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Here Fishie, Fishie!


I am hoping that my pals over at Trout Towne are gonna finally be pleased with at least one product review I write this year. This product is alllllllll whitefish! Yep, that’s right, not one little itty bitty additive. Just nice totally stinky smelly whitefish sourced in the UK. Noe burd parts whatsoever!


In fact, these little chunks of freeze dried whitefish smell and taste so fresh—just tasting them transported The Kid Sage to the UK where she dreamed she was catching those fishies herself. In case ya haven’t guessed it, as a #chewyinfluencer, I am bringing you a yummy product review.

sage fishes

At first TKS didn’t think much of the treat canister…

what's that?

…but then Mom L took the lid off. The rest is just what you have come to expect from TKS. Thank you Chewy for giving her such pleasure!

sniff, snort

TKS must have thought she was in fishie heaven once she caught that smelly aroma. These treats are 100 per cent grain free! And they are truly fish only, that smell can’t come from anything other than pure fish, trust me. TKS led her investigation with her nose!

dumpster nose

And if that wasn’t enough, she decided to try paw fishing and see what she could catch in that canister!

just a dip

She got her own taste sample, about six pieces before Mom L could get that canister out of her reach. Can you see her paw fork action in this next photo?

hooked a fish

On the other paw, as you probably already guessed, I was less enthused.


Until that canister lid was opened.

powerful smell

It really is true, we cats are drawn toward all that carries that stinky goodness smell. Now “drawn toward” does not mean we actually wanna consume what is giving off that smell. Although as you can see in my sniff test photo, the smell was strong enough to make me lick my lips.

*lick, lick*

In the end, I just couldn’t do it. No taste test for me, sorry Chewy and Weruva, I give it four paws down.

Really? Please take it away

So the Weruva Whitefish freeze dried cat treats get four paws up and four paws down from my castle home taste tests. But don’t let that dissuade you from trying these 100 per cent grain free, all whitefish ingredients, treats. Let’s take a look at the ingredient list.

Whitefish (boneless fish filet)
Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min.) 76.6%, Crude Fat (min.) 7.0%, Crude Fibre (max.) 0.1%, Moisture (max.) 5.0%
Calorie Content:

You can get these yummy treats direct from CHEWY>COM!  Now hurry up and order yours before the gang at Trout Towne buy the whole lot of this product!!!

We were not financially compensated by nor Weruva to write this review. We did receive, from,  one free canister of the product we are reviewing. All our experiences and opinions are our own. Savannah’s Paw Tracks only reviews products we believe our readers might be able to use and enjoy safely.


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25 thoughts on “Here Fishie, Fishie!

  1. Mee-you they sound like taste treetss….butt you not fancy them Savannah? Maybee yur not a fishy gurl like Sage? Mee wood luv them butt theey are too rich fur mee…..
    However mee saw LadyMum droolin….good greef!!!
    Grate paw/fork ackshun there Sage!
    ***nose kissesss*** Dhartha Henry xxxx

  2. We liked this review. We are ify when it comes to fishies but you make them sound so good, we must try these freeze dried whitefish. Canada doesn’t get the chewy stuff very quickly but we’ll enjoy them all the more when they arrive.

    Shoko and Kali

  3. Marty the Manx on said:

    We will have to try these. It will probably be the same here with Me loving them and Ralphie not. Maybe it is a Smokey Grey Kitty thing Savvy 🙂

  4. Savvy, we have a company here who like your fantastic Weruva treats make dried fish. We won’t touch them BUT UT BUT >>>>> if Mum ut them in a bit of WATER we gobble them up faster than lightning!!! Worth a try for your Mom – right? We KNOW Weruva totally rock so it may be a texture thing?


  5. Oh! Wow! Mes wants those fishy treats! Lately mes been loving freeze dried salmon so much that mes been ignoring all the other treats.
    Loves ya grrl furrend

  6. Oohhh… OOHHH… These sound super yummy, for sure. I wonder if they have ’em in Canada. Purrs, Seville

  7. We love Weruva, but haven’t tried those treats yet.

  8. Whoa! Sage knows good. Like the TTT say, we’re gonna have to work on you, BFGF.

  9. pilch92 on said:

    Great review girls! Not sure if you saw, but yesterday we wrote about all the goodies we won from you- thank you again! XO

  10. sage…..ewe izza cat afturr R own heartz……we will all hafta werk on gettin savvy ta flippin two de fish side…. ☺☺

    whitefish !!! now yur talkin grate eatz……thanx for de ree view….we R gonna head chewy’s way N chex em out !!!!!!


  11. Mouses! I don’t like fish, which is a real shame as it’s a local product too, so I know it will be good! purrs ERin

  12. I like how TKS just helps herself.

  13. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    Bet they smell yummy too
    Lily & Edward

  14. Absolutely funny, cute and adorable! Thanks for sharing,

  15. Those look really tasty! Savvy, we’ll eat yours. 🙂

  16. I’ll try them FOR you, Savvy!

  17. Wow! Those really do look tasty! As you probably know, I’m not exactly picky when it comes to anything edible. 😉

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