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West Coast Edition—Perspective


Breaking news of the day— USCATS!! And our view of so much stuff I can’t even count how much stuff.

Studio 2Savvy


I am joining my Best Feline Girl Friend (BFGF), Cathy Keisha, as co-anchor, for our new feature “From a Cat’s Perspective™”. We will be discussing topics, some serious and others kind’a playful like the one that is launching our show. Our feline perspectives will be front and center ‘cuz humans clearly have a tough time understanding us, meaning “us cats”. Humans can be pretty ignorant about how  cats see the world, our place in it, and what we know meets our particular interests and demands needs.

Professor Keisha tossed it over to me after her East Coast edition was posted. And now it’s time for you to hear from Professor Savannah on this important topic. Our lead story today  is “Do Cats Need Heated Cat Beds”? As you already know, cats do not always agree with each other and have the occasional debate held “cat style”. That means there are usually smacky paws involved. But Professor Keisha and I will not bring our new series to that level. But we try not to share our responses with each other about any of our topics.

Humans seem to get the fact that cats’ body heat is warmer than humans and they seek us out when they go to bed to steal our heat—especially during cooler months.

For lots of us cats it is confusing when we get pulled closer during the cold months and then roughly tossed aside during warmer months. You see, there it is. Humans can’t make up their minds.

Whereas we cats, why we like our warmer body heat all year long, right? Now, I have to say, I do enjoy having my human turn up her winter electric blanket which is on our king size bed. I like my side to be on low temp just to get my place warm before I settle in for a nice nap under my Winter cat tent. But, it must be turned off shortly after I get comfy as I don’t like being too warm.


Thanks for the teeny added heat

And then of course, while not an electric heated bed, I do very much enjoy having my “sun puddle” heated bed. Nothing makes me purr more than climbing onto my cat tower to find that  Mr Sun has made my nap spot nice and toasty.

Ahhh...much nicer view from here

Ahhh…much nicer view from here and toasty warm

My answer for today’s From A Cat’s Perspective™—”Do Cats’ Need A Heated Cat Bed?” is “.120985479 per cent YES” and  “.890011222 per cent NO”. Make sense? I’m sure the math works because I consulted with our feline math wizards at Trout Towne Tabbies.  Bottom line, why spend green papers on a heated cat bed when we cats can take advantage of our humans’ electric blankets and/or the warmth Mr Sun provides naturally. Either one costs nothing, zip, zero out of our cat expense column on the humans’ budget, right??

If you are hooked on our new feature, you can be on record with your own perception about today’s topic by leaving a comment below. And if you are clueless about what the East Coast Edition response to today’s topic is, then hop over to my Co-Anchor’s blog.

CK close up rev2


And as always, we continue this conversation in our “green room” which is located on my Face Book page as well as Professor Keisha’s.

We are also taking suggestions in comments and on our Face Book pages for future topics, ranging from serious to a bit playful.


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28 thoughts on “West Coast Edition—Perspective

  1. Our Senior Dusty has a heated bed, Peanut loved hers. The juniors don’t seem to enjoy them quite so much,

  2. Mes has a heated bed that only turns on when me is laying in it. And mes could not enjoy life as much as mes does without it. Savvy…this old grrl has bad arthritis (because of what happened when me was little) and it really, really helps! So mes has all 4 paws in the air for heated cat beds!
    (and not just the cheap ones either, the better beds have better heating pads that don’t have hot spots and don’t burn sensitive kitties, turn off when there is no cat on them)

    Mommy here, I check the heating pad in Nellie’s cubby weekly. Cats have sharp claws and they can damage the membrane. I also clean it with a damp cloth and inspect the connections. We have had Nellie’s for 18 months and I am looking at replacing it as I would never ever want anything to happen to my girl.

    • Oh Nellie I do know that my before me sister Tasha loved the electric blanket. She had painful arthritis. And she passed OTRB at 17. You are correct, I ought to have made consideration for senior cats with aches in their bones. My former DVM has two heated pads in her outdoor cat houses for the two cats who must live outside as they will not ever stop peeing in the house. Toby is 18 too and he does not walk very well but he eats, loves his lap time out on the deck or his time at night for bit with his human. Thank you for this important reminder. paw pats, Savvy and Mom L

  3. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Well, we cannot answer for electric blankets as we don’t have one, but we enjoy solar heated beds and radiators. Purrs

  4. meowmeowmans on said:

    We just snuggle up on our Mom and Dad. No need for heated beds or blankets here. MOL. – Gracie and Zoe

  5. spittythekitty on said:

    This is a most excellent feature,Savvy, and I could not agree with you more about the virtues of sunpuddles. They are the BESTEST. We didn’t have too many today though! You look sooo beautiful–we’ve been gone far too long! XOXOXOX

  6. Marty the Manx on said:

    Everyone here is with you Savvy!

