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 Hiya! Savannah Here Again!…and with me today is another special furriend, one of my first Sibe pals from Twitter!

His Twitter handle is @ra_husky and his blog is RA Husky…he Tweets lots and blogs when he feels he has something to bark about…you can visit here to learn about his name, RA

I just luvluvluv his blog header…it is a take off on the famous painting by Edward Hopper called Nighthawks!  Check out RA just hangin’ outside that diner! woo woo!

So purrlease help me make RA feel at home and give him a warm welcome!


Savannah: Hiya RA! I can’t believe you are here barking with me!  We only knew each other on Twitter for so long! This is great!

RA:  Thank you very much for having me.  I’ve read your interviews and am honored to be included. (Play bows to Savannah)

Savannah: RA, I know you are part of a pack of Sibes.  I think there are 3 of you? You, RA, and Nanuk and Isis.

Anyway, can you bark a bit about how you found your furrever home with Pops?

RA:  Well Savannah, about ten years ago Pops was at the vet with his cat Azrael (RIP).  I was brought in earlier that day by a kind lady who found me; I was in terrible shape.  I had several broken teeth and a huge laceration under my tongue that made it impossible to eat. I was miserable I tell woo!

Savannah:  Aiieeee!!  (stretches up to gently lick RA’s head)  I feel pawful that you were so hurt RA!  If it is not too painful, can you woo some more about your condition?

RA:  Did I mention I couldn’t eat either?  My poor elbows were like leather from sleeping on cold concrete.  I was down to 45 pounds (I’m 65 now).  Just down and out all around I tell woo!  I ended up having to stay at the vet’s for a couple days, and Pops visited me every day.

Then on the third day I heard the techs talking about me. They said I was going to be going home; sure enough Pops showed up—this time with a leash!  I picked up walking on a leash pretty quickly too.

Savannah:  Meowser RA!  That is totally amazing that after all you have suffered you were able to walk out ON LEASH!

Do you have anything you can woo about to help us understand any troubles you had getting used to being in a real home?

RA:  Hmmm, I’ve always been a slow eater.  That’s something some huskerboos do, but I eat especially slow due to my missing teeth.

I was very shy too.  Even with Pops—sometimes he would have to come find me when he got home from work—I’d be hiding.

Thunder storms also used to scare me REALLY bad.  I’d say the first couple years with Pops were pretty hard.  I’m a lot better though.  I can still be shy around people I don’t know, but I warm up soon.  I really love all the little kids in our neighborhood.  It’s really just grown-ups that can still upset me.  Kids are fun!

Savannah:  That is really great RA that you like small peeps!  They scare me kind of…so, how did you and Pops work on getting you over some of your fears?

RA:  Hawoooo!  We ran Savannah!  Sometimes we would run several times a day.  Exercise was what made me happiest for a long time. (At present I prefer to snooze on the couch…or my furry special foam bed with afghan).

And being on schedule helped me a lot too.  It took me a while but we started venturing out more and more; down town for biscuits and gravy on Sundays; campus for meeting all sorts of people and then the open country for me to play.

Play was hard for me at first too Savannah.  I didn’t know what a ball was, can woo believe that?  I learned to socialize with other K9s too.  And horses, I learned about horses!

And something else Savannah, Pops reads to all us pups—out loud.  And he talks to us.  I think that’s one thing I enjoy most.

Savannah:  That is really creative how your Pops used reading to get you used to his voice and to help you be calm…what a great idea!  Mom and Dad always talk to me so I know they ‘know’ I am around.

Bark, or woo, your choice Ra, a bit more about stuff you have changed over the years…you know, have you been able to show your REAL SELF?

RA:  Hawooo!  I’d say very successful Savvy!  I am not nearly so shy—sometimes I’m aloof though BOL!  Really though, we continue to train and play.

Exercise is not so important these days but I still enjoy a couple nice walkies every day.

Story time is still one of my favorite times of the day.  I always sit & watch Pops while he reads.

Savannah:  Your Pops is just great RA!  So, the last question, do you have any advice to offer any advice our readers who are trying to help their own adult rescue dog show more and more of his or her REAL SELF?

 RA:  Make a ‘safe place’ for them.  My den under Pop’s desk was my safe place for the first few years I was around.

Give them time Savannah.  It took me a long time to become who I am.

And talk to them; let them hear your voice.  Establish a routine so they know what to expect.

Feed them well and make sure there is always fresh cool water.

Savannah: RA, I am so purrleased you agreed to come woo with me, I  know you Husky types are very, very busy, what with all the running and playing you do.

This was great!  Any last thought or barks of wisdom you want to share?

RA: Thank you so much Savannah for having us.  We’d just say to any new adopters congratulations!  We think the world of animal rescuers.  Enjoy your new companions!

