Wow! That is totally awesome. Well done!!!

    The Chans

  27. Well happy belated gotcha day. It’s very awesome the comments helped donations. Great job! =^..^=

  28. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    What a magnificent thing to do. Not only a great party but a great deed. I know that giving another shelter animal the chance for their own furever family is all you hope for, but you also have our all encompassing admiration. You and your family are a true role model.
    Purring for you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  29. Wow, well done!!!

  30. that’s pawsome MEWS!! Concatulations!

  31. $105 US is even more Canadian.
    Savvy’s freinds please let’s join together for a big WOOHOO…to all the peeps who helped make Savvy’s day a very special one.
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  32. Apawwws, apawwws!!! How great is this ;o) I think that was such a fabulous first gotcha day… I’m excited to read about your next 100 gotcha days (at least 100)

  33. Wow Savvy….what a wonderful result for your Gotcha Day Commentathon. Lots of people supporting not just YOU but the whole idea behind the celebration of the day and shelter cats in need. You should be proud of yourself and your pawrents and all the great people who “upped the ante” for your effort – I know you are pleased. It was a fun celebration – I enjoyed myself !!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  34. That’s fantastic Savvy!!!

  35. That’s a great donation in honor of your gotcha day. The rescue where our humans got Pierre and later Newton is no longer in operation, so we need to get them to think about another cause that is connected to us! We know that money will help more cats find their forever homes, and that’s pawesome!

  36. Super, super, super! Just wait till next year!!

  37. Well done you on a fab gotcha day!

  38. Great job and I’m glad for once my comment was worth something!!! 😀

  39. Staggeringly wonderful total! Well done everyone 😀

  40. Really pawsome news!

  41. What an awesome gotcha day, Savannah – you have so many wonderful and generous friends! Great job raising donations for the Contra Costa Humane Society!

  42. conCATulations dearest Savvy and your generous family and furiends … $105 USD is so much in any language xxx’s

  43. Pawsome! What a great Gotcha Day Celebration you had. We don’t think we’ve ever seen one like it. We can’t wait til your blogaversary!

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