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A Love Affair for the Ages…

HIYA!! Mom Linda Here Again!!!

A kind blogging buddy once said to me…”sometimes you need to write the post because it is something Savannah cannot tell”.  That person is Summer’s human Miss Janiss.

This love affair came about almost as soon as we brought Nana home to foster.

Who knew a plush Siberian Husky, given to Dad Peter by a friend, would become Savvy’s very best friend, and we believe a source for her increasing courage. I have posted in past…excuse me ‘Savannah’ has posted in past…about her Sibe pal Nanuk.  herehereherehere…and there are many others including videos of Savvy giving Nanuk his special “Kisses from Savannah”.

This first photo is from the front door in our home we lived in when we first fostered, then adopted, Savannah. This was taken about 4 months after she was adopted in 2012.

We perform our morning front yard patrol duty

We perform our morning front yard duty

Later in 2012,we had to move and as soon as we brought Savvy to our new home, we made sure Nanuk was with her in her bedroom suite.  She sought him out quickly. Clearly, he was a comfort to her in her new home.


Thanks for being with me my friend...

Thanks for being with me my friend…

We worried when we moved that we no longer had a front entry with windows to the outside. Where were we going to place Nanuk for Savvy?  So we finally decided to place him in the kitchen, next to her feeding station, where they could share a view of the back garden.

Savvy, Savvy davvy do, Nana…our precious girl…approved. (remember to hover over photos to view captions…we luvluvluv it when you do!)

I am constantly amazed that Nana continues her love affair with Nanuk. She never, ever fails to walk over to him, give him multiple smoochies and rubs before she ever goes to her food dish for a snack or a meal. It is the most amazing love affair between a cat and a Siberian plushy.

What an endearing relationship our precious Nana has with Nanuk.


Isn't this the face of pure feline bliss?

Isn’t this the face of pure feline bliss?

Human hugs, Mom Linda

Savannah is joining Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…being ever so thankful for her best furriend, and furrever love Nanuk…click on the badge to visit other Thankful Blog Posts…


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58 thoughts on “A Love Affair for the Ages…

  1. Clowie on said:

    The photographs are gorgeous. It’s lovely that Savannah counts Nanuk as a friend.

  2. So lovely to see. When you started that post as you I was worried something was wrong! Don’t do that to me ;0)

  3. That is so sweet. I (Scylla) has the same sort of relationship with the pillow cat in Mommy’s bedroom. Whenever I am sick/scared I sit by Sky. And before eldest took the Whiskers pillow off, Socks spent lots of time with it. ~Scylla

  4. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and.. um.. degrees of plushness?


  5. This has just made the human’s day!! 🙂

  6. So glad that Nanuk has been such a source of strength for Savvy. She really is a special girl 🙂

  7. Such sweet photos – we love them!

  8. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Awww… those are so sweet photos ! We love to see you smooching with your plush buddy ! Purrs

  9. Oh BFGF, you look so happy in the company of your husky furrend. I wonder if you’d approve of a real husky that you could cuddle with. I know your peeps used to have them.

  10. pilch92 on said:

    That is so sweet- I love the photos of her smooching with her pup.

  11. Dat’s very sweet. She has a dear furiend hoo will be there fur her furever. Not many can say dat.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  12. That’s pretty sweet! Love an woooos mates,

    Nuk an family

  13. tonkstail on said:

    Allie: Oh Mother…why don’t *I* have a SBFF (stuffed best furry friend)??? Savvy looks soooooo happy!

  14. Aw, how sweet is that?? You gotta have a bestie, Savvy. 🙂

  15. That is adorable the way Savvy loves her Nanuk. She obviously finds him as a special friend who is always there for her.

  16. The OP Pack on said:

    Such a sweet love affair – and of course, we are thrilled that it involves such a nice Siberian as Nanuk:)

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. Makess LadyMum smile like this: 🙂 when shee saw thee fotoss of Savannah with Nanuk! Shee told mee both Aunty’ss Nylablue an Mingflower befur her had their own plushiess that they luvved allott too.
    Mee hass not quite picked out one alltho mee iss leenin towardss TwinkleStar who was Autny Nylablue’ss pony….
    As mee had horsess inn thee barn when mee was a young kitt TwinkleStar comfertss mee too 😉
    Luv an **kissess** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xXxXx

  18. That is so wonderful and so are the photos!!!

  19. hannahandlucy on said:

    You can see at a glance how much Savvy and Nanuk love each other and the last picture shows all the love that the two of them share.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  20. catfromhell on said:

    Nanuk is the bestest furrend ever! Those furrends are always there, never judge or say anything bad. Rock on Nanuk!

  21. yur nanuk iz way kewl savvy & nuk iza way kewl pup two ! wooooooooooo huskeez ♥♥ { hope de poneez R well 🙂 !!

    heerz two a popeye catalufa kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  22. mariodacat on said:

    Awww that is such a sweet story. We’re happy Savvy has a special friend.

  23. I think that is absolutely WONDERFUl that you have such a wonderful and QUIET friend Savvy…..obviously Nanuk is your “safety blankie” of choice…..wherever he goes, you go……he’s a big part of your life and I think that’s really lovely.

    Hugs, Sammy

  24. Indeed it is Linda 🙂 i think that when kitties have a love they just throw their whole selves in…and funny this is like watching Dinnermintz with the dogs..she does the same all the time..head butters smooches sharing her scent..and Savvy is doing the same 🙂 gorgeous girl 🙂 loves Bev xx

    • She is exactly like Dinnermintz in that video you posted of her rubbing all over Doc. That is what Savvy does with Nanuk. She never approached her food in the kitchen until she has walked around to the front of Nanuk and nuzzled him. It is fascinating that she has known from the beginning which end is his head; she NEVER makes the mistake of doing that to his back end! How did she know?

      • I guess it proves that features are observed in all many butterflies,fish and birds have markings to look like eyes on other parts of their anatomy for safety..even big cats such as tigers have false eye spots to give others the illusion they are bigger and watching them…so she has noted a ‘face’ albeit on a toy 🙂 her instincts are bang on! loves bEV XX

  25. What a wonderful story! Sometimes a buddy like that is just what you need. He’s Savvy’s Hobbes (as in Calvin and Hobbes), there for her for her move to a new home and subsequent adventures.

  26. Nanak is a great buddy! Plus he doesn’t require the dreaded “sharing’ of toys or food.

    Love and licks,

  27. That’s adorable ^_^

  28. I will tell you something very funny and ironic – especially since my human was so surprised and touched to see herself mentioned at the beginning of the post. See, she was a very strange and quirky young child and was bonded to a Teddy bear for quite a long time. She loved the Teddy bear so intensely she wore him out several times, but her parents would magically make him good as new by throwing him in the dryer (of course there was a brand new Teddy already in there). So she totally relates to Savvy!

    • Miss Janiss is more of an inspiration to how I approach what I write than she likely realizes.Not one piece of her advice has been ignored. I may not be totally successful in executing on the advice, but I keep trying. And I still have the very first teddy bear I was given…I have had his eyes replaced with vintage teddy eyes and his stuffing redone with the same sort of straw stuffing he had originally. ANd, his fur is mostly all loved off

  29. Nanuk is the best! and he always fools my mommas eyes… bet even in 87 years she still screams: look savannah got a dog :o)…. it’s time for new glasses for my momma, huh?

  30. Such an adorable relationship,lots of love and snuggles Speedy and Rachel

  31. Awww, dat are so sweet!

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