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Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking…


Today I have another interview for my series…

RR Dogs Are Talking 2

Life Changing Interviews With Savannah

I know efurryone was expecting a Real Rescue Cats Are Talking Interview…cuz I had a woofie last time. I just don’t have another Adult Rescue Cat who wants to be interviewed just yet…any volunteers who have a story never heard before and that just screams…”read me, read me!!”…heh..heh…sorry…I got carried away…anywho…let me know if you would like to have your story told.

Moving on…let me just introduce my next Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking interviewee as someone who some may know…as she has had her own blog for kwhite some time…hint…hint…get the spelling?????

Ok, ok…purrlease, give my interviewee your warmest WELCOME to LIFE CHANGING INTERVIEW WITH SAVANNAH!!!….PURRlease meet…


dogster pic 1

You can find her  just about every day at Khyra’s Khorner…she was the very first Siberian I found for my Mom to follow.  Most of you know…Mom and Dad had 3 Siberians before me…and Mom loves to see photos and read about all their adventures…Khyra has had many adventures…so come on in…pull up you blankie…and have a read…

Savannah:  Hiya Khyra!! What a pleasure it is to have you stop by for some woos with me today.  I am honored you had time because I know you are very busy helping your Mom with all of her weekly woofie rescue transports.

Khyra:  Hey Savie-doo-mew…you are looking khwite tasty

Savannah:…oh…well, ummm…ahhh…Khyra….I know you Sibes are sort of known for not kharing much for us cats…but “tasty” is kind’a harsh don’t ya think?

Khyra:  ooopss…my apologies Savvy…didn’t think I woo’d that out loud…ahem…so…what’s your first question?

Savannah:  Ok, I agree Khyra…let’s just get right to it…so tell us how did woo come to find your furrever home?

Khyra:  Back in 2006, my Mom had lots of empty space in heart—she missed having a khanine—and The Doggy Nanny (her mom) knew that; so one day, she told Mom it would be okay for her to have a dog.

SO, Mom chekhked out the lokhal SPCA website—she saw a young GSD/Mix that khaught her eye.  On August 19, she went to visit her; she wasn’t there BUT “Whitney” (my name at the shelter and my secret alter ego when I want to be ‘whikhked‘) was there…heh…heh.


I was in the sekhond grouping of runs that Mom walked by—of khourse, she stopped—and looked—and made THOSE noises.  I let her pet me a time or two but I was WAY more khurious about what was going on elsewhere between the runs; so she khontinued along; looking at the other two sekhtions and then repeated the loop.

When she khame bakhk, I spent more time with her—of khourse, I was being charming yet khoy; I needed to work her a bit; she moved along AGAIN, and returned one final time to pet me some more and wonder if I was “THE ONE!”

First Day I Saw Her

The day she was there—I think all totaled she spent an hour fawning over me; two other human girls were watching and I heard them say “I think that lady is going to buy that dog.”   She left that day WITHOUT ME!  But, but of khourse, that was bekhause she needed to fill out an applikhation fur ME!  She khame bakhk the next Saturday—AUGUST 26th, on her 47th birthday, had them get me out of the kennel so we khould hang out in one of the exercise yards to see if we were going to be happy with each other.

WELL, the rest is history; she sprung me from what she khalls ‘Whitney’s (my former name) B&B’ – aka The York County SPCA; which is akhtually less than TWO miles from my tree!

…my first photo coming to my furrever home…

Day One Khropped

Savannah:  Yeowzers Khyra!! How exciting for you!!  Your Mom picked you out from all those other woofies…and she took you home on her very own birthday!! Pawsome indeed!

But one thing does make me a bit concerned Khyra…if Whitney’s B&B is only TWO miles from your tree in your front yard…ummm…was your new Mom worried you might…ahhh…well…you know…RUN!!! YOU’RE A SIBE!!

