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Nerissa The Cat Author: Gone but not forgotten


I could not write when I first heard from Nerissa’s Peep #1 that Nissy had gone on his next journey to a place I cannot follow; it is not yet my time. Nor should it have been Nissy’s time either, but his body could no longer support his spirit. He left us on the morning of 30 April, 2015. The medication he needed early in his illness unavailable in Canada. His condition, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in felines is very rare.


Nissy diligently sat each night, with his Peep #1, posting about each and every one of the cats on each and every day of the week, who are placed on the death row kill list at New York City’s Animal Control Services. Many were indeed saved, but alas, others were not; they were not forgotten thanks to Nissy’s courageous efforts.

Nerissa, my accomplished award winning cat blogger; much loved Twitter anipal; and special AdventurCat pal…you have left emptiness in my heart and that space will not fill again. There will never be another Nissy, the Nip Head, in my life and I cherish having known and loved you so well. Without your sense of humor I likely would not have ever learned how to laugh out loud!

I feel so alone now. Our original AdventurCat Team was me, Nissy and Dash Kitten. (click HERE for a list of our first adventures)

I have now lost both of them. I begged Nissy to let me come but he turned me away and gave me a task.


So I will honor Nissy and Dash Kitten both by not forgetting them and by keeping our AdventurCat world alive.

I found Silver and together we found Seville, one of Nissy’s Marmie brothers. Silver and Seville have some mighty big paws to fill.

Last panel

Please be sure to stop by here to let Nissy’s family know they are not alone. And be sure to stop by Dash Kitten, here, to read the caring tribute Silver Kitten wrote for his buddy Nissy.

Until our paths run together again Nissy,

I will never forget you, Savannah

Please give some APAWS APAWS to Spitty for loaning his human’s thumbs to Mom L to help complete the photos; and to Miss Ann from Zoolatry for the incredibly beautiful badges which show Nissy’s REAL SELF to perfection.

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51 thoughts on “Nerissa The Cat Author: Gone but not forgotten

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  3. Clowie on said:

    I was very sad to hear this news.

  4. Such a lovely tribute to our dear friend, Nissy ❤
    MOUSES ! I will love and miss him forever !


  5. We were so so so very sad to hear about Niss. He has been one of our most favorite blogging kitties over the last couple years, and I was heart broken when I read about him. I used the badge you posted on one of my posts the other day to tribute Niss as well xoxo
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  6. Deerest Savannah wee iss still inn bitss over nerissa going on to Pure Land to join thee Dash kitten….LadyMum read mee sum of yur adventuress an mee iss so sorry you feel so alone now. Mee an LadyMum are so sorry you lost yur bestie furend. Mee feelss like mee losted an Unccle an thiss iss mee ferst loss an it hertss ALLOT! Mee did a tributte to nerissa an 2 peepss who were impawtent to LadyMum an mee..efurryone leeved April 30th it seemss…
    Mee iss here fur you even tho mee iss a kittyboy an young; mee doess care so much.
    Pleeze accept our sympaffiess an know mee an LadyMum LUV you berry berry much…
    Witth reespect an **paw patss**
    Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxxx

  7. The OP Pack on said:

    We did not Nissy, but for sure he was well-loved by so many. Soft woos and gentle hugs to his family – you did a beautiful tribute for him too.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  8. What a wonderful tribute. We won’t forget Nissy, either.

  9. Katie isabella on said:

    Made mine eyes leak. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😻

  10. Marty the Manx on said:

    Oh Savvy your wonderful tribute to Nissy has Mom reduced to tears. We are so very sorry that you have lost such a dear friend, we are all going to miss him too. Sending you soft purrs and luvs.
    Marty and the Gang

  11. meowmeowmans on said:

    Such a lovely and poignant tribute to our dear friend, Nissy. We will love and miss him forever. MOUSES.

  12. We have already been over to Nerissa’s blog, so sorry to hear the sad news.

  13. pilch92 on said:

    What a beautiful tribute to sweet Nissy. You made me cry- again, I am sure many tears have been shed since getting this news.

  14. mariodacat on said:

    What a great tribute to such a beloved pal. We were so very sad to hear the sad news. He will be forever loved and missed.

  15. That was so beautiful, Savvy! I can’t say anymore 😥 xxxx

  16. A lovely tribute to the adventurous Nerissa. *wipes tears from eyes*

  17. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Beautiful tribute to Nissy, and beautiful pictures. Purrs

  18. Such a wonderful post. UsCoons wrote a really nice one too. I’m sorry TW doesn’t have time or imagination so I can come along too. MOUSES!

  19. Mouses! as Nissy would say. Lovely loving words for a very dear cat. We’ll miss you, Nissy!

  20. Flynn on said:

    Savvy, that is a beautiful tribute to Nissy. He will be missed by so many of us.

  21. That was a beautiful tribute Savvy and my whiskers are weepy wet once again.

    • Such a beautiful and loving tribute to Nissy. I don’t think there’s a heart in the blogosphere he hasn’t touched. Sending purrs of comfort and prayers to Jennifer, his family and all of his friends.
      Rest in peace, sweet boy.

  22. You summed up beautifully,how we all feel that Nissy has left us.
    We’re going to plant a nip plant in his honour.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

  23. thanks for such a touching post…it’s so sad and I always search for words what could help a little… but sadly there are mostly just tears… but it’s ok to send tears as a tribute to a friend, right?

  24. A beautiful post and tribute my furiend. I’m so behind and I’m very sad to learn Nissy has crossed the bridge. He was truly PAWESOME! purrs to you my furiend

  25. Hello Savannah. Such a Wonderful and wholly fitting Tribute to a Gentlecat, a Cat of the People, a Friend beloved by so many who fought for so many….Life will be the lesser, for sure, for his passing……

  26. What a sweet post and most fitting tribute to everyone’s friend and pal Nissy. I’m still somewhat in shock as most of us knew he was not well but had no idea the Bridge would call to him so soon…..My heart is happy that Seville will keep the blog going – we love the posts so much and the blogosphere wouldn’t be the same without their stories. Nissy was truly one of a kind. I know your heart is broken at losing your AdventureCat buddy but it sounds like your new “trio” will have fun together and no doubt Nissy will be right there in spirit having fun with you! One day I know we’ll all be together on the other side of that Bridge……in the meantime, we’ll feel Nissy at our shoulders – whispering “MOUSES!” in our ears.

    Love, Sammy

  27. What a beautiful tribute to sweet Nerissa, Savvy. He will be missed deeply. Soft Pawkisses ❤

  28. Perfect Savvy perfect,but you’re not alone sweetie you have all of us too,and you know what maybe you could join me on one of my adventures….Nissy like traveling by closet with me…anywhere….anywhen….I always know!Come with me Savvy and I’ll show you the world and beyond… Speedy

  29. So lovely and very fitting tribute sweet Savvy…i never really met Nissy and am sorry i didn’t..i guess this is my loss as the tributes have been so wonderful…i have sent my love to his family as they deal with such a sad and unfair goodbye..loves Miss Bev xx

  30. We’re gonna miss Nissy a lot.

    • Thank you for coming by to leave words of comfort. I must apologize to you again as I found 4 of your comments in my spam file. I continually Mark your comments as ‘not spam’ but word press sends you here every time.

  31. Meow dear friend. A beautiful tribute to your traveling pal.
    Private smokey.

  32. We all walk this path one day, Savvy. Every single living being. Saying farewell hurts, but it is part of life. We just try to ignore that.

  33. catfromhell on said:

    Mes is missing Nissy.
    What a wonderful tribute yous has written for such a wonderful guy! And remember that Nerissa will always bes with yous in your heart and in your soul.
    Kisses dear grrl furrend

  34. A touching tribute, Savvy. We will miss him.

  35. A beautiful tribute to a special friend.

  36. What can I say? Thank you, Savvy. Thank you so very much for writing such a loving tribute to my brother, Nerissa.

    Love & purrs,

  37. We will miss Nerissa so much! I really feel like he should be here – he had to leave way too soon.

  38. kittiesblue on said:


  39. Sue on said:

    Hey Savvy, great job and beautiful pictures too, well done. Nissy will be well missed but not forgotten. I am sure in a short while you, Silver and Seville will have some also mighty adventures as well. Paws up to you All from TEAM TNR and the kitties at The ARC.

  40. We’ll miss Nissy very much too. But we’re glad to hear you’ll continue to honor him with more adventures. Nissy would have wanted that.

  41. spittythekitty on said:

    What a fantastic testament to your love for your sweet pal(s). I know Nissy and Dash will be whispering encouragement to the new adventure team XOXOXOXO

  42. What a pawsome tribute to Nissy We will all miss him.

    The Florida Furkids

  43. msphoebecat on said:

    A remarkable life, a courageous and wonderful mancat who helped save many of our fellow felines in need. His memory will live on and has inspired the continuation of the fight until no more are killed and they all have homes.
    A lovely tribute Savannah, thank mew.

  44. * wipes away tears * A fitting tribute Savvy, for our dear pal.

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