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Wordless…New Year




A whole New Year of Adventures, furriendship, furramily and rescue…four paws at a time…we all do what we can do…and the most generous gift we can give to animal rescue and welfare is our time, our sharing on Face Book, Twitter and re-blogging or creating your own blog about a special animal rescue/welfare situation that strikes your heart.

It takes a Global Village to make animal rescue and welfare resound around this world…

Thursday Purrsday…


Thursday Purrsday is my day to share some of the things that keep me purring.  And, sometimes I share things I hope you will help me do, so someone else can have a good Thursday Purrsday too.

…I have a little of both today…I had Mom Linda almost gushing leaky eyes yesterday afternoon.  You see, she bought me two really nice hammik beds like the ones we see lots of other kittehs enjoying…I got them last Catmas Day.  Now, Cuzin Leo has one I gave him for his New Furrever Castle Warming…and well…I just don’t use mine much at all.

Mom Linda always hoped I would use mine, which I keep in our office, so I can nap in it while she types my blog.  She got her wish Wednesday…(click to bigify and hover your mousie over each photo for captions)

I am so purrleased that I have this hammik near Mom Linda…you see…we have been having some stress at home…I can’t talk about yet…I need more information…but I have been a tad jumpy lately…just sayin’…

And now for a request to you all….to help make another adult rescue woofie (BTW…they deserve forever homes too for all you kittehs out there wondering *snicker*) have a Thursday Purrsday of his own soon.

…Remember Phinny?…(click on the link to read all about him)

He so wants to kiss Foster Mom

He so wants to kiss Foster Mom

Well, Phinny had so many peeps wanting to help him get well…Contra Costa Humane Society, my former rescue who pulled him, a pitty mix, from being PTS…received $12, 000 USD in donations to help pay for Phinny’s surgery and recovery.  And peeps lined up wanting to be put on the list to adopt Phinny when he was through his surgery.

Guess WHAT! His surgery was successful…and now…no one wants to adopt him!

…check him out after his surgery…just hanging out with his foster siblings…

Here is my request for all of you reading my Thursday Purrsday post…please help me, help Phinny…he is all well now and looking for his furrever home…and no one, nope, not anyone…after he had his life saving surgery…has stepped forward to adopt Phinny…please, please…share, Tweet, post about Phinny…let’s get him to his furrever home before Catmas Day…

…check him out after his full recovery surgery…learning all about PEANUT BUTTER..

I am not asking for any green papers,  I am just asking you to promote this pawsome woofie…Mom Linda and Dad Peter have purrsonally volunteered to transport him to anywhere in Northern California, and as far as Reno, Nevada and up to the Oregon border.

Let’s all do what we do best in Blogville…help Phinny have his very own Thursday Purrsday…

Now I join Pepi Smart Dog in his Thankful Thursday blog hop…click HERE to read more thankfulness…


Paw Pats, Savannah

I’m Back: Monday Meowsie News


So sorry to have to wait to post…we are now reconnected…

Without waiting any longer…here is what’s happening today… a good woofie furriend asked me if I would do an interview with him to help others’ learn about his rescue story AND to encourage everyone to consider buying his new book which tells all about his incredible rescue and his journey to his furrever home.

Mom and I just read the book and we LOVED IT…here is what we thought was the very best:

  • It is written by my woofie furriend himself
  • This book is great for all ages…so think about gifting it to some of the young humans you know…help them learn about how to treat companion animals
  • All earnings from the sale of this book goes toward supporting animal rescue groups

We were NOT ASKED to do a book review but we wanted to share our pleasure in reading this story.  So without further words…let me introduce my guest interviewee for REAL RESCUE DOGS ARE TALKING: LIFE CHANGING INTERVIEWS WITH SAVANNAH




Savannah:  Arrwooooo…and play bows Kuruk!!

Ku:   Helloooowoooowoooo Savannah! Thank yoooowooowooooo furr having me here!

Savannah: Oh Ku, this is totally my pleasure! I luvluvluv your “Haiku by Ku” bloggy!  And of course you know I won your bad poetry contest you co-sponsored with our furriend Oz the Terrier…ahem…koff, koff…*pink ears* I won for the Kittys’ Worst Poem…but…let’s move right along…

Tell us Ku…how did you come to live with your Mom and pack mates?

