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We Have Claimed This Home


I cannot thank my pals for coming back to visit me after I took such a long ‘hiatus’ from my blog. You are just the best of the best. But it is clear that I have lost lots of readers and I must earn their trust to bring them back. I am working on some blog posts that are everything from silly, fun to informative and adventuresome.

Hope you will follow along as I build up my confidence and take on new challenges.

Ms Savvy Do Mission

I decided that you might enjoy seeing a few more photos of me and The Kid Sage as we first explored our new home. I put it into a slideshow…and I would enjoy hearing from any who have time to comment ‘which’ of the photos in the slideshow you found most endearing, fun, silly, surprising…etc. Just tell me in comments the caption on the photo you find and why you liked it. Wish I could number the photos in the slideshow but so far, Word Press doesn’t allow me to do that…bummer, right?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can’t thank you all enough for taking me back into our pawsome anipal community. You will hear me ‘ROAR’ soon!!


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45 thoughts on “We Have Claimed This Home

  1. Karen Lucas on said:

    Your new house looks beautiful

  2. kittiesblue on said:

    We know we are late , but our favorite is the, “Are we going stay,” photo. Sage’s eyes in that are terrific. Looks to us as if your fans are here to greet you. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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  4. meowmeowmans on said:

    We are SO happy you’re back. Our favorite was “This place is different.” The look on your face is priceless, Savvy. 🙂

  5. We like the one that says “Are we gonna stay?” the best, but they’re all great.

  6. I love the slide show! Especially “where are the birds?” MOL Glad you are settling in 🙂

  7. We thought all the pictures were great, glad you are feeling like you are home.

  8. pilch92 on said:

    I am glad you have your own office and a nice place to look for birds when you are on your cat tree. Maybe your Mom can put a bird feeder outside for you.

  9. I like the one that says “Are we gonna stay Savvy?” So cute!

  10. I like Great View and Are We Gonna Stay. Glad you’d gonna stay.

  11. I like all the photos Savvy. Don’t worry that you are not getting as many comments. I think most of us find that happens at this time of the year. When the cooler weather and the dark evenings come back, I am sure all our friends will too.

  12. CatLadyMac on said:

    I haven’t commented every day, but I have been here and am glad you all are back and settling in !

  13. The Swiss Cats on said:

    We enjoy seeing the photos ! We love seeing you exploring your new place. Purrs

  14. Oh so nice to hear you’re all settling in fine. We missed you a ton, but now we’re going to have regular Savvy and TKS adventures again. Yay!

    Emma and Buster

  15. We are happy to see you are settling in nicely!

  16. S & S…yur new place rocks…itz way awesum…N guess what…itza BURD FREE nayborhood !!!!! how…..kewl……..that !!! 🙂 ♥♥♥

  17. Wee LUV ALL thee fotoss’ Savannah!! You look so relaxed in thee fotoss’..
    You are leadin thee way for Sage….
    Glad yur settlin inn there….
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxx

  18. Great pics you guys! I love seeing your gorgeous furry faces again!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  19. Hehehe you’ll get some bird tv don’t worry,xx Speedy

  20. Kitty Cat Chronicles on said:

    Welcome back, furiends! So glad that you are settling into your new home nicely. We are getting ready for a move ourselves too! Exciting and stressful times for sure. Glad to have you back, and we look forward to your posts!

  21. The OP Pack on said:

    The shots are all great, Savannah. The summer seems to be a slowdown time for a lot of bloggers. We don’t see as many visitors either but we are hoping it is the nice weather that keeps them away.

    Woos – Ciara and Lightning

  22. Lovely photo, Savannah – bit I can’t see a slideshow – only a sentence that says “this slideshow requires Java script”- must be because I’m reading on the IPhone!?

  23. I love to see your photos!!!!

  24. We like wide-eyed Savvy saying “This place is different.” We moved last October. Once we explored every nook and cranny and decided the place was safe, we were quite happy to claim it!

  25. of course we would have you back silly – you are the community!!

  26. We know that you all will make you new home yours in no time. Looks like you’ll have a great view from your cat tree, Savvy.

  27. You have stairs! We’ve never had any, and we think they would be just pawsome. Looks like your cat tower has a great new spot, too.

  28. mariodacat on said:

    It appears that you. And sage like your new digs. That’s pawsome.

  29. We are so glad you guys are back and settling into your new home. Lot’s of fun to be had and smells to spread around. Looking forward to future blog posts and pics. We loved todays pics, they looked fun! Purrs, Greyson, Mr. Chivers, Tabitha and Chloe

  30. We are so glad you guys are back and are settling in your new home. What fun to be had. We missed you guys. Great pics! They all look fun. Looking forward to your future blogs. Purrs, Greyson, Mr. Chivers, Tabitha and Chloe

  31. Savvy with huge eyes, standing on the landing of the steps and Sage asking if it’s safe. Cute slideshow. Glad you claiming it home!

  32. We love seeing you exploring your new place with so much confidence, Savvy. Is your cat tree positioned so you can get to that landing from it? That’s a pawesome location for it.

  33. Great photos Savvy! My favorite is the one of Sage with the BIG EYES asking you if that is your new home…..yes it is and we hope you will be there for a long time instead of having to give it up like you have had to before……it will be nice to be SETTLED. Enjoy setting up house!

    Love, Sammy

  34. have fun while discovering your new crib… and if something looks strange… you know where you can find Nanook :o)

  35. Of course Nukkers is my favorite picture (even though it’s a butt-selfie). It’s good to find something familiar in a new place.

    Love and licks,

  36. It seems like you two are settling in quite nicely! I know maybe your humans weren’t that thrilled with having to move, etc., but you know what? Kitties don’t think about those things – we just accept the new place on its own terms, and how it relates to us kitties. All the human concerns are completely superfluous.

  37. Savannah & Sage, when I first arrived at my home, I inspected the whole place to see if it was satisfactory for my needs. That included going into the fireplace, so I like your fireplace photo the best. I still don’t know why my housekeeper found that part of my inspection so funny. Your friend Dinah, RWB (reader without blog.)

  38. I LOVE you striding into your office!!! I loved the way you two are exploring too!!!


  39. Hi hi Savvy and Sage! We’ve been trying to do more visiting ourselves, our recent FUNdraiser took lots of our commenting and visiting time though.. It happens, it’s life! We love you and will always pop back and check out what we’ve missed!
    As for the pictures, I love the two wide eyed shots the best. The one with Savvy saying “This is different” And the one with Sage saying “Are we going to stay” Love the big bright eyes!

  40. Where are the birds and Nukkers pic are my faves ..but we really love them all..because you are both so brave! do not worry sweeties i had a break and thought i would loose some friends..seems WP made some disappear from my follow list…so i had to re follow these blogs..,grrrr so just check..if they are not in your reader then maybe WP has shuffled them off…loves Miss Bev xxx

  41. J A Moore on said:

    “This place is different.” was my favorite — you are looking really good.

  42. Hard to say which are the best – I like the combination of them, it sometimes really seems like the two of them would talk to each other.
    As a single photo I liked the one with the “Where are the birds”-caption best.
    You know how you can simply put numbers on the photos – include them in the caption text
    Like “Where are the birds [1]”
    Or “[2] Do you really think it’s safe?”

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