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Pawing Forward: Mandy’s (aka Momma Kat) Hope Chest Brings Joy to Others


So pleased to have you stop by to learn what I have been able to do with the contents of Mandy’s Hope Chest (aka Momma Kat). As you know from my previous post, Mandy’s guardian, now her adopter, never gave her a name—I thought Mandy suited her perfectly. And sadly, her adopter also adopted all five of her kittens so none will ever have opportunity to have their very own homes and caring humans. The adopter has many other cats and often fosters so as the adopter stated “I don’t have a lot of time to do anything but clean and feed”. I regret to say that Mandy and her five kittens, now about a year old, will seldom have the enrichment they so deserve.

That is the real story behind Mandy’s “adoption and permanent home”. Based on the lack of interest on the part of the adopter, in the contents of Mandy’s Hope Chest, I made a decision. I am a cat and that is my prerogative, right???

Contra Costa Humane Society (CCHS), my former shelter for a whole year, pulled two adult cats from my county’s public shelter—both were hit by cars as was Mandy. I know that Mandy would want her Hope Chest contents to find a meaningful home and now they have. You all remember Mandy’s heroic story about being hit by a car and making sure she got home to care for her tiny kittens—here

I already introduced you to Bailey and CJ aka Charming Jack who are the recipients of Mandy’s generosity.

Both have name changes which you are gonna really truly love.

This post is all about Bailey, now carrying the ultra-cool name of NITRO!

Of course The Kid Sage had to help in splitting up all the goodies and packing it for delivery.

Sweet! Nice stuff. I have no idea where I can stash all of this

Sadly for TKS, her bin was not gonna have anything in it but her.

WHAT??!! You’re gonna ship me somewhere? Wait? What?!


Okay, so why am I hangin’ around here?

Bailey was being fed along with many other feral and stray kitties by two or three very kind people and businesses. They were hangin’ out behind a TV shop in a sort’a strip mall.

The rescuer, who noticed Bailey’s eye was really infected, suspects he was left by some human “squatters” who lived behind that shop for a while. Bailey was super duper friendly and the rescuer knew he was not a feral cat.

Fast forward, and Bailey was brought to my county’s public shelter where he was treated for both a fractured jaw as well as an eye injury so serious they had to remove his right eye.

At that time CCHS pulled Bailey and welcome him to Kitty Corner. I don’t think he was there more than about a week, and his new family were drawn by universal cat energy straight to Bailey. The oldest child, Mr. Christopher,  knew right away that Bailey was not only his cat, but he also knew that Bailey was not his REAL NAME!!!

Mr. Christopher and Nitro

Mr Christopher looked around at the other cats and CCHS and then his eyes found Bailey. Christopher turned to his Mom and said “that’s our cat Mom!”

And how could a Mom say no to a son, six years old, who never once cared that Bailey had only one eye. All he saw was a new family member he was ready to love and cherish.

As for Bailey’s permanent name—well Mr. Christopher knew just what it must be. Again, Mr. Christopher tuned to his Mom and said “Mom, his name isn’t Bailey—it’s Nitro!” His Mom said how do you know that?  Mr. Christopher replied “He survived being hit by a car so he is a super hero!”

And there you have it, Nitro is loved by both his young caretakers, Mr. Christopher, six years old, and Mr. Raj who is three years old.

I hope all who read this post realize that Mr. Christopher never ever once noticed that Nitro was missing one eye. All Mr. Christopher saw was a kitty he would love and care for forever.

Loved by two super kids!

As you all know, humans think they “rescue” us cats in shelters, but what they don’t always count on is how “we” , the “cat” rescue them right back.

Mr. Raj gets restless at night and was moving to join his parents in bed about one to two AM most morning. Once Nitro arrived, within the first week or so, he was sleeping with the adult humans, but when he heard Mr. Raj stirring, he moved to do his job. Nitro slips from the adults’ bed to join Mr. Raj and snuggle close so Mr. Raj knows he is safe and loved. Nice, right?

I will keep him sage, purromise

As for the contents of Mandy’s Hope Chest, I split it between Nitro and another adult cat hit by a car named CJ. You will meet him and hear his story on my Wednesday blog post.

Please enjoy viewing some photos of Nitro as he explores and appreciates his gifts from Mandy.

Be sure to join me again on Wednesday to learn al about CJ and his new name and family.


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20 thoughts on “Pawing Forward: Mandy’s (aka Momma Kat) Hope Chest Brings Joy to Others

  1. Isn’t this good to see 🙂 Nitro has a good life ahead of him!!!

  2. Oh my mouses! Nitro is just LOVIN’ those toys. I believe that might be a nip mouse has in his paws. He obviously has very discerning taste, indeed. MOUSES!

  3. Pingback: Pawing Forward: The Second Recipient of Mandy’s Hope Chest | Savannah's Paw Tracks

  4. Oh, I love love love him! You picked a winner, BFGF. That story puts tears in TW’s eyes. I feel bad that Mandy is in a “hoarding” situation and will never know love but I know you tried for her.

  5. It’s kinda sad about Mandy and her kits. But we are happy to hear that the hope chest is going to such great cats like Nitro.

  6. 15andmeowing on said:

    I am glad Nitro is enjoying his half of the goodies. I feel bad that Mandy’s story doesn’t have a perfect ending.

  7. Flynn on said:

    I am glad that Nitro has a lovely home and is also benefiting from Mandy’s chest. It is sad that the carer has adopted her and the young ones instead of giving them a chance of their own loving homes. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a future hoarding situation.

  8. What a beautiful story ! We’re so happy for Nitro, and we’re glad he takes good care of that little boy. Purrs

  9. That is wonderful news that Nitro has a forever home! Kudos to Christopher for appreciating Nitro’s gifts and letting her share her power of love. Mew Mew!

  10. ATCAD on said:

    We are so happy for Nitro. We do wish Mandy’s story had, had a happier ending but we are sure she is happy to have somewhere safe to raise her kittens. We think it is wonderful that her hope chest went on to help other cats.

  11. We are so happy for Nitro, he is right where he meant to be!

  12. nitro…ewe iz one handsum dood……whitefish wavez two ewe frum all oh uz in de land oh trout; we iz buzzed happee ya haz finded yur for everz home N yur for everz
    purrson ~~~~~~ we send best best best fishez two ewe & heerz two another 95 gotcha day sell a brayshunz ~~ ☺☺♥♥

  13. Whilst the ending to this tale is not what we were expecting or hoping, this is an awesome New Beginning and a special adventure awaits Nitro and his new family. We couldn’t have asked for more or better if we’d tried. I can’t wait to find out about the other very special recipient of Mandy’s gift.
    Purrs, Erin

  14. nannanb69 on said:

    THe love of a child is the greatest gift a kitty can receive!

  15. Two French Bulldogs on said:

    What cutie pies. So happy you guys got homes
    Lily & Edward

  16. Mary McNeil on said:

    What a happy ending to this part of the bittersweet story of Mandy (I have 11 cats but they darn well all have names !) Purrs to sweet Nitro and his loving family – especially Christopher, who knew what he was looking at immediately !

  17. This post made my Mom get leaky eyes….this is truly a HAPPY ENDING for Nitro and CJ… is sad that Mandy and her babies have a carer who doesn’t CARE but at least they are safe. We would wish like you that they would have a FUN environment where they could learn. You did well TKS and Savvy… did what you could.

    Hugs, Angel Sammy and Teddy

  18. I think Nitro is the perfect name for this kitty! We cats are all superheros in our own way… but Nitro really lives up to the title.

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