Khyra:  (arwoo woo woo…snicker, chuckle…) Savannah, since I know your Mom and Dad had Siberians before you, I know they know how khwikhkly I khould run from there to here 😉  She brought me home—introduced me to The Doggy Nanny and my yard.  After a bit, we took off for Petsmart to get me a (GASP) khrate; I really nevFUR khared fur it; and eventually khonned – I mean khonvinced Mom I didn’t need it!

photo (2)

Savannah:  MOUSES! That must have been some khonvincing woos you had with your new Mom for her to fall for believe that!

So tell us Khyra, what were some of the new things you had to learn to do so you could live as your REAL SELF in your new furrever home?

Did you have any troubles adjusting?

Khyra:  Well, I was an owner surrender to the shelter.  I had this…ummmm…ahhhh…”running off” problem.  I mean like DUH, I’m a SIBERIAN!

It’s what we do…well, my former owners had to agree to khonfine me OR surrender me…as Fate would have it, their surrendering me was the best thing that khould have happened!

I get to live the life of a Princess—with my own chair inside…sometimes I share my chair with Tundra…


…and my own tree outside…

Khyra's Tree

…and servants!  But of khourse, it does mean I khan’t be outside without my leash or tether—otherwise, I’d be bakhk in Siberia or some other glorious place!


My former owners said I had issues with khats—like DUH, I’m a SIBERIAN.  It’s what many of us do.  I’m not into bunnies or skhwirrels but show me a khat, and I’m SO THERE!

(Khyra shuffles her paws…)…ummm…hope you don’t take any of that personally Savvy…but not many of us Siberians can hold back from going after khats…we have a strong ‘prey’ drive I guess

 Savannah:  (looking at Khyra a bit nervously…moving over a bit farther away) Oh Khyra, no, no…I don’t take it personally.  After all, I have known you for a long time now.  So tell me, what else do you have to watch out for…you know…stuff that bothers you?

Khyra:  I do have a few issues with sudden movements; so Mom doesn’t know what the other people might have done to me.  I khan spook a bit—and if I’m in my chair, please do NOT approach me from the side.  I khan’t be held responsible fur what I might do.  If I see woo khoming towards me from the fron—ok; BUT if woo sneak up on me… (shakes head)…not a good idea.


Savannah: Can you woo a bit about some of the ways you and your Mom worked together to help woo get settled into your new home?

Khyra:  As I mentioned, we make sure all know to watch out when I’m in my chair.  If the human lets me know they are there, I’m okay with it.

We also make sure everyone knows to watch the doors when they khome and go—I don’t dash out khwite like I did when I furst arrived but I don’t want them to let down the guard!  I like it here and don’t want to run off but DUH, I’M A SIBERIAN, it’s what we are prone to doing!

The longest I’ve been on run-a-bout was about a week—I mean AN HOUR—Mom gets to be a bit dramatikh when she tells the story.  I slipped my khollar and I was OFF.  She kept me in her sights and tried to keep up with me; eventually she ran bakhk to the house and got The Zen-terra.  Good thing bekhause when I finally let her khatch me, I was a wee bit tired!


Fur the longest time, Mom only took me on ONE walk route.  The only variation was if we went khlokhkwise OR khounterkhlokhkwise—but one day I insisted she let me choose another route—and since we have this standing agreement to let me do what I REALLY want to do, she let me pick!

I made all the turns and got us home!  Since then, she lets me choose the route; whether it be an established one OR a new adventure.  She thinks it shows that should I get loose again, I would know where I lived AND would khome home.  Again, we won’t test this theory but that’s my story and I’m stikhking to it!


Savannah:  So can you share some more about what is different now from when you first arrived?

Khyra:  Since I’m pretty sure I khan’t beat how great these people are; I mean, I really don’t want fur anything—I’m not looking to eskhape; I don’t rush the door and when we return from our walks, Mom often unhooks me as she opens the door and I go in without any khoncerns.

In the beginning, she wouldn’t have unhooked me without being inside with the deadbolt sekhured;  oh wait, that was a wee bit of exaggeration!

