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Nerissa The Cat Author: Gone but not forgotten


I could not write when I first heard from Nerissa’s Peep #1 that Nissy had gone on his next journey to a place I cannot follow; it is not yet my time. Nor should it have been Nissy’s time either, but his body could no longer support his spirit. He left us on the morning of 30 April, 2015. The medication he needed early in his illness unavailable in Canada. His condition, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in felines is very rare.


Nissy diligently sat each night, with his Peep #1, posting about each and every one of the cats on each and every day of the week, who are placed on the death row kill list at New York City’s Animal Control Services. Many were indeed saved, but alas, others were not; they were not forgotten thanks to Nissy’s courageous efforts.

Nerissa, my accomplished award winning cat blogger; much loved Twitter anipal; and special AdventurCat pal…you have left emptiness in my heart and that space will not fill again. There will never be another Nissy, the Nip Head, in my life and I cherish having known and loved you so well. Without your sense of humor I likely would not have ever learned how to laugh out loud!

I feel so alone now. Our original AdventurCat Team was me, Nissy and Dash Kitten. (click HERE for a list of our first adventures)

I have now lost both of them. I begged Nissy to let me come but he turned me away and gave me a task.


So I will honor Nissy and Dash Kitten both by not forgetting them and by keeping our AdventurCat world alive.

I found Silver and together we found Seville, one of Nissy’s Marmie brothers. Silver and Seville have some mighty big paws to fill.

Last panel

Please be sure to stop by here to let Nissy’s family know they are not alone. And be sure to stop by Dash Kitten, here, to read the caring tribute Silver Kitten wrote for his buddy Nissy.

Until our paths run together again Nissy,

I will never forget you, Savannah

Please give some APAWS APAWS to Spitty for loaning his human’s thumbs to Mom L to help complete the photos; and to Miss Ann from Zoolatry for the incredibly beautiful badges which show Nissy’s REAL SELF to perfection.

A Blow to the Cat Blogosphere

Wordless is all I can be right now…

Wed tears 2

Please go directly to my beloved Nerissa’s Life and help his Peep#1 in this time of great need for comfort

I see you Nissy, brightest and now well, near Dash

I see you Nissy…bright and well again, near Dash

Purrayers for those whom we have lost…

My good friends at Team Dash and I will post our tributes on Friday, 08, May, 2015. 

COMMENTS OFF TODAY IN HONOR OF NISSY…back on for Friday’s Tribute.

Please help yourself to the following badges, lovingly created by Ann Adamus, Zoolatry.

Nerissa, Forever (1)


Nerissa, Forever Sidebar Badge

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