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I try really hard to never miss an opportunity to write a blog post to meow about ways we can all help Make A Difference in the lives of animals around this world.  This post is about the growing movement in the USA, where I live, to create a No Kill Shelter reality.

The NO KILL movement is trying hard to get a paw hold in the USA.

The problem in the USA is that there are so many who have different perspectives as to “how” to achieve this in animal shelter management.  You can get lots of information from the following links:

Maddie’s Fund No Kill Information…click HERE

No Kill Network…click HERE

In my last post for B4TC post, I shared what Mom L has been doing to volunteer for our local SNIP (Spay, Neuter Impact Program)… Click HERE 

And this is where it all begins…if we want a No Kill Nation in the USA…it starts with providing low cost/no cost spay and neuter vet services in communities across this nation….similar to SNIP…but including woofies too.

Once again Mom L volunteered for SNIP admissions…on October 12th, the SNIP clinic admitted 111 cats for spay/neuter surgery.  Only feral, stray cats can be admitted…and they must arrive in their traps to avoid having cat guardians bring their own cats in, who are already in their permanent homes…sad, right?

Shouldn’t everyone who accepts the responsibility of bringing a cat or dog into their home have affordable spay/neuter available to them??  Just wonderin’….

The first kittens Mom L checked in for their “fix” were just the prettiest kittens…only 4 were trapped, there were two more still to come in…(click to bigify and hover to read captions)

And these kittens entered the process…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The challenge  for all of us in the USA…what more can each and every one of us do to promote the No Kill Movement??

This is not about donating green papers…this is about speaking out in human speak about the importance of providing low/no cost spay and neuter for woofies and cats…unless we as a nation believe this is important…the No Kill USA Movement will fail…that is stated as “my humble opinion”…

Please join me, and my humans in supporting the national movement to bring the USA into the NO KILL global community.

Paw Pats, Savannah


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39 thoughts on “Do You Want A NO KILL USA?? BTC4A

  1. TNR and low-cost spay and neutering totally work! We have a few groups in our area dedicated just to those things. What a blessing!

  2. Hi Savannah, I tried to comment your last week’s Thankful Thursday post but the site wouldn’t let me, so I’m leaving your comment here. HeeHee!

    Congratulations on your wonderful Commenathon.
    You did a great job and $180.00 is fantastic!!!
    And big congrats to your prize winner. Yayyyyy!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop. We look forward to reading your posts each week and seeing your piccies. *waves paw* :=o)

  3. An important message and great info here – spay and neuter is so important!

    Thanks for joining us today to blog the change for animals!


  4. Fantastic Savvy! Going to go check out those links too. We are totally for spay/neuter and no kill. Mom tries to help support and her vet is very good about supporting to local shelter.

  5. I think it’s absolutely wonderful that a clinic such as this one provides spay/neuter services for feral cats, it’s a much-needed service. But I agree wholeheartedly with you that we need this low-cost service available for cats *and* dogs, regardless of whether they have a home. It will undoubtedly take many generous donations and volunteer services of vets and techs to offer it – but surely it can be accomplished.

    Here’s to the day when we no longer have pets without homes!

    Thank you for blogging the change for animals!

  6. This is so important! Spreading the word that there are spay and neuter options available to everyone that are within their reach and means is so important. When one person learns that they can afford to spay or neuter that cat they were otherwise leaving intact, so many other lives are saved by not creating more burden on the shelter system. We hope that someday the US will get to a no-kill status, but it starts with a handful of people who believe and will spread the word.

  7. 888 pawz up fer a NO KILL nayshun!!!
    Our town iz no kill n we speek out alot fer affordable spay n neuter programz…
    As ya nose our Feral group also purrvidez affordable surgery fer low income peepz …
    We haz seen many kittehz fixed n livin da guud life ’cause diz program iz in place!
    Apawz apawz fer Aunti fer doin so much werk fer da kittehz n to carry da message!! Well dun Aunti n Savannah…
    Lub ❤ Nylablue n ❤ Mum xxxx

  8. tonkstail on said:

    That’s precisely what we’re doing this Friday evening – the day after National Feral Cat Day: Jackson will be here to speak in KC.
    We invited those shelters who have TNR, low cost spay/neuter and other similar neighborhood and community /feral cat programs to come share about their resources and programs. These shelters will be offering educational handouts and other information to all attendees. If we can educate just a handful of people, and they can educate another handful….

  9. OK, so UCFCC is working to make our county no kill but how do we expect people to be smart enough to “Fix” their cats when humans are not smart enough to stay in their own houses and off airplanes when they have been exposed to Ebola. So long as humans are so stupid, the cat population will keep growing. Cats are much smarter than humans.

  10. Katie Isabella on said:

    Savannah, I had to get Mariodacat to send me the URL to the blog as when I click your name, I only get your “front page” and no way to get into the blog. THANK GOODNESS! Here I am at last.

    I think this is the best idea EVER!!!!

  11. One of the most awesomest things that has happened in our community is the opening of our low cost spay/neuter clinic a couple of years ago.