Mom has learned not to make me do something I really don’t want to; but on the other paw, I’m pretty well behaved!  I don’t chew things; I don’t get her up early even if SHE gets ME up early on the days she has to go to The GKP (The Great Kibble Provider).

Savannah:  That must be how you always find the dog biskit your Mom hides from you once a week.  You never ever miss finding that bone biskit Khyra!!

Day Six and Seven Treats and Tongue

Last question, can you offer any advice to our readers to help them support their adult rescue dog, or one they may be thinkin’ about bringing into their home, through the process of becoming a pawsitive furramily member?

Khyra:  Mom and I know I won’t be able to tell her all about what happened to me prior to those magikh days in August; so we are patient with each other— that is what we khan suggest to others as support— don’t try to make us into something we are not; and please realize we are trying our furry best to put our pasts behind us.

I mean, I was somewhere between one and two when I let Mom RESKHUE me!  Mom knows from her transports that RESKHUE khanines seem to KNOW they are lukhky and special and FORTUNATE to be here.  Too often some of her passengers were mere sekhonds away from khrossing The Rainbow Bridge; their eyes always let her know they KNOW they have been given another chance and they will repay their new furamilies with love and devotion and happiness 878,787,878,787 times ovfur!

We’ve all got baggage—and so do our humans—but that is an entirely difFURent kholumn!  Arwoo wooo!!!

Savannah:  Khyra, this has been so pawsome to meet you purrsonally and to hear you woo about your rescue.  Do woo have any last thought or words of wisdom you want to share?

Khyra:  Mom and I would love to ask others to support RESKHUES in any way they khan; green paper$, fostering, transporting, ANYTHING is appreciated! I’m really okay with being an only khanine.

Mom has met such great people during her transports.  She’s proud to be able to try and make a difFURence.  She knows she khan’t save them all but she’ll do all she khan to make their time in The Zen-terra special.  

In khlosing, we want to say how much BLOGGERS ROKHK too!  Had it not been fur my blog, I would not have gotten to meet so many pawsome furriends; both furry AND human!

Thanks fur allowing me the time on your inkhredible blog!  Woo are a furry tasty oopps…woo’d out loud again huh Savvy…sorry.  Ahem…I mean woo are a furry special khytty and I’m pretty sure your meowmom is as furry special as woo are!

Savannah:  Awww…Khyra…I know it is your ‘nature’ cuz you are A SIBERIAN!!  Arrwwooo…and play bows.

That’s Khyra’s story…hope you all enjoyed meeting her and will hop over and sat hello if you don’t already know her.

Paw Pats, Savannah

Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking…


Today I have another interview for my series…

RR Dogs Are Talking 2

Life Changing Interviews With Savannah

My special guest today comes from a well known CAT BLOG…yes…that’s what I said…a Woofie living most quietly on a very populated CAT BLOG.

What?? You say!!…and yes, I agree…this is one very, very special woofie indeed…let me introduce you to my pawsome Real Rescue Dog…


Grete 2009 Photo Op

APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!

Grete is a proud member of Cory Cat Talks blog…let’s get started…

Savannah:  Hiya Grete! I can’t tell you how purrleased I am to be having this woof session with you!

Grete: *wags tail* Hi there Savannah!  I’ve been looking forward to meeting you.  Wanna see my ball?  It squeaks! *squeaks ball*

Savannah:  MOUSES!!  Grete!  You are right, that ball really has a great squeekr to it…thanks for sharing that…ummmm…that nice noise…(Savvy takes paws off ears)…must be your new ball…

Grete 2013 with new ball

Thanks so much Grete.  Now first, I think readers will want to hear how you came by your name.  It is an unusual name, don’tcha think?

Grete:  Well, it might be unusual to some, but it is really familiar to me!!

When I was advertised on, my name was Gracie.  That was my name in my previous life.  Mom and Dad actually LOVE the name…but it belonged to Mom and Dad’s Guardian Angel Borzoi…the amazing Gracie.  Mom and Dad didn’t want to upset me too much so they thought that they should change my name to something not so different.  So they kept the GR and came up with Grete.

