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Courage from a Furriend…Kind’a…

So from my post yesterday, you guys know I am having a bit of a set back in my recovery process.  I have had so many emails, comments and Tweets from my furriends with encouragement…means a lot to me and Dad and Mom.

Well, I am still in need of some courage to get back to doing a couple of things I have done before…like napping in my upstairs bed in Mom’s office window while she works for me. Now I just zip out when she comes in…and I don’t go into our bedroom in the day any more either.  I used to luvluvluv taking my afternoon naps in there…now I am hanging most of the day in my cat tower…napping (maybe I am depressed????)

Sort’a sad, huh?

Anyway, so Mom suggested I go spend a bit of time with our “Sibe” who guards our front door…His name is Nanuk. He’s the closest thing to a “furriend”I have in our home ‘cuz really, I am an only cat.  But, even if he isn’t the “real deal” Sibe…he has courage like all Sibes and he guards our front door.

So I spent some time with him yesterday…hangin’ out and just channeling our thoughts quietly back and forth.

I think it may have helped a teeny bit ‘cuz I slept really good with Mom last night…I snuggled tight against her legs and stuff…and Dad fed me this  morning right next to his chair and I actually ate! Even with him sittin’ right there!  I usually wait to be all alone…I’m kind of a nervous eater.

That’s my day.  And I think we can get courage from our furriends even if they may not be totally like “real”…it’s the process that counts, huh?!

A big “arrooooo” and “woo woo woo” to all my real Sibe friends.  Paw pats, Savannah

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12 thoughts on “Courage from a Furriend…Kind’a…

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  3. wooo we sibes are good at giving courage to our little furfriends 🙂 Hi paws to you girl. Also hu’mum saw this and thought of you, not sure if it is what you need but maybe worth a read

    • Your are too kind Khumbu. We looked at the cat vest and unfortunately that is not my problem. Plus I won’t even let Mom or Dad pick me up right now ): sigh…I am mostly afraid of people, not even thunder and lightening storm bothered me…go figure. I so appreciate your support. Sibe woo woos to you, Savannah

  4. Hi Savannah….wow, that’s a way cool pal you have there by your door. He’s BIG! Neato…!

    Kitty Hugs

    • hey Sammy! I really like Nanuk. I sit by him almost every morning when I do my AM patrol of the house and as much of the yard as I can see from inside. Nanuk and I sit by the front door with the floor to ceiling window by it and check out the front

  5. We think that’s just the most pawsome idea ever, peace to you little furiend!

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  6. Hang in there!

    Sending you furry vibes. Meow!

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