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A Wildness Pursuit with #Natural Balance

This post is sponsored by Natural Balance and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer NetworkTM. I am being compensated to help spread the word the word about Natural Balance available at PetSmart, but Savannah’s Paw Tracks only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Natural Balance and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.


What a week this has been. I was using my iPad to paw through some of the cat food products in our local PetSmart® store, and one in particular caught my attention.

Natural Balance Pet Foods ® was showing cat food called Wild Pursuit™! I’m thinking this might take me back to my wild side!! The description talked about how we cats could now eat kibble and pate soft food that will take us back to our ancestral diet! Grain free formulas and lots of unique protein made me even hungrier.

Of course I meowed to Mom L immediately to get her moving right down to our PetSmart® store to fetch some home for me and The Kid Sage (TKS) to try. I was excited to know that this Wild Pursuit cat food was available at our local PetSmart and on

Her response shocked me!!

a savvy amazed

Mom L: Savvy, why don’t you come along with me so you can pick out just what you want? You know you have very picky particular taste and smell needs.
Savannah: Mom L, you actually suggest that I, MOI, ME, Savannah The Cat, accompany you outside to a store!! Nope, I am not doing that; I am just fine right here in my comfy castle. You can take Plush Savannah with you.
Mom L: Ok, if you are sure. I’ll just get her harness and leash. But don’t complain if she picks out something you don’t like.

So off to PetSmart® they went. Plush Savannah spotted the Natural Balance Pet Food® section right away.

NB display

Immediately Plush Savannah searched for just what she knew I was craving. I need something that is not only 100% grain free, but also has high protein; I am, after all, descended from real wild cats! Plush Savannah selected the Wild Pursuit products I told her about. After all, I may be older than TKS, but this food is for all ages and it is food with substance for pets with character! That’s ME!!!

PM shopping 2_final with WM

There were two delish flavors, for both dry kibble and canned pate food. There was my favorite chicken, turkey and quail *smacks lips* and some with fish such as trout, salmon and tuna. The dry kibble even has freeze dried chunks of yummy meat…enough to make me and TKS return to our wild side and ROAR!!

Plush Savannah preferred the fish flavors, but Mom L made sure she brought home the chicken, turkey and quail for me. Now they were off to check out. (hover over photos to see what Plush Savannah thought about the check belt)

Finally, Plush Savannah and Mom L returned. I had a good whiff of the kibble bag first and then I let TKS take a turn and checking out the kibble and the canned pate food.

Who is that blue cat?

Who is that blue cat?

One really great thing to know about Natural Balance is their Buy With Confidence guarantee. This assures us that every production run is tested for quality and safety. Now TKS get to check out the wildness in the Wild Pursuit.

I feel my WILD coming on!

I feel my WILD coming on!

I thought she was going to eat that bag before Mom L got it open for her to taste.

Sage attacks the meat

You can see she was using her sharp white toofies to break up her meaty kibble…she was really getting into to pursuing her wild TKS! She couldn’t even wait for the cans to be totally opened when she was able to take a whiff of their scrumptious high protein meaty aroma.

Can I tear into this now Mom L?

Can I tear into this now Mom L?

For myself, I found that the pate was of more interest as I can only eat prescription kibble. But unfortunately, I had already started my afternoon nap…so I wasn’t able to move from my nap spot to do much tasting.



I do know for sure that TKS and I are feeling our ancestral diet has been taken into account by all the expert nutritionists who help formulate Natural Balance Pet Foods Wild Pursuit product. They know how to make a house cat leap back to our ancestors and really ROAR!!

I am getting my wild on!

I am getting my wild on!


Be sure to keep up with all things Natural Balance by visiting their social media sites: Facebook , Pinterest , Instagram and Twitter.



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20 thoughts on “A Wildness Pursuit with #Natural Balance

  1. Marty the Manx on said:

    Well we are sure interested in this now Savvy! Thanks!

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  4. Sounds like Plush Savannah did a most excellent job picking out the food. Love the last picture of you getting in touch with your inner lion!

  5. Looks like Plush Savvy did a great job of shopping. I was looking to give her a ride home but couldn’t catch up to her. Maybe next time. ROAR!

  6. That does sound good but that roar photo is just the best!

  7. You’re always so creative! Plush Savvy really did right by you at the store, didn’t she?

  8. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Plush Savvy made a very good choice ! Purrs

  9. This is totally brilliant Savvy (and TKS). It looks as though Natural Balance are taking the needs of us cats seriously aren’t they? This sounds as though a lot of research has gone into make us cats happy AND healthy.

    I can’t wait to go and try this!!

  10. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Our friends love that stuff
    Lily & Edward

  11. Oh we want food that will cater to our wild side…though the mom says we’re already wild enough!

  12. My human is a little scared to give this to Binga – she says she is wild enough! J/K, the food sounds great, and we have tried it!

  13. Great review, I hope that this will help you get back to the complete raw diet you had started to enjoy before…purrs

  14. Òh, Savvy, the pictures say it all…now I’m feeling the wild coming…MOL 😀 Extra Pawkisses for a healthy day 🙂 ❤

  15. your plush-savvy has a paw for picking the right food :o) and there is a blue cat on the bag, so this food is made for russian-blue purrincesses :o)

  16. It’s great to be able to tap into our inner wildness with a healthy and convenient food!

    P.S. Nice job!

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