I love it!  It was good to have a fresh new start and a cool new name.

Savannah:   Actually, I think it is just purrfect for you too.  Now, just to get started, will you share with all of us how you arrived in your furrever home?

Grete:  I had a very interesting and confusing start in life.  My first home…well; I think that is where I was named Gracie.  Anyway, from what my mom was told I was picked up by Animal Control in a county about 30 minutes from where I now live.

When they picked me up, I had a microchip, but I was traced back to an owner who was forced to give me up…they did that in a completely different county than ours…about 45 minutes from where I now live.

This is where it gets really confusing.  The county where I was given up originally sent me off to a local rescue group that adopted me out successfully.

But it wasn’t so successful after all since I ended up on the streets once again…no one knows how or why.  By the time my Mom and Dad found me on the Animal Control website, through, I was 22 months old.

May 21, 2008 Grete 009

I was lucky that Mom was looking at Petfinder on a regular basis.  One day, there was my photo and Mom and Dad immediately dashed off to meet me.  When they got there I was in a concrete kennel.  All the other dogs were barking and jumping up and down, but I just sat there.  After they sprung me, we had a meet and greet on the lawn and I immediately took it upon myself to plant a kiss on Mom.  It worked!  Mom and Dad also asked them if I would be ok with cats and they thought I would.

Next thing I knew is that Mom went in the office and Dad stayed with me outside.  After what seemed like forever, they invited me to jump in the car.  I hopped right in and I knew this was my lucky day.

Savannah:  Oh Cat!  Grete, you must have been soooooo excited to busted out of jail and then you got a car ride to your new home…PAWSOME!!

So, how did it go with the cats…aren’t there several over at Cory Cat Talk??? And maybe give a few woofs about any challenges you had to face when you moved into your furrever home?  You know, was it hard to show your REAL SELF at first??

Grete:  Well, I thought I had it made once I jumped in the car.   They took me home and let me come inside the house.  They kept me on a leash the whole time.  I didn’t understand…but once the door opened I saw all of these kitties!

Whoa!  I barked one bark.  “HELLO”!

I think it was too much for them because I saw a few of them go vertical…almost hit the ceiling!  It was awesome! (snicker, snicker…)

Now, I help Jonesie with her garden and we share jokes together…

Grete and Jonesie telling jokes

I think my biggest challenges in the first couple of weeks were meeting and getting to know my new “pack”…I realized I was now a cat herder.  To keep us all safe, Mom and Dad kept me on a leash at all times, even in the house.

Flash forward, and you can see that now we sleep together…that’s me with Cory…

Grete sleeping with Cory

At first I was deemed the perfect dog, but as time passed and I got more comfortable, some of my issues came out.   I was deathly afraid of lights like car headlights, flashlight, even sunbeams when they flicker out of control.  I was also afraid of sirens and I would howl mournfully every time I heard one.  Vacuum cleaners are evil and I run and hide when mom takes it out of its hiding place in the closet.

Savannah:  Oh Grete…I don’t think fear of the evil HOOVER is considered a “challenge”…why the humans should know better than to ever use those loud evil machines around any of us furramily.  Sheesh…you are not alone in wanting that wicked HOOVER to be dedded!…just sayin’…

Sorry Grete, I interrupted you…keep going…

Grete:  heh…heh…no problem Savvy.  Glad to know I am not alone in fearing that HOOVER!

So, health wise, I had an intestinal bug and my system was all messed up.  That took awhile to get all better.  The worst of it was that my Mom was taking me on long walks and she started to run with me.  I loved that time together, but it didn’t take too long for Mom and Dad to discover I had pain in my elbows.  I was diagnosed with bilateral elbow dysplasia!

Savannah:  OH Grete!  You just couldn’t catch a break in the beginning, huh?…what happened??

