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May Edition—From A Cat’s Perspective™


We are baaaacccckkk! I am here in Studio 1 &1/2 NYC with my stunning co-host Cathy Keisha, aka CK. And we are here to talk about breaking news over the international issue of free feeding cats. Because we are a bi-coastal TV News Network, with international affiliates, we will be addressing this important topic from multiple food source feeding experiences.

Studio 1 & 1/2

*CK nudges Savvy*
Savvy: “CK, what do you want?”

CK: “This is about FREE FOOD, not free feeding or whatever.”

Savvy: “CK, we talked about this earlier and I know free food is important to a former ghetto cat like you, but this isn’t the time or place to get into that, OK?”

CK: “Oh right, we did talk about this in the green room before the show. Go on; get on with your report.”

Savvy: *moving on* “So, back to the chat about the pro’s and con’s of “free feeding” cats. Speaking from an indoor cat’s perspective without any other fur family members, I would say that free feeding is possible.”

CK: *nudges Savvy—whispers in her ear—”you are not an only cat, remember?”

Savvy: *shocked* “You’re right CK, I am not. Bummer!”

Okey dokey, moving ahead. As long as the canned food and/or raw food the cats eat is only left down for no more than about an hour, safe to say the noms are gonna be OK. Cats know when wet food has been left to the elements for too long and usually will not nom on old, dried wet food.

Now free feeding kibble is another topic cuz that doesn’t really spoil, na’ mean? But it can become like “kitty cat chocolate, ice cream and pasta” meaning “carbs” which just like with humans, pushes any cat into over eating and unnecessary calorie intake.

Feeding cats for a weekend get away

Feeding cats for a weekend get away

And if you have a cat like The Kid Sage—aka TKS—you know they will never lift their head from that kibble bowl until the last kibble is inhaled. And there ya have it, one obese cat in the making.

Sadly, many humans believe that we cats are “low maintenance” companion animals and therefore they can take off for several days and just leave a mound of kibble and big bowl of H2O and we will be just fine. NOT SO! What if that water bowl gets knocked over during play time? What if the ants invade our over flowing kibble bowl? Not a pretty pic at all.

Free feeding cats needs to be carefully considered, especially when there are more than ONE cat in the household. Just sayin’—

Now let’s talk about free feeding community cats. My BFGF Cathy Keisha asked me two questions.

First question—“What if TW sees a kitteh standing on a corner holding out its paws with a sign saying “I’ll mouse for food?” Should TW donate or turn and walk away?

Just take me home with you and I will clean up your mousies

Just take me home with you and I will clean up your mousies

Great question CK, let me just say a couple of words. First, don’t leave food out for any community cat for longer than about thirty minutes or an hour at most. The humans who do not appreciate free feeding community cats are right to question the debris some community cat feeders leave behind.

Second question— “What the heck happens to their leftovers? She tries to come back and throw away the empty cans but can she do more? Do the cats get “cat baggies to go?”

No community cat gets a "take away" bag

No community cat gets a “take away” bag

Another fantabulous question CK. No, the community cats DON’T get a “Kitty bag to go”. But all the other wildlife in the area do and so do the ants, and other insects like flies, etc. Most anti-community cat feeding protesters have a real perspective. Many “free feeders” meaning those who are not part of a community cat rescue, aren’t doing those cats any favors by just dumping food and leaving it. The neighborhood doesn’t want the trashy look left behind.

That’s my wrap for our May 2016 edition of From A Cat’s Perspective™.

I invite all readers to hop over to my Face Book page and to CK’s Face Book page to continue this discussion in our “virtual green room”.


West Coast Edition—From A Cat’s Perspecitve™


And thank you Cathy Keisha for passing today’s broadcast of “From A Cat’s Perspective™” over to me.

West Coast edition, channel KAT—From A Cat's Perspective™

West Coast edition, channel KAT—From A Cat’s Perspective™

I am back again with my co-anchor, Cathy Keisha, asking a serious question. I certainly am not going to hold back my opinion and I hope you will leave us a comment to let us know your feline perspective on this important topic.

“From A Cat’s Perspective™”, Channel KAT, is asking our viewers this question—“Should A Cat’s Whiskers Be Cut?”

I can give you seven reasons why no human in their right mind ought to ever, never consider doing such a thing.

Let me start with the least harmful and end with the most important reason of all.

Seven—Our whiskers communicate our feelings and moods. Mom L knows that if my whiskers are whipped forward then I am ready for play hunting!

Let's hunt!!

Let’s hunt!!

Six—My chill’axed whisker position is always that droopy whisker look. Then humans know I am just hang’in out.

I am chill'axin—please do notice my whisker placed just below my ear, that's my Ear Whisker

Chill’axin—please notice my Ear Whisker just below my ear

Five—I must have missed a lot of my jumps before coming to live in my forever castle. You see, we cats depend on our whiskers to know just how far and how high we must leap to get to our desired target. Hmmmm—wonder if some human, or human child, cut off my whiskers and I fell when jumpin’? You know I never ever like to get very high off the ground, right? Just a thought—

Four—No whiskers, no sense of touch. Yup, without my whiskers, how would I ever be able to follow Mom L to the human litter box at night, wait for her, then follow her back and MEOW out loud to make sure she gets me a few kibbles for my midnight, or two AM, or four AM snack?