Ku:  Woooooo Savannah…your poem was the winner paws down!  Now, my story…

It was a long journey. I was born in a puppy mill in Alaska. My pack was about 170 strong, but we were stuck on 4 foot chains and couldn’t run, run, run like we wanted tooowoowoooo. We didn’t have enough food or water either, so we often lived on snow. Then some people came and took us to a shelter, and not long after that me and three of my pack flew (on an actual airplane!!!) to Seattle where I lived with a foster Mama for a little while. Then one day my Mama showed up with my soon-to-be big brother Simba. She loved me at first sight and took me home. Woooooowooooooo!

West Tiger Two, 4.29.11 002

I’ve been with my Mama for a little over 2 years now. I’m 3 and a ½ to 4 years old. I don’t remember my actual birth date, but Mama picked the date of the puppy mill raid as my re-birthday, so I will celebrate my 4th re-birthday on January 11th.

West Tiger Two, 4.29.11 005

Savannah: Woo had a tough start to life Ku…what was hardest ’bout coming to live with your Mama?

Ku: It all was a challenge! I had no human socialization as a puppy. After my rescue I’d avoid all contact unless I needed to get food, but still no touching! Mama worked very hard and consistently with me. I knew she loved me even though I’d barely let her touch me at first. After the first week in my new home, I’d wake up in the middle of the night to give Mama a kiss while she was sleeping and then go back to bed. I wanted to tell her I love her too, but was too anxious and shy to tell her when she was awake.

After about 6 months I wasn’t afraid of cars driving by, I’d let some people pet me, Mama could hug me, kiss me, pick me up, give me neck and back massages (I’d ask for those!), and even sit and lie down with me. I was still anxious around children, bicycles, and some strangers, but ever since then those don’t bother me now.

The only thing I that really makes me anxious now is bouncing balls. They are scary!!! I am sometimes still shy around strangers, and I prefer to approach them first instead of them trying to put their hand on me. I am always very sweet though and have never been aggressive. Wise brother Simba taught me to always be kind.

It also helped when sistah Nalle joined the pack about a year and a half ago. Nalle is NOT shy at all, so she shows me every day that people are ok.


p.s. I still don’t like my tail being brushed, but Mama does it anyways. Woo!

Savannah: I know your big brofur Simba was such a pawsome role model…(Savvy reaches a paw over to give Ku soft pats)…and I know he had to make his trip to North of The Bridge not long after you arrived.  So how did your Mama take over helping you work through your fears?

Ku: Mama slowly would expose me to more and more things. Everything was new at first. As I got somewhat comfortable with one thing (like being petted), she expose me to something new (like sitting on the floor with my paws on her lap).

Savannah: Your Mama was very wise to only introduce new things a bitty bit at a time…go on…woo some more for us purrlease…

Ku: It’s taken over 2 years, but Mama says I am light years better. I think that’s a whole lot! I just have a little shyness if strangers approach me, but sometimes I will approach them first. A treat from a stranger helps me to trust them faster though! Nalle is always there too, so she helps if I am shy. She wants all the attention anyways so she can ask for tummy rubs!

Rattlesnake with Kuruk 5.12.11 013

Savannah: MOL!  No tummy rubs from strangers for me either Ku.  Do woo have any advice for humans thinking about adopting an adult woofie?

Ku: Rescuing a puppy or kitty is a wonderful responsibility! Our past may have been ruff, but all we need to move forward along the path of recovery is a safe home, patience, affection, and love. Oh treats are good toooowooowoooooo!

Savannah:  This was great!  Any last thought or words of wisdom you want to share?

Ku: Like you already said Savannah,  I wrote a book to raise money for animal rescue and animal welfare. If you’d like to learn more about the story of my rescue and healing journey, you can purchase my book by clicking HERE.

Thank yooowooowooooo Savannah for interviewing me! Nose kissies toooyoooowooowoooooo! Wuv, Ku

WOW! That Kuruk is a real success story!  And Ku is Pawing It Forward with his book…


Thank you for coming by to read my interview with Kuruk.  I am so sorry I had to post so late today…

Paw Pats, Savannah

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