Grete:  After my diagnosis with bilateral elbow dysplasia we knew I’d have to get treatment…but one day I was playing with my Dad and I put my paws up….and my paw got caught in his pocket.  The next thing I knew I was howling with pain.  It was horrible!  Dad felt guilty.  I knew it was not his fault.

This meant my treatment became an emergency.  I was scheduled to have my first surgery on October 1st 2008.

October 7 2008 EllieGreteGMoo 002

I had to be on total rest during my recovery and then gradually I could go out in the backyard, on a leash of course.

November 27, 2008, Grete 004

My second surgery happened in December of that same year.

Did you know that once I was all recovered from my elbow surgeries I thought I was DONE!

But, the biggest surprise of all was when I went into heat!  When I was adopted from Animal Control, Mom and Dad were told that I was spayed.  Well, I was not!  Ha!  So, I went in for my spay surgery in April of 2009.  I had 3 surgeries in my first year in my new home.

Savannah:  Grete, you were so brave having to go through so many surgeries as soon as you got to your furrever home; please tell us about the great progress you made when you started to work with your Mom and Dad to help you become a furramily?

Grete:  My progress in getting acclimated was not easy.  I went to basic obedience class when I first arrived, but that was not enough for me.  I had issues.   Mom and Dad took me for 8 weeks of private lessons with a woman who specializes in German Shepherds.

I was very over reactive to other dogs.  I would bark like crazy if one got within 50 feet of me…or more.  We practiced a lot…the trainer had 3 German Shepherds so I had to get used to having them walk by me…me walking by them.  Me getting used to seeing them when they weren’t where I expected them to be.   That helped me a lot.

I also passed the test at doggie day care so I’m approved to go play with the other dogs there.  I really don’t like being anywhere away from my family, but Mom and Dad say it’s better that I have a place I can go when needed.


Savannah:  Grete, your rescue is so impawtant for others to learn from.  Of course, we adult shelter rescues sometimes have challenges that we cannot tell our new furrever furramily…we have no “human” voice.

But no matter, we all have so much joy and love to share in our new homes.

So I promise, this is my last question; can you offer any advice to our readers to help them support their adult rescue dog, or one they may be thinkin’ about bringing into their home, through its recovery process?

Grete:  Mom remembers talking to someone who was complaining about an adoption fee for a purebred dog.  They were looking for a “free dog”.  Ha!  There is no such thing.

If you think about it, Mom and Dad adopted me for $100.  Yes, a bargain I know!  I also came with a certificate for an initial exam, and coupons for doggie stuff.


To be real…you know how much I really cost?  Now my mom will tell you I’m priceless…but for those looking to adopt you might as well get full disclosure.

Between all of my doctor visits, surgeries, medication…by elbows cost around $10,000.

My spay surgery was about $450.

My dog training lessons…mom can’t remember, but that was an additional cost of several hundred dollars.

This is on top of all my expected expenses of food, boarding, squeaky balls, licensing…and regular vet care.

I want to let everyone know that there is no such thing as a free dog.

I was VERY lucky that my Mom and Dad were willing to do whatever was necessary to take care of me.  It could have easily been curtains for me if the people at animal control figured this out before my Mom and Dad sprung me from that awful concrete kennel.

I’m a lucky dog.


Also, with all of my rescue issues, with love and patience, I’m much better about all my fears.  I no longer howl when I hear a siren.  I still don’t like the vacuum cleaner but I know it will not harm me.

I whine and talk a lot and that has never changed.  It never will.  It’s who I am.

Savannah:  (Savvy reaches over to Grete and gives her a gentle paw pat…)…Oh Grete…you have so much wisdom to share with all of us.  I cannot thank you enough for coming to have a few woofs with me.

Anything else you want to add???

Grete:   When you adopt a rescue dog, you have to be prepared for all of the suitcases of baggage we may bring along.  Be patient…understand that we may need time, veterinary care, obedience lessons.   I found my beloved forever humans…

…and I have forgiven them that they did not tell me I was going to live in a cat house.

…Anywho, I still would have said yes!!!