Wasn’t RA just pawsome!  What a great guy! So much to share.

Hope you all learned stuff from RA’s rescue. Be sure to hop over to his blog and drop him a note to let him know you read his story. OR, you can Tweet him an APAWS!  His handle is at the top of this posting.

Thanks for coming by, Paw pats, Savannah

peeEss..I updated this post to make it my Blog For The Change: BE THE CHANGE…I think Pops and RA ARE THE CHANGE!!

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69 thoughts on “Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking…

  1. Ra Husquiberian on said:

    Happy gotcha day in heaven my love, I hope to meet again,


  2. Ra Husquiberian on said:

    Miss you RARA,

  3. Ra Husquiberian on said:

    Thought about you today buddy. Think about you most days.

  4. Ra Husquiberian on said:

    Love you baby, hope Isis found you, I love you.

    • why of course she did Dad! We are a pack. And we will all find you north of The Bridge when it is your time to join us. Me, Isis, Nukkers and Timber Love. Savannah and Mom L made sure we will always and forever have this link to find each other.

  5. I like to come here and read this. Thank you for keeping it up. Miss that dude,

  6. Miss you dude, it’s getting chilly here in the mornings. Thank you for sending TimberLove my way, she loves the cold maybe even more than you did:) Till we meet again my love,


  7. Miss you RARA,


  8. Miss you my love.

  9. Love you baby,

    Daddy, Nuk, Isis & Timber!

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  11. Love you RARA


  12. Miss you dude,


  13. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Savannah, thanks for another touching interview.

  14. Aww, what a sweet woofie!!

  15. What a great interview Savannah!! I have had dogs all my life. Some rescued and some not, but I learned a lot of new useful tips on making them more comfortable in a new home. Thank you:)

  16. spittythekitty on said:

    We almost gotted leaky reading about the bad shape poor RA was in when somebuddy brought him to the vet. YAY for Pops for giving him a great life for all these years with his pals 😉 We will go meow to him tomorrow–we luffed reading his story, savannah. Purrs.

    • Meowser Spitty, I am so happy you like my canine furriend RA, I think he and his Pops are pretty special. I met them on Twitter through some other Sibe furriends and then found RA has a blog…he doesn’t blog all the time, but when he does, it’s pretty fun!

  17. Wowsie and Meowsie savannah what an awesome interview or RA:) Minnie and her parents adopted four rescue Australian Dogs…at first Minnie was not quite sure but she loves them all now…the first one was Auzzie…he was 6 when we got him in 2004 and he passed away in 2011 but he lived a very happy life with us and was so sweet…we all miss hm yet…he was quite the man dog:) Then we adopted Tucker when she was a year old in 2004 so this year she is 9 years old and s very sweet….then we adopted Dasher when he was 4 years old in 2008 and he is very sweet and a great watch dog…and then in 2010 we adopted Kiah who was a year…and we love our dogs very much:)

  18. Charlotte on said:

    RA and his Pops are pawsome, Savannah!! You conducted a terrific interview with RA. I am so glad he found a beautiful home with a great dad. Nose kisses sweet girl! APAWS FOR YOU!!

  19. Whoa! You scored an interview with Ra?

  20. Appaws appaws! That was great! I’m glad I could stop by.

  21. Hey Savvy, Your Champion here. Hi Miss Linda.

    Savvy, we here at Casa Jet are ready to nominate you for a Pawlizter! This series is simply outstanding. RA was so brave to share his story, we were so moved. We loved that Pops reads aloud. Mom speaks to us all the time and follows schedules, and a few other suggestions RA had. The fact RA got better with storms gives me hope. 🙂

    • I thought about you Jetty, really, I did! When RA talked about getting better with storms! I just know there is hope for you sweet furriend. And isn’t it way cool his Pops reads to him and Isis and Nanuk?! Very good Pops

  22. Aww, what a cutie! So glad his daddy took him in!

  23. Mag (Chancy's Mumsy) on said:

    Terrific interview sweet Savannah. We recently met sweet RA and started following him. We sure were sorry to hear that he had lost teeth and has to eat slow, but happy he eats and has and is doing well. That is so cool that Pops reads to them. We enjoyed hearing his story and we are so happy for him that he is having a great life with Pops, Nanuk and Isis. Thank you for doing the interview sweet Savannah. Hugs and nose kisses

  24. GREAT interwiev you did with RA , Savannah !
    I will pop over to his blog and say HI 🙂

  25. You do such great interviews, Savvy! That was another terrific in depth conversation 🙂 RA is gorgeous and has a wonderful Pops xx

    • Savannah's Paw Tracks on said:

      thanks lots AUstin, hop over to his blog and let him know. He doesn’t blog all the time, but efurryone needs some comments now and then, high paws, Savvy

  26. I’m the same as the Woo’s, I read RA’s blog but didn’t know his history. Great interview xx

  27. We love to read Ra’s blog, but we never knew his background. How wonderful that he found that wonderful Dad to give him such a wonderful home.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

    • Savannah's Paw Tracks on said:

      awwww I knew my huskerboo pals would totally luvluvluv RA’s interview. He was very brave to put his paw and woo woo forward, huh?! MOL

  28. catfromhell on said:

    What a great story from Ra, sniff, no that was not a tear, me is catching a bit of a … ok, me loves a good story and me cries when me hears stories about other rescues!

