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Serve Sprinkles on Your Cats’ Favorite Meals


Hang on a moment—I’ll be right back—

nose powder

Apologies, but I needed to, ummmm, errrrr—powder my nose. My first photo shoot involves a bit of a close up of my nose, so, well, I needed to get my nose perfect, right?

Disclaimer: As members of the Chewy Blogger Outreach Program, we received product for free in exchange for our fair and honest review. Chewy is not responsible for the contents of this post. Savannah’s Paw Tracks only shares products and information that I believe are of interest to my readers.

I am making sure all of you know about this yummy Nature’s Instinct Raw Boost Mixers, freeze dried raw chicken, to top off your favorite foods. These mixers are available at and they are on sale right now! *pushes readers to their computers*—go on, be quick now and order some! #chewyinfluencer

savvy collage

Now I know you are all wondering if I actually took a bite of that Raw Boost Mixer—I’ll get to that later. First you need to be sure to read about all the great ingredients in this mostly natural product.

Chicken (including ground chicken bone), turkey, turkey liver, turkey heart, pumpkinseeds, carrots, apples, butternut squash, ground flaxseed, montmorillonite clay, dried kelp, broccoli, apple cider vinegar, salmon oil, mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract, blueberries, dried chicory root

 Mom L did not read the ingredients at first as we were planning on posting late this month. But, my pals over at The Cat On My Head posted first and alerted Mom L and me to one ingredient that will require further study—montmorillonite clay. You can read about the concern on The Kitties Blue post about this same product.

The answer to the question above about my actually eating the raw toppers— is no.  I did not imbibe that morsel. However, as usual—The Kid Sage aka TKS did, and then some!!
Now this is starting to smell mighty nice

Now this is starting to smell mighty nice

TKS had a tough time holding back for her turn. Finally, it was her time to shine in the photo shoot. As usual, she did not disappoint.

I believe I was very accommodating to allow Mom L to take some shots of me smelling, then admiring this product.
That is one appetizing packaging look

That is one appetizing packaging look

But none the less, The Kid Sage sums up her very own personal review of this product. And I am saying she gives it a humongous ONE SLURPY TONGUE UP approval. What do you think??
*schlurp* Yes, I most definitely approve this product

*schlurp* Yes, I most definitely approve this product

I am linking up with my pal Oz The Terrier and Sugar The Golden Retriever for their Blog Hop.


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21 thoughts on “Serve Sprinkles on Your Cats’ Favorite Meals

  1. I’m still wondering why anyone would include clay in food….

  2. The Kid Sage is looking a little like she thinks someone might wanna steal some of her snacks. She must really have loved ’em, a lot. Purrs, Seville.

  3. “Schlurp”….that sums itt up purrfecktlee Sage Gurl…have sum fur mee! Mee has to eat low pro-teen so mee never get to eat it…
    Iss that clay like Betonite Clay?? Mee wunderss?? LadyMum tried that inn mee food when mee was so sick last year butt it did not werk fur me….
    Wee kittiess are all so diffyrent aren’t wee Savannah??
    Fankss fur doin a review beecause LadyMum iss all ways lookin fur new snackss an foodabullss fur mee 😉
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  4. A great idea. Dad has been giving us the Cat-Man-Do freeze dried chicken sprinkles. We all love any chicken like this but Buddy really goes nuts over it when sprinkled on top of his noms. Something to think about if you have an ill kitty.

    Thanks for giving Buddy Buddy Support! We really appreciate it friends
    Timmy, Dad and Furs

  5. billie on said:

    Hi Susan and Mom L,

    I love that really long tongue that the kid has. I had a girlfriend in college who could touch her nose with her tongue, just like the kid. Wow!

  6. About half of us liked these and half didn’t. So, we had the same results you did. Great tongue photo TKS. We always like those. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. Marty the Manx on said:

    Thanks for the great review Savvy 🙂

  8. Those look pretty darn good! Hey, my Dad is mixed up quite frequently!

  9. Well, we can see that they are popular with TKS 🙂
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. Oh, those are super-tasty! Even Pierre, who is pretty picky, will eat them when they are presented as treats.

  11. pilch92 on said:

    I can see she likes it.

  12. We tried these and liked them. Though honestly, Ernie liked them the best. Could it be a black cat thing? ~Wally

  13. Hmm TKS loves all food I think….hehehe,xx Speedy

  14. That was a fun review. I usually don’t do raw but I ate them up—until the review was written last month. Since then, I eat around them. TW didn’t pick up about that clay ingredient or she would have went berzerk. She wasn’t fond of the veggies and herbs.

  15. You just look at the licking chops image and that says a lot about the product.

    Emma and Buster

  16. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Oh boy so tasty. Glad she didn’t follow you to the power room
    Lily & Edward

  17. Clearly no holding back TKS on these tasty treats… We was wondering whether these treats really need all the extra herbs berries and roots?

  18. what a great review… one tongue out is more than 4 paws, right?

  19. You had the prefect admiring face for the product, S. Mom buys me one-ingredient freeze-dried chicken pieces from Chewy. They are YUMMY as treats and she sprinkles the bottom of the bag onto my food when the big pieces are gone. No clay or weird stuff there. Just chicken.

    Love and licks,

  20. We love these raw boost mixers – none of us here are picky about food or treats at all!

  21. Susan Mulloy on said:

    Love the photo of the Kid licking her face!

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