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Courageous Momma Kat #mommakatssearch

HIYA!  SAVANNAH HERE!!—My Sunday Selfie Mystery Guest revealed.

Momma Kat had five kittens to care for and feed and yet she herself had not been out to find food for days. She took a chance, stashed her kittens in protective shrubs and quickly left to find something to eat. It was almost night.

Not a good day for Momma Kat, the food was across the street, a very busy street.

july2016 102 ed s

The car hit her on the head and she was tossed to the side of the street, likely left for dead as no one bothered to stop and check on her. The only good thing to come out of this was that she wasn’t left in the middle of the street where other cars would keep hitting her.

She pulled herself up from the curb and started her painful journey home to her five kittens. She must have been in such pain as her head and jaw took the impact.

Momma Kat could not make it all the way back to her kittens. She finally dropped to the cement and closed her eyes. The humans living in the house found her in their driveway and called the county municipal animal services to report a severely injured cat, she was shivering and clearly still bleeding. Thankfully Officer John, from Contra Cost Animal Services (CCAS),  arrived soon and he quickly did a visual review of her injured body. Officer John saw that Momma Kat was lactating, her nipples fully engorged. SHE HAD BABIES!!

Officer John made sure Momma Kat was stable and then went on a fast search of the yard. There, in the shrubs, where Momma Kat had secured her kittens, he found all five of them—only two to three weeks old. Officer John transported the little family and off they went to our county shelter’s medical staff for care.


Come on kids, drink up

Come on kids, drink up

Momma kat was assessed as having a broken jaw, heavily congested and she was administered antibiotics and pain meds until full assessment the next morning. She and her kittens were reunited and she immediately took them under her paws and drew them toward her to nurse. Momma Kat was on duty.

The next day, Momma Kat was assessed to have mandibular fractures. This injury was beyond what the medical staff could easily deal. And yet, she had five kittens to nurse and care for and raise to be happy adoptable kittens.

Her fractured jaw

Her fractured jaw

Momma Kat still had injuries that were causing difficulty for her to eat for her own strength. But, she never wavered in caring for and feeding her kittens.

Fortunately for Momma Kat and her kittens, Bright Haven contacted the county shelter to ask if they needed help with a Mom Kat and babies with at least one member in the furramily with special needs, as they had a foster open!!

Momma Kat and her five kittens were transported to a Bright Haven sanctioned vet, Dr Chahal from Ace Animal Hospital in Fremont, California, where Momma Kat underwent surgery. Once again, she immediately returned to caring of her kittens once she was fully recovered from the anesthetic. She had three wires holding her fractured mandible together.

Momma Kat and her five kittens had a loving foster home waiting just for them. Foster Dad Devin was ready and willing to take on this Momma Kat and all her kittens.


Where's my kitten milk??!!

Where’s my kitten milk??!!

And of course, Momma Kat made sure she and her kittens had everything needed to help her brood thrive—food, water, kitten milk and a suite of their very own.

If kitten milk mustaches give you a giggle, then the next video is a MUST! Giggle away!!

And as “Mini-Me”, Momma Kat’s kitten who is a tuxedo just like her, shows us. No kitten can ever have too many toys.

Recently Momma Kat went into surgery to remove two of the wires; the third remains, both for stability and because it would have caused too much trauma to remove it. And as usual, once she was fully out of the anesthetic, she chirped and mewed until all her kittens came close to once again nurse. Momma Kat is a proud cat mom.

Through it all Momma Kat has remained devoted to the kittens.  Momma Kat is a courageous and loving mom, and now she desperately needs our support.

It is time for Momma Kat and all the kittens to be spayed and neutered in two weeks. The kittens AND MOMMA KAT will be ready for adoption in three weeks.

The kittens will have a tough time as all but one are completely black. Even if we all know black cats ROCK, the public isn’t always so welcoming of that color fur. And Momma Kat is a two year old adult, her challenge to reach out so that her future family can find her is now my challenge. And, I hope that all of you who read this  will agree that Courageous Momma Kat DESERVES THE BEST HOME EVER! Forever safe from speeding cars, always loved herself  with plenty of good healthy food and well, just everything she deserves.

Please, will you SHARE SHARE SHARE this blog post about Momma Kat? I am hoping to get the minimum of FIFTY shares EACH on Face Book and Twitter, Google +, Pinterest. USE THIS HASHTAG WHEREVER YOU SHARE MOMMA KAT’S SEARCH.


Savannah is taking on the challenge of helping Momma Kat get the permanent home she deserves as her next Paw It Forward Project. If you will join Savannah in her work, please use the badge below to post every time you share Momma Kat’s search for her new loving family. If you are joining this Paw It Forward project, please display this badge proudly on your sidebar until Momma Kat has her new family. The image is a jpg file so you ought to be able to size it as you need.

Momma kats search badge

Please tell us what her story meant to you, and which photo or video is your favorite and why. And if you have never heard of Bright Haven, then visiting their website is a must. A truly inspirational animal rescue,sanctuary and hospice for senior animals and those with medical concerns or who need hospice care in their remaining days.