Three—Everyone knows we use our whiskers to learn if we can fit into a tight space or not—right? But, did you know that our whiskers respond to vibration in the air and help us when we are chasing that “ever illusive” wand toy?  That means without whiskers, I would not be able to hunt successfully. And even more important are our whiskers just behind our upper pad on both our front legs. The Kid Sage and I depend on these whiskers a lot. (you must click on photos to view the detail—apologies for poor camera work on Mom L’s behalf)

Two—my whiskers have a sensory organ, at the end of each and every whisker (called a proprioceptor) which is my online telepathic communicator sending text messages to my brain and nervous system. My whiskers are so sensitive, they give me a ton of data about any teeny change in my environment. That’s why I can tell in an instant that Mom L is about to pick me up to whack off my cherished sharp claws.

One—most of you know that our whiskers are officially called “vibrissae”. Big word meaning—my whiskers are embedded into my body’s sensitive muscular and nervous systems. If you pull, cut off my whiskers, you have hurt me in so many ways I cannot count. Use the brush or Furminator to help me keep my furs groomed and glistening. Please do not ever try to pull out my whiskers, even if they appear to a human to be on a strange part of my body.

Above all, please teach your human kittens to never, ever, cut, pull or tug on cats’ whiskers. They are an essential part of our ability to live our nine lives. And you must know that blind cats depend about 90% on their whiskers to move around and lead active, healthy lives when they are with humans.

Well, glad we had this little chat, and hope to hear any of your experiences with a time in your life where you thought you had “lost your whiskers”.

And now I say “Good Day” to my co-anchor Cathy Keisha and ask that you visit her to find out what her experience and opinions are about his important topic. And don’t forget that this conversation will continue on over at my Face Book page.

Paw Pats, Savannah



West Coast Edition—Perspective


Breaking news of the day— USCATS!! And our view of so much stuff I can’t even count how much stuff.

Studio 2Savvy


I am joining my Best Feline Girl Friend (BFGF), Cathy Keisha, as co-anchor, for our new feature “From a Cat’s Perspective™”. We will be discussing topics, some serious and others kind’a playful like the one that is launching our show. Our feline perspectives will be front and center ‘cuz humans clearly have a tough time understanding us, meaning “us cats”. Humans can be pretty ignorant about how  cats see the world, our place in it, and what we know meets our particular interests and demands needs.

Professor Keisha tossed it over to me after her East Coast edition was posted. And now it’s time for you to hear from Professor Savannah on this important topic. Our lead story today  is “Do Cats Need Heated Cat Beds”? As you already know, cats do not always agree with each other and have the occasional debate held “cat style”. That means there are usually smacky paws involved. But Professor Keisha and I will not bring our new series to that level. But we try not to share our responses with each other about any of our topics.

Humans seem to get the fact that cats’ body heat is warmer than humans and they seek us out when they go to bed to steal our heat—especially during cooler months.

For lots of us cats it is confusing when we get pulled closer during the cold months and then roughly tossed aside during warmer months. You see, there it is. Humans can’t make up their minds.

Whereas we cats, why we like our warmer body heat all year long, right? Now, I have to say, I do enjoy having my human turn up her winter electric blanket which is on our king size bed. I like my side to be on low temp just to get my place warm before I settle in for a nice nap under my Winter cat tent. But, it must be turned off shortly after I get comfy as I don’t like being too warm.


Thanks for the teeny added heat

And then of course, while not an electric heated bed, I do very much enjoy having my “sun puddle” heated bed. Nothing makes me purr more than climbing onto my cat tower to find that  Mr Sun has made my nap spot nice and toasty.

Ahhh...much nicer view from here

Ahhh…much nicer view from here and toasty warm

My answer for today’s From A Cat’s Perspective™—”Do Cats’ Need A Heated Cat Bed?” is “.120985479 per cent YES” and  “.890011222 per cent NO”. Make sense? I’m sure the math works because I consulted with our feline math wizards at Trout Towne Tabbies.  Bottom line, why spend green papers on a heated cat bed when we cats can take advantage of our humans’ electric blankets and/or the warmth Mr Sun provides naturally. Either one costs nothing, zip, zero out of our cat expense column on the humans’ budget, right??

If you are hooked on our new feature, you can be on record with your own perception about today’s topic by leaving a comment below. And if you are clueless about what the East Coast Edition response to today’s topic is, then hop over to my Co-Anchor’s blog.

CK close up rev2


And as always, we continue this conversation in our “green room” which is located on my Face Book page as well as Professor Keisha’s.

We are also taking suggestions in comments and on our Face Book pages for future topics, ranging from serious to a bit playful.


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