Grete's first photo on blog

Grete, you are so right about being one lucky woofie!! Give me some high paw pats!! whap, whap, whap!

Pawsome interview!! Thank you so very much.

Well, that’s it for today. Hope you will all hop over to where Grete lives and let her know how much you enjoyed her interview today.

Thank you ever so much for visiting and learning about Grete and her adult dog rescue story.

Paw pats, Savannah

Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking…


Today I have another interview for my series…



My guests today may not be known to many of you…they came to me when my Champion Jetty referred them to me for an interview…so purrlease give a rousing round of…

APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!   APAWS!!!


shiloh head



3 years ago Genny


Savannah: Oh My!! Shiloh and Genny!!  I am beyond purrleased you had time to stop by and have a few woos with me!!.   In case some of you don’t know Shiloh and Genny, you can find them at The Stoutino Inn & Foster Kennel blog.

Shiloh:  Haroo, Savannah.  Shiloh here.  I must say that cats and I do not normally get along too well.  However, Genny told me that you are a good cat, so I will be happy to oblige.

shiloh penguin

Genny:  Haroo, Savannah!  It’s Genny here.   We are thrilled to be interviewed by you.  We think it is great that you are spreading the stories of rescue kitties and doggies.  So, let’s get started!

Savannah: Alrighty then…you start Genny…how did you come to be in your furrever home?

Genny:  Well, Mom tells me that it was a setup.  See, she had a German Sheppard Dog(GSD)/Husky mix that looked just like me once upon a time.

He was a rescue too.  The folks at MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral were notified that I ended up in the York County SPCA shelter.  I was loose on the streets of York, PA and ended up there.   They told the rescue that I was a good girl and asked if the rescue would find a new home for me.

Once the rescue saw my picture, they sent it to Mom.  She wanted to foster me so badly that she drove from our house to York in a big snowstorm to pick me up.  Mom evaluated me—meaning she spent time with me to learn “who” I really was.

I was very friendly right from the start because I could tell she was a good lady.  She just knew I had to come to stay with her, at least for a while.  Once I got to the house, I met Shiloh and we got along right away.

Now, Dad, he’s a tough cookie.  He had to be convinced.  It took Mom a whole week to convince Dad that I was much more than a foster, that I was HOME!!  But Dad is a softie at heart, so here I am.  I really love my Daddy.

Savannah:  So, Shiloh…how did you come to live in this home too???

Shiloh:  At first, I was not so sure about this “rescue” thing.  After escaping my previous captors, I had a free roaming life, running free in the Lancaster County area  (known for their puppy mills) of Pennsylvania, USA.

The rescue put out this contraption called a ‘Have-a-Heart’ trap.  I was dubious.  However, it had yummy food in it.  Being a clever fellow,  I managed to retrieve the yummy food out of it 4 times before they got me in their snares.

I was fostered by good friends of Mom & Dad.  Foster Dad Dave was so good to me.  You see, at heart I am a lone wolf and quite shy.  I am also quiet and aloof by nature.  These humans had to work very hard to earn my trust if I was going to stay with them.

Savannah:  Thank you Genny and Shiloh.  And yeowzers, Shiloh…just look at your beautiful white furrs and drop over blue eyes…oh, sorry…I digressed…ahem…koff, koff…

…moving on…so, Genny, What has been your greatest challenge in learning to trust and depend on your Guardians?

Genny:  I felt at home pretty much right away.  I wasn’t in bad shape at the shelter, so Mom thought wherever I had come from, that they took pretty good care of me.  But they did not come to the shelter looking for me, so MaPaw took me in instead.  Shiloh was really fun to play with and I was warm, dry and got yummy food.  I made myself right at home…but Shiloh…tell Savannah about some of the challenges you had…go on…it’s ok…

Genny and Shiloh

Genny and Shiloh

Shiloh:  Thanks Genny…well, Mom & Dad’s dog that looked like Genny, his name was General, he was sick with cancer.  They knew he didn’t have a long time with them.

