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Thursday Purrsday


Sportin' my SIbe look!!

Sportin’ my SIbe look!!

Just wanted to start off with some levity…for those of you who might not recognize me in my new SSS Sibe Ears and Tail Plume…you can get that little update HERE

And in case you might not know WHY I have long dreamed of becoming a Sibe…ya know…always a ‘Wanna Be’…you can check out my luv affair with Nanuk ever since I first arrived in my furrever home…click HERE

You can also check out my link on the top of my blog page…OTRB

Now as for my reasons for purring up a storm this week…first there is my increasingly intimate relationship with Mom Linda…

I luvluvluv having my toes held by Mom

I luvluvluv having my toes held by Mom

Never, ever in my first 2 years in my furrever home would I have allowed touching my toesies…now I relish it…for a short period…MOL

And then…our bird TV finally kicked up a notch tonight…after 18 months in this rental…we have managed to attract our first woodpecker…can’t tell the type yet…too far off…but he waited long enough for Mom to get her extra telephoto to get the best close up we could…


Mr or Ms Woodpecker

Mr or Ms Woodpecker

And today I found my first sun puddle on the landing between the two levels of our stairs…I am slowly regaining my role as “stair case troll” given to me almost 2 years ago by the gang over at Katnip Lounge.


I sort of saved the best for last as far as what I am purring so loudly about this week.  Sit back, pull up a chair…this is gonna be complicated…nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww….just kidding…seriously…

So I told Mom that Dad needed to dump that old iPad she ‘dumped’ on him when she upgraded hers…no, no…no family friction over any of this…*koff, choke, giggle*…so Dad had a friend who gave him some green papers for his old one…Mom said “no problem”…but those green papers go into Nana’s “rescue fund”…of course what was Dad gonna say???…

Taaaaaa….Daaaaaaa…..I got some green papers to use as I purrlease…and here is my very first ever with my own green papers rescue pledge…just another Pawing It Forward Project at Casa Savannah…

…please welcome newly rescued Fontaine!…

Thank you all for your help

Thank you all for your help

Now do not, absolutely DO NOT GET ALL LEAKY EYED…yes, just as I looked when I was dumped at a kill shelter…there were no make up support staff present, no one to tidy me or Fontaine up… BUT…ITS A MIRACLE!!!…sharing on Face Book SAVED FONTAINE!! WOO HOO!!!

Dozens and dozens of people across the USA raised over $1550 USD to allow a small rescue to pull her…AND SHE IS ALREADY ADOPTED by one of my FB furriends!!

Fontaine’s Story: “FRACTURE OF DISTAL HUMERUS (DISTAL LIMB DISPLACED MEDIALLY”…PERFECT SCORE 4 PURRING, EXTREME LOVE BUG Fontaine!!…”allows the stroke, rubs on the assessor’s hand, purrs, and appreciates petting on the head and body; interacts with the Assessor, solicits attention, is easy to handle and tolerates all petting!!””…PRECIOUS, DARLING Fontaine at $1550 in pledge offers

While I wish I could post a rescue like this every week; selling my Dad’s iPad allowed me to help this one cat.  But as I have said earlier; sharing on FB, Twitter, posting on your blogs…it all saves lives of rescued companion animals. NO GREEN PAPERS REQUIRED!

PLEASE do not respond to someone sharing about rescue with a simple “purrs he/she gets saved”…share, share, share…it does indeed save lives across this world; in places you did not even know someone…trust me…this is true.

And just a reminder…with one more small request to share…remember my furriend Tiny who has almost been at my former rescue a whole year, just like me.  She still does not have a home…not even one single inquiry. And not many were able to share about her when I posted about her last week

Well Mom Linda and Dad Peter agreed to do the early morning clean up for Kitty Corner, my shelter, yesterday.  Mom took some photos of Tiny as she waited in the rest room (water closet, toilet, etc) for someone to join her…doesn’t she look like a cat who is just waiting for her forever home to find her???

