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Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking…


Today I have another interview for my series…

RR Dogs Are Talking 2

Life Changing Interviews With Savannah

I know efurryone was expecting a Real Rescue Cats Are Talking Interview…cuz I had a woofie last time. I just don’t have another Adult Rescue Cat who wants to be interviewed just yet…any volunteers who have a story never heard before and that just screams…”read me, read me!!”…heh..heh…sorry…I got carried away…anywho…let me know if you would like to have your story told.

Moving on…let me just introduce my next Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking interviewee as someone who some may know…as she has had her own blog for kwhite some time…hint…hint…get the spelling?????

Ok, ok…purrlease, give my interviewee your warmest WELCOME to LIFE CHANGING INTERVIEW WITH SAVANNAH!!!….PURRlease meet…


dogster pic 1

You can find her  just about every day at Khyra’s Khorner…she was the very first Siberian I found for my Mom to follow.  Most of you know…Mom and Dad had 3 Siberians before me…and Mom loves to see photos and read about all their adventures…Khyra has had many adventures…so come on in…pull up you blankie…and have a read…

Savannah:  Hiya Khyra!! What a pleasure it is to have you stop by for some woos with me today.  I am honored you had time because I know you are very busy helping your Mom with all of her weekly woofie rescue transports.

Khyra:  Hey Savie-doo-mew…you are looking khwite tasty

Savannah:…oh…well, ummm…ahhh…Khyra….I know you Sibes are sort of known for not kharing much for us cats…but “tasty” is kind’a harsh don’t ya think?

Khyra:  ooopss…my apologies Savvy…didn’t think I woo’d that out loud…ahem…so…what’s your first question?

Savannah:  Ok, I agree Khyra…let’s just get right to it…so tell us how did woo come to find your furrever home?

Khyra:  Back in 2006, my Mom had lots of empty space in heart—she missed having a khanine—and The Doggy Nanny (her mom) knew that; so one day, she told Mom it would be okay for her to have a dog.

SO, Mom chekhked out the lokhal SPCA website—she saw a young GSD/Mix that khaught her eye.  On August 19, she went to visit her; she wasn’t there BUT “Whitney” (my name at the shelter and my secret alter ego when I want to be ‘whikhked‘) was there…heh…heh.


I was in the sekhond grouping of runs that Mom walked by—of khourse, she stopped—and looked—and made THOSE noises.  I let her pet me a time or two but I was WAY more khurious about what was going on elsewhere between the runs; so she khontinued along; looking at the other two sekhtions and then repeated the loop.

When she khame bakhk, I spent more time with her—of khourse, I was being charming yet khoy; I needed to work her a bit; she moved along AGAIN, and returned one final time to pet me some more and wonder if I was “THE ONE!”

First Day I Saw Her

The day she was there—I think all totaled she spent an hour fawning over me; two other human girls were watching and I heard them say “I think that lady is going to buy that dog.”   She left that day WITHOUT ME!  But, but of khourse, that was bekhause she needed to fill out an applikhation fur ME!  She khame bakhk the next Saturday—AUGUST 26th, on her 47th birthday, had them get me out of the kennel so we khould hang out in one of the exercise yards to see if we were going to be happy with each other.

WELL, the rest is history; she sprung me from what she khalls ‘Whitney’s (my former name) B&B’ – aka The York County SPCA; which is akhtually less than TWO miles from my tree!

…my first photo coming to my furrever home…

Day One Khropped

Savannah:  Yeowzers Khyra!! How exciting for you!!  Your Mom picked you out from all those other woofies…and she took you home on her very own birthday!! Pawsome indeed!

But one thing does make me a bit concerned Khyra…if Whitney’s B&B is only TWO miles from your tree in your front yard…ummm…was your new Mom worried you might…ahhh…well…you know…RUN!!! YOU’RE A SIBE!!

Khyra:  (arwoo woo woo…snicker, chuckle…) Savannah, since I know your Mom and Dad had Siberians before you, I know they know how khwikhkly I khould run from there to here 😉  She brought me home—introduced me to The Doggy Nanny and my yard.  After a bit, we took off for Petsmart to get me a (GASP) khrate; I really nevFUR khared fur it; and eventually khonned – I mean khonvinced Mom I didn’t need it!

photo (2)

Savannah:  MOUSES! That must have been some khonvincing woos you had with your new Mom for her to fall for believe that!

So tell us Khyra, what were some of the new things you had to learn to do so you could live as your REAL SELF in your new furrever home?

Did you have any troubles adjusting?

Khyra:  Well, I was an owner surrender to the shelter.  I had this…ummmm…ahhhh…”running off” problem.  I mean like DUH, I’m a SIBERIAN!

It’s what we do…well, my former owners had to agree to khonfine me OR surrender me…as Fate would have it, their surrendering me was the best thing that khould have happened!

I get to live the life of a Princess—with my own chair inside…sometimes I share my chair with Tundra…


…and my own tree outside…

Khyra's Tree

…and servants!  But of khourse, it does mean I khan’t be outside without my leash or tether—otherwise, I’d be bakhk in Siberia or some other glorious place!


