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Another Look: Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking

This is my second re-post in a series of four. The first was published December 17, 2014.

I have updated information about my good Sibe pal RARA. It is at the end of this post. His Dad Mark gave us permission to share it. 

I chose to post this interview on Christmas Eve because I believe it has the true spirit of this holiday season, whatever your beliefs may be…this is a time of giving, reaching out and caring about others whether animal or human. First published October 16, 2012…click HERE


RR Dogs Are Talking 2

A Bi-Monthly Series Featuring Adult Rescue Dogs and Cats

 Hiya! Savannah Here Again!…and with me today is another special furriend, one of my first Sibe pals from Twitter!

His Twitter handle is @ra_husky and his blog is RA Husky…he Tweets lots and blogs when he feels he has something to bark about…you can visit here to learn about his name, RA

I just luvluvluv his blog header…it is a take off on the famous painting by Edward Hopper called Nighthawks!  Check out RA just hangin’ outside that diner! woo woo!

So purrlease help me make RA feel at home and give him a warm welcome!


Savannah: Hiya RA! I can’t believe you are here arwooing with me!  We only knew each other on Twitter. This is great!

RA:  Thank you very much for having me.  I’ve read your interviews and am honored to be included. (Play bows to Savannah)

Savannah: RA, I know you are part of a pack of Sibes.  I think there are 3 of you? You, RA, and Nanuk and Isis.

Anyway, can you woo a bit about how you found your furrever home with Pops?

RA:  Well Savannah, about ten years ago Pops was at the vet with his cat Azrael (RIP).  I was brought in earlier that day by a kind lady who found me; I was in terrible shape.  I had several broken teeth and a huge laceration under my tongue that made it impossible to eat. I was miserable I tell woo!

Savannah:  Aiieeee!!  (stretches up to gently lick RA’s head)  I feel pawful that you were so hurt RA!  If it is not too painful, can you woo some more about your condition?

RA:  Did I mention I couldn’t eat either?  My poor elbows were like leather from sleeping on cold concrete.  I was down to 45 pounds (I’m 65 now).  Just down and out all around I tell woo!  I ended up having to stay at the vet’s for a couple days, and Pops visited me every day.

Then on the third day I heard the techs talking about me. They said I was going to be going home; sure enough Pops showed up—this time with a leash!  I picked up walking on a leash pretty quickly too.

Savannah:  Meowser RA!  That is totally amazing that after all you have suffered you were able to walk out ON LEASH!

Do you have anything you can woo about to help us understand any troubles you had getting used to being in a real home?

RA:  Hmmm, I’ve always been a slow eater.  That’s something some huskerboos do, but I eat especially slow due to my missing teeth.

I was very shy too.  Even with Pops—sometimes he would have to come find me when he got home from work—I’d be hiding.

Thunder storms also used to scare me REALLY bad.  I’d say the first couple years with Pops were pretty hard.  I’m a lot better though.  I can still be shy around people I don’t know, but I warm up soon.  I really love all the little kids in our neighborhood.  It’s really just grown-ups that can still upset me.  Kids are fun!

Savannah:  That is really great RA that you like small peeps!  They scare me kind of…so, how did you and Pops work on getting you over some of your fears?

RA:  Hawoooo!  We ran Savannah!  Sometimes we would run several times a day.  Exercise was what made me happiest for a long time. (At present I prefer to snooze on the couch…or my furry special foam bed with afghan).

And being on schedule helped me a lot too.  It took me a while but we started venturing out more and more; down town for biscuits and gravy on Sundays; campus for meeting all sorts of people and then the open country for me to play.

Play was hard for me at first too Savannah.  I didn’t know what a ball was, can woo believe that?  I learned to socialize with other K9s too.  And horses, I learned about horses!

And something else Savannah, Pops reads to all us pups—out loud.  And he talks to us.  I think that’s one thing I enjoy most.

Savannah:  That is really creative how your Pops used reading to get you used to his voice and to help you be calm…what a great idea!  Mom and Dad always talk to me so I know they ‘know’ I am around.

RA give a few more woos about stuff you have changed over the years…you know, have you been able to show your REAL SELF?

RA:  Hawooo!  I’d say very successful Savvy!  I am not nearly so shy—sometimes I’m aloof though BOL!  Really though, we continue to train and play.

Exercise is not so important these days but I still enjoy a couple nice walkies every day.

Story time is still one of my favorite times of the day.  I always sit & watch Pops while he reads.

Savannah:  Your Pops is just great RA!  So, the last question, do you have any advice to offer any advice our readers who are trying to help their own adult rescue dog show more and more of his or her REAL SELF?

 RA:  Make a ‘safe place’ for them.  My den under Pop’s desk was my safe place for the first few years I was around.

Give them time Savannah.  It took me a long time to become who I am.

And talk to them; let them hear your voice.  Establish a routine so they know what to expect.

Feed them well and make sure there is always fresh cool water.

Savannah: RA, I am so purrleased you agreed to come woo with me, I  know you Husky types are very, very busy, what with all the running and playing you do.

This was great!  Any last thought or soft woos of wisdom you want to share?

RA: Thank you so much Savannah for having us.  We’d just say to any new adopters congratulations!  We think the world of animal rescuers.  Enjoy your new companions!