  12. this is an excellent post today Linda !! let’s hope this is achieved; globally.. in our life time ♥


  13. Our city is classified as NO KILL but that standard is only set at like 92%. We want it to be 100% no kill. We hope we can get there one day.

  14. Two Frwnch Bulldogs on said:

    We are also trying to participate all the time in the no kill movement. A very important cause
    Lily & Edward

  15. we hope we can get there someday. we are lucky in that there is a wonderful low cost spay/neuter clinic in our area…that is always busy. and they are feral and rescue friendly. and a local rescue has a voucher program for spay/neuter as well. we agree though – while spay/neuter of ferals and strays has to be a HUGE part of the conversation, spay/neuter of personal pets has to be just as important.

  16. That is a wonderful ambition and thing to work for, Savvy! Our local shelter is a no kill and they do great work which we support!!

  17. Wow! Great post!! We humans can always do more, and your absolutely right about speaking out and making a difference! Well done!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  18. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We dream of the day that people are on waiting list to adopt a kitten or puppy and every adult animal is snapped up as soon as it becomes available. Sadly, many people don’t value the four legged being in their care because they feel that the animals are easy to replace. One thing that help change that is falling in love with a furry one. So often that brings about a change that couldn’t happen any other way. Our HuMom and the GrandHuMom are both annoyingly outspoken about spaying and neutering the four leggeds. Since those who rescued me thought that I was very likely kicked out of my first home when I came into my first heat, only to end up pregnant and homeless, I am personally extremely passionate about low/no cost spay neuter. I wonder how we can get the media to cover the idea of a “No Kill” nation? Perhaps marketing the idea like political canidates market themselves would work. Most importantly, making it part of a national, and world, conversation, as you are doing here, is an important, vital step.

  19. Very important meowing today. We think low cost spay and neuter is so important. ~Scylla & Family

  20. Whee are quite fortunate that our local shelters are all no kill and whee fight to get even the most difficult animals into homes. One pair of rabbits have been with the rescue 3 years which breaks our hearts. But they refuse to stop till those anti-social bunnies get a home. Whee wish the world would be like this


  21. I hope once all countries will have the same animal welfare act like germany . I specially like their §2 where all pet owners are obliged to take care of their pets, appropriate for the species.

  22. Savvy what a wonderful post……….nothing would make me happier than a no-kill USA. Those of us who were saved from this know how much it would mean to those who are in those sad places if they had HOPE in their little hearts rather than FEAR………….

    Love, Sammy

  23. Aaaaw Savannah what a gweat posty. Weez so agwee. And weez agwee dat these kinds of clinics shuld exist fur evewypawdy too, not just da stway or fewals. Wiff so many kitties bein’ aloud to roam wound outside da pets need to be altered also. Education is pawamount. Yous keep it up and weez will too. sumday weez just might achiev a no-kill USA.

    Luv ya’


  24. The Swiss Cats on said:

    It’s so impawtant ! Yes, and yes again, spay and neuter is one of the keys of a NO KILL nation ! Purrs

  25. So, so important, Savannah! Thank you. I shared your post on my Facebook page.

  26. Strange, isn’t it, that a smaller Germany can do it and the big US of A can’t …

    • That is part of the challenge…the shear size of this country and there will never be a federal mandate or law. It is within the parameters of STATE governance We, in the Savannah’s Paw Tracks household are actively initiating action to raise funds for a new low/no cost spay neuter clinic in a part of our county which has the highest number of stray, feral cats and dogs not neutered.

      • Oh, we do have a federal republic, too. But the german states are not as independent as in the US of A – so the Federal government can set up quite a lot of rules that bind the states. There is a federal animal protection law which forbids to kill an animal without a good reason. So, hunters MAY hunt, but they have to accept limitations, butchers may kill cos food is a good reason, vets may only kill if the animal is irrevocably ill, or a danger to society. (Like a dog that bites children) Hence all our animal shelters have to be no kill shelters.

  27. kittiesblue on said:

    I always say I am going to do the Blog for the Change, and absolutely never get to it. I have a super great post to write about our local no kill shelter, and should have done it for today, but alas….messed up again. Linda you are such a super good person for all you do for animals. Hugs, janet

  28. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping spread this very important message!

  29. Tammy Rieser on said:

    good topic and pics!   Tammy Rieser “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a DOG/CAT makes you rich! ~Lewis Sabin

    From: Savannah’s Paw Tracks To: Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 8:45 PM Subject: [New post] Do You Want A NO KILL USA?? B4TC #yiv6179963014 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv6179963014 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv6179963014 a.yiv6179963014primaryactionlink:link, #yiv6179963014 a.yiv6179963014primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv6179963014 a.yiv6179963014primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv6179963014 a.yiv6179963014primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv6179963014 | Savannah’s Paw Tracks posted: “HIYA!! SAVANNAH HERE!!!I try really hard to never miss an opportunity to write a blog post to meow about ways we can all help Make A Difference in the lives of animals around this world.  This post is about the growing movement in the USA, where I l” | |

  30. I want to have a NO-kill WORLD, Savvy, and one day, that is exactly what we shall have. I know it.


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