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Where Oh Where Has The Kid Sage Gone?


Personally, I see absolutely no reason to go off exploring around cubby holes and open doors. Nope, never do that myself. But The Kid Sage, she seems to find all of these to be some mystery only she can solve. Ha!

Why just the other day, I heard Dad P downstairs calling TKS. Then he asked Mom L if she had seen TKS. Mom L said “nope”.

Eventually, there was a tiny mew coming from somewhere in the kitchen. Dad P was busy making dinner and had been in and out of the spices in a lazy susan cupboard. He opened the door and what do you suppose he found?

Oh, Hi Dad! Want something??

Oh, Hi Dad! Want something??

Even though he tried, he could not contain his laughter. So he called Mom L and she was fast enough to capture these less than perfect photos.

Want me to pass something out to you?

Want me to pass something out to you?

Dad let her know it was time to come out and she easily obliged.

*sigh, can't have any fun around here...*

*sigh, can’t have any fun around here…*

Thankfully, I have none of her exploratory genes in me, right?

Paw Pats, Savannah


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37 thoughts on “Where Oh Where Has The Kid Sage Gone?

  1. Lazy Sage on thee lazy Susan, MOL…shee iss such a clown….just like mee!
    Luv Siddhartha an LadyMum (onlee here fur a momint) POOF!
    (we are gone…)

  2. kittiesblue on said:

    We, like TKS, like a good hide ‘n seek. It’ s so much fun to freak out the humans when they can’t find us! XOCK, Kitties Blue

  3. kittiesblue on said:

    Most of us, like TKS, enjoy a good hide ‘n seek. It is fun to make the humans all freaked

  4. We like to explore in cupboards that accidentally get left open. Once in a while, we get shut in too!

  5. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We have a little explorer here too : Pixie ! New secret hiding spots are so much fun to find and explore ! Purrs

  6. We stopped to paw our love,

    Nuk, Isis & Timber

  7. hannahandlucy on said:

    How mean of your Dad to find you in the cupboard Sage – you’ll have to train him to not give your hiding places away.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. I *ahem* have gotten myself lost in a cupboard or two also *lick lick* not my fault *glare* MOM!

  9. Sage, I LOVE going in the corner rounder! Mommy has fits, which only add to the fun!

    XX Bibs

  10. That’s some well-seasoned exploring by The Kid Sage! 🙂

  11. Purrfect place for TKS, in the spice cupboard. Sage is a culinary herb!

  12. TW just took one of those stupid FB quizzes: what spice are you. She got cinnamon but it looks like you have a lot of SAGE in your cabinet.

  13. Ha ha sage seems to like exploring!

  14. That looks like a good hidey spot. I sometimes get shut in the airing cupboard.

  15. CatLadyMac on said:

    Sage IS a spice, right ?

  16. Hehehe she’s a great explora!xx Speedy

  17. catfromhell on said:

    Bwa! Haa!! Haaa!!! Mes used to has those exploratory genes. Jo Jo and Ninja does cupboard crawling too! Mes thinks, deep down inside yous does too grrlfurrend!

  18. Looks like a cozy winter nap spot to me.

  19. Maybe you should change her name to lazy Susan!

  20. Two Frwnch Bulldogs on said:

    That’s a cool hideout you found
    Lily & Edward

  21. pilch92 on said:

    Those are cute photos- maybe she wants to learn to cook.

  22. Well, it was a great hiding spot while it lasted, Sage.

  23. Oh bless. Good job you are well behaved!

  24. hahahaha…. the cat in the bag was yesterday… today is the cat in the cupboard :o) … or in the catboard?

  25. When we find a perfectly good secret hiding place we really don’t like to be disturbed! Looks like the jig is up though – now everyone knows where Sage hangs out!

    Hugs, Sam

  26. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    Maybe it’s something about certain black cats? The HuMom was just talking about a day that went down in history when the family’s newest member, Buckwheat was found in the refridgerator. He was just a kitten and must have climbed in while a very much younger HuMom retrived a couple of Pepsis. Oh, the history part? Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s home run record that day. And the HuMom learned to ignore the TV and pay attention to anything small and trouble prone.

  27. Ha! Sage looks like she didn’t really want to be disturbed in that cabinet. She may have had plans to rearrange the spices.

    Love and licks,

  28. Oh, it is rather amusing to explore and hide from the beans. Whiskers could open cabinets and he used to get in the bathroom cabinet and sit on the towels. He scared the snot out of Mommy the first time she got out of the shower and reached for a towel and found a Whiskers instead. ~Scylla

  29. We have a lazy Susan drawer like that, but it’s full of cookware and very heavy and kind of dangerous – we are not allowed anywhere near it!

  30. * giggles * Oh my Sage does have some adventures!

  31. Savvy we do the same thing. We check every open drawer and cabinet doors. It’s fun to explore. Mom knows we went where we’re not supposed to when we come to her and we have spidey webs in our whiskers.

  32. Oh, sweet Savannah it is fun to explore and we bet if you ever give it a try you will have a ton of fun. Hugs and nose kisses

  33. MOL. Crockett luvs spinnin round on our lazy susan.

  34. Oh, wait, Savvy, you will learn easy enough from her – as does my FunTom learn from his “Kid” … Just yesterday I suddenly found him lying in my wardrobe – a place only little Kessy has explored hitherto.

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