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Thursday Purrsday…


Thursday Purrsday is my day to share some of the things that keep me purring.  And, sometimes I share things I hope you will help me do, so someone else can have a good Thursday Purrsday too.

…I have a little of both today…I had Mom Linda almost gushing leaky eyes yesterday afternoon.  You see, she bought me two really nice hammik beds like the ones we see lots of other kittehs enjoying…I got them last Catmas Day.  Now, Cuzin Leo has one I gave him for his New Furrever Castle Warming…and well…I just don’t use mine much at all.

Mom Linda always hoped I would use mine, which I keep in our office, so I can nap in it while she types my blog.  She got her wish Wednesday…(click to bigify and hover your mousie over each photo for captions)

I am so purrleased that I have this hammik near Mom Linda…you see…we have been having some stress at home…I can’t talk about yet…I need more information…but I have been a tad jumpy lately…just sayin’…

And now for a request to you all….to help make another adult rescue woofie (BTW…they deserve forever homes too for all you kittehs out there wondering *snicker*) have a Thursday Purrsday of his own soon.

…Remember Phinny?…(click on the link to read all about him)

He so wants to kiss Foster Mom

He so wants to kiss Foster Mom

Well, Phinny had so many peeps wanting to help him get well…Contra Costa Humane Society, my former rescue who pulled him, a pitty mix, from being PTS…received $12, 000 USD in donations to help pay for Phinny’s surgery and recovery.  And peeps lined up wanting to be put on the list to adopt Phinny when he was through his surgery.

Guess WHAT! His surgery was successful…and now…no one wants to adopt him!

…check him out after his surgery…just hanging out with his foster siblings…

Here is my request for all of you reading my Thursday Purrsday post…please help me, help Phinny…he is all well now and looking for his furrever home…and no one, nope, not anyone…after he had his life saving surgery…has stepped forward to adopt Phinny…please, please…share, Tweet, post about Phinny…let’s get him to his furrever home before Catmas Day…

…check him out after his full recovery surgery…learning all about PEANUT BUTTER..

I am not asking for any green papers,  I am just asking you to promote this pawsome woofie…Mom Linda and Dad Peter have purrsonally volunteered to transport him to anywhere in Northern California, and as far as Reno, Nevada and up to the Oregon border.

Let’s all do what we do best in Blogville…help Phinny have his very own Thursday Purrsday…

Now I join Pepi Smart Dog in his Thankful Thursday blog hop…click HERE to read more thankfulness…


Paw Pats, Savannah

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45 thoughts on “Thursday Purrsday…

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  3. mollieandalfie on said:

    We just know Phinny will find a forever home. As I am writing this, there is an appeal on the telly for homes wanted for dogs that are Battersea dog homes. Just so sad and it will get worse as Christmas is on the way, everyone wants a puppy for a two week period . XXOOXXXXX

    Mollie and Alfie

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  5. Phinny is gorgeous hope she finds a home soon x

  6. Aww.. you’ve got yourself your own bread factory 🙂 We’ll send good vibes to Phinny, there must be someone out there who wants him, we’re sure! Pawkiss 🙂

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  8. Poor Phinny! We were hoping the line to take him home would be around the block!

  9. That poor sweetie. I shall share him out tomorrow morning!

  10. That’s a cool hammick you got, Savvy. We’re glad you’re using it now. We love ours!

    And we’re purring hard that Phinny find a furever home. He sure deserves it.

  11. Ya iz lookin pawsum in yer hammick bed…me LUBZ Lepherd print too!!! it iz guud ya finalee got into it…our mumz’ want us to haz da best of eberyfing!!!
    As fer Phinney we do not understandz why no one wantz to ‘dopt him speshely AFTER da sent green paperz?? What da KAT iz up wif dat??? We will purray n hope sumone fallz in lub wif Phinney…he iz one handsum poochie!! WE too far away to ‘dopt him ourselvez sadlee but we can purray!!!
    Mum iz down wif FLU so we not able to do much here…me iz on Nursin duetee 24/7 n me iz worn out…so me gonna go have a nap….
    Much LUB Nylablue n (sick) Mum xoxoxo