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87 thoughts on “Courageous Momma Kat #mommakatssearch

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  4. We read this story before and are glad her story is being shared. Mama took such good care of her kittens. The family all need a good home.

    • Thank you Jan. I have collected wonderful contents for Momma Kat’s Hope Chest. She will take all of these to her new home. Everything she will need for her first THREE MONTHS including food, litter, cat tree, litter box and on and on. We even were given some items so each kitten will have something of their own as well. Stay tuned for more news on Momma Kat

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  7. Got the badgy on our blog and shared again on facebook. Wish I could do more.

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  10. I read her story back in July. How is Mama Cat and kittens now? Her story gives me hope that there at good people willing to care

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  14. We think you did a great job writing the story. Any news??? We hoped she would have a home by now. Will share again.

    • Sadly Momma Kat had only one inquiry so far and they never followed through. No inquiries for any of the kittens. mom L and I will keep promoting Momma Kat until she has her home. We will renew our effort with an update soon.

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  16. Erin Hannan on said:

    Wonderful officer and foster parent 😉 I live on East Coast, but have shared on FB with hopes that West Coast friends will continue to share or adopt… anyone know if they have been adopted yet?

  17. We will share all we can on FB and Twitter and post this badge on our blog. Her story is one of courage and love and she needs all our help
    Thanks Savvy
    Timmy and Family

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  19. LadyMum iss still cryin so mee iss typin to you Savannah an Sage an Lady El……
    What a happy/sad story! Poor Mumma Kat beein so innjured an yet all wayss finkin of her kittss……
    An HURRAH fur Officer John an Pappaw Devin fur helpin her an thee kittss.
    Thiss Mumma iss ALOT like mee Mumma Tori…..
    When mee an Tyerrone an Tangerine were so-o sick an all most dead, Mumma Tori brott us down frum thee barn rafterss, one at a time an laid each of us at Mumma Mary-Ellen an Lady Nikki’ss feetss….
    Thee BIG deel iss that Mumma Tori iss compleetlee feral an wild an nevurr come near Hu’manss. Yet that day shee new shee HAD to bring us down or wee wood have all died frum Rhino Virus an Panleukopenia…..
    Mee iss sendin POTP to Mumma Kat to reecovurr an fur her kittss to grow uppy big an strong!!! An there iss one kitt who looks just like mee…..
    LadyMum sayss shee wishess shee could take them all…..
    Fankss fur sharin such a touchin story.
    ***paw patsss*** Dhartha Henry xxxx

  20. What an amazing story. We’re proud of Officer John and foster Dad for taking care of the kitties. We’re thankful for Bright Haven for reaching out to offer help for mama Kat and her kittens. We’re purring all will have a wonderful forever home soon.

  21. meowmeowmans on said:

    Momma Kat is such an amazing mother! We are really thankful for Officer John, and all the good people that helped save Momma Kat and her sweet babies. We just shared on Twitter. Hugs!

  22. G2movon40 on said:

    Bless mamma Kat! And I love black cats! I think they deserve the best home ever! I have my fur babies and they are my world! Mama Kat deserves the best food and lots of love for the rest of her life and a mother of the year award for everything she did for her babies. Black cats are your chance to own a panther and how many of us can say we have had the opportunity to own a panther? I know I have and it’s been the best experience ever.

  23. Amazing story and mom! Thanks to you and the kindness officer John! Reblogged.

  24. Reblogged this on Lukecats.

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  27. Mother cats are some of the best moms on the planet! I will share her beautiful story. We met a similar cat at Best Friends named Snowflake who lost both legs after being hit by a car. She continued to drag herself around looking for food for her kittens before finally being rescued.

  28. What an amazing Mamma Kat!! She’s been through so much and deserves a good home and it would be pawsome if she could keep on of the kittens with her.

  29. ewe iz on R side bar momma cat coz we iz knot on face book ore twitter…high paws & God’s blessings two everee one who haz played a part in heplin ewe & de wee onez out….may St Francis watch over ewe all, keep ewe all in hiz care; leed ewe two yur foreverz & blessings for happee healthee long long lives two all ♥♥♥♥♥

  30. iShe has got to be one of the most amazing Momma kitties every, bravo everyone!

  31. From such a near disaster comes hope and life and show of natures strength and that of human compassion that makes me cry with joy. A wonderful post. Have shared and I will put up the Badge when peep can get hold of Marjorie. purrs ERin

  32. Some cats are made to be mums. Others being a mum makes them better cats.

  33. Hi and thanks so much for helping Mamma Cat. She is truly an inspiration! Will help to share her story. -Katie Kat

  34. Great post! We are purring for Momma Kat and her kittehz!

  35. OMC. What a story. What a brave cat MommaKat is! And paws up for Bright Haven!

  36. HI Miss Savannah – We donated for MommaKat to Bright Haven.

    Dusty Cat
    Dash Kitten Crew

  37. mistletoeandhitch on said:


  38. Appaws! Appaws! This is a wonderful, heartwarming story of courage, pain, and utter devotion. Thanks to everyone along this sweet mama’s journey to help her raise her babies!

  39. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    What a story! We hope you get adopted a sap sweetheart. What a caring mommy
    Lily & Edward

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  41. Shared on my Facebook and on the BrightHaven facebook. Just added the hashtag.

  42. What an amazing story! You’re right – Momma Kat deserves the best possible home. The love and care she has shown her kittens through her struggles is incredibly moving. My husband wants an all black kitten someday that he can name Bagheera (after the black panther in the stor, “The Jungle Book”). I’ll have to tell him about these kitties!

  43. pilch92 on said:

    Poor Mama cat, I am glad she got help. It would be nice if she could keep one of her babies being that she is such a great mom.

  44. wow- what a guy! Hats off to the mommy cat too!

  45. Wonderful story of a mother’s love for her babies.

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  47. we are SO glad this family is safe….this could have ended so badly for all of them. sharing….

  48. Wow, this story is just awesome all around! Momma Kat is truly amazing. I love that first picture of her (aka her guest selfie) because you can clearly see her face – and I love it!

  49. This is a truly wonderful story! We tears of joyand are sharing xxxxxx

  50. What a wonderful blog & a fine tribute to a contender for the mother of the year award!
    …. Am I the only one that wonders why the ‘black lives matter’ movement, which I’ve heard about on the news, doesn’t seem to include cats and dogs? Like all living things, their lives matter, too, so we’ll be praying and purring that this little family’s success continues.

  51. hannahandlucy on said:

    How amazing that everyone tried their best to help Momma Cat and her kittens. We hope they all get wonderful furever homes when the time is right for the kittens to leave their Mom.

  52. Reblogged this on A Cat for a Smile and commented:
    A cat story that’s a love story! So beautiful!

  53. I’m sharin’! I’M SHARIN’! What a heart-warming story. Even though Momma Kat risked life and limb to care for her babies, she’s recovering well and obviously on the job as a momma. A very special momma, indeed. And Savvy, might I add, you related Momma Kat’s story, beautifully. purrs


  54. This could have been a disaster for six cats but instead it’s a wonderful story for all. So glad she met with compassionate people, and she’s no doubt on her way to a wonderful forever home, with a story to tell.

    • Paw waves Moss Bernadette. So pleased you found Momma Kat’s story compelling. Please will you SHARE SHARE SHARE her search for a new family? Bright Haven and Mom L will make sure she can travel if the perfect home finds her. Use the hashtag too and the badge if you will

  55. Mom cat is a true inspiration to us all, she was so brave to try to make it back to her kittens and to care for them so well even though she must have been in such pain. We hope she has a wonderful life from here on out. We would love it if someone could adopt the entire family or at least if one of the kittens got to stay with her. She fought so hard for them.

  56. What an amazing story…….Officer John did the ultimate good deed going to the trouble to not only help Mom but find her babies for her. Blessings on everyone involved in this story and the only thing that could make it better, is it to end with everyone getting their FOREVER home. What a strong and brave Momma….

    Love, Sammy

  57. Paws up for Officer John for his quick thinking and finding her kittens! It’s good to hear that there are so many people who are willing to help to make a happy ending for this little family.

  58. This story touches our heart, Savvy and it made us cry, until we saw the video of the drinking babies, that was really endearing and cute. Granny told me that I also had a lot of sauce around my mouth when I was that age..even when I was older…MOL 😀
    The story tells us that there is no greater love than the love of a mother for her children, that there are still people in this world who don’t care about living creatures, but that there are also still good people in this world who really care. We call them Angels 🙂 We purray and send Healing Pawkisses to the mother and purray that they all find a forever home ❤ ❤ ❤

  59. What an awesome story! My human will be messaging you shortly.

  60. Boah, what a hot day it is today, my eyes are sweating … or maybe some dust flew in there …
    Wish I could help, but I am too far away and do not know anybody who could make a difference.

  61. What an amazing mom. I can’t imagine how much she just wanted to give up but couldn’t because she knew she had five kittens who needed her. Most people don’t realize just how hard it is to be a homeless mom where you have to still hunt which means leaving your kittens in a creative spot to protect them from predators, etc. That her first thoughts were always her kittens, we’re reminded that at humanity’s best, we aren’t so different from cats. Cats feel and love and suffer just like the rest of us. They get hungry. And life can change everything in an instant. I’m so glad she and her kittens were found and they are on their way to finding forever homes where they’ll hopefully never understand what it means to be scared and alone and hungry. Every cat deserves a full belly and a home filled with love. I hope all of the kittens and Momma all get to experience that.

  62. Bravo to the officer..the person who rang it in and the foster Dad..i know Mum will recover well..our old ginger girl Squash had her jaw wired after someone kicked her and broke her jaw..i know…will share indeed..Loves Miss Bev xx

  63. hugs to officer john and to all who fought for mama Kat’s life… I was so sad and my tears were running as I read about the horrible accident… I never thought that there a happy end would be possible… butt I was so wrong. Fortunately…

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