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My Bloopers Are Showing!


Let’s all have fun sharing our blooper photos from the past month! Thanks to The Lazy Pitbull for hosting this way cool pet blogger blog hop.

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As you know from my Monday product review blog post, I had Mom L doin’ photo shoots with Cuzin Leo first, then The Kid Sage and finally I agreed to give it a go—you can see what little success she had with me and TKS. Not ONE photo of TKS came out usable and only one of me was salvageable. *tsk, tsk* Sad, sad state of affairs.

In fact, Mom L even had trouble gettin’ that product to cooperate—do you  see that name clearly???

Can you see the product name clearly?

Can you see the product name clearly? Here—borrow Mom L’s glasses…

Then TKS stepped into the mix with her personal photo shoot. This is the best, trust me.

Can you tell this is TKS?? Why??

Can you tell this is TKS?? Why??

The next try with TKS was pretty silly, not even the product could be seen. Just her eyes and I’m not sure they were in focus either.

What did you want me to do Mom L??

What did you want me to do Mom L??

Moving on—Mom L asked me to step in and try to save the day with this product review. Of course, thanks to her, you can’t tell if I have even one eye and you surely can’t read those cans to tell who the brand is.

*sniff* Why is Mom L getting down so close to me?

*sniff* Why is Mom L getting down so close to me?

Thankfully Cuzin’ Leo did get a couple of good photos and you can see his best of the photo shoot on my Monday blog post. But not even Cuzin’ Leo escaped Mom L’s silliness in taking photos too fast.

Just looking at this, don’t ya feel like Cuzin’ Leo is riding on a pretty rocky boat? Look at that slant in the floor, why he looks like he is gonna slide backwards!

It's a can Auntie Linda, big deal

It’s a can Auntie L, big deal

And just one more so’s you can see what Cuzin’ Leo was really thinking—as he dug his claws into the rug to keep from sliding backwards and off that rocky boat!

Auntie Linda, I don't have thumbs. Are you gonna open this of just lay there snappin' photos?

Auntie L, I don’t have thumbs. Are you gonna open this or just lay there snappin’ photos?

Those are my bloopers for this month’s Pet Blogger Blog Hop. I sure do hope all of you are showing off your own bloopers.


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14 thoughts on “My Bloopers Are Showing!

  1. Your bloopers are my best photos MOL. So what is in the tins? MOL

  2. Cuzin’ Leo’s expression is so funny in that 2nd to last photo.

  3. pilch92 on said:

    Cute bloopers 🙂

  4. MOL! Those are some good bloopers.

  5. We can relate to product review photo shoots going bad.

  6. HAH! TW takes pics of me sliding all over off the frame. That first pic of TKS is better than all the pics TW took of me this morning with my new food from Chewy.

  7. We love how Cousin Leo is giving your human the side-eye in that photo. His human must not roll around on the floor to take his photo very often!

  8. Too funny!!! Mudpie had a “well, are you gonna open this or not?” picture from her Pro Plan shoot too 🙂

  9. I knew it! My Momma’s photography is the problem! Her best shots are even worse than your Mom’s bloopers! I’m SCREWED! ~Bear Cat

  10. mariodacat on said:

    We enjoyed your Blooper Review. In fact they look better than some of our regular, better photo shoots.

  11. Oh, we’ve had photo shoot days like this one!

  12. that are gret photos… and I noticed that Leo has such a fabulous natural smile :o) …it makes me always happy to see him, I still have the pictures in my mind how it started…. and I’m so glad that “Mission Leo” ended so well…. a proof that the world can be a good place too…

  13. The Swiss Cats on said:

    Nice bloopers ! Product reviews are sometimes difficult to do… Purrs

  14. I like Cousin Leo on high sea …

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