Wasn’t RA just pawsome!  What a great guy! So much to share.

Paw pats, Savannah

UPDATE ON RA MY HUSQUIBERIAN BUDDY: First, I ask that you do NOT visit RA Husky blog and leave any words of sadness or sympathy. His family has joy in having had him in their lives.  In comments below, let Dad Mark know this story and update brought you happiness, not sadness. 

RA passed from this world in August, 2014. His Dad Mark gave me permission and in fact encouraged me to share this update and story about RARA’s last morning with his Dad. You really must watch the videos as they are absolutely endearing and so joyful see.

In Dad Marks aka ‘Pops’ own words:

Please do add the update of him getting his last bone, he is my love.

It was three years from the time I noticed a hitch in his getup to the time his back end completely quit…he was bright eyes and fully with it till the very end, I am glad I held him, there at the end and the last thing he heard was me saying his name…RARA.”

Dad Mark also shared this story about his and RARA’s last morning together.

“I had given him a nice marrow bone about 15 minutes before [he was to take his next journey] and about 5 minutes before he was to leave he stopped chewing and looked at me, I knew exactly what he wanted.

Some back story here; RARA loved to bury his bones, apparently they became much tastier after being underground for a few months, it always struck me very funny. Anyway, I carried him outside and that is exactly what he wanted to do, so he buried it and then looked at me and I knew he was saying it was ok to bring him back in. So I carried him in just as the vet was arriving. He knew exactly what was going on…

It’s funny how you see them out of the corner of your eye, or think you hear them, or feel a lump on the bed in the night or other stuff that reminds you they are right there…

So yes, please use Savvy’s interview with my boy.”

Dad Mark approved my sharing his videos of RARA enjoying his bone (notice the moment he glances up at his Dad to let him know it’s time to bury that bone) and being able to bury it…I suspect he took that bone with him to North of The Rainbow Bridge where all northern breed dogs surely go.

The last bone…

Burying the bone…


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17 thoughts on “Another Look: Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking

  1. sandy921 on said:

    Oh dear as I’m catching up on email and found your post Savannah – what a lovely interview. I enjoyed reading about Ra’s journey to becoming a much loved woofie, especially the part about being read to. This is a very special bond and as Mark says, I do believe that our animals are still around us – perhaps in different forms, but nevertheless, a bond this strong does not break. Thank you Savannah and Mark for sharing this interview with us.

  2. What a great story of Love for the Christmas Season. Sorry we weren’t here the day you posted it. Please tell RaRa’s Dad Mark thank you for sharing those wonderful videos. What a fantastic bond they shared.
    Loves to Mark and Loves to you all.
    Marty and Mom

  3. Precious RA Husky! I used to love seeing him around the Blogworld. I loved reading the interview & watching Ra’s last videos…yes I have tears in my eyes but I am smiling too….
    RA lives on in our memories & hearts….
    Love Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0

  4. RARA was a good pal,always made me giggle!Play Bows to you my friend Play bows,xx Speedy

  5. Love you dude,

  6. TW is crying her eyes out over the end of this post. and for a WOOFIE! Hope your Mom is starting to feel better and wean off the meds. Merry Christmas Eve.

    • Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I had hoped for more to let RARA’s dad Mark know others can see and feel the bond they shared. Your visit and comment as with all the other mean a lot to me and mean more than getting the “numbers”. And yes, Mom L is using a cane now and starting to take less potent pain meds and trying to stretch the time between too. The pain is worth the end result!

  7. I have been friends with Mark and his huskerboos for a while as well through twitter, and I do know how much he truly loved RA and his other sibes too.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. manxmnews2014 on said:

    Thank you so much for your card this year. We just wanted to let you know now for two years in a row our card to you has been returned and we had the correct address, we don’t know why??

    Merry Catmus Eve
    Annabelle * Boo * Ping * Jinx

    • This gives me leaky eyes! I can’t imagine what is happening. Perhaps if you don’t also use my name along with Savannahs, the USPS doesn’t delover? But I know Savannah receives packages and cards address to her all the time. I will message you the address and ask that you try to mail it one more time as I really need to get to the bottom of this. Thank you for telling me. I am still recovering from knee replacement surgery Dec 11, but I can certainly try to uncover the problem. You are likely not the only one

  9. Your rescue stories are ALWAYS worth a second read.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS my friends!!!


  10. . My tears are running that one of this wonderful nordic pups left this world in august and I bow my head for Ra’s dad. Many thanks for picking this post today, Savvy, it was good to read about true love today. Have a wonderful Christmas at Casa Savannah :o)

  11. What a special story. Thanks for sharing RA’s story again and the update. Purrs to RA’s dad…you can feel the love they had.

    Meowy Christmas Eve.

  12. A story both so beautiful and also sad in its ending. But that is the way of all things, and Ra had such a wonderful life after that sad start. Thanks, Savvy!


  13. That was the perfect Christmas story……love given and received…..that goes on forever and ever. What a gorgeous boy RA was and we know he’s burying bones over the Bridge and keeping an eye on his Forever Dad Mark…….

    Sending Wishes for a Most Merry Christmas to All!
    Love, Sammy and Mom Pam

  14. What a sweet tribute to RA from his devoted Dad to let you share the update. Very heartwarming and touching. They clearly had a very special bond.

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