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Help her if you can through sharing via blog posts, Twitter, Face Book…or any other social media you use. My purrrs of gratitude will overwhelm you…

Now, I join Pepi Smart Dog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop…because I have so very much to be purring about…please click on the badge to transport to other incredible thankfulness…


Paw Pats, Savannah

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23 thoughts on “Thursday Purrsday

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  2. Oh Savvy, we are honoured to have you amongst our friends. You rock, you know that, it is the power of the Savvy Paw at work. We are honoured to know you and to know that your green papers saved A LIFE! A life Savvy – Fontaine! Let us hope Tiny gets that precious home too.


  3. The Swiss Cats on said:

    You’re awsome, Savvy, you do a great job to help other kitties ! Purrs

  4. What a wonderful result Miss S 😀

  5. ❤ ❤ that's all I can send to you Savvy..poor sweet baby …such a world of cruelty ad kindness…makes me wonder..Loves Fozziemum xxx

  6. A rooooo woooo ooooo Savannah me BFF!!!
    Me finkz ya iz rockin yer Sibe side fer shure!
    We iz so happy ya iz lettin Aunti Linda stroke yer toeziez more n enjoyin it…what were we finkin nott lett deze Hu’mumz’ touch n lub us??? bettur late den neber rite, rite???
    Hurrah fer savin Fontaine…such a deer n sad yet purrty kitteh….ya did sunfing totallee PAWSUM Savannah!!! ❤
    As fer Tiny me Mum iz sighin deeplee n sayz we haz da purrfect sink fer her…but we iz so far away… 😉
    Much lub to ya frum me Nylablue =^,,^=

  7. Savvy, you make a great Sibe! MOL! And we are so proud of you that you were able to help Fontaine.

  8. Tiny is ADORABLE!!! Who could pass her up. I will share. Whoa! Great news about Fountaine. Made my day. Anyone I know. Heh heh. You guys are the best, BFGF. I’m proud to call you BFGF.

  9. Hooray for dear Fontaine! Now for a great big happy for Tiny!

  10. meowmeowmans on said:

    Hooray for Fontaine! And thank you, Savvy, for helping her. 🙂

    No we’re off to go share Tiny on Twitter!

  11. Ever dream of being a Mal? We are pawesome toowoowooooooo!

  12. Two Frwnch Bulldogs on said:

    We are happy to hear Fortune was adopted.
    Lily & Edward

  13. Sounds like it’s been very interesting around your house lately. We read about you getting your sibe ears the other day. Congrats. Glad Fontaine was adopted!!!

  14. mariodacat on said:

    M says it looks like a Downy Woodpecker, but she can’t tell for sure. Great picture.

  15. savvy…we can tell ewe rite off what kinda woodpecker that iz:

    itza stooooooooopid caca droppin rood NOIZEE bug infested one

    trust uz….we can tell frum kleer over heer in TT


    ♥♥ meowloz ta sage

  16. Yoo-hoo! YOO-HOO!!!

    Way to go, Savvy!

    You must be so very happy right now, knowin’ that you helped save Fontaine’s life. She’s a beautiful kitty and is gonna have a great life now and all because of cats like you. WONDERFUL!


    PS. We get the woodpecker channel here but sometimes, only on audio. MOUSES!

  17. Own! i love woodpeckers!
    You´re a lucky and happy cat!!!!
    Purrrs to Fontaine.

  18. Shared shared and shared!!!! I just love your new husky look Sav! It suits you real well! That poor kitty! But I am so glad kitty was rescued! And paws crossed for the other sweet kitty to find a home, I have shared via twitter fb and google + .
    Have a great day!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  19. Fontaine…..poor baby…..but SO happy to hear she got a forever home…..Tiny is so gorgeous it’s hard to imagine someone hasn’t snapped her up but I’m sure it will happen when the right person sees her and connects!

    Hugs, Sammy

  20. Hurray for Fontaine, now to help Tiny – who is just lovely!!

  21. That is so great you were able to help Fontaine! Rescue kitties often need the extra help that we internet kitties can offer. Tiny has such awesome markings – I can’t believe no one has been asking for her yet!

  22. Aaaaw meez so happy yous wus able tu make a diffewence. Meez wuld be happy tu shawe but meez dusn’t know how. 😦 Der’s so many fings meez dusn’t know how tu du yet. So much tu meand yous dismay, meez will hav tu say,…meez suwe hopes dat herz fuweber furmily comes along soon. Hav a Pawsum day!!

    Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 😀


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