  12. da tabbies o trout towne on said:

    de veree best oh fishes N biscuits two ewe phinny…we NOE yur forevers home be out ther N hope by next week at this time ewe iz IN it N eatin PIE 🙂 XXXX

    N savvy…rememburr…a trout a day keeps de stress a way 🙂

  13. Savvy, you’ve got to get some rest…all this worrying will turn your hair gray!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  14. We are still waiting for slacker Dad to get our Ham-micks out of the closet where they went when the paint man came. *Timmy shoots a look at Dad*

    We will pass on the info about poor Phinny. That is just Hissy

  15. What the dog, Savannah? Now that Phinny is better, no one wants him?! That is so unfair and unbelieveable! I will share everywhere I can, I promise you that!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  16. WTH? I just commented on this and it didn’t show up. This is the 2nd post it’s done this to. I love that “What do you want?” photo even if you’re pouting. MOL!

    What happened to that long list waiting to adopt him? Did they ALL punk out? Humans are evil.

  17. Twitted about Phinny! But I don’t get it: people had signed up to adopt him and they just refused after his operation? This is crazy nuts!

    Psstttt… Savvy… there’s a flashy box behind you when you are in the hammick. You can most probably knock it off and claim it was an accident… just an idea!

  18. Oh It’s so nice to see you on your hammick. I haven’t hardly used mine either – just a couple of times. M keeps adding fresh catnip too.

  19. How sad that Phinny was saved, had his surgery, but now nobody is adopting him. I have to think that SOMEONE will think he’s the guy for them. I certainly hope that happens soon – he’s so cute (and I rarely say that about woofies!!).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  20. Tweeted from this and the earlier link to try to help Phinny get a forever home. Thank you for helping him.

  21. Love your expression in that “what do you want” picture. You have that pout working to your advantage. What happened to all the people lining up to adopt him? They ALL punked out? That ain’t kosher.

  22. We will be crossing all paws and hooves that someone will adopt sweet Phinny.

    Purrs, Woofs and Neighs,
    The Chans, Tommy and the Vs

  23. Great news ’bout you enjoyin’ that bed, Savvy. Looks like a super-duper nice one, too!


  24. I’m so happy the surgery went well ! And now no one want’s Phinny? WHY??? He is supercute and I’m sure he will be the best friend on earth. Is it because of his breed? I don’t know the restrictions in U.S. but here it is nearly impossible to have a pitty, or a pitty-mix or another “blacklisted” breed. Even Roy the 14 years old rottweiler of dad’s buddy had to pass a test. He failed, because he couldn’t solve an agility parcour in case of his bad arthritis and because he is an old dog and nearly blind. Fortunately Roy’s dad has balls and a good lawyer, otherwise they had seized the dog what is since 14 years in the family . I cross my paws for Phinny and I will write a post for him on weekend.

  25. how can no-one want him now he has had the surgery?? f i was in the position (and the country) he would be coming home to me. When I finally find my own home I am so going to have lots of dogs!

  26. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    We’re sorry you and your family are dealing with a stressful time. We know it can effect everything else you are trying to accomplish. We’ll share your blog about Phinny and ask our friends to share it too. Hopefully his picture will reach that one special person that’s waiting for him. Enjoy your hammock and try to take it easy.

  27. Hoping that Phinny gets a good home soon xx

  28. Oh we are so happy Phinny’s surgery was successful. Now to find him the best forever home. ~Scylla & Family

  29. Lovely to see you making Bread Savvy and we hope the stress takes a hike soon..far far away..we are on the hop but will share about Phinny as he is a precious boy who so deserves a new family have a great Thursday Savvy hugs Fozziemum xx

  30. Hope the stress at home goes away Miss Savvy. You do look good in your hammock – funny how it can take an age to seem of interest 😉

  31. Hope everything is ok at your end Savvy,

  32. That hammock looks awesome – I’m surprised it took you so long to use it!

  33. I sure hope you guys are ok. We’re sending purrs to your whole family.

  34. It looks like you have a very happy kitty. I will put a link to your page on my blog post today so everyone can stop by and see Phinny. I don’t have any money, but I’ll be praying for him.

  35. Stress? *worried ears * I hope you are OK Miss Savvy!! 😉

    Any advice on the best way to help these guys? Glad to help….

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