Well, Foster Dad Dave brought me to visit Mom & Dad.  I met General and Guinness, another German Shepherd.  General approved of me right away and I of him.  He was a very large and respectable dog, but he was ailing, poor fellow.

General and Guiness

General and Guiness

General went to the Rainbow Bridge very soon after.  Their other dog, Guinness, missed General a lot.  So, Mom & Dad asked me if I would come live with them.

They were good eggs, so, after some trial and error, I decided it was a respectable place to stay and that they were good humans.  They soon took me to obedience school—as if a “Respectable Siberian” needs to be obedient…heh…heh.

I soon found out, much to my chagrin, that school was a very nice place to go.  The humans all had treats and my class mates were very pleasant.  Some of them actually wanted to please their human!  Astounding, I know.

But I discovered that if I did what they asked (with my own style, of course) I excelled.

shiloh happy dance

Savannah:  Why of course you used your own style…you are a Siberian after all…and anyone who chooses to adopt a Siberian or even a Siberian mix must know…you are very like cats…you make up your OWN mind!!…ahem…just sayin’…

Sorry to interrupt…go on Shiloh…

Shiloh:..Oh Savvy, no problem. I know you understand us Sibes.  Anywho, I even earned a medal—“Canine Good Citizen”.

If there is enough incentive, as in yummy treats, I still like to remind them that I am so well educated, so I will do a “finish” when I am just asked to sit.  Can’t let that good education go to waste, now can I?

Savannah:  Of course not!!  And I know that a “finish” means you hop right around to sit at your Mom or Dad’s left side…purrfect!!

Shiloh:  Oh Savvy…you do know your Woofie obedience!!

Mom & Dad were patient and kind.  They did take me places that I would have avoided had it been my choice.  But I soon discovered that they would not take me anywhere I would be hurt.  Although crowds of humans still make me quite nervous and they try not to bring me into those situations if it can be helped.

Savannah:  Well, as you know Shiloh, I also avoid a lot of “peep” interactions whenever Mom and Dad have company…sigh…hard to trust all peeps…

Ok…would you mind giving a bit of information about some of the ways you and your Mom and Dad worked together to help get you into your recovery so you were able to show them your REAL SELF?

Genny:  Oh let me say a bit Savannah.

As I mentioned, my transition was pretty darned easy.  But, I too went to obedience school.  I do get a wee bit aggressive with dominant doggies when on a leash, but I usually get along with everyone just fine.  Our visits to a local dog park help with that.  It is our favorite place in the world, next to our home.  Shiloh would do any trick in the book to get more trips there!!!

Shiloh:  Yes, I do agree.  The Park is a most wonderful place.

Trees, trails, good sniffs and pleasant companions to be found…as you say Savvy, “PAWSOME”.

Some of the young whipper-snappers need some guidance, however.  I am happy to oblige. I will mark my territory and inspect the grounds until I am satisfied they are keeping the place up to my standards.

Savannah:  I totally understand Shiloh…(whispers behind paw to Shiloh…of course I never, ever leave the house…just wanna be honest)

Now, give me some soft woos about how much success you have had over the years in getting to the place where you are more comfortable with humans and such.

Genny:  Well, I think it takes practice, practice, practice….and lots of cookies.  I have to ask nicely if I want something.  I get so excited!  In the end, I was voted “the most improved student” and I am very proud of that.

Shiloh: I worked my charms on the other Guardians at school.  I would look at them intensely – it is my secret power.  These icy blue eyes of mine are irresistible, if I do say so myself.  Mom calls it the “Paul Newman effect.”  I don’t know who that is, but it works for me.

shiloh stern hold up for cookie

The “Paul Newman” Look

If the Guardian was very reluctant, I would offer my paw in friendship.  That usually did the trick.  I am a patient fellow and I will eventually get my just rewards.