  7. Jewel loved my electric blanket, but I think I may have left it with her former owner. Carmine loves his heated cat bed – I think it feels nice on his little arthritic joints.

  8. My husband gets upset when I leave the heating blanket on and I say it’s because the cat(s) like it — it keeps them warm(er). ❤

  9. Interestingly, we’re not much on heated beds…though I love to sleep next to the heat vent all the time. ~Ernie

  10. Flynn on said:

    I don’t have a heated bed, but I lie in front of the wood burner by day, and on top of my mum when we go to bed.

  11. pilch92 on said:

    My cats love their heated blankets, they are human ones and cheaper than pet ones. Great new feature.

  12. We have hot water heat which means there are pipes running from the furnace to the various radiators and believe-you-me, I can assure that we cats ALL KNOW where EVERY SINGLE ONE of those pipes are. Is? No, are. Nope, believe it or not, I think it might be is. Anyway… We know their locations. And we use ’em as our own purrsonal heated cat beds, for sure. MOUSES!


  13. savvy & ~~~~~~~ waves two sage…..

    we haz non electrix self heetin matz but we iz knot a loud ta haz heeted bedz coz de food servizz gurl iz parnoid

    { witha cap a tull W…… }

    frank lee…. we wood like one heeted bed just ta warm up sum perch everee now & then ~~~~

    we toll CK……how bout a ree view oh cat steps….love em ore hate em !!!


  14. sphynxtales on said:

    We Sphynx have no fur, so we definitely need heated beds in the winter (at least that’s what we are trying to convince our mom… we do have a heating pad, but it gets turned off when our mom leaves the house). We Sphynx definitely need lots of warmth!

  15. My cats love to curl up with each other when it’s cold so I think they would like a heated bed during the winter.

  16. Human mom is always heated. I always sleep on top of her.

    Emma and Buster

  17. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    I wouldn’t mind a heated bed
    Lily & Edward

  18. Mee-you Savannah mee an LadyMum meowed aobut thiss top-ick an shee said shee iss scared of mee clawin at an ‘lecktrick blankie an shee iss rite….mee iss with you on thee Sun Puddle idea tho’!!! An there iss a Sir-vical pill-oh on LadyMum’ss bed with a flannel pill-oh covurr onit an it iss so snuggly an keepss mee warm!!!
    You an CK are both lookin berry purrty all so if mee may say so…. 😉
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

  19. Very wise perspective as always, Savvy! Humans should save their green papers to buy us toys and noms.

  20. mistletoeandhitch on said:

    I (Mistletoe) enjoy sleeping on my HuMom’s chest, under the covers, during the cooler weather. She likes having me there so it works out very well for both of us. HuMom gets a little pouty during the warmer months because she feels ignored. She can also jump pretty high if I get her with my claw while pulling down the covers. As long as I have access to her hammock like chest (a smooth, warm flat middle that goes up slightly with soft pillowy sides) I think I’ll skip the heated bed. But I think it’s important each kitty gets to choose their own preference. After al, there’s NOTHING more important than comfortable napping.

  21. I’m for solar heated beds via sun :o) I always feel a little uncomfy with pets&electricity… but I’m sure this beds are safe :o)

  22. I think it’s a fabulous idea posting information from the cat’s perspective. We all want our animals to be as happy as possible so knowing how our behavior affects them can only serve to make us better carers. When I was a teacher I used to teach the children how to behave with dogs and cats so they could interact with them kindly and safely. Understanding our animals is so important. I’ve had dogs for years but still find myself learning new things all the time. I don’t know a lot about cats so I’ll be really interested to learn more. xx

  23. Now I does love a good debate, personally a cold palace needs a warm spot or four, but nothing beats wool whether a rug or a wool duvet. My votes with you on this, why buy when you can share, so long as I get my 70-90% it’s good…. purrs

  24. I think this is quite nice timing as just yesterday I posed a question on my blog about self heated cat beds! We don’t have electric blankets here, but occasionally someone will lean against my knee heating pad for a touch of warmth. Although like I said over at CK’s, Leo prefers to lay on it when it’s off and ‘cold’ because of it’s fuzzy cover.

  25. My human says I am not allowed a heated bed, as it would probably make me shed too much of my coat! Can you believe that?!

  26. My cat snuggles on the radiator with the old towel I put there …

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