    • Savannah's Paw Tracks on said:

      oh Nellie, we sniffled a bit here too when we first read about RA losing some teeth and not being able to eat well. ANd Nellie, do you have a story you would tell me? I think you are a rescue too? Maybe? And have a history others may not know all about? Just wondering, paw pats, Savvy

  29. Hi there Savannah: What a fab interview with RA Husky!!! He has quite the story to tell & I am so glad you introduced him to us here!!!
    RA you ROCK!!!! You look alot like my Bogart Sam (RIP) who had a similar beginning & also called the space under my desk ‘his safe place’.
    Your Pops is THE Best!!! I read to my kitty girl NYLABLUE also….
    Thanks again for sharing your story!! Savannah you have a great interview manner!! APAWS APAWS!!!!! Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

    • Savannah's Paw Tracks on said:

      awwww…so happy you liked meeting my Huskerboo pal RA! And I suspect that you, Miss Nylablue, may have a rescue story under those purrty furrs of yours, hmmmmmm…welll?? do you?…I could interview you for my December “Real Rescue Cats Are Talking”. Let’s meow if you are interested, send me an email

      • Eeeowww Savannah…me doez hab a story to tell…me wud lub to do an interview….me birfday iz in December so diz wud be pawsome!
        Let me Hu’man n me know what we need to do n we will do da interview fer sure!!! Fankz Savannah…me iz so happy…~~head rubz~~ to you…

        • great Nylablue! I will use the email address I see in your comment ID to send your Hu’man the interview questions. I just have to make a couple of changes and will get them to you. THank you for agreeing to pawticipate

  30. WOW, thanks for that Savvy! We read RAs blog ..he woos good!
    We are usually afraid of dogs but we think RA would be big and foofy to snuggle up to in the winter…he’s nearly as big as that horse in the picture!!We think his Pops is pretty F.A.B. too!
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  31. That was a greatinterview with one very handsome dude!

  32. you the best Savannah,


  33. Wow! RA, I just LOVE your colouring! I’m a silver tabby, myself, and I just LOVE the colour silver. You’re quite the handsome guy! It made me sad to hear ’bout how you were all alone at first and livin’ on the streets and hurt and whatnot. But it made me super-duper happy to read how you’ve got your home now and your great dad and your fur-family and everything. May the purrs be with you. purrs

    • isn’t he beautiful Nissy? And he does have your coloring…hmmm…family connections with a Sibe…no surprise as Mom always says her Sibes were like living with cats trapped in a dog’s body! MOL SIbes are very ‘cat like’…floofy feets, quiet walking, and they clean their faces like we do! And groom themselves like us too…

  34. That’s a lovely interview. It’s so nice to hear how things have improved for him.

  35. Thanks Savannah for inviting this special guest!!! He is a fabulous guy and I’m so glad he found such a good furever home with two other beautiful Sibes. The memories are hurting me a bit but I’m very happy about this interview – thanks again, Savannah, you are a cool kitty!

    • awww Easy, I am sorry if some of my interviews cause you bad memories. I did not think you were a rescue Weimie, are you? and I appreciate having my canine furriends call me a ‘cool kitty’…very special! purrrs

      • easyweimaraner on said:

        … the memories were about the two huskies, we lost in 2009…but we all are so glad about a happy end for Ra… I think all the nordic dogs have always a special place in our heart ;o)

        • oh my, yes, I do remember! so sorry. We had 3 Siberians, I did train them and show them, and we lived within the Siberian world for almost 14 years! The dogs and people are really special. Our breeders for two of our dogs also ran two purebred Sibe sled teams, a 5 dog team and an 8 dog team. I got to got out on the wheeled training sleds and the snow sled, what a great experience. Nordic breeds are our faves and we also became very interested in wolves and wolf protection here in the USA. be well, Mom and Savvy

  36. Oh, YEAH! That was a great interview! Thanks for another great story about giving someone a second chance at happiness!!
    Play bows,

  37. Woo are khwite the purrrrrfekht interWOOer Savannnnnnah 😉

    Thanks fur sharing such a great Siber Tail Tale!


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