The biggest difference for both of us has been time and patience.  Genny, being the more outgoing of the two of us is my tester of sorts.  If I see that humans she meets greet her kindly, than I too will go and meet them, cautiously.  I am usually rewarded for my efforts.  It is the small ones I avoid.  Genny likes them however, as they usually have food in their tiny paws.  She behaves and tries to will them into dropping their morsels.

Waiting for morsels to drop

Waiting for morsels to drop

In the beginning, even though it was a pleasant enough place, I did look for an escape route.  Being a Siberian and having my time as a lone wolf, I still long for the open road.  Mom & Dad are very careful that I do not wander off.  They use a leash or inspect the area to be sure it is well secured.  And they are ever vigilant that we do not get into a situation we may regret later.  Indeed, they would miss me greatly as I would them.  I like it here, and dear Genny needs an example of genteelness at times.  I am happy to oblige.

Savannah:  Oh Shiloh, I hear ya!!  I would miss my Mom and Dad too for sure!

Now, last question, can you or Genny offer any advice to our readers to help them support their adult rescue woofie, or one they may be thinkin’ about bringing into their home, through its recovery process?

Genny:  Lots of love, lots of attention, cookies, and maybe school in order to train the Guardian to learn techniques to help us.  They sometimes need as much help as we do.  Maybe for kitties, the treats should be fishy flavored….(snicker, snicker…)…ooopps…sorry…

So…If you will not be the only pet in the household, it is very important for everyone to have a good introduction on neutral ground.  This way no one feels that they have to protect their home or territory.  Asking other Guardians for help is a good idea.  Make sure the place is neutral and safe. Introduce us slowly and respect what we tell you.  If we do not like what we see, we will tell you.

It is also important to make sure any small Guardians know how to behave around strange animals.  Shiloh is especially shy around them because they move so fast and squeeze hard.  He treats them with respect, but you can tell he doesn’t like it.  He gets very low to the ground and curls up.

I step in, if I can, to distract the small one so he can make a safe getaway.  He’s an awesome big brother, so I am happy to help.  And they usually have food in their tiny paws…heh…heh

Shiloh:  Yes, indeed the youngsters are quite intrusive as times.  And they are often sticky.

Another thing for me…I have been in my furrever home now for about 4-5 years. I only now am willingly coming up to a strange person. Probably I will never do that enthusiastically, always cautiously. But I now know that most people Mom and Dad let near us are trustworthy.  If I am unsure, I will retreat to my crate or drop down into a ball and just be still.

My first ever Christmas with Mom and Dad was a disaster for me…they had their friends over and I took one look and found a place under the tree for the duration of their visit that night…

Shilohs first Christmas in new home

Savannah:  Thank you for telling me about his continuing challenge you have Shiloh…so many of us adult rescues do have some lingering fear…but if we feel safe we can overcome them…purrs for you Shiloh for trying so hard all this time…

Genny:  Anyroo, getting back to what the peeps can do to help us be safe…another great thing to remember is to never, ever let your Guardian forget your leash and make them use it!

We Sibes (and sibe mixes like me) have a great need to explore the great wide world.  We are bred to run!  However, we do not remember our way back home so easily.  No amount of training can take away our instinct to run.

Shiloh:  Remember too, that we are a working breed and love to keep our minds and bodies active.  Vigilant practice will keep our attention and ready for any encounter.  Confidence means a well behaved pet.

Savannah: This was great!  Any last thought or words of wisdom you want to share?

Genny:  Thank you so much for including us!  This was really fun.  We hope we get to know you even better now that we have met.  Keep up the great work!

Shiloh:  Savannah, it has been my privilege to be a part of this conversation.  I hope your endeavors to educate other rescue pets and their Guardians is a complete success—so many of us are relying on them.

Savannah:  Oh you guys…you know I just luyvluvluv doing these interviews…play bows to both of you and aaarrrwwwooosss….be careful…don’t get stuck in the teleport tunnels…just a suggestion…

In closing…thank you all so much for coming by to visit…I know there are so many other events going on in many other blogs…

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Paw Pats, Savannah

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