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Getting My Sunday Easy On…in a tent!!


I am so getting my easy on…I have been sleeping on my Winter afghan…nice colors, huh?

But as you can see, I have to keep my paws around my nose to keep warm…


…then Mom made me this TENT!!…she always promised me I could have one like my Mentor Sammy…and finally…I have one…on our bed!  And they turn on our electric blankie so my tent gets nice a warm….ymmmmm


…I tried to go back to sleep after Dad did the FLASH and CLICK thing…so he only got this blurry shot of me closing my eyes…


I am right back under here today…Dad changed our sheets, then remade the tent just like Mom did it…

Hope you are all having a great Easy Sunday…be sure to come back tomorrow for my Monday Meowsie News…I am revealing the Grand Total we raised from my First Gotcha Day Pawty Comment-athon…and you are gonna be purrleased at what happened to make the GRAND TOTAL even more!!!

Paw pats, Savannah

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56 thoughts on “Getting My Sunday Easy On…in a tent!!

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  2. Savannah, your tent is so cool! I could use one too, because it’s cold and rainy here in the Netherlands and I need something to cover, besides a blanket. I’ll ask granny right away… see ya…..Grannyyy…

  3. Miss Satchie on said:

    What a nice tent you have, auntie Savvy! I want one too!

    • oh Satchie, it is so easy…and you and Jay will luvluvluv having one…Mom just makes it with stacked up pillows and throws an afghan, or a blanket or even a big towel like a beach towel, over the top…voila!! A Cat Tent!

      • Miss Satchie on said:

        I’m gonna ask mom for a tent then. I like when mom makes me a fort with the pillows. Jay likes that too. He goes under the pillows and when he does that I like to jump on Jay but then he gets all grumpy…

  4. Any chance theres a little extra room in your tent??

  5. spittythekitty on said:

    You gots a tent? And a ‘lectric blankie?? I am feeling deprived! Oh, huuuuuuuuman. Come here and see what Savvy’s Humans built for her? How come *I* don’t have a tent like that? huh? Huh?

  6. How nice of your parents to make a tent for you. We hope you had an easy Sunday.

  7. Hey Savvy, Jetty here. Hi Miss Linda.

    After Mom’s long day, she wishes someone would make her a cozy tent like yours!! 🙂

  8. maxwellnfaraday on said:

    um… *raises paw* Momma wants to know how you guys got your dad to change the sheets – and WE wanna volunteer to snoopervise, cuz we LOVE sheet changing day!

    • well, errrr…ummmm…Dad always changes our bed sheets…and I am too afraid of him to join him…or even Mom if she did it…but I do appreciate a nice tidy bed and Dad makes our bed nice, and now my tent, every morning…it’s his job, na’mean???

  9. If it wasn’t going to be close to 40C here today I would like a tent, but the tent would need to have a fan and ice-packs!

  10. It looks like a very good place to sleep miss Savannah!

  11. Looks cosy Savvy! Happy snoozing:-)

  12. That is a great tent. Just right for napping and keeping snuggly warm.

  13. I think you are so spoilt Savannah but being a cat it is what you deserve. Am hoping that huMum will turn the airconditioner on for me today *upside down world* xxx’s

    • OH Jessie…even Princess Zena is roasting…she is ‘down under’ as you are…we will have our share of the aircon come sometime around May-June. In this East Bay area of San Francisco bay area, we are far enough inland, about 7-10 miles ONLY…but enough that we don’t get the fog and cool ocean air like SPitty, and we get really hot, hot, hot in late Spring and Summer…

    • oh my yes! I know the aircon! We have such very hot, hot, hot Summer and early Fall here in the East Bay of the San Francisco…not like King Spitty who most always has the ocean fog…we do not…hope you can keep COOL!

  14. That is a great tent. Now I want one of those – especially one to keep me warm with a heated blankey!

  15. Lucky you, Savannah! I’d like a tent too!

  16. catfromhell on said:

    What a great tent! Yous looks so warm and cuddly in there!
    Me thoughts it was always nice in California?
    Me is going to has to see if Mommy will makes me one! Me can see it now… my heating pad on my red bed, between 2 pillows and my cuddly blanket as the top!!!! Come on Mommy, me wants yous to make me a tent!!!

    • Hiya Nellie! and yes, the tent design is all from Sammy…you just need to get Mommy to make it for you. And using all the things you enjoy snuggling in is purrfect. And, Mommy owed it to you to make you BE the QUEEN of Paw blogs that you are…in my book anyways…paw hugs, Savvy

  17. Love your quilt! TW is leery of ‘lectric blankies cos the old kind used to emit waves that could give you the evil C. Hope you’re all comfy and warm. Maybe you could save a spot for Spitty cos he’s been cold lately.

    • Hey, Hey Hey CK! I hope the Tower of Power is UP!! and tell TW not to fret about those ‘wave’…my Mom and Dad have had these thingies since they were both kids…and so far, so good…and seriously, they are like REALLY old…and I do know Spitty has been cold…he whines a lot actually…for Ceiling Cat’s sake, we live in the SF bay area…it never hardly ever gets to freezing!!

  18. Right that is it we want a tent :-). How cool is that xxx

  19. You look so happy at the last picture, it seems like a pawfect sunday for you ;o) I like it too to have a tent or a cave ( maybe I’m a guy from neander valley)

  20. Cool that your hoomasn made you a tent in the bed !
    If I want a tent in the bed I have ta make it myself , if I may say soo I do it pretty good 🙂

    • Well, Charlie R, I am too tentative, scared, whatever to make my own tent…my “before” me cats all made their own tents whenever they wanted one…I just don’t ever, never try to push a door, or blanket or anything with my nose to make it open or bigger for me…don’t know why…

  21. LOVE your tent, Savvy!!! And we love red here too. We have TWO red rooms. One is mine (well, they all are really) and the second one was turned into a kitten room for a certain orange beast. I think he should go back into the kitten room. Permanently.
    Get your easy on!
    xo, Katie

    • so Katie, seriously…dish gurl furriend…I have to know about the ‘kid’…I keep hearing Mom and Dad talk about “trying” another cat…do you think I should speak up and say “older is better” or “younger is better” or….FOR’GID’BOUT’IT!!!

  22. That’s an awesome tent! We like to go under stuff, too, especially Pierre. The humans call it “going camping.” As in “What’s that lump under the comforter? Oh, it’s just Pierre going camping again.”

    Enjoy your beautiful tent!!

  23. Your tent looks super warm and very colorful. We thinks it suits you to a T. ~Scylla & Family

    • Scylla, thank you so furry much for coming to visit…purrlease know that I am thinking about you and your furrAmily every day…I have not visited hardly anyone…we are just trying to reply and will keep trying to visit…paw hugs, for Socks, you, Fenris and purrrayers for Tuiren

  24. Hey Savvy! How way cool that your pawrents made you a tent! See why I love sleeping in a tent? So cozy and warm and snuggly……and private too…..I’m glad you like your tent and now that your pawrents see how much you do, I bet you have one available ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time!

    Glad to hear the comment-athon was a BIG success……that’s great!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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