My former owners said I had issues with khats—like DUH, I’m a SIBERIAN.  It’s what many of us do.  I’m not into bunnies or skhwirrels but show me a khat, and I’m SO THERE!

(Khyra shuffles her paws…)…ummm…hope you don’t take any of that personally Savvy…but not many of us Siberians can hold back from going after khats…we have a strong ‘prey’ drive I guess

 Savannah:  (looking at Khyra a bit nervously…moving over a bit farther away) Oh Khyra, no, no…I don’t take it personally.  After all, I have known you for a long time now.  So tell me, what else do you have to watch out for…you know…stuff that bothers you?

Khyra:  I do have a few issues with sudden movements; so Mom doesn’t know what the other people might have done to me.  I khan spook a bit—and if I’m in my chair, please do NOT approach me from the side.  I khan’t be held responsible fur what I might do.  If I see woo khoming towards me from the fron—ok; BUT if woo sneak up on me… (shakes head)…not a good idea.


Savannah: Can you woo a bit about some of the ways you and your Mom worked together to help woo get settled into your new home?

Khyra:  As I mentioned, we make sure all know to watch out when I’m in my chair.  If the human lets me know they are there, I’m okay with it.

We also make sure everyone knows to watch the doors when they khome and go—I don’t dash out khwite like I did when I furst arrived but I don’t want them to let down the guard!  I like it here and don’t want to run off but DUH, I’M A SIBERIAN, it’s what we are prone to doing!

The longest I’ve been on run-a-bout was about a week—I mean AN HOUR—Mom gets to be a bit dramatikh when she tells the story.  I slipped my khollar and I was OFF.  She kept me in her sights and tried to keep up with me; eventually she ran bakhk to the house and got The Zen-terra.  Good thing bekhause when I finally let her khatch me, I was a wee bit tired!


Fur the longest time, Mom only took me on ONE walk route.  The only variation was if we went khlokhkwise OR khounterkhlokhkwise—but one day I insisted she let me choose another route—and since we have this standing agreement to let me do what I REALLY want to do, she let me pick!

I made all the turns and got us home!  Since then, she lets me choose the route; whether it be an established one OR a new adventure.  She thinks it shows that should I get loose again, I would know where I lived AND would khome home.  Again, we won’t test this theory but that’s my story and I’m stikhking to it!


Savannah:  So can you share some more about what is different now from when you first arrived?

Khyra:  Since I’m pretty sure I khan’t beat how great these people are; I mean, I really don’t want fur anything—I’m not looking to eskhape; I don’t rush the door and when we return from our walks, Mom often unhooks me as she opens the door and I go in without any khoncerns.

In the beginning, she wouldn’t have unhooked me without being inside with the deadbolt sekhured;  oh wait, that was a wee bit of exaggeration!

Mom has learned not to make me do something I really don’t want to; but on the other paw, I’m pretty well behaved!  I don’t chew things; I don’t get her up early even if SHE gets ME up early on the days she has to go to The GKP (The Great Kibble Provider).

Savannah:  That must be how you always find the dog biskit your Mom hides from you once a week.  You never ever miss finding that bone biskit Khyra!!

Day Six and Seven Treats and Tongue

Last question, can you offer any advice to our readers to help them support their adult rescue dog, or one they may be thinkin’ about bringing into their home, through the process of becoming a pawsitive furramily member?

Khyra:  Mom and I know I won’t be able to tell her all about what happened to me prior to those magikh days in August; so we are patient with each other— that is what we khan suggest to others as support— don’t try to make us into something we are not; and please realize we are trying our furry best to put our pasts behind us.

I mean, I was somewhere between one and two when I let Mom RESKHUE me!  Mom knows from her transports that RESKHUE khanines seem to KNOW they are lukhky and special and FORTUNATE to be here.  Too often some of her passengers were mere sekhonds away from khrossing The Rainbow Bridge; their eyes always let her know they KNOW they have been given another chance and they will repay their new furamilies with love and devotion and happiness 878,787,878,787 times ovfur!

We’ve all got baggage—and so do our humans—but that is an entirely difFURent kholumn!  Arwoo wooo!!!

Savannah:  Khyra, this has been so pawsome to meet you purrsonally and to hear you woo about your rescue.  Do woo have any last thought or words of wisdom you want to share?

Khyra:  Mom and I would love to ask others to support RESKHUES in any way they khan; green paper$, fostering, transporting, ANYTHING is appreciated! I’m really okay with being an only khanine.

Mom has met such great people during her transports.  She’s proud to be able to try and make a difFURence.  She knows she khan’t save them all but she’ll do all she khan to make their time in The Zen-terra special.  

In khlosing, we want to say how much BLOGGERS ROKHK too!  Had it not been fur my blog, I would not have gotten to meet so many pawsome furriends; both furry AND human!

Thanks fur allowing me the time on your inkhredible blog!  Woo are a furry tasty oopps…woo’d out loud again huh Savvy…sorry.  Ahem…I mean woo are a furry special khytty and I’m pretty sure your meowmom is as furry special as woo are!

Savannah:  Awww…Khyra…I know it is your ‘nature’ cuz you are A SIBERIAN!!  Arrwwooo…and play bows.

That’s Khyra’s story…hope you all enjoyed meeting her and will hop over and sat hello if you don’t already know her.

Paw Pats, Savannah

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47 thoughts on “Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking…

  1. stealthfur0ne on said:

    So glad he got a new home, not near us either. MOL
    No we have to remember that every dog or kitty that get a forever home is 2 lives saved. The pet with the home and the one who now has room at a shelter since they are so very crowded.

  2. Yow Khyra you iz a pawsum Sibe…me n Mum were readin yer interview n Mum said dat you iz just like her Sibe waz a bazillion yearz ago..he loved to run away…sumfing else made her smile: da fact dat yer Mum letz you pick yer route fer walkiez!!! She learned to do dat wif Bogart Sam n he waz alot happier too….
    Savannah diz waz a furry guud interview n we will go say EEowww to Khyra now.
    Lub ya Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

  3. Another brilliant interview!

  4. ::backs away slowly:: Errr … Hi Khyra! Nice to meet moo!!

    Love Austin

    PeeEss Mum says I must be part Siberian! I don’t know what she means? 😉

  5. catfromhell on said:

    Khyra is quite the woofy! Mes loves your interview with her Savannah!

  6. Aw, what a great interview, Savvy. That Khyra seems like a super special and sweet woofie!

  7. Yes, we kitties always keep our woofies between us and Khyra when visiting her blog.

  8. Hope I never meet one of those Husky dogs. They look like killers. You’re brave for doing this innerview.

  9. We learned a whole lot about Siberian Huskies, especially to give them a wide berth should we encounter one. They certainly are beautiful dogs. Glad Khyra’s name was changed. Whitney just doesn’t suit her. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  10. Such a wonderful interview and such a sweet and happy woofie!

  11. Khyra is beautiful! I’m heading over to say hi!

  12. We love Khyra! She’s a beauty. She is proof positive that rescue rocks! I am, too!!

    Love and licks,

  13. One of Khyra and her Mom’s favorite expressions is Rescues Rock, and we all know that Khyra Rocks for sure. And her mom does some wonderful work helping with the transports of other pups being rescued, so we can add that she rocks too. Great interview with a very nice “woo-fie”.

    Woos – Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. great interveiw Savvy!xx Speedy

  15. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    khyra…we THINK itz grate two meet ewe…….uh…we iz……BULLDOGS…thatz it…de bulldogs o trout towne ??

    savvy…we cracked up at this ree mark; we copeed N glooed yur own werds heer if thatz OK

    (looking at Khyra a bit nervously…moving over a bit farther away)

  16. We enjoyed this interview with our friend Khyra! We love her even though we’re khats and she pretends to think we’re tasty but we know she really loves us too! We have an angel sisfur who was an Alaskan Husky named Sadie and she loved us so we know we can wrap woofies around our paws!

    Angel & Isabella

    • I knew Sadie!! She was bootiful! And you always Have Sadieday every weekend. I luvluvluv it…I do visit you often,I just don’t always leave comments especially lately as Mom Linda has been too busy with foster brofur Leo who has fatty liver syndrome.

  17. A great interview! We love Khyra, even if she would purrfur to nibble on us!

  18. We did enjoy meeting Khyra and reading her story. What a beauty she is. Another great interview sweet Savannah. Hugs and nose kisses

  19. Hi Khyra! I loved your happy ending~

  20. Thanks for this great interview. It was so good to read about one of the beloved Sibes. They are so wonderful and they leave footprints in our heart for ever. The picture with the bone is just great!!!

  21. cafall on said:

    Oh, awesome interview! Khyra is one of our favorites!


  22. corycatblog on said:

    *waving paws* Hi there Khyra! We adore Khyra at our house even though she thinks we are all tasty morsels. Our Grete woofie wishes Khyra could come to our yard to play. We didn’t know her whole story, just parts of it so we are so glad you were brave enough to let her close enough to interview.

    xoxo Khory

  23. Our Tommy is beside himself with joy as Khyra is one of his absolutely favouritest woofies in the whole wide world! We already knew her story but enjoyed reading it again. KHYRA ROKHS!

    The BRAVE Chans of the Poupounette

  24. Khyra is absolutely beautiful and you were very, very brave, Savvy, to do an interview with a dog that finds you delicious 😀 Litchi also had the “flight instinct” when I rescued her. Took quite a while before I could trust her outside and off leash but, with time, these things get better and better. Wonderful work Khyra’s Mom is doing and great interview.

  25. Purry well pawed Savvy Doo Mew!!!

    I SO enjoyed our time together –

    Of khourse, if woo get to PAWSylvania, I’ll be glad to introduce woo to Butterskhotch and BroFur!

    PeeEssWoo: *BURP!*

  26. What a lovely dog you are Khyra and thanks Savannah for a terrific interview with your pal!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  27. It was lovely to meet Khyra. You can’t blame a dog for going out exploring if they get the chance!

  28. Khyra is gorgeous xx great interview

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