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Planning to Move My Stuff


Sorry I didn’t get my usual post up last Friday. My typist was off looking at possible new homes for all of us. Mom L and Dad P have been hard at the house search for a week now.

I have no idea why they have not consulted with me about how to transport me, TKS and all our household stuff to a new place when they find one. And yes, I am talking about how to move the Peeps’ stuff as well as mine and TKS’.

Peeps simply have a tough time getting their heads around the whole concept of how we cats move through time and space using our teleport tunnels. I know, I know…the bunnies use their closets like my pal Speedy. And as for my AdventurCat buddy, may he Rest in Nip, Nerissa; he used the usual fryin’ pan and egg beater basic technology with a ‘whisk’ thrown in ever now and then for extra speed.

Mouses! I almost digressed…heh…heh…

So I have decided I need to tidy up and do some maintenance on my very special Three Way Teleport Tunnel.

Entering to check the control panel in the Green Zone

Entering to check the control panel in the Green Zone

I haven’t used my teleport tunnel for a bit so I needed to make sure ‘it’ knows ‘it’ is still mine…

Mine, mine, it??

Mine, mine, mine…got it??

You know how The Kid Sage (aka TKS) can be. She always has to leave some of her smells on my teleport tunnel.

There really doesn’t seem to be much for me to do.

Things look really solid down there in the Blue Zone

Things look really solid down there in the Blue Zone

I can see to infinity and beyond from here in the Green Control Zone.

sigh...infinity and beyond...

sigh…infinity and beyond…

Of course, TKS always has to stick her head in where she is not needed.

You want 'what'...???

You want ‘what’…???

I let her know I have everything under control. We will be able to teleport all essential CTTMRE (Cat Treats ,Toys & Meals Ready to Eat) to the new location as soon as Mom L and Dad P find it…they are still frantically searching.

Much appreciation to you all for your kind thoughts, comments, emails and phone calls. This was a pretty big blow to Casa Savannah.


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30 thoughts on “Planning to Move My Stuff

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  3. Marty the Manx on said:

    Glad the transport tunnel is in working order! Mom moved mine to the sunporch if you want to teleport over and join me for some sun time!

  4. Of course you are totally correct. Our Tunnels are always ready with whatever coordinates we input with a flick of the claw and why humans have such a hard time with the concept, I have NO idea. Wanna come over after awhile?

  5. Own it all, Savvy! We understand that!
    Good luck on the new home finding!

  6. S & S……sendin even MOR best oh fishes yur way that yur mom & dad findz that purrfect spot for everee one ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥ yur new place iz out ther, it just haz knot finded ewe yet….we say by joon 13th ewe will haz finded yur new pad ~~ ♥♥♥

  7. Mee-you wee are purrin anpurrayin here fur all of youss’ to find a new Casa Savannah ASAP!!! Wee iss glad Mumma an Pappaw are searchin an lookin; sumfing will come along…wee KNOW it!!!
    Savannah soundss like you have efurryfing under control there…..
    If yur Mumma needss to mewo to mee LadyMum tell her to give her a call…wee are here fur all of youss’ ALLWAYSS!!!!
    **paw kissess** an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxx

  8. I hope your peeps find something soon. TW can’t wait to see Mom L. You sure you wanna bring TKS along to the new crib?

  9. Two Frwnch Bulldogs on said:

    What a cool tunnel. Did you find anything interesting in there?
    Lily & Edward

  10. catfromhell on said:

    Mes wishes that actual transportation worked as smoothly as tunnels. Mes hates the hours and hours in the box that moves when mes goes from Midway to Calgary!

  11. If only peeps would use teleportation like us kitties, it would all be so much easier and more fun!! We are really hoping and purring you find just the right place to make your home! xx

  12. Hi Savannah,
    I’m still sorry that you need to move, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you all find a new and beautiful home soon.
    Happy Memorial day to you all,

  13. Still keeping fingers and paws crossed for you all ,xx Rachel and Speedy

  14. pilch92 on said:

    I hope your family finds a wonderful place for all of you to live happily ever after. Nice tunnel 🙂

  15. The OP Pack on said:

    Wow, Savannah, you are so lucky to have that pawesome teleport tunnel. Mom wishes she had one of those for those cross country moves she had to make a few times. It sure would have made things a lot easier. Paws crossed Mom and Dad find just the right place asap!!!

    ‘Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  16. We sure hate you all are going through this ordeal Savvy, but it will all work out okay because y’all deserve the best.

  17. hannahandlucy on said:

    We hope you will be given a meow on your new home – remember to make sure that you have a garden with trees to climb, fences to walk on and nose in on any local neighbours that like cats and give you treats. Please remember that your Mom and Dad will be very ratty whilst all this is going on especially if they hate the home that the other one loves! Remember to get some ear muffs so you can snooze in peace.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  18. Tunnel to new casa is good idea.

  19. Well, it looks like your packing job will be pretty easy, Savvy. We purr that your peeps can find you all a new home and can move…and everything goes well.

  20. We hopes your parents find the purrfect home soon. Paws crossed and helpful purrs at full volume. ~Scylla & Family

  21. It’s good to prepare ahead of time for these major events, Savvy!

    The Chans

  22. Moving home sounds a bit rough for peeps to go through. I do hope they find somewhere that suits them and you both. Maybe you guys could work on a larger peep size teleport tunnel? Mind you with my peeps sense of direction probably never see him again!

  23. Savvy I know that you and Sage will be glad to settle into a new home and start decorating it to suit your taste……teleport tunnel HERE – another one THERE – cat tree over HERE, etc. I do hope that your Mom and Dad find a place soon and maybe this one you can STAY in for a long time???!!! Sending lots of “moving hugs” to you all.

    Love, Sammy

  24. Moving is always traumatic at first. Then when you’re settled in, you realize it’s the best thing ever! You’re certainly making things easy for your parents, S. Can’t be simpler than that!

    Love and licks,

  25. That’s a fabulous idea to teleport all your CTTMRE to your new house. And I cross my paws that you will find the pawfect one you all will love.
    Do you know how teleporting with a frying pan and an eggbeater works? Will we need eggs too? have a good Memorial Day…

  26. We know what a drag moving house can be. We went through all that last summer. But when we saw Our New Home, with a staircase for zoomies and much more room, We realised how much better off We all were. We hope you will be similarly furr-tunate in your new home. Purr-happs your Peeps aren’t looking in the right places. They should check out the ads in the Cat Gazette, the Feline Times or the Pussycat Post.

  27. It’s too bad humans aren’t as efficient as us kitties. I REALLY hope your humans find the perfect, awesome home for all of you! Moving is so stressful, especially when you HAVE to, and it’s not a choice.

  28. Hopin your peeps can find a nice new place for y’all – havin to move like dat are tuff!

  29. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We cross our paws and hope that your pawrents find a nice new home for you all very soon. Purrs

  30. I keep you in my thoughts. Searching for a new home is nothing done easily – the more so when it